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Warren, Ohio

Date: Sun, 30 Jun 1996 19:18:32 UTC

I just got back from Warren.  There are at least seven oriental
massage parlors.  Was going to try the Oriental Health Spa on E.
Market due to its good review on this web site, but chickened out.  I
thought I was using a rear entrance to the spa but I ended up in a
gay bar instead.  I was so shaken that I just left town.  The next
day I was more relaxed and stopped in the Susi Kim spa.  I was told
on the phone that it was $50 an hour for massage, body shampoo, hot
tub, sauna, shower, and sauna.  When I arrived and went into the
first door at about 5am, I ran the buzzer at the next door.  A faint
voice with an oriental accent said its was $50 and $40 for the "tip".
She also asked if I had ever been there before. I was greeted by a 25
year old oriental girl named Mimi.  She was wearing a bathing suit
and was very attractive -- and 8 or 9 at least.  Great body and nice
breasts.  She lead me to one of 4 rooms which had a neatly made bed
and was very clean.  She told me to disrobe and lay on the bed.  I
gave her the money and she was back in two minutes. She took off her
bathing suit and gave me a lame back rub for two minutes.  Then she
had me roll over and she gave me a manual release using lots of baby
oil.  I didn't ask for anything else.  Was a bit nervous being my
first time.  It was quickly over and she washed me up and helped me
with my clothes.  She gave me a stick of gum and sent me on my way.
I took a good look around and saw no hot tub.  I saw no other girls
either.  Other than the 4 bedrooms, there was a sauna and a
kitchen/living room/office with a TV set.  Mimi was nice but not
sincere.  I spent $90 but a lame hand job.  Might try one of the
others next time.  Oriental is downtown on the main drag next to a
gay bar, Far East in in an empty shopping center in the bad part of
town.  McKinley Health Spa in in a small shopping center on Rt 422 ---
ok area. Susi Kim on Rt 422 -- major highway -- ok area.  There is
one more by a truck stop at the intersection of I-80 and Rt 46.
There were two others I didn't drive by.  Most all advertise in the
sports section the other Cleveland newspaper.

Date: Fri, 17 May 1996 07:52:45 UTC Warren, OH 5-95: I went to an Oriental Health Spa on E. Market in Warren. I believe it's the one mentioned in the Jayhawk articles. The place had a very clean, organized feel to it. Mamsan took me to a room, told me to get comfortable (naked) and got me a soft drink. I gave her 35$ for a 1/2 hour session. She said they were very busy that night (Saturday), but I only waited about 10 min. Then it was off to the Sauna for 5 min. A twenty-something asian girl with a baywatch body took me to another room for a body shampoo, then back to the sauna for 5. The same girl (Sara Lee) then took me back to the room and gave me a quick, superficial backrub. She told me to roll over, then motioned at Willy and asked if I wanted "a little attention". I said "oral" and we agreed on $100, which she took right away. She got naked and rubbed her body all over my back. Then she rolled me over and did the same to my front. She let me suck her tits (for about 10 seconds!) and licked my balls a little. Then she slid the condom on with her mouth VERY discreetly (she could easily have fooled a lot of men this way) and gave me a -quick- suck. She knew what she was doing and got me off fast. Total play time - MAYBE 15 minutes. Thoughts - The quick pace made the experience a lot less than it could have been. But I think there a two factors to consider. First, it was Saturday night, and I bet they really were busy, and she was pressured to keep things moving. And second, I probably should have got the hour ($45) instead. About Sara Lee - she was kind of pushy and bawdy, which was not what I was looking for. She had a definite routine that she was going through.

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