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West Virginia

Morgantown - never seen any in any form (street, incall, outcall).  There
are a few titty bars in town, and I imagine there are a few college
students there who are "starving for it".

Berkeley Springs - this little town in the Eastern Panhandle of WV has a
massage parlor called Bambi's massage.  It is located on U.S. 522 just south
of Berkeley Springs, designed to catch the incoming truckers headed for
the PA turnpike and points north.  Don't blink or you'll miss it.  It looks
like a full service place and is - an old
motel with privacy fences.  It is actually like a small Nevada Brothel.
Gals work for 2-3 weeks and then have 6 weeks off.  None are local - they
are all imported from the south.

Prices haven't changed in the 5 years I've visited there.  Hand relief
for $30, topless $40, Nude $50, Nude hand relief with backrub $60, His
and her's/reverse massage $90.  If you're looking for full service get
the his and hers.  Don't be afraid to ask to see all the girls: I've
seen ages vary by 30 years and frames vary as well on the same day -
pick what you want.  Once you are in the room (an old hotel room with
a massage table but also a bed, shower/bathroom, and several
conspicuously placed erotic mags) you will get on the table or she
will if you purchased a reverse massage.  She will then ask you if you
want extras, but you may want to ask if she is plating coy.  Don't
worry, they're available, she just might be nervous if you look like a
cop (like I do).  Straight is typically available for $30, BJ for $40,
and I've been told, but never bought, that the "full his and hers"
runs an additional $120 for a total of $210.  For the $30 you get
missionary on the massage table, after she inspects and washes your
tool and puts a condom on it.  Overall worth it.

