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Wellington, New Zealand

Subject: New Zealand (Wellington)

Having some experience with the scene in N.Z I would like to offer the
following advice.  Street walkers are cheap but also mainly ugly,
untrustworthy (sometimes) and more often than not male (ie
transvestites).  Since street walkers are generally those who are
unable to get a job in a parlour or escort agency they also tend to be
the bottom of the heap and therefore the best place to go is to a
massage parlour.

These are in all the major cities and those with a large tourist
industry.  Mainly Wellington, Auckland, Rotorua, Tauranga, Palmerston
North, Queenstown, Dunedin and Christchurch.  They are always easy to
locate through the classified section of the local newspaper or
alternatively the yellow pages.

Massage parlours offer the best value by far, as the escort agencies
tend to be a little more expensive (travelling time etc) and the girls
are no more beautiful nor skilled at what they do.  Those parlours
that will do outcalls usually send the least popular girl to the hotel
or whatever so as to retain the stunners to keep business ticking over
during the course of the evening.

While there are some massage parlours which offer an all inclusive fee
where you pay at the door (say NZ$100) for 40 mins and this includes a
fuck fee (hand job, oral and vaginal sex) these are not so common.
Generally such places are 'low budget', the girls tend to be a little
rough around the edges and its very much a noe frills, production line
type of operation: pay your money, take your clothes off and fuck then
leave.  Places such as this in Wellington are The Pink Palace and
Caesars, the latter definately being the better of the two.

Generally the set up in most parlours is you walk in and pay a fee for
a set time period (say NZ$40 for 45 min), this is for a straight massage
only, but of course everyone knows what you're really there for right!
You walk into a lounge have a drink with the girls and choose one you like
(and who likes you) and retire to a room (generally the facilities
of the room and its general condition vary from place to place with the
price accordingly).  From then on the clock starts ticking, she will ask you
what extra's you would like (soliciting is illegal so don't be shy
but prostitution is not illegal).  There are to my knowledge no scams
operated by the police so she will want you to say what you want and you
can do so in complete safety.  The law is almost never enforced and
where it is it's the girls that suffer not you.  The price is generally
(NZ) $30 hand job, $60 blow and $80-100 for a fuck (not anal). Blow and fuck
is always with a condom.

These parlours are almost always well run, clean and safe with some
very good looking women who are extremely skilled at what they do.
Some good places in Wellington are CJ's (excellent), Lily of the
Valley (excellent facilities) and Mayfair.  Like anywhere treat the
lady with respect and you can be assured of a very pleasurable
visit. I use these places about once every month and the girls are
nearly always very pleasant and prepared to give you your money's
worth.  Most places have a large variety of types of figure and race
so shop around and enjoy.

Date: Sun, 18 May 1997 01:05:39 -0400 Wellington - New Zealand Three houses in town seem to be worthy of attention: CJ's, Mayfair and Ceasars. I tried the last two. Ceasars was the lower end of the market. An old imposing building on the waterfront, the usual NZ system of an upfront 'entry fee' was in operation. This covered a massage with the lady of your choice, and I left the credit card voucher open for other services to be added on later. All of this is very open and on the up and up (ahem). Selection was a bit off. On the night that I was there four ladies were available - A thin oriental, a wasted-looking blond, a real chunky chick and a halfways chunky chick. I took the halfways chunky one and we went upstairs. A reasonable massage was followed by a negotiation session. She was working of a 'house fine' and so wanted to go for cash rather than the card (she would have to give all of that to the house to settle the fine) That gave some negotiating room, and we settled on a fuck and suck for around $50 US. She had a good body, but was kind of lifeless. Mayfair is a bit more upmarket. Their system is a one price deal that worked out to about $110 US, with no add-ons. The selection was down to two on the wet tuesday that I was there. An enhanced oriental and a punky looking local. Having considered (and rejected) doubling my fun by getting both, we ere off to the races. This lady was kind of skinny for my liking, but she could suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch given the chance. Best ever execution of the hands-free condom application, and a jack-hammer blow job followed by a multi-position fuck. Add to this the fact that she was pleasant and intelligent and we had money well spent. In addition, the setting at Mayfair is really quite sophisticated (for a cat-house). Local intelligence suggests that CJ's is somewhere between these two in both price and allure.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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