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Waterbury, Connecticut

Date: Fri, 12 Jul 1996 14:15:21 UTC

The Oriental Spa
699 Wolcott Street
Waterbury, CT USA

All asian staff, all girls are very good looking, young and well
built.  You get the girl that answers the door.

House charge is $40 for shower and massage, but I recommend the $60
body shampoo and massage.  Much better value.  The girl seats you in
the sauna while she preps the shampoo area.  Then you get the typical
asian hand body wash, but the girls really get into it.  I could
hardly stop myself from coming she was working my dick so hard with
the soapy water and her hands.  Make sure you tell her it is ok to
play with your dick (she will probably ask).  After she dries you off,
you get one hell of a great massage.

I always ask for a "HARD" massage now.  The girls really work you over
good.  After a lengthy massage you can ask for extras.  $70 blowjob,
$120 full service.  Then the girl will strip and perform the required
services.  This place is worth the trip.  They never rush you (except
around the hallways).  I think the owners also run many of the other
asian spas in Connecticut.  Place is fairly clean, but I think that
they do not change the sheets between clients.  At least you get a new

The Magic Health Salon
106 Reidville Drive
Waterbury, CT USA

All asian staff, all girls are very good looking, young, and built
well.  You get the girl that answers the door.

House charge is $40.  For that you get shower and massage.  The shower
is in the same room as you get your massage.  After the massage I
asked for a blowjob.  She asked for $60.  I paid and she left to get a
condom.  When she returned, she stripped and I got my blowjob.  The
whole experience was a little rushed, but well worth the $100.

There are several other "houses" in Waterbury.  Can anyone comment on

Subject: Waterbury, CT Report Date: Monday, 01 January, 1601 This is the conclusion of my three part series on Asian spas in Waturbury, CT (USA). I finally got a chance to finish up the tour with a trip to the Toyko Spa (look in the phone book for number and address). The Tokyo works like all the other asian spas, you get the girl who greets you at the door. In this case she was about a 5 or 6, but she has huge firm tits (about as real as a three dollar bill). After being escorted to a room I paid the $60 fee for an hour visit. I skipped the steam room, but got a typical full body shampoo. Before the shampoo, she asked if I would be tipping. I said yes, figuring that a negative answer resulted in a shitty session. Back to the room and I opted for the hard massage. She proceded to massage me from head to toe and crack every joint on my body. It was one of the best massages I had ever gotten. After that I opted for a blow job and to fuck her tits for $80 dollars. I fucked her tits for a while and then she put condom on me and I fucked her mouth for a while. Finally I came while fucking her tits some more. I think I like real tits better than the inplants. Hers were great to look at, but not very soft. Surprisingly after I came and she cleaned me up, she finished up the full hour with more massaging. She kept asking if I wanted to make love (I assume she wanted a bigger tip). To review the three spas in Waturbury: Tokyo has best massage. Oriental has best sex. Magic has best looking/youngest girls.
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 1997 07:30:05 -0800 Subject: Waterbury, CT USA Waterbury, CT Hong Kong Spa Typical setup for an asian spa. I got the girl that answered the door, but on my way out it appeared that more girls were available and you may be able to pick a girl. All the girls were slim asians reasonably good looking, but not knock-outs. I always select a body shampoo at an asian spa. The rate was $60 for the works. The body shampoo was ok, but not as good as I have gotten at some of the other local asian spas. The massage was pretty good, and I would recommend this place if the quality and quantity of massage is what you are looking for. After I flipped over and got a brief massage on the front, she asked if there was anything else she could massage. I gave her $60 for a topless blow job. She used the typical asian trick of keeping the condom in her mouth until she puts it on with her tongue. I am begining to wonder if this is safe. Overall rating was pretty good, although the competition in Waterbury is tough.
Subject: Connecticut Incalls Date: Thu, 03 Apr 1997 16:13:44 -0500 The only establishment I have frequented in CT is the Magic Health Spa near Waterbury. If you're traveling southbound on I-84, take exit 25, go straight through the first light, and you'll see it a few blocks down on the right - look for the neon "open" sign in the window. There's also a cash machine in the parking lot of a mall just past there, should you need to replenish your funds. I've been to Magic twice, about a year apart. I've read a few other posters say they you get the girl that answers the door, but the second time I went I picked a different one from the "stable" that was lounging about the living room. Both times, there were between three and five girls there, and all of them were reasonably attractive, in the 6-9 range. As far as I know, all the girls that work there are Oriental (Korean), so if that's not your thing you probably want to go somewhere else. I have nothing but good things to say about the Magic. Both times, the girls were friendly, very accomodating, and seemed to be having a good time. I've forgotten what the room charge was, but neither time I spent more than $250, and that included a dual shower/massage and a full service. Neither girl had a problem with multiple positions - standing, male/female superior, doggie, etc. (The second one seemed particularly fond of being on top, doing deep-knee bends over me while spouting some particularly filthy encouragement in broken English. <grin>) The first time, the girl even gave me head without a condom, which is always a bonus in my book (I didn't ask for this, she just went ahead and did it - some of the other girls may not be up for that). Given the poor quality of the scene in Boston (my home), the Magic is well worth the drive. It's less than 2 hours from Boston, but make sure you watch your speed on I-84, as the CT troopers can be real sticklers about giving tickets.
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 10:34:16 -0500 Subject: Review of Magic Health Spa - Waterbury CT Hi Atta: I've been reading the WSG for several months now, and have found it to be an invaluable resource. Therefore, I'd like to contribute what little I can the review section. I recently visited the Magic Health Salon in Waterbury CT on a Sunday evening. There were about a half dozen cars in the parking lot when I arrived. I was greeted at the door by a Korean woman, probably mid thirties to forties. She brought me to a room and I told her that I had never been there before, and could she explain their services. She told me it was $40 for 40 minutes, $60 for an hour, that included sauna, body shampoo, and massage. I asked if there were other ladies available that I could see. She grudginly sent a couple of other girls to the room who peeked in curiously and then left. Although they made it seem like I had a choice, apparently I did not. I settled for the original woman, as she was the most attractive anyway. After a perfunctory stint in the suana, I got a rather methodical bodywash and back to the room. She straddled my back and started a rather unskilled massage with baby oil. I then asked her if she could give me the massage nude. Once I said that, her whole attitude changed, and she said sure, $50. I said "$50 to take off your dress?" She said, I give you hand job too. Then she made it clear that other services were available, BJ, and full service, which she called "making love". I opted for the hand job, just because I didn't know how things would go. In hindsight, it was a good thing, because all she wanted to do was to get me off as quickly as possible and get me out. She straddled me backwards and put her pussy in my face. I started kissing and gently licking her scrupulously clean pussy and asshole. I like to take my time and please a woman. She did not appreciate this activity, and when I didn't come in five minutes she pulled away and asked me what was wrong. I told her I wanted to pleasure her orally, to which she replied, "No, you give me fifty dollars, I jerk you off, you come." I offered her extra money to eat her. She refused. Her attitude was basically, why the hell do you even want to try, I'm not going to enjoy it anyway! I was terribly disappointed and just got dressed. She seemed genuinely disturbed that I didn't get off and even offered to refund some of my money. I declined. She explained (very honestly) that they see so many customers that it is impossible to enjoy it all the time. I suspect that they rarely if ever enjoy it, but that's just a theory. Bottom line: It was a rush job with a completely unenthusiastic partner. Remember, they do it for the money, not for pleasure. I suppose you can find a sex worker who really enjoys her work, but I think they are more the exception than the rule.

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