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Zaragosa, Spain

I'm writing to you because I live in Zaragoza - Spain and here we
don't have any known good places to go when we want to see sex.

The first place is a peep show, the first here in Zaragoza, is cheap
and the girls inside are nice, with $10 you can have a drink looking
to top-less girls. Also you can go to the cabinets and with $1.5 every
1 1/2 minute you can enjoy nude girls and every hour there is a erotic
pair to get hooot...
      The place:   Peep Show - Actuaciones en vivo.
                        Av. Madrid, 31
                        Zaragoza - Spain

The second place is the cheapest way to stay with a girl is going to
the Madrazo Street, and there you will meet local prostitution, be
aware and always use condom but for $40 what you want to get???

The last place is a nice brothel, in the Plaza de Huesca, camouflaged as
a relax store, you can meet nice and clean girls, for about $65
including a room, a bed and 30 minutes.

Date: 13 Sep 1997 20:02:29 -0000 Subject: Dear sir, I live in Zaragoza and I'd like to contribute to your guide. My experience refers only to heterosexual prostitution in appartments (I'm a man, by the way). The most usual services are 20 minutes, 1/2 hour and 1 hour. The first service costs 8000 pta (exchange rate is 140-150 pta per US dollar) and includes penetration and (depending on the place and the girl) blowjob. The second one costs 10000 pta and includes peneatration and blowjob. The third one costs 15000 pta and includes also 1/2 hour in a jacuzzi (or doing it two times, it depends). Penetration is always performed with a condom, it depends in the case of blowjob. Other activities, such as kissing, cunnilingus or greek (anal penetration) are also possible. The most known places are "Las Termas", in Ramon de Campoamor (very near Plaza de Huesca); "Passport", in Jesus Comin; "Los baños de Cleopatra", in Garcia Galdeano, etc. The best way to find them is in the contacts section of newspapers (it's very easy). There are other places, but I don't know them very well. Clubs at Madrazo are very famous due to a political scandal, but they're not exactly in Zaragoza. There are also prostitutes in some streets. For other activities, such as homosexual prostitution, or boys, or sadism, etc, read the newspaper. All these activities are legal or almost legal but make sure that the prostitute is over 18.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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