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Winnipeg, Canada

Date: Sun, 10 Mar 1996 14:34:38 UTC

Massage Parlors.....1 on Broadway......Disgusting, do not bother
                    1 on Sherbrook.....Full service was available from
                                       marginal girls for 125$US
                    1 on Ellice........Nicest can not get
                                       laid...Bottoms stay on.
                    1 on McPhillips....Full service can run you 200$US.
                                       Girls okay.

Hotels..............Daytime Stock Exchange hotel...Girls in windows. One is
                        Lee, a little plump very nice though, Full 60$US.
                        Another blond ( name unknown) I did not want to do
                        her. Nude BJ for for 30$ She had nice bod but
                        stubs on legs.
                    Daytime Mount Royal Hotel....Hanging around
                        gambling machines...most ugly and on
                        drugs. Hotel is 100 years old and looks it.
                        Rooms disgusting. 70$US will get you laid but
                    Major Downtown Hotels, in bars. they will approach you
                        if you make eye contact. Can be expensive.

Streets.............Around Mount Royal Low Quality Hookers, Police stings,
                        Unannouced TV/TS.
                    King and Jarvis....Disease City, Police Stings,
                        Residents with video cameras tracing plates.
                    Albert Street.....some nice ones, take you to marginal
                        hotels, costs full serve 100$US

Phone services.....see Winnipeg Sun, Be warned you can get a really ugly
                        girl who will cause you big trouble if you do
                        not pay agency fee.

I have had a real mixed bag of experiences. Prices are reasonable with most.
Some were actually wonderful. Always beware of Police. If looking from your
car, try a girl who you have observed going away with some one and coming
back with him driving away. Be prepared to say or do something to prove to
girl you are not the law. They are as afraid of arrest as you.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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