Date: June 1996 The two escort services "Erica's" and "Best Escort Service" in Charleston WV are said to offer full service for $100 - $130 with no tipping required.
Subject: CHARLESTON, WV ESCORT GUIDE Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 23:49:31 UTC Peddling pussy may not be legal in this state capital, but it sure is tolerated! For those of us who can't swing a trip to Brazil, this may well be the poor man's stateside "Rio." Charleston is at the intersection of Interstates 64, 77 and 79 - well worth a one or two day "layover" on a trip elsewhere. But leave the family and pets at home. At least six escort services advertise in the yellow pages - new book due out shortly. I believe that one (Annie's ?) was shut down after a 16-year-old was knowingly provided to a customer. My opinion is just that - an opinion. But it is based on a dozen one or two night visits per year. Most of the escort services seem to be poorly managed. The person on the phone is less than helpful in accurately describing available workers or even sending the right one to you. On two occasions a lady was sent to my hotel room after I told the person on the phone that I wasn't interested in the one's described. Apparently the hope is that "the little head" will seize the moment. It can be a problem if you have already ordered from the menu at a second service after decling the first one. FEES: $110 to 125 per hour for FULL Service. Period! The agency gets 40 to 50 of it so don't waste your time trying to cut the rate. However, there are ways to get it for less (see below). TIMES: Generally weekdays after 6pm until 2 am, but I have been shut out as early as 10pm. My advice is call early and often! Weekends are sparse unless you have the private number of a worker. By far, the best run service in Charleston and one of the best I have encountered anywhere is ASHLEY's (304-343-6121). It has been run for years by the same man ("Bob") who refuses to delegate management to others and thus maintains high standards of quality and service. Be honest with him and his ladies and you will be well served. He refuses to employ workers from other services in town - doesn't want the bad habits they learn there. Thus, often you get to experience a new worker who is thrilled to get money for what she was doing in high school for a burger and fries! Suprisingly, Ashley's has the lowest rate - $110/hour whether you want full service or simply want to sit there and discuss sports. The ladys are well-dressed - not always true from other services - and are reasonably prompt. I have had one lady for a vigorous workout from 8 to 9 pm, gone out alone for a drink or dinner, and had either the same or a second lady for a nightcap suck and fuck with her doing all the work at 12pm or 1 am. Just tell Bob what you want and he will do his best. NOTE: the services do maintain the pretext that they are dating services so don't get too graphic on the phone. Just tell them what kind of woman you desire and you decide what the two of you will do when alone. Of possibly twenty "dates" arranged thru Ashley's only three have been disappointments. The lady's all use condoms when you are in them, although some offer oral without. Two recent specific examples from Ashley's: Michelle - 36C (implants, but very well done)-24-35, 5'8", 125(?), long black hair and blue eyes - combination Cherokee indian and Scotch/Irish - the best of both. A former model and professional singer, very classy lady and one of the best fucks of my life! I first met her in late 1995 and had her 3 times thru 1/96 - tried to see her in 3/96 and was told she was only working part-time. I pray she keeps on working. She is one of those rare workers who gets pleasure in giving pleasure - a true gem. I almost declined her for a very stupid reason when she was first offered to me. I am almost 50 and enjoy young women. She is 36 - too old I thought. Bob assured me that she could pass for 26. She is in such great shape she puts many 20 year-olds to shame. Have spent hours fucking and sucking those fantastic tits of hers. True, they are implants but she was a natural 36D before she had to have the implants done for medical reasons so she carries them very well. If she is available definitely book an hour of heaven on earth and treat her like the lady she is. If she likes you she will french kiss. Also, I have thumb-fucked her ass while kissing and have every intention of taking her in the ass the old-fashioned way during my next session. RATINGS:face=8(due to age),body=9,attitude=10. Mercedes - 36B-24-35, 5'7", 120(?) long curly ringlet brown hair with blonde accents. When Michelle wasn't available during my 3/96 visit I tried Mercedes - only her second nite at Ashley's and very apprehensive at first. Also, turned me off when I found out that although she had just turned 25 she has 4 children - was sure the pussy was ruined. The only shortcoming was her attitude - not hostile but indifferent. She has a gorgeous face - would be a 10 if she smiled. Her body was very well maintained. My only regret there was her breasts are somewhat deflated. If she develops the proper attitude she will be a great lay. Once I got into her pussy I was suprised - pleasanrtly - how tight and responsive it was. I intend to get into it again and just hope that her attitude has improived. Maybe it was just a bad night. RATINGS:face=9(10 if smiles),body=8(I like full tits),attitude=5. One honorable mention from another service - BEST ESCORTS - by the name of Gloria. Had her twice in 1995, would do her again. She is about 30, maybe 36C-25-34, very fit and great attitude. She works outside during the day in physical labor such as building decks. Only shortcoming is her plain face. But she genuinely seems thrilled to get paid for sex and seeks to please the man. Last time I sat her on the bathroom counter, grabbed each ankle with my hands, pulled the ankles up over her shoulders and spread her well-toned legs while I fucked her pussy long and hard. Since she was holding herself up with her arms she was totally helpless in this position. After we finished she thanked me for the experience and said she had never been taken that way. Come on guys - show some imagination with these ladies! RATINGS;face=6, body=8, attitude=10. One final note(god this is long!) about prices. Don't waste your time trying to negotiate a lower one hour full-service rate. Of the $110 charge the lady only keeps 70 and it is full service. However, I have negotiated lower a few times for 3 or 4 hours - the lady takes the cut though, not the service so try to be fair. Of 400 for 4 hours the service would still get its 160 leaving her with only 240. My best prices have been with seeing the ladies outside the service. For example, Ashley's isn't open Sundays and I sometimes schedule a Sunday with the individual lady for 60-80 per hour for 3 or 4 hours - say 240 for 4 hours - not a bad way to spend sunday evening and 200 cheaper than thru a service. Have done the same some weekdays with ladies who like me. Amateurs are sometimes available but require more work. Stay at the Ramada Inn in South Charleston just off I-64. Wednesday night in the bar is ladies night and can have a hundred amateurs - you just have to work for it. I paid one college girl $100 - remember I am almost 50 and am stupid - thinking it was a cum and run situation. After we finished, she asked if she could shower. Being a gentleman I said yes. I figured she wanted to return to her friends in the bar since it was only 11 pm. To my delight, she came out of the bathroom naked and fresh, and got back into bed. We talked some, watched TV and then did it again. Once more she cleaned up, then came back to bed. My $100 investment netted a 4-cum all-nighter with a 20 year old hard body. She had thought the $100 was for all-night and I forgot to tell her otherwise. She has now graduated and is a kindergarten teacher in Pennsylvania.

