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Yonkers, New York

Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 10:34:54 PST

I recently made a visit to a massage place in Yonkers, New York, and I'd
like to let everyone know that the place is a bit of a rip off. They do
not have a name and they only advertise in the "Adult Services" section
of the Westchester Weekly free paper. The ad usually says something to
the effect of "Our soothing hands will release you from stress,
Julia,....and then they give a number. I thought I was going to get
lucky when they seemed to be cautious on the phone. The offer a 1/2 hour
rate at $60 and a full hour for $80.

After going through alot of effort to finally find the place (they make
you call from a pay phone that's close by before they actually divuldge
the location) I finally arrived and was greeted by a very nice
Brazillian woman. Can't recall her name. She met me at the door wearing
a tight fitting black stretchy miniskirt, and she had a great body. I
really thought I was in for something good.

She took me inside to a private room, asked me to leave the money on the
table, and told me to get comfortable. She came back in still clothed,
and began giving me a very relaxing massage. After about 20 minutes (by
this time I'm wondering when is the good stuff going to start) she told
me to turn over. All this time she kept a towel over my ass after I
turned over, covering my cock. I looked her straight in the eyes and
said do we really need the towel? I asked for full service and didn't
get it. She wouldn't suck me either. She wasn't even going to jerk me
off! What she DID do was to guide my hand to my cock and help ME stroke
it. She poured oil on my cock and then just watched intently as I jerked
off. I came like that, with her just watching.

After that, she gave a me towel to clean up with and left the room so
that I could get redressed. She then came back in, gave me a hug and a
kiss on the cheek and said she hoped I'd come back. Now, not that it
wasn't a nice session; the massage was really good. But I was expecting
more and for $80 (I'd offered a tip of much more) I really felt like I
should have gotten it.

If anyone else has had a similar or maybe a better experience in this
establishment, I'd like to hear about it. On the other hand, if you're
looking for full-service, or anything close, look elsewhere. The place
is just north of where Palmer Avenue dead-ends in Yonkers and just up
the hill on a corner.

I would also like to know if anyone can offer any referals for escorts
and/or massage places in Westchester County.

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