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Zurich, Switzerland

in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung. It contained the following information:

+ The sex business has expanded dramatically in the last 2 years in
  the Stadtkreis 4, a short walk from the main railway station, near
  Langstrasse and Ankerstrasse. The region is also called "Chreis
  Cheib" in Zurich.

+ Offerings: bars, brothels, more than 120 massage parlours and street
  prostitution at night.

+ Prices start at 30 Franks for unprotected sex offered by illegal
  prostitutes from South America and Africa. Prostitutes from
  Switzerland only work with condom and charge at least 100 Franks.

+ The local citizens are fighting against the trade: they try to apply
  moral pressure against owners who allow prostitutes and brothels
  in their houses. They claim to have cleaned 5 houses already, want
  to continue and are supported by the city council.

+ Recently, local citizens have planted a large banner across the
  street reading "brothel customers: we don't want/need you here".

Date: Thu, 5 Oct 1995 12:59:40 UTC "Cheap" street prostitution (the $20 quicky, unprotected if need be, for the suicidal) was en vogue while there was a large and very visible drug scene in a central area of Zurich; since February 95 however, the authorities are making sure that no two junkies are seen together in public any more (i.e. it's a "clean" place again... ?!?!) and thus, the scene and those ladies are off the streets (or at least no longer visible). Chances of a HIV infected junkie lady? My guess is just below 100%...
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 04:22:47 UTC Zurich! Wow! Its not just Langstrasse, its the whole area around, just pick a side street! Prices around 100SFR!
Subject: Zurich, Switzerland Date: Tue, 4 Jun 1996 18:21:38 UTC I have been fucked twice in Zurich, and on both occassions I have not really had much satisfaction. The problem is that everything (except chocolate) is very expensive in Switzerland, and possibly because I scored a dominatrix on both occassions. For the first fuck I went to a small (3 girls) "studio". The interior was modern and the security was high. The negotiating was pleasant (directly with the girl who answered the door) and I was offered a brandy, which was nice. I had a delicious Brasilian girl for the 'special' price of SFr. 150, but the love-making was rushed and she was all the time tense (she was quite muscular). When we began I started to suck her tits (it's amazing how continued use of nipple clamps can lead to nicely formed nipple cannons) and she muttered '... oh you want so much ...' - maybe I did but it was my first time with a pro and I love to suck tits ... Anyway, at the conclusion I was able to stay lying on top of her and we talked for about 10 minutes about the crazy Swiss. I was offered the use of a bath but I declined (when was it washed last? - actually, it was probably quite clean). For my second fuck I wanted something a little more feral so I went in search of street sex. There are two main areas for street sex in Zurich. The first is around Niderdorfstr. (starting from Central and ending at about the Grossmunster) but there is a brothel (rather nice with about 4 stories of brightly coloured windows framing cutey girls - Amsterdam style) just off Leonardstr. (one street over from Niderdorfstr.) and that is where the girls tend to congregate. I suspect that the prices for these girls would be quite high because the brothel is in a prime location and any dumb-ass (read: jaded tourist) could find the place. The business end of the street trade in Zurich begins at the Hauptbahnhof (both inside on the top level where the rails are and at the surrounding tram stops) and moves on around to Langstr. which is the catwalk proper. Along Langstr. there are many strip-bars and sex shops. A few fine pussies can be found walking along here but they probably serve more as advertising (but if you've got the financing ...). The real action occurs on the side streets where there are numerous studios and street walkers. It was on one of these streets that I found some nice tits and ass, and I promptly negotiated SFr 100 for a ride (French kissing and love-making). The pro was from Geneva - and hence spoke English. She took me up to her small, dark apartment. I asked for a drink and she gave me a choke. She told me that she comes to Zurich for the street scene, and that in Geneva she plays the part of a wicked dominatrix (she said she gets paid SFr 3000 for two hours - unfortunately I didn't click that she was telling me that my SFr 100 therefore meant wham-bam-now piss off). We undressed, and she placed the condom on my limp dick and sucked the head into her mouth then raised her head and unrolled the life-vest (I quite liked her technique). She had her puss in my face (which I merely appreciated from a distance) and this constituted the French kissing bit. She wanked me off a bit and I was concerned that I wouldn't get to plough her arse (but luckily I wasn't in America!) and when I said lets make love we did exactly that. She offered herself in the doggy position first (this chick was really