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Re: Pussy in Vietnam

I read a short excerpt from a message discussing the possibilities
for sex in Saigon. The mail was misleading. I was in Saigon last
December. The Apocalypse now bar is indeed full of prostitutes. But,
like most Vietnamise girls I saw and spoke to, they are nice
company but as ugly as sin. The girls in AN are particularly

The message also mentions 'Girls' on motorcycles. These are very
obviously transvestites. It seems to be the same three 'articles'
who patrol the streets at night. One of them nearly pulled my arm
out of it's socket in a bid to mount me on the back of his/her/its
bike. Someone told me they saw one of these people giving a guy a
blow job in the middle of the street. These are certainly the folks
to contact if you urgently require HIV antibodys whilst in VN.

There are brothels and freelance girls in Vietnam, even Hanoi. But
for quality and lower risk you would be better advised to go to

WRT Hanoi, I met some guys living there who had resorted to
making overtures, without success, to ex-pat British Women. Perhaps
that says most about the sad state of local Women.

Kisses and hugs,

Mr Underhill

Date: Tue, 2 Sep 1997 21:48:48 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Vietnam Pussy I have been to Vietnam recently (Aug 96), and plan to go back soon. The prostitution situation is there, but, as many of the reports have suggested, it has gone underground because of tightening of the laws. Forget about picking up any girl passing on the street. They aren't that obvious these days. Still, although the $5 screw is a thing of the past, one can get pretty good sex for the money. I even hired one as an escort for a few days, although she kept trying to nickel and dime me to death whenever we were out together. As long as you watch your wallet, you should be ok in such situations. Don't pay more than you have to ($100 for a very good looking short time), and always negotiate. Remember to consider the hotel costs as well, as they cannot stay with foreigners in the same room. Stephanies is a cozy little bar in the Thi Sach area of the city, has women there and caters to the Australian businessman crowd a bit. If you need the latest in tips, these guys will happily tell you the best places in town for women. At the time, they suggested catching a short hop over to Phnom Phenn, Cambodia. Given the current political situation, this is not advisable. Vung Tau, although revered as a haven for massage parlors, has been cleaned up considerably since about Febuary 1996, when they were all forced out of business or to the underground. One can still find attractive girls in the local tourist bars, and most can be had for a price. In Saigon, cyclo or motorcycle drivers can be a great source of intelligence. Befreind a good one and he can show you all the best spots in the city. Just remember to keep feeding him beers now and then. There are plenty of cheap hotels ($10-$15 per night ) in the Pham nu Lao st. area, so get one of these, and you won't mind paying $20-$30 bucks for a mini-hotel elsewhere that tolerates prostitution. Tip the girls a bit once your done, as some of them don't get paid anything else. Happy boffing!

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