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Wuppertal, Germany

Date: Wed,  2 Aug 1995 03:52:43 UTC

Contents: nudist sex club in Wuppertal, Germany


here I will report my best experiences I have ever made with clubs.
It is a nudist sex club in Wuppertal, Germany. It is really
inexpensive and very, very hot:

I got information about a nudist sex club in Wuppertal. The
information I got was very hot so I decided the same day a few hours
later to test that club.  I drove to Wuppertal taking the highway
A46. I left the highway by the exit "Wuppertal-Elberfeld". Then I
asked for the way at a filling station.  It took some time to find the
street named "Hoechsten". When I found it I parked my car and went
towards the house with the number 2.

In the first floor there is a pub called "Alt Wuppertal". There is no
hint outside that there is also a sex club in the same house. At the
door there is a golden ringing button. I pressed it and the door
opened. I went up the stairway to the second floor. There are a lot of
security devices. At the 2nd floor a young girl was expecting me. She
was very beautiful and completely naked. First she introduced
herself. Her name was Nicky (Nicole).  She was 22 years old. I had to
strip off all my clothes first. Nobody is allowed to wear clothes in
the club. You have to put them into a locker and give the key to the
barkeeper. When you leave the club you get the key back, you can put
your clothes on, last but not least you have to pay the bill. In the
club you do not need your money.

After stripping off the clothes the girl showed me the club. In the
3rd. floor there are rooms with a big bed inside. All rooms are very
clean and tidy. In some rooms there are mirrors under the
ceiling. Then we went back downstairs. In the 2nd. floor there is a
big room with a bar and several convenient couches. On the couches
there were sitting five young and beautiful girls. They all were
completely naked. I asked the girl who was showing me the club for the
prices. She told me DM 50,- as an entrance fee. For that money you can
drink what you want. Standard sex costs DM 150,- for about 45
minutes. That includes petting, oral sex and vaginal sex. She also
offered anal sex, a lesbian show and what ever you can imagine. Each
"pervert" extra costs another DM 150,- . I asked her how to go on and
she told me that I can choose a girl and sit down next to her.

I chose the girl who had shown me the club herself. Her name was
Nicky, 22 years old, and a well shaped body. All girls were very
beautiful and aged between 18 and 25. We sat down together on a couch
and began petting each other. The other girls were watching us.  There
were no other guests at this moment. After a while the girl asked me
if I wanted to have sex here or go with her in a room at the
3rd. floor. I decided to go with her into a bed room. You can also
have sex with the girls on the couches. When there are other guests
you can watch them having sex.

On the bed the girl began with oral sex - without a condome.  It was
the best blow job I ever got ! We also had tender petting and french
kissing. She also allowed me to pet her pussy with my fingers.  We
also had sex with my cock between her breasts. She really did
everything.  After a long while she put a condome on my cock - with
her mouth ! She sat down on my lap and started riding on me. It was
very hot. Then we changed position. She layed down on her back and
drew her legs to her body. It was really good !!! I got a fantastic
orgasm. Then I layed down and rested for a while. She was petting and
kissing my body. Then we took a shower together. You have to take a
shower befor and after having sex.

We went back to the 2nd. floor and sat down together on a couch.  We
had again petting for a long while. I was allowed to do anything I did
upstairs. This time there was another guest. He was just enjoying a
blow job ... I decided to leave and to get more money from an ATM
machine.  When I left the club I had to pay the bill. It was
altogether DM 200,- for spending a whole hour in the club.

I took DM 300 from the ATM and came back to the club after a few
minutes. I took the same girl again.  This time we had more petting on
the couch. She also did the blow job on the couch. She also offered me
fucking there but I decided to go upstairs on the bed room with
her. It is a strange feeling beeing watched while having sex. On the
room we did the same again we did before. After having very, very good
and hot sex we went back downstairs and sat down together on the

We had petting and french kissing together and were watching some
other couples having sex. There was also shown a porn movie on video but nobody
was watching it. After a long while the girl left me because new guests
were coming. You must remember that you do not have to pay any extra money
to sit together with the girl and touching her. So she leaves you when new
guests come in and pay for the girl. I kept sitting there and watching the
other couples.

After an hour I chose another girl to have sex a third time. Her name
was Shereena - a Persian name but she is German. She was about 20
years old. Her pussy was shaved. She was very sexy. We did the same I
did with Nicky before. This time there were many other guests around
but it was not disturbing. I could not imagine that you can improve
the blow job before but she was best at blow jobs. After having sex we
also had some petting on the couch downstairs. When I left I had to
pay DM 250,- for having sex twice with two girls ! I spent more then 2
hours in the club.

The prices are a little bit difficult to understand:
You have to pay DM 50,- as an entrance fee. For "standard" sex as described
above you have to spend DM 150,- for the first time. When you want to
have sex a second time you have to spend only DM 110,- But when you want
to have sex a third time or more you have to spend 130 DM,- .
So I spend DM  50,- for all drinks (entrance fee)
           DM 150,- for the first time
           DM 110,- for the second time
           DM 130,- for the third time
           DM 440,- altogether ($ 315,-)

For Americans: DM 100,- are about US-$ 70,-
At least you have to spend DM 200,- ($140)

Address: FKK-Club           (FKK Club means nudist club)
         Hoechsten 2

This club is really crazy. It is my favourite choice !

How to find the club:

The best way is to ask someone for the street "Hoechsten". You can also
take the bus. In front of the club is a bus-stop named "Hoechsten". If
you come by car take the A46 to Wuppertal. Take the exit "Elberfeld".
Follow the signs to the city of Elberfeld. When you reach the main road
with shops on both sides look out for a green "BP" filling station.
After you passed the filling station look out for the bank "Deutsche
Bank". Behind the bank turn right and go up that street (I think it was
"Karlstr.") until you see the bus-stop named "Hoechsten" or the pub
called "Alt Wuppertal". The club is above the pub in the same house.
There is no hint outside ! Go to the door with the number two and press
the golden ringing button. There was no sign at all ! If you cannot
find the club use the phone number above.

Subject: update Wuppertal (germany) Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 23:00:34 +0200 Hi ! First of all THANKS. Thru the WSG I found this superb address in Wuppertal the private-FKK-Club. Here my report. As the note on the site was aged of 2 years I first phoned to the given number. A nice lady explained me that the club was still alive and that it worked now for 4 years. The opening times are 12-24 form mon to fri and 10-22 on sat. The last visitors are let in 2 hours before closing. Then she explained to me how to reach the club. The day after I went to Wuppertal and with the explainings of the lady I found it easily. A really beautiful young girl (Tamarra) let me in and guided me to a room with lockers where to undress. So all that is described in the statement before is still true!!! Even the prices are same ! To me Tamarra was the most beautiful girl in there at that time. In the club 8-10 girls are working when I was there I saw only 6 but it was really early in the day (I went round 1630) and there were few guests. One of the girls sat next to a gentleman and gave him a blowjob, at that point I was convinced that the report that lead me here was right! I sat next Tamarra and we started petting, at this time there were 2 other guys in the room. Tamarra did a really good job, and after 10 minutes we went on the second floor... this club is heaven... the girls take time and never push you to go faster ... you really feel comfortable. I did not take the time we stood at the room but it was what I needed to come to a very powerful climax... god this girl was so special I could fall in love with her. Anyway... after the shower I decided to stay to try another woman. At this time 2 new girls were in. They weren't as beautiful as the three that were in before but they were ok too. I then sat next to another girl that seemed to be interested in me since I arrived. She started petting imediately and my dong reacted as soon as she begun sucking. She was very experienced and let me know that without any speaking. She really drove me crazy. So what shall I tell more, we went upstairs and again we took lots of time. I don't remember her name but she was more experienced than Tamarra (who impressed me by far mor thru her appearence). She started riding me in a way I have never been ... I was close to come and about to ask her to change position but she was faster... we turnded into a classical missionary position. After a while I asked her for doggy style and we finished it that way... After the fuck we lay down for a while till I saw it was allready 1915... It costs me 350DM to stay there for about 3 hours! And have the most marvellous sex I ever had with "pro". I must say, these girls for sure are pro but they act without letting you know that... I hope all guests will apreciate this ! If you ever go to Wuppertal just stop by... it is even worth to make a detour!
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 20:14:41 +0100 Wuppertal I went to the FKK-Saunaklub what I found through the WSG. The first time I was there was really great, as described in the report. When I went back most of the women were changed. The one I wanted to fuck with told me my cock was to large (of yourse she did that after we went to the room). She than tried to make me come "handmade" which is kinda frustrating to me and rarely succeeds (Why using women for things you better realize yourself... and cheaper). So we finished without coming to an end. Meanwhile I had taken another choice (she was not too bad, not too good... at least she sucked very well and made me come). The women do french-kissing but very badly. After this 2nd "program" my first choice told me she charged me 2 "programs" as she did her best and blablabla... you may imagine that this was the last time I went to this club.

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