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Wilmington, North Carolina

Subject: wilmington

I met a girl in wilmington NC named Roxy (blonde, great body, nice ass, great
legs, 22yrs old, very nice attitude, and ready for a good time if the price
is right).  She works for exotic illusions.  I was in a hotel when she came
over.  The person over the phone was nice and very helpful.  she quoted the
prices ($80 an hour).  We talked when roxy arrived at the hotel and we
discussed what type of service I wanted.  After we talked, she played some
music and started to dance for me.  She started of with a very effective lap
dance and then got to business.  I came 2 times before we ended the sessions.
 She stayed approx an hour and a half.  The total came to about $250.  I
liked the whole experience and would recommend her to everyone.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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