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Victoria, Canada

Date: Thursday, 17 April, 1997 2:08 AM

I've been lurking here for about 4 months now and its now time for me
to contribute. By reading your reviews here, I've come to the
conclusion that I live in an exceptional area. I was surprised that
some of you were laying out $300 US for mediocre experiences.  Here
prices top out at