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Wichita, Kansas

> Does anyone know of any kind of activities in Wichita or KC?  Clubs,
> escorts, massage, peepshow, etc.

Wichita has several strip clubs. Those outside the city limits are allowed
to go bottomless. Often in a separate, non-alcoholic area, although on
premises. Tipping is allowed, touching is not (but as long as it isn't
overt and rough it is generally tolerated). The nicer (i.e. cleaner) clubs
advertise in the daily paper's Sports section.

For escorts, check the Yellow Pages and the paper's classified ads. Pricey
but plentiful.

The only peepshow in town is at a bookstore about 5 miles south of town on
Broadway (Adult Entree South, I think). Ten minutes, ten dollars for a
naked woman behind glass and via phone. Kleenex provided.

Street hookers available on Broadway, generally between Kellogg and
Pawnee. Pretty rough. More crack cocaine dealers than crack pussy vendors!

Good cheap blowjobs generally available at Circle Cinema in the arcade and
sometimes in the theater. Of course, it's with/from other men...

Don't know enough about KC to reliably inform.

Subject: Wichita Date: Thu, 21 Mar 1996 18:30:03 UTC Things have calmed down considerably in Wichita over the past year or so. Don't waste your time looking for any street action on S. Broadway. Police are leaning on the are hard... and any of the women stupid or desparate enough to go out are arrested quickly. Best bet is any of the escort services advertised in the newspaper. Keep in mind that there are only about four operators in town... plus a few independents. Note the license numbers in the ads. Same # means same operator and the same women. Don't know why they do this. Experience has shown that they will all tell you they offer full service with no tipping... but most of the girls also require tips. There are also a number of places advertising in the "Special Interests" column in the paper... calling themselves massage outlets. It's nearly all outcall. One exception is Betty Le Boop on S. Broadway. Incall full service for $50.00 room fee plus a tip of $100.00 Give Passion a try! Of the services, I'd recommend "Blaze." I've not been disappointe with the quality of the ladies... and one or two are spectacular. $150 for the hour... and they don't require tips. Stay away from Entertainment Tonight. They have the biggest ad... and I've not been impressed. If Lil' Darlings is listed in the paper... they're also a good bet.
Subject: [ASP] Wichita, KS report Date: Sat, 21 Dec 1996 13:03:52 -0800 I've been reading the posts here for some time and thought it was my time to contribute. Recently I was in Wichita for business and contacted an agency, named "Blaze", which advertises in the dancers, escorts sections of the classified ads in the local newspaper. The woman I talked to on the phone was very pleasant and described three ladies as the choice for the evening. One was described as a tall, petite, blonde; the second as a tall, petite brunette; the third as a busty redhead. Since I have a preference for the "waifish" type I choose the blonde. The women then asked if I had ever used their service before. Upon hearing my negative reply she informed me that the charge was $150 for an hour of full service and that no tipping would be necessary. I said that would be fine. She then informed me my lady would be at my hotel in 30 minutes. Almost exactly thirty minutes later, Michelle knocked on my door to my room. The description that I was given was very accurate! She was about 21-22 years old, 5'8", 110 lbs with long legs and shoulder length dirty-blonde hair. Michelle was very pleasant to converse with and needless to say we spent an enjoyable hour together. The only complaint I can make is that she was not very assertive, which is something I rather enjoy ;>. Overall for those of you into the rating system I would give her an 8 in looks; 7 in performance and a 9 in discretion and timeliness. A very pleasant experience in the middle of the Bible belt. I'd like to take a minute to thank all those responsible for helping to save this group from the spammers!! For all you idiots who are too lazy to skip past the informative posts; find a new group! el apodo
