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Waikiki, Hawaii

From: (Ringthane)
Date: Sat, 09 Nov 1996 17:00:42 GMT

Waikiki Wench FaQ
Updated: Nov.9.1996
By: Ringthane

Welp, after reading all the helpful faqs and reports that you dudes
are kind enough to post, I decided to start compiling data from
my numerous travels. This is my first effort, so go easy on the
flames. One warning.. I am NOT politically correct, so chances
are that someone reading this will probably get offended. Let me
go ahead and answer your pissy email before you waste the time
to write it: "So?, do you think I give a shit?"... there now thats out
of the way, on with the FaQ.

Prostitution is against the law in most areas. *snicker*.
I do not condone prostitution. *laff.. yeah right*
*rotfl... I crack myself up..*

FaQ Chapters:

1. How Do I Find Them?
2. When Can I Find Them?
3. How Can I Hang Out On The Street For A Long Time
    Without Looking Like a Wierdo or a Fagboy Hooker?
4. How Do The Hookers Look?
5. Cost?
6. Taking The Special Lady Back To My Room?
7. Pimps?
8. Cops?
9. Summary

This FaQ assumes that you can at least find Waikiki Beach. If you
can't, buy a map. The two main streets that cut through the heart
of Waikiki are Kalakaua and Kuhio. If you find one of these two
streets you are in good shape.

Because the hotels dont like the working girls peddling their
wares on their doorstep, the hookers tend to stay in a 1 big
block area that is almost entirely free of hotels. The four streets
that make up this nice size block are two long stretches of
Kalakaua and Kuhio and capped at the ends by the streets,
Nohonani and  Kanekapolei. You will find some hookers on the
side streets ajoining this block also, but the heaviest
concentration will be on the block itself. If you leave this FaQ
at home and can't remember the street names, here are some
landmarks that let you know you are in the right area:

Waikiki Trade Center (heheh.. appropo dont ya think?)
Waikiki 3 Movie Theater
Outrigger East Hotel           * If you pass these 2 hotels *
Sheraton Princess Kualani  * You have gone too far *
Waikiki Shopping Plaza
International Marketplace

Having all the hookers bunched together like this makes it
convenient for you to either walk or drive to do your window shopping.
I recommend walking. This gives you the opportunity to "interview"
numerous potential dates and find one thats right for you.

7 Days a Week. From about 830pm to 6am.

This problem is easily solved. There is street entertainment
on Kalakaua Street just up from the Sheraton. Up until midnite,
its a dude playing those metal drums. At midnite a guitarist
takes over. The guitar dude knows tons of songs, including
lots of beatles stuff. He does a great Hotel California also.
He says its his most requested song. So sit down on the brick
planters in front of him and enjoy the music. Just about every
hooker that walks by (and they ALL walk by eventually) will
speak to you. "Wanna date?", "Want some company?" etc..
And if one walks by that tickles your fancy, just give her the
old "Hey!".. Dont forget to tip the guitar dude a dollar or two.
Not only did he entertain you, he helped you maintain your
cover as a "normal" tourist.. heh.

One word sums it up: Unfuckinbelievable. Never in my life
have I seen the the quantity or quality of hookers that
Waikiki offers. There is something for everyone:
Tanned Blondes, Pale Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads,
Asians, even a couple of Blacks.
Word of Warning: there is a sprinkling of she-males mixed
in so be careful. But the real girls look so good, I dont see
how anyone could mistakenly pick up a she-male that's standing
next to girls that rate 7, 8, or 9 on anyone's scale. Speaking of
Scales, here is a breakdown of what I saw in 7 days:

1-5    30%
6-7    30%
8       20%
9       20%

I even saw 2 girls that I personally would rate 10's.

5. COST?
A lot of variables come into play here.. How late is it?, How do
you look/smell? How many navy ships are in port? On an
average night, if you look alright, you can probably get her for
$100. But I heard em pushing for $300 from japanese tourists.

Heheheh.. there is always a catch isnt there. Most of the
hotels dont allow non-registered guests on the room floors
after 11pm. So you can play it 3 ways..
  1. If your girl isnt dressed like the stereotypical hooker,
      you can try and boldly walk to that elevator. You may
      make it.

  2. If she is wearing those hooker duds, you most definitely
      will have to sneak her in. Case your hotel beforehand
      and develop a plan of action for getting "your cousin
      past hotel security, to view the old family photo album."

  3. The other option is to goto her room. (If she even has one).
      Those of you that play the game, know the risks of this
      option. For you newbies, this means you are risking
      robbery and/or a ass-kickin from a pimp. (see next).

I hate pimps. They take advantage of the girls, and mistreat
them. Police should show Zero Tolerance for pimps. Kill em all.
Am I making my point? The pimps of Waikiki are highly
visible. They constantly cruise the big block in convertibles.
I saw 3 while I was there. So if you act like an asshole to one
of the girls on the street or in your room, chances are, her
pimp isnt very far away. You cant miss two of the pimps.
They look like twins.. Black, geri-curled shit pulled back in
a pony tail. Sometimes wearing a beret or that dumb fucking
hat Ice-T wears.. Just behave yourself and you should
be ok.

8. COPS?
This is the interesting part, the cops are highly visible around this
block, but they dont seem to take any interest in the hookers.
They seem to be there just to guard the tourists. If this is in fact
the case, then I applaud the Honolulu Police. The only time I
saw a cop even come close to a hooker was when this drunk
asshole was harassing her.. the cop walked over, grabbed the
drunk, and said, "Why are you bothering her?".. He didnt say
anything to the working girl. Maybe this is the one city in
America that wised up and recognized that prostitution might
be good for tourism.. In the 7 days I was on Waikiki, at NO time
did I see the cops bother the working girls or the johns. And I was
out everynite watching as my hotel was on this block.

If there is a city in the U.S. with a better quality of hookers, I
damn sure dont know about it. I just cant stress enough how
gorgeous these girls are. If they werent dressed in the
stereotypical hooker garb, there is no way you would ever
suspect girls of this quality. Enjoy!

Your feedback is appreciated. I wont answer e-mail, but
if you have suggestions on how this faq can better serve
you in its next update, please feel free to let me know.
Wench FaQs are (c) Ringthane
You may freely distribute this document in its unaltered
form. Please do not remove the author's credits.

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