Date: Sun, 11 May 1997 22:13:15 -0400 (EDT) Subject: post but no address Charleston, WV After reading a review here about Charleston WV I had the opportunity to travel to that area. I tried to call the agency that was reviewed but like the writer said: it was very busy. I proceeded to plan B and called an agency in the phone book; don't remember the name but the phone number's last 4 digits was 0100. I asked who was on duty that night and after the usual rundown chose a 25 year old with black hair. She called herself Brittany and although about 30 minutes late the wait proved to be well worth it. Without going into too much detail, if you are into female domination including full body worship, she is the girl for you. I didn't care for the tattoo but it didn't take away from a very good evening. The cost was $120 for the first hour and $100 for the second. Money well spent.
Subject: {ASP}Charleston, WV REVIEW Date: 13 Jul 1997 00:55:56 GMT I recently made a couple trips to the Mt. State and while it is illegal, the services sure are flurishing :). I tried a couple with totally different results and one that was a definate no show. The best of the lot was a girl called "Britany" . I do not remember the name of the service but the number had a 0300 or 0100 in it, check the phone book. The other agency that did well was also listed in the phone book yellow pages. Their display ad was the only one that is printed on white background. I called Ashleys first both times and the guy said he didn't have anyone on until later and he would call me back but never did. Also when I tried to call him, no one answered. This happened both times. Brittany was great. Ended up with her a couple times. She does dominance or acts the submissive. She knows how to tease and please ya. Price was 125 for first hour and 100 for second.. I definately recommend 2 hours worth. She really got into it during the second hour and unless she was the greatest actress in the world was really enjoying herself. We ended up going out for a sandwhich afterward. A first for me... does anyone have anything on the 502 AC?
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 1997 20:01:25 -0400 Subject: West Virginia update To update the Charleston - Huntington area. Erotica's out of Charleston (304-744-8274) serves as far out as Huntington with an extra charge ($160 - 225 per hour). An appointment was made with Samantha - after she was an hour late, I called the service and they sent out Ashley within another hour. Ashley is about 5'6", redhead, blue eyes, 38D-25-36 & 26 yrs. old. If you're into ratings, I'd give her the following: Face: 6, Body: 7.5 (nice tits), Attitude: 10, Performance: 10. She's a certified masseuse and truly enjoys her work. Well worth the wait!! To update a little on Ashley's in Charleston. (304-343-6121). Bob, still answers the phone and told me that they will expand their service area shortly to include the Huntington area. He told me that Michelle (mentioned in the April 1997 update) has quit completely and got married. (Someone got a hell of a lay!!). Bob, says that there are a few more "knockouts" working for Ashley's. Still at $110 per hour!!! A real bargain!
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 21:01:03 EST Subject: Wheeling, West Virgina One of my favorite cities to visit is Wheeling, West Virgina. Its a small city but the street scene is active. After 9pm, go south on downtown on the the same street as Capitol City Music Hall, just past the civic center. Its a one way south street. There is a one block stretch that has two Gentlemens Clubs. Hookers generally can be found in this area walking or standing around. Did not see any real dogs but all looked like trailer trash. Sometimes, but it is rare, some nice quality women have been spotted near 7-11, across from an adult bookstore --- downtown, one block east of the Music Hall on the one way north street.
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 18:55:50 -0400 morgantown west virginia has a new escort service named all about town it is listed in the yellow pages i had two encounters one with the afrian american college student nikki she is good slender nice body and tight pussy but she is inexperienced and does not participate well. the other was an elderly blonde who claim she is in her thirties but appears to be 60 year old has a big scar in her abdomed it was a waste. the rate is 120 it is full service

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