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Zambonga, The Philippines

Date:         1998/01/26

I have lived in the Philippines on and off again for the past 5 years.
From what I have read of  some of these postings it is far and away the
cheapest or at least best for the money spot on earth.

My home town is Dipolog Zambonga Del Norte.  This is a section of the
farthest south big island.  In this town are two out and out whore
houses, Rose and Diamond.  The cost for short time is before 1 am if you
take her from the bar, fine P200, girl 300.  $12.  opps!  p60 for the
room.  Friends of mine ger fucked for $2 after that.  Each have 10 to 20
regulars inside.  I have patronized these establishments repeatedly over
the years and have not been ripped.

Hotel costs at the Elizabeth are $6 a night for electric fan and 20 for
air con that will run you out.  Clean sheets.  Some hassle about girls
in before 10 pm,  5 hotels in town and this is the cheapest.  I am a
cheap guy.

If you sit outside a bar/house and  drink beer,  you will be offered
plenty of incentive to go in and buy a beer inside ($.30) and see the
most amateur floor show imaginable.   Girls are 17+ inside nobody over
30.  Most have english.

My personal favorite is Christal Lynn, take speed before as she is full
of energy and hard to keep up with.  Claims to be "expensive" and asks
($40) for all night.

If you are into the wild side pick up girls on the street outside.  The
"Roof Top" caters to college girls who might need a little financial
help to make tuition, an old line but as with so many old lines,
sometimes true.  Virgins are common and are easy to spot, tuition time
is April/May.  I have never been propositioned by a girl younger than

JJ"s I think has the best looking girls but the cost is high.  It is
going to cost you $100 for the works but if you are looking for very
nice looking girls/beauty queens that is a sure hit.

All houses in the southern Philippines that I knew of were closed in the
daylight hours.

A fairly well enforced law requires that all women that work in
establishments get a STD test every 3 mo and if positive, cannot return
until negative.  So far so good for me.

If I would give anyone advise as to where to go in the Philippines for
this type of fun, select any town in the Visays that is above 50.000
Pop. surrounded by farm land and go there and bar hop.  Tacloban, good
but many tourists, Cagayan, I saw maybe 40 college types here one night,
Davo, this is slumming but diamonds are found in mud,  Dumigety (sp?)
Negros, buy BBQ and beer on the dock take your pick from a hundred,
Tagblarin (sp?) Leyte, cheap but a lot of guys who want to help for a

Travel is the real hassle there.  Fly there Philippine Air as it is the
ONLY air line that arrives in time to get a flight out of Manila the
same day.  Manila is a RIP OFF. Plus if you fly into the Philippines on
another carrier they give you a sure charge of $50 for your luggage as
the weight restrictions for domestic are far less.  Today I think round
trip to Manila is $850 air to Dipolog is $120 round trip.  Plan for at
least 7 days there as sex on jet lag is a bummer.  If you want a
translater/guide talk to my friend Ditto Bohol ( near Bara fire station,
just ask. Nice guy, be polite) no charge, but buy him a few drinks OK?

Tell them TOM sent you!

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