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Waterford, Michigan

Subject: King's Garden Spa in Waterford, Michigan

I went to the King's Garden Spa today on Walton road in Waterford after
reading about it in an X-review online. I had also seen their ad (and coupon)
in the Detroit Free Press, so I decided to give them a try. Pricing to get
you in the door was average ($40 for a half hour, $60 for an hour) and the
$10 off coupon applies to a full hour only. So I in for 50 bucks. I'm met by
a tiny oriental girl named Candy, who escorts me to our room, which is kinda
drab and the doorway is covered by a sheet. Candy is very spunky, very cute
and nicely put together, an 8 1/2 on my scale. Once I undress and Candy
reenters the room, she makes it very obvious that this is a sexual encounter
and has very little to do with getting a massage. She comes to the head of
the massage table, kneels down and begins talking to me, nose to nose. I
decided to test the waters then and there, and stuck my tougue into her
mouth. Not forcefully, sorta in a playful way. She returned the favor, told
me I was a bad boy, stood up  and grinded her crotch on my forehead. She
proceded to give me a massage at that point, which really wasn't much of a
massage, but I wasn't really there for that. After about 15 minutes or so,
the dealing began. She wanted $100 for oral, $140 for sex. I was there for
oral anyway, and told her all I had was $70. She moaned a little, and when I
was able to produce another $10, she said O.K. somewhat reluctantly, but I'm
pretty sure she was just lobbying for the next time. She stripped naked, laid
on top of me, and  began kissing my neck. Within a minute or two, she was
licking my balls and the underside of my shaft. She turned around so that I
could play with her ass and pussy, but didn't straddle me. It was at this
point she got serious about the blowjob. She was doing a great job, I was
getting into it BIG TIME, and I started to kiss and lick the back of her ass.
It was at this time she did straddle me so that I could eat her. She came a
couple of times while blowing me and once I came (no rubber), she swallowed.
Candy is a gem and comes very highly recommended. Go visit her, you won't
regret it!!

Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 15:35:09 EST Subject: King's Garden Spa in Waterford, Michigan I recently visited the King's Garden Spa today on Walton road in Waterford. I was incredibly horny so I decided to give them a try during a huge snowstorm. The spa is in a small strip mall next to a Western Clothing store. You enter and ring the doorbell. After a small wait your designated lady comes to pick you up and guides you to your room. No line-up ensued or was a mama-san present. I was greeted by Candy, not the same Candy as previously written about. Candy was an attractive Thai girl about 20-25 with an above average face (6) and a knockout body. She had real tits, C cup at least and on her small 5 foot frame they appeared huge. I found out later they had nice brown areolas and quarter inch nipples. She appeared to weigh 100 lbs. tops. Candy led me to the room which was an 8x12 room with a curtain over the door. Twin bed size platform with a thin mattress standing about 30" high. A night stand contained the typical baby oils, etc. She asked if I was there before and, of course, I lied and said, "Yes." Candy asked if I wanted half hour or full hour. I said "Half" and she requested "40 dollah." She took the money, told me to take my clothes off and disappeared. I proceeded to remove my clothes and was sitting naked on the bed. Candy then returned She slouched next to me, complained about the cold weather and asked what I wanted. I told her full service and she said "100 dollah" I attempted to negotiate and told her I only had $60, and she said, "No good." I said, "What do I get for 80?" She then pointed to her mouth referring to a blow job. Being overly horny as I was I fumbled for the $100, she put out her hand and disappeared. After a few minutes Candy returned, closed the drapery door and untied her outfit which was a maroon halter dress-like thing that tied around the neck. As she lower the halter top she revealed excellent breasts as stated above. They were truly gorgeous and, much to my surprise, real. Her body was pretty firm and she had a small tummy and no unsightly marks. She looked at me as I was sitting on the edge of the bed and came quickly toward me letting me suck on her tits and nipples and squeeze them. It was truly a joy. Candy then pushed me down on my back. I rubbed my fingers on her light brown pussy hair and said I would like to lick that. She then got on her knees and drove her pussy into my mouth as I tongued and licked furiously while massaging her tits. I jiggled her clit for about 10 minutes as she moaned (I think she was faking it). Her pussy did NOT smell and it tasted fresh. Cool. She then turned over into a 69 position and started sucking my cock. She did the obligatory "condom with her mouth" thing and started working it over very aggressively. I tried to finger her pussy but she slapped my hand. I started to get that "I am about to explode feeling" when I told her to slow down because I would cum any second. When she heard that she mounted me facing forward and vigorously started riding me. I wanted her to stop so I could do her doggie, then missionary but I couldn't hold back and I exploded. I should have taken control but, frankly, just wanted to cum so bad I went with it. She said something like "Too quick." Not a problem I usually had but I hadn't had sex for a month. She then departed for several minutes (disposed of the condom) and came back with a hot towel and wiped me off. I then got dressed. She made no conversation, did not offer any kind of massage or personal attention. I don't think she was really into it. Although Candy's tits were awesome I don't think that personal touch usually received at Oriental spas was evident. In retrospect I should have taken more control to change positions and resume more ejaculatory control. I wish I had. Oh, well, lessoned learned. Overall, I would rate the service a 5 this time, the attendant a 7-8. I will probably go back and try again in the future.
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 19:31:49 -0400 Subject: waterford FYI, The place listed in Waterford, (King's Garden) is now closed.

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