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Warsaw, Poland

Date: 7 Feb 1997

I've been in Warsaw recently and it is very easy to find very beautiful girls to have sex. I was in a very good hotel, the Victoria Inter-Continental; after 8 P.M. the hall is full of girls discretely offering to come upstairs with you. Price asked was 200 $, but it goes down and down passing the time and by midnight you can have one for 100. They come upstairs and stay for more than one hour; bj without condom and swallowing and mainly whatever you want. They are very pretty, and if you are kind they are too and don't hurry. I tried a blond named Margaret and she was warm and nice.

Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 Subject: information about poland/warsaw

I'm often in Poland for business, so I know quite well the city. It is very easy to have sex and I think Poland is one of the cheapest places in Europe now. For people who stay in hotels and don't go out: not all hotels let girls stay in the lobby - go rather to Holiday Inn, Forum, Mariott, Europejski, Grand then to Mercure, Sobieski, Sheraton or Bristol but even them they will let you up with a girl from outside. Prices are between 150 and 200 USD. The best solution is to buy a newspaper ZYCIE WARSZAWY and find the page TOWARZYSKIE. All phones are good, some speak english. You phone pick the address, take a cab and find some small flat with two or three "cabinet" (as they say) and from twoo to ten girls. You have to check few places to find the good one, it's generally very safe. If you don't find the right girl you can safely say thanks and go the the next place - so don't feel obliged to stay. The prices are very interesting: One hour standard is between 100 and 150 PLN (30 to 45 USD) in the standard you have - cup of coffee (!), bj with condom and coitus in different positions. Some places practice half an hour standard which is between 80 and 100 PLN (25 to 30 USD) and even a speedy quoter for 60 to 80 PLN (18 to 25 USD) Extras: it's always a question of individual negotiations but generally the prices are: simple BJ without condom 50 PLN extra BJ without condom with mouth ejaculation 50 -100 PLN extra anal (with condom) 100 PLN anal (without condom) - not recommended two girls - standard X 2

GOOD LUCK - I find your informations very good

Subject: [ASP] Stevedore Report: Poland, Warsaw Date: 01 Oct 1997

There are two main opportunities for sex in Warsaw: your hotel and various houses that advertize in the newspapers (see the Drobne section for example, in the any of the newspapers: there are more ads than you will be able to check out in one trip). the English brochure on what is happening in Warsaw available at you hotel will also provide some leads. There may be other opportunities as well, but these sources will keep you well supplied.

First, at your hotel. Look around. There is usually a section where you will see some women, fairly well dressed, more or less lounging about. It may be by the bar, it may be by the back or side entrance to the hotel. The standard price seems to be $100 for an hour or two. You can bargain, but if you do it in your hotel room, then your date has to fork over about $20 to the appropriate hotel concierge for his allowing such things to happen in the hotel.

An alternative, which worked in my case, is to ask if you can see her at her place instead of at your hotel -- thereby cutting out the various additional fees. One lovely such young lady, very well endowed and very sexy was quite willing to do so for $60. Each visit was about 2 hours in length -- to be truthful, by that time I was exhausted. It was pretty much come as many times as you can with oral, any position you can think of --- all with lots of hugging, cuddling, kissing and fondling, and rest when needed.

For short visits, even more economical are the various houses that advertise in the papers. At the reasonable end of the scale, the prices range from about $25 for the half hour and $50 for the hour. I visited as half dozen places to see what was available. They usually ranged from several to half a dozen ladies. Ironically, often the `madame' was the best looking but not available.

I found one young russian woman, blond, medium build, very good french kissing, extremely good oral technique and muscle control that I visited three times for a half hour each. Various positions were enthusiastically employed. The last visit, I was running out of steam and she provided a wonderful oral (without) to bring me to completion.

Look around - explore til you find something that appeals to you. At the prices, a few misses wont break the bank. And maybe you will get as lucky as I did with my busty brunette and my splendid blonde.

Date: 10 Oct 1997 Subject: Data on Warsaw, Poland

Hi there,

I've just visited your website and, regarding sex in Warsaw, have something to add:

1. If you're looking for fun in Warsaw (and in any bigger city in Poland), just take the most popular local newspaper, look on ads and go for "TOWARZYSKIE" - plenty of phone numb's & addresses. Some of them offer the service "delivered" to your hotel, some have nice places arranged with a bar. In most cases the charge per hour is ranging from PLN 90 -250 (Ex rate today is US $ 1.00 = PLN 3.50)

2. For a/m price you usually get full service incl. bj without a rubber

3. Go rather for the more expensive places - the girls are really nice. The cheaper place offer service provided by slightly "worn" staff

4. As for Warsaw a highly reccommendable place is called ELITA - the charge is PLN 130 per hour. Cant remember the phone #, but the address is 23 Bednarska street, flat # 3.

Subject: Sex in Warsaw Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997

I recently spent a few days in Warsaw and also stayed at the Victoria Intercontennal Hotel... As the other posting said, the women are beautiful and available. They are also available at the Marriott and the Europensky Hotel -- but probably best at the Intercontential. There are two bars -- a private bar off to the right side of the registration area and a lobby bar -- the ladies go to the lobby bar area and locate themselves around the many sofas. As in all hotels in Warsaw, they have to pay the hotel staff to use the lobby and also to go to your room [about $50US] so go easy on the haggling with them -- they have expenses...

All are beautifually dressed and will usually give you a full service bj without condom, then put on a condom for the climax and other services for about 200 US. No rush and they are very nice looking, speak good english, and seem very friendly... I would recommend that you give it a try...

Date: Mon, 01 Dec 1997 Subject: Warsaw

Please find below a couple of lines about Warsaw, I have been in this city the second week of November 1997.

I choose Hotel VICTORIA Intercontinental because the rate is ok and rooms are quite big. In a previous report somebody said that nice girls were available in this hotel ... I really have to say that the available girls were not exactly what I am looking for... My tips: If you are looking for very nice girls go to the hotel MARIOT, you will find very nice girls in the lobby/bars for about 300 US$/hour (it is one month salary what a normal worker get!). An other possibility is to go to the night-clubs like SOFIA or ARENA, near the center, and try to pickup a girl after 3 o'clock in the morning, you can get certainly one for 200 US$ for the all night. In these night-clubs girls are dancing on you, you can touch her for about 20 US$. I also used to ask taxi driver to bring me to a brothel, it is a cheap deal, around 50 US$/hour. BE CAREFULL, do only use TAXIS with a lot of lights on the roof and with numbers like 919, otherwise they are mafias taxis and expect to pay a fortune !

Have fun but once more sex is much much better in Holland !!!

Date: Sat, 03 Jan 1998 Subject: poland update

I went to Warsaw in october 1997. During my stay I checked out some of the hotels lobby ( Holiday Inn and Marriot ), but I did not see any working girls there ( that was between 8pm and 10pm ). I think I saw two girls in Inter-continental , but they looked about 30 or over and was not too attractive . So I turned to the newspaper Zycie Warszawy and rang a few places. The problem was most of them can only speak Polish or German but I can only speak English. I managed to find a place at the end where they had 3 girls . I chose a blonde polish who was 23 . The room had no window and we only had a candle light . She was very nice and tender and always had a lovely smile on her face . The charge was 130 zl (= GBP 26) for an hour so it was very cheap . There were also cards showing escorts phone numbers in the hotel where I was staying ( Polonnia ) the price was us50 but I did not try as I was not sure if it's safe .

Subject: Poland, Warsaw, date: 13/5/1998 - 14/6/1998 Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 01:48:27 +1200

Hi there,

I have visited Poland between 13th May and 14 June 1998. My impressions are a bit diffrent from those posted earlier.

First of all Warsaw is a damned dangerous place to be for a foreigner. Streets of city center are populated by lots of cons setup to "do" a foreigner. I lived in Warsaw some twenty years ago and city was pretty save place; it isn't now. I found that you can see lots of pretty women on the streets. I also could feel an atmosphere of insecurity and distress. Any shopping malls, banks, supertmarkets, hotels have their own armed security guards. This indicates high rate of violent crime exercised in town. The number of guys skinhead shaved will also tell you about the general socio-political orientation of the male population of the city.

Nevertheless, I went around to see what's going on around the professional and non-professional sex industry. I didn't try any of those expensive hotels like: Mariott, Sobieski, Forum, Victoria and those alike. I went simply to places known to me from my '70 knowledge where I could easly and cheaply get pretty frequent fucks and dates.

Firstly I went to "Dom Chlopa" a hotel with a restaurant with dancing (very good band). Usually you could get easy date or a one night stand with women who didn't charge you for anything, they simply went out to get a guy for a date or a fuck. Now Dom Chlopa is populated mostly by old and ugly hookers backed up by pimps associated with mob. I went to Dom Chlopa restaurant on Friday at about 8 pm. I had a steak and Vodka and looked around a bit. The band was busy at another party so there was a woman doing some singing and DJ with some pop-music. At the other tables sat some guests from the hotel, three women who seemed to be associated with DJ and in the bar area obligatory hookers. I got bored and a bit frustrated with the situation so mostly I looked at the dancing pairs and sipped my Vodka. At about 12 am a guy dressed in jumpsuite and running shoes accompanied by a blonde hooker come to my table and asked to join. I nodded and the two sat down. Making long story short: after I paid my bill, the jumpsuite guy tried to snatch my wallet and when I wanted to leave, he said he will bump me off because he doesn't like my appearance. I asked one of the waitresses what is this all about and she said that the guy is a mobster and even the hotels security guys are reluctant to interfere with them. I finally got out of the restaurant by sheer luck and escaped home.

Now, all this happend in the City Center at Plac Powstancow Warszawy where one wouldn't suspect to be attacked in front of restaurant's staff and security guards. Later a taxi driver told me that Dom Chlopa is under mob's control and that I was lucky to get away alive.

The next time I went to Sofia Go-Go bar. This establishment is also under mob's control. In Go-Go bar there are plenty of girls who want from you money for a nude dance on the bar but you don't get anything more out of them.

Next to Go-Go bar is restaurant where lots of hookers try to get a drink out of you and they try to make you drunk. In this restaurant I got aquinted with a girl who was there like me: for a fuck. We landed in Praga hotel and I fucked her till about mid-day. She wasn't pretty but I was without fuck for some time so I didn't mind her. She was lazy and I had to do all the work but as I said I was dried out. Sofia Go-Go bar is opposite Dom Chlopa and is probably not much safer either. I managed to get in and out with no harm but keep in mind that I speak the lango and can read the body language of the surrounding people. I wouldn't recommend this place to a foreigner with no experience in language and town's topography.

Other places with bad reputation are: hotel Polonia and its bar. Mostly ukrainian girls and they want you to pay for dancing only.

I got to two brothels recommended by taxi drivers. I had a low quality fuck with an ukrainian girl with super body and twice good fucks with a polish girl who was plump but quite diligent. It cost me three hundred PLZ each time and I think it was waste of money and time.

Probably the situation in luxury hotels is different but it cost you a lot. The most disturbing is the fact that you have to be vary carefull even in the town's center. The polish police is useless, I was told by one policeman that there are over hundred reports daily of robberies on foreigners in the city center only. Most of the restaurants are empty evenings and people have nowhere to go for fun. Pitty because Warsaw could be the most interesting place in former socialist country.

Be careful if you want to go there.

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