flexible) and I melted around her arse, but I knew I would cum too quickly so after a while I said let's change positions. She rolled onto her back and I got to suck her tits and grind her cunt. I was taking it slowly and she kept saying "... you cum soon please ..." which was a bit annoying, so when I did cum I called her a fucking bitch and she replied "... yes fuck me ..." so I slammed into her cunt. She didn't mind this sort of rough action (my girlfriend would have complained of a sore cunt the next day) so I guess the dominatrices can handle the workout. She was quite talkative and I liked the French accent but the experience was rushed. In summary, the studios are like a second home but tend to cost more, although the girls are lovely. The best places to look for studios are in the glossy magazines "SAZ" (Sex-Anzeiger) for zurich and "OSA" (Original Sex-Anzeiger) for Switzerland in general - both of which are available in sex shops for SFr. 12. Some newspapers carry ads: "Tagblatt" (a free daily newspaper with a few ads for studios) and "Tages-Anzeiger" (has a full page listing for studios and call-ups). I prefer the magazines because you can see what's on offer, and by golly there are quite a few 10's in the studios (I rang up one once - the going rate was about SFr 500 for 1-1/2 hrs. - yol baby!). For street sex go to Langstr., although the tram stops are also good display areas (in particular Central, Bellevue, Paradeplatz and Bahnhofplatz). Incidentally, the trams are wonderful pick-up utilities. Ciao, and remember this adage well : NO MONEY, NO SWISS!!! (but there always cheap Africans around ...).
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 18:53:04 -0800 Subject: Prostitution in Zurich Sorry, being a women, I can't give you any first hand experience reports with Zurich prostitues, but what I can tell you is that you should put a warning along with your report: Most streetwalkers in Zurich are JUNKIES!!! Decent prostitutes either hang around hotel bars, work in spas, brothels, or other organized places. Junkie streetwalkers are Zurich's biggest problem since "Platz Spitz" was shut down, the girls are now hanging around everywhere in the city, and all they are looking for is the money for their next "trip", these girls couldn't care less about the guy ... and about hygiene ... many of them have some kind of veneral disease, not necessarily AIDS, but still a disease. The professional prostitutes are registered with the health department and have to go for regular check-up. The junkies are not registered, therefore do not go for any medical check-ups - very dangerous!!! As a nurse, I've seen too many men who paid a very, very high prices for a rather cheap experience.
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997 12:29:20 +0200 World Sex Guide Zurich The Situation in Zurich is more or less the same as in the reports on your page "Zurich". But note: Economy is bad and there are a lot of rip offs. Do never pay more than SFR 150.- (app. 100 USD) for a fuck and french first. In the clubs (Party-Clubs) you pay 200 SFR, for an PARTY-NIGHT (you can have so many girls as you like) prices are SFR 400 to 500. But you can enjoy yoursef up to 10 hours... Note: Langstrasse after midnight is not very safe and the flats of the girls are not very clean. Niederdorf ist boring and only interesting for gay. The girls are not good. A funny place: Lugano-Bar at the Langstrasse. Girls form all over Europe (Spain, Eastern Europe) are looking for nice company. I met even a Kindergarden-Teacher from Spain, pretty and very good looking. The Lugano-Bar is a very special place. The best place to have sex: Club Live in Dubendorf. SFR 220.-for a top girl, jacuzzy and very luxurios place. French at the club is always without a condom. Top Place, Top Management, 12 km outside town, near airport. Opening hours in the daily Tages-Anzeiger. Have Fun in Zurich!
Subject: [ASP] Stevedore Report: Switzerland, Zurich Date: 01 Oct 1997 00:00:00 GMT TWSG mentions three general sources of sexual entertainment in Zurich: Langerstrasse, Niedorfstrasse and pretty much any tram stop. I can vouch for the first two, but did not find the third to be the case. Langerstrasse ------------- is more than a short walk from the train station - I suspect that it is at least 1km, but if you walk along either street along the side of the Bahnhof you will eventually cross it. The railroad tracks bisect Langerstrasse into north and south pieces. It is the south side of the traces that you will find to be the most interesting, both on the street itself and the side streets extending in both directions. Still, check out the north side as well --- there are women there as well. There are ladies of the evening everywhere and pretty much everytime from morning til morning. They generally are in the streets but have rooms closeby. The standard price is 100SF. Some will do oral only for 50SF. They tend to be imports ranging from Spanish to Central/South American to African to Asian. The really cheap prices mentioned in TWSG seemed to be non-existent. There are also establishments that have permanent addresses and which advertise in various magazines. They tend to be higher, but not always. Walk around and look, chat, ask. On the second floor on Langerstrasse at the intersection of the first street south of the RR tracks is a massage parlor. There are two women there: one is a very good looking blonde, very large busted, not slime, but not really rubenesque either; the other was unmemorable. Prices a higher than in the street, but then the blond was better than anything in the street: 300SF for hour, 200SF for half, 100SF for a titty-fuck. I chose the latter since I wanted to see how gorgeous her very large natural breasts were (and they were). No objections to hands wandering any and everywhere during the topless t-f --- nice firm ass and wet pussy. T-f technique was pretty good. An enjoyable. If I were flush I would have tried for more. Along Brauerstrasse there are several women also with parlors opening onto the street. Decided to try a 50SF BJ. No clothes off for this venture, but medium sized breasts were readily available under the cutoff tshirt. It was barely adequate - she really did not try very hard and it ended up more hand than sucking. I suppose you get what you pay for. Perhaps I was overly cautious but there were several Asian women with great tits (one readily exposed them to get me to stay) who were as tall as I am and whose voices were lower than mine (I suppose you could call their voices sultry) which I decided had to be non-women. You decide. Niedorfstrasse -------------- Runs parallel to the river and begins running south just across the river from the Bahnhof and one block in from Limmatquai (along the river). I strolled around here for a bit and found pretty much the same prices as on Langerstrasse: 100SF, sometimes 150SF. I did meet a stunning blonde named Helena who wanted 500SF for the hour, 300Sf for the half. Had I not been short on cash I would have loved to have tried her. Again, stroll around and look, chat and ask. The Stevedore -
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 14:02:55 CST Subject: Zurich, Switzerland Swiss Give Green Light to Red-Light Business Reuters 26-FEB-98 ZURICH - Switzerland's first legal brothel opened in Zurich on Wednesday, applying the country's Protestant work ethic to the world's oldest profession. Thirty self-employed prostitutes set up shop at the Petite Fleur (Little Flower) bordel a stone's throw from Lake Zurich, according to press reports. ``The women can pursue their profession without pimps,'' founder and lawyer Valentin Landmann told one newspaper. ``The basic idea for this bordel was to allow prostitutes to work entirely legally along free-market lines.'' The brothel was the brainchild of Landmann and carpenter Hans Berchtold, who personally made most of the furniture and beds from beech wood. The women are self-employed and pay 200 Swiss francs ($138) a day to rent a room. They can charge what they want for services, depending on what is on offer and what the market will bear. 'Johns' pay five francs to enter and are then free to roam the house, encountering women who wait in the hallway or in their rooms for customers. Professional pimping has been legal in Switzerland since 1992, which puts brothels on legal footing, but has encountered resistance from possible financiers and neighbourhoods. Local residents had protested against plans for the Little Flower, but a local administrative court gave the green light late last year. ($ - 1.451 Swiss Francs)
Subject: Zuerich Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 00:12:01 +0200 Zuerich I grew up in Zuerich and that's why I know the place very well. One month ago the first official brothel in switzerland has opened. It's just opposite the "rote Fabrik" (red factory) and is called "petit fleur". You have to pay 5 SFr to go inside. While checking out the floors you are able to talk to the girls, who are waiting in front of their appartements. They offer various services. Security people will guarantee that there is no trouble. The ambiance is not my style. Apart from that every service is very expensive. Standard price in Zurich range from 100 Sfr for 10 Minutes, 150 Sfr. For 20 Minutes and 300 Sfr. As you can imagine, under these conditions the girl is checking her watch very often..... As usual tongue kisses you must forget. After checking out many unsatisfing places I found a nice place with young non professional girls. This privat appartement pretends to be an Akupressure-Studio. It is located at Universitätstr. 83, local phone number 362-03-31. You need to call them first before you show up. The madam there is spanish I think and very nice. She has 5 Girls in all, but they change always. The girls are young (18 to 25). Some of them like tongue kisses. Prices as mentioned above. But they are very tolerant. Generally for prostitution Zuerich is not very funny and much too busy and much too expensive. The best sex you will find if you look for nice ladys (no prostitutes) in the nightclub called Adagio, You find it at Beethovenstrasse, Thursday (10 SFR) and friday (15 SFr). The drinks are about 10 to 20 Sfr. The middleage style is unique. You won't regret it. Best time is about 11 P.m. A guy from Zuerich

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