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Windsor, Canada

Subject: I just got back from windsor canada

Had a blast, crossed over from detroit, and stayed in windsor.  Tried to
escort services, first was a 19 year old girl about 6 on a 1-10 scale.
Was a total disappointment.  She first did not want to take her bra off
"because she was small" after cohearsing me out of an additanal 50 bucks
she then agread to take it off. (yes I know I'm sucker) I then laid down
on the bed, and recieved a rushed blow job, me not being as experinced
as others, I nutted quick.  As soon as I did, she got up and got dressed
and left.  I felt really ripped off.  I used the agencys out of the
phone book, cause I could not find a "alternitve paper" would really
like to know if one exsist or not?  If not how do you find a
independent?      Mr Newbie

Subject: [ASP] Review of Detroit & Windsor Canada Date: 1998/04/23 If you are looking for full service at a reasonable price in Detroit, I'd suggest traveling across the border to nearby Windsor, Canada instead. On a recent trip to Detroit, I surveyed half a dozen escort agencies by phone. The going rate was $175/hour outcall. A couple agencies wanted $200/hour. You can find advertisements for these agencies in the yellow pages, or in the classified ads of the Detroit Free Press under "Entertainment." In Windsor, you will find escort ads in the yellow pages and the local newspaper as well. The going rate is $130 CAN (about $90 US) per hour, or half as expensive as Detroit. The only problem is that there is no incall, which means you need to rent a room. Fortunately, a number of motels on one particular stretch of Huronchurch Road provide inexpensive short duration stays. Bestway and Masterchoice charge $25 CAN for a 3-hour stay that ends before midnight after which it goes to $35 CAN. The total still works out to only $110-120 US, a bargain for the small extra driving. I saw Celina at Elite. She was about a 7 on a scale of 10. The agency description was quite accurate, except that she was more a 36A than a 36D. Still, I was not disappointed, as she had terrific oral skills, including full deep throat. Celina was described as "open minded", which she told me meant she does anal for an additional tip of $150 CAN ("negotiable" she stressed). Celina also works at Wild Thing (254-xxx1), where the charge is $120 CAN. There, she is known as Tegen. The Canadian escort agencies are a good value, but there is a catch. The fee is for "up to an hour" which means she is considered free to leave after you are satisfied. Celina left after about 40 minutes. She also mentioned several times that "tips are appreciated", and I did give her $20. I usually tip this amount anyways, but I prefer not getting reminded to tip. Some logistics: Change your American money at the Windsor casino or the money exchange one block north of the casino. These have the best rate. $1 US equals $1.40 CAN at present. There are two ways to cross the border: via the Ambassador Bridge, or via the tunnel. The tunnel puts you downtown, where you can play at the casino or visit Jason's, a top notch (but no touch) nude club. $10 CAN buys you a table dance with a Playboy quality lady! There are also two other nude clubs within a block or two, Cheetahs and Million Dollar Saloon. I prefer taking the bridge, which puts you about two miles south of downtown Windsor. Getting to and across the bridge is easier, and it dumps off onto Huronchurch Street. A lot of tractor-trailers use the bridge, which is why there are so many cheap motels nearby. I stayed at the Bestway, which is about a mile east of the bridge. It was OK, and in fact had a free adult film showing on the in-room TV. My room lacked a tub, which I didn't like (it has a shower stall). Next time, I would try the Masterchoice Motel, about a block further down. It was in the process of being remodeled, so it is probably nicer. Both are $25 CAN for 2-3 hours. Some agencies want you to call them from a hotel/motel before they will discuss specifics, so as to discourage crank calls. On the way to these motels, you will past Studio 4, another nude club. I have visited in the's OK but not as good as any of the three downtown clubs. There is no pressure to accept the woman the agency sends. All the agencies I spoke to in Windsor said that I merely needed to pay a $20 CAN transport fee, and the lady would leave. If you then arranged for a second lady from the same agency, they would count the $20 towards her fee, thus there was indeed no risk.
Subject: [ASP} Review Windsor, Ont "Jazz" Date: 1998/04/26 After reading about the fun that can be had across the border from Detroit, I decided to make the journey and try some Canadian. I went with Elite Escorts and after looking through some of the girls and their website, chose Jazz. I found a hotel that had a vacancy on Huron Church by the bridge called the Ambassador Motel. There are TWO Ambassador Motels on that strip and this was the furthest one away from the bridge. $42CAN for the room. Sparse room. No cable or phone. Not a great place. Called Elite and Jazz was available and would be there in 30 mins. Watched some Hockey Night in Canada (seemed like the thing to do...) until she arrived. Since the motel had no clock, I think it was pretty close to 30mins later that she arrived. She looked very nice. Not a hot slutty way, but a sultry sexy way. Dark hair, tall and slim, a dancer's body I'd say. Her breasts did have some sag to them unfortunately. She was cool and tried to make small talk before getting down to business. She didn't mess around. Once the money was paid, she went right to work. She started off with a little massage of my back. Not too bad, but she could have put a little more into it. Started off with a blowjob. Gave nice head. Firm and deep. Moved on to sex doggie style. She reached under and played with my balls as I stroked in and out. VERY nice. After a bit we switched with me on top. This girl really moved her ass. No dead fuck here. Very enjoyable. The only catch was the price. On top of Elite's hourly rate, she wanted a tip for service. So she wanted like $250CAN in all. Considering I got 40% exchange rate at the border, it still works out to be $150US plus $25US for the room. But in all a little high. I could go to an Oriental Spa and get a sauna, bath, massage, and full service for $150 or less. I might try it again sometime with another agency, but probably not until I know of someone that doesn't charge a full rate on top of the agency's fee.
Subject: Re: [ASP} Review Windsor, Ont "Jazz" Date: 1998/04/29 My experience in Windsor (pricewise) was more positive. I had a great time with Angel from the Executive Choice agency. The total cost (agency fee plus tip) was $150 CAD for full service with all of the usual trimmings. Angel is an attractive, intelligent, passionate mature woman, which is my preference. She is much prettier than the pictures on their web site. Liz, their receptionist, was very helpful and candid during my selection process. Based on your experience and other similar ones regarding Jazz from Elite and Illana from Executive Services, it appears that the more popular ladies do establish their own rate structure through required tipping. There are a number of Windsor reviews in the Detroit review section on the decadentcity site.

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