Date: Sun, 09 Feb 1997 03:31:05 -0800 Subject: Prostitution in Wichita, Ks The action on S. broadway has pretty much gone. The hot spot now for street hookers is on N. Broadway bewteen Central and 13th, and Topeka and Emporia between Central and Murdock. You can usually get a blow job for between $20 and $25. Some of the girls will fuck you for $30 or $40. Actually, weekday nights are sometimes better than weekends. It's easier to find a date. The police do watch this area closely, so watch for them. Also, be careful, as there are some con artists out there, as usual. There is also a bar on Central between Emporia and St. Francis where hookers hang out. It can be VERY ROUGH, and the crowd is threatening looking. But if you stay to yourself, and get a feel for the situation before taking action, you should be alright. If you live in the city, and are tempted to take a girl home from either location, be cautious. I have found my bathroom window unlocked afterwards, and found my screen forced a few days later. It is also unwise to allow them to be alone in a room of your house, or allow them to bring a girlfriend along, and let her stay in the other room while you play. You may spend more then you think you're spending!!
From: Subject: [ASP] Report - More Wichita Escort Info Date: 2 Mar 1997 20:37:30 -0000 Here is more recent information on Wichita, Kansas. The action is in the classified section of the newspaper, under "Escorts" and "Personal Interests". Mustang Ranch - an incall located next to a topless bar. Get stimulated, but don't get drunk at the bar before coming over - the ladies don't like that! During the day, there doesn't seem to be a lot of choice, perhaps 3-4 ladies. Shift changes around 6:30, and they have ten or so in the evenings. The fee is $60 per half hour session fee, plus $100 tip to the lady for sex. For the same price, you get only half the time as an outcall, but you do get to choose the one you want. Betti-Le-Boop is very similar incall establishment but has fewer ladies. New Elite Dating Service - a place where you pick a date, and take her back to your place. Recent visits showed practically no one there during the day and only 4-5 ladies at night, and most were unattractive. You get to choose from ladies sitting in a lounge so you really can't tell what kind of body type they have. This means you would have to make your selection mostly on facial appearance. The fee is $100 to check her out for an hour and a $50 tip to the lady before sex. Blaze - Recommended as the best in Wichita. They have a $150/hr fee, with no additional tipping needed for sex. The girls are usually 20's and fairly attractive. I've engaged them often, and they are generally reliable, on time, and honest. Blaze seems to treat their employees better, which means there's a good chance you can ask for and get someone you liked in the past. Still, turnover at all agencies is high. Michelle's - a new outcall agency, started in Jan 97. Fee is $100/hr plus tip for the lady, which runs another $50-$100 for standard services. Would try again, based on positive first experience. Playboys/Center Folds - Center Folds (not the same "Centerfolds" that was in business previously) advertises as a massage outcall and Playboys advertises as a licensed escort service. They are one and the same. $150 gets 1 hour of full service, no extra tip required. While I like this type of fee structure, I was not real impressed with this agency. Playboys sent over a gal who, while fitting their description, was not attractive for a number of reasons (including bad teeth and body odor). I sent her back with a $20 tip for showing up (no cancellation fee - which is nice). The next day, I called Center Folds, not realizing they are the same, and they described this same gal to me as "very cute." They are not first on my list, but I might them one more try. Skanners/Teasers - Avoid like the plague. Prime Time - I heard that they have a big stable of ladies, though I haven't tried them yet. And the rest...there are probably 20-30 advertisements in the classifieds. Excluding duplicates, there are probably a good 15 different choices. New agencies keep springing up as old agencies keep closing down, so it takes a lot of screwing around to stay on top of things. If you know other escorts in Wichita that you would recommend for sampling, send email to describing them. All email will be kept confidential.
Subject: [ASP] Wichita Kansas Escort Menu Date: 1998/04/09 ESCORT MENU FOR WICHITA, KANSAS This is the latest update to replace my previous reviews in the world sex guide. There is a variety of choices for decent sex and the cost for full service is around $150. Escort ads are in the newspaper classifieds under Special Interests. Many agencies operate under 2 names. DINE-IN In-call businesses advertise as private dancers. Betti Le Boop (5860 S. Broadway, 522-8544) and Mustang Ranch (7820 Southwest Blvd, 942-1215) are the best of these. There will not be a good selection before 7 pm, but BLB has pictures of girls they can call in. You pay $60 for a half hour session, select a dancer, go to a private room, undress completely, give her a tip, tell her what you want, and do it on the couch. The normal tip for sex is $100 at BLB and $150 at MR which has more attractive dancers. (See their web site: Other options are a handjob for $50 or a blowjob for $100. There are several nude dancing bars in town, but currently sex is not available at any. However they are good places to warm up first. Some dancers provide good company and conversation if you buy them a $10 drink. (Don't waste your time propositioning them). I recommend Jezebels (Oliver at S. 47 st) and Michelle's Beachhouse (K15 at S 63 st). CARRY-OUT A few escort agencies operate as dating services. New Elite Dating (2415 S. Glendale near Pawnee & Oliver, 652-0651) is a sure bet (but the selection available has been poor recently). Pick a girl in the lounge, pay $100 for an hour (they allow another half hour for commuting), drive her to your place, give her a $50 tip, tell her frankly what you want, have a good time, and bring her back. Showgirls/Nightcalls (moved to Broadmoor at Harry, 941-4550, 651-5669) has very attractive girls but their rates are higher with a $60/half hr or 100/hr checkout fee plus a $150-$200 tip for full service after you get to your hotel room. DELIVERY Outcall Agencies here vary widely in quality. A good one makes up for not being able to choose your partner by having a better quality of women than what you would find at incall places. Get a description (age, weight, measurements) before agreeing to an appointment, and make sure that the escort they send fits the description. If an escort is unnattractive give her $20 for showing up and tell her she is not your type. Don't pay any cancellation fee that some agencies ask for. When the escort arrives, she will ask you to get fully comfortable, and if you don't strip completely and expose yourself, she won't proceed with business. Blaze Escorts/Dreams Fantasy (687-4033) is Wichita's market leader. Their girls are usually young and pretty and deliver for $150/hr with no additional tip required. Their current staff includes some overweight and plain escorts, so be prepared to insist on quality. Marilyn (990-5420) is a new agency that provides full service for $160/hour, no additional tips. I had Carey Ann, a very pretty, slim, long haired brunette. She started our session by asking "What's your most favorite thing to do?" Afternoon Delight (393-3350) is run by Blaze's former chauffeur. His girls are younger than most, but have ranged from C to A+, so get a description before ordering. The rate is $125/hr, no tipping needed. I enjoyed Asia, a tiny Thai (5'1", 105 lb). Fantasy Touch (393-4151) is owned by Amanda, a former Blaze escort. I think this is now Secret Seduction (393-6513). They provide reliable full service for $150/hr. New Elite and Showgirls also offer delivery, with fees and tips the same as for takeout (see above). Chrissy at Showgirls is a model-quality blonde but insists on a $200 tip for full service. I've tried several other agencies and ended up with women who are unattractive, ask for an unreasonable tip, or flatly refuse sex but keep the money. (Scanners/ Teasers was one of these ripoffs). Beware of Maitre d's: If a driver introduces the escort and asks for the money, refuse to do anything before speaking privately with the girl. DRIVE-THRU South Broadway was a prime site for picking up a cheap call girl before the city targeted the area for cleanup. It's almost impossible to get one nowadays - a woman loitering here is more likely to be an undercover cop than a legitimate prostitute. FREELANCE CHEFS There are very few independent escorts because of the city's licence requirements. Dusty (524-5188) a middle-aged blonde gives incall massage for $80 on a mattress in her living room floor. I didn't get full service but got a bareback russian and squirted into her cleavage. Salma (681-7575) advertises as a Spanish Beauty/$85 Massage. She provided incall full service for $150 but her looks and figure were average. ORIENTAL CUISINE Sorry! For some reason there are no oriental massage parlors here yet. MENU UPDATES New agencies keep springing up as others close down, so it takes a lot of screwing around to stay on top of Wichita's escorts. If you know other escorts in Wichita that you would recommend for sampling, send email describing them to: cc: All email will be kept confidential.

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