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Yokohama, Japan

Date: Sat, 10 May 1997 04:04:48 -0600

Prostitution thrives in the Hinodecho area of Yokohama, and I'm surprised no
one else has posted information on it.  About the size of a small
neighborhood, the area I'm talking about is laced with bars side by side
sprawled over several blocks and side streets, under elevated railways, etc
(I've never been there during the day, but I'd imagine by day it is pretty
much invisible).  Hinodecho looks like any other small down town area,
except by taking a indescripted side street you enter "hooker town" (for
lack of any other word). The bars (dozens upon dozens in number) are fronts
for prostitution (while there is the potential to buy drinks, I've rarely
observed anyone drinking). Each "bar" has anywhere between 2 to 5 women in
them, most in their 20s, the oldest in their high 30s. For Y10,000 (~$80,
they also take US currency) you are allotted approximately 30 minutes of
intercourse. The women are Japanese, Taiwanese or Thai (and perhaps some
other nationalities, chinese is spoken nearly everywhere; the older women
are often Japanese). The streets are filled with drunken Japanese men who
are at times pulled into these "bars" by aggressive females.  The bars are
either two floors high (with the "bedrooms" located upstairs, the bar
downstairs). The single floor establishments have the rooms in the back.
One method to get with these women is just to roam along these streets and
alleys until a young attractive one calls out or signals to you or
something (the ones who ignore your presence are usually the ones who'll
have nothing to do with gaijins). On the flip side, by being a gaijin,
you're more noticeable and may spend over 20-45 minutes turning down women
as you shop around (like I said, this area is about the size of a small
neighborhood).  Another method is stepping into each bar and inspecting the
"wares", if you're greeted with a smile then you're "in" (if you're
ignored, move on; but don't worry, with the sheer size of the place and
numbers of women, there's no way you can't hook up).  I've only been there
during the weekdays and most of the women are just sitting or standing
around in miniskirts and low-cut blouses bored watching TV.  The down side
to this place is location.  The best way to get there is by car (since the
train system shuts down after midnight or so).  Parking is scarce at times.
 Also because of the windy streets and the sheer size of the place you may
get lost, so use one of the tall hotel neon signs as a landmark. In
addition to the japanese business men, I've observed a few middle eastern
men "shopping around"; white and black men are extremely rare, this is
mostly a japanese frequented place. The women speak little or no english,
but that doesn't appear to be an obstacle. There is a Hinodecho train
station, and exiting it puts you smack dab in the middle of this "sodom and
gomorrah".  You can locate the area by the numerous red japanese laterns
that are strung here and there; most of the buildings are old. If you see a
lot of grafitti-ridden walls (most sprawled with aids awareness campaigns),
you're in the right spot.  In addition to the "bars" there are a number of
caucasian street walkers, most of them Colombians and probable eastern
europeans (but they seemed to be harassed by the police a lot).  The "bars"
seemed to be immune to/ignored by the police.  Also in the vicinity are a
number of soaplands, sex clubs, and stuff like that (they seem to be the
more popular/expensive establishments; but again, this is Japanese
territory). I have no experience in those places or with the white street
walkers (who are affiliated with a number of hotels).  I've since left
Japan, and while I can still remember the way to Hinodecho by car, I can't
express the directions (somewhere near Negishi, Idogaya, Sakurgicho and
Kannai, if that helps). I'm browsing thru one of my old metro maps and it
places Hinodecho right around Nogeyama Park/Zoo.  For those who have been
to the "Mi-ari" area  (aka "Texas") in Seoul, South Korea, this place is
the Japanese version of it.

Subject: Sex situation in Yokohama, Japan Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 22:55:04 +0900 Hi; I here provide you the information of Yokohama, Japan. You can find red-right zone in Yokohama. Get off "Keihin-Kyuko Train" at "Kogane-Cho Station", 3 stops from Yokohama station. Also, 30 minutes from Yokosuka. Just under the railway of "Keihin-Kyuko Train", you can find so many Japanese style small Bar, and so many girls in front. All of them are hookers. Girls are come from Thai, mainland China, Taiwan and HongKong. Most of them are pretty young and good looking. If you find good girl, go inside. She will take you to upstairs room, and start their jobs. System is very simple. JPY10,000(US$ 80) with 20 minutes, including blowing job(With condom) and real fucking. This price is common for all bar in this area. All of them will accept foreigner, and may speak English, except Chinese. I must add this area is open 24 hours, but good girl is appear after 7 PM usually.
Subject: Sex situation in Yokohama, Japan Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 22:15:04 +0900 Hi Here is an update for Yokohama, Japan, "Kogane-Cho Station" red-right zone. All the hookers are on display in what it look as Bars. Most of the bars have one girl, some have two. Most of the girls are from Thailand and some are fairly young (probably not less than 30). Some of them even speak a rudimentary English, although this is realy not necessary, since the procedure is fairly straight forward and similar in all the places. The price is still Y10,000 (approx US$ 80) in all places and it will buy you a blow job and a fuck. The girls undress completely and let you touch their tits. They are very aware of the AIDS danger and won't agree to anything more than that. Some of them - unfortunately the prettier ones - won't agree to do it with a "gaijin". Others will try to convince you to go with them - again, unfortunately the older ones. The remaining - you'll have to check. I was there on a Sunday evening, around 9:00pm and there wasn't much activity. I felt fairly safe.
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 09:35:43 PDT I've been in Japan over two years now, and I can't believe I had never heard mention of Hinodecho until I found this site. The previous posts are exactly right. I spent a Saturday night there recently, and am happy to say the prices are still 10,000 yen for your choice of at least 100 girls. These girls were primarily Thai, although there were definitely Japanese available.. 99% of them are very receptive to gaijins, as the current economic situation affords them very little choice in the matter. No one should be foolish enough to pay the exorbitant Tokyo prices. For about the price of a cup of coffee in Tokyo, you can take the 1 hour train ride to Yokohama. (It's a very beautiful waterfront, too, by the way.) Most of the girls are incredibly beautiful, and you don't have to put up with the elitist Tokyo attitudes. I can't remember the name of the line, but get off at Hinodecho station. Cross the street, and you're there. Under the tracks, there are a number of very narrow, well-lit alleys, lined with small, open ante-rooms that serve as display cases for the girls. There is a girl in almost every doorway. If she ducks in, or acts dis-interested when you approach, move on to the next. (They're only about 10 feet apart!) It's clear who owns this area, as well as imports the girls. There is a police box just around the corner, but the Yakuza clearly has the local PD under their collective thumbs. Feel free to indulge, but take your time. There are so many to choose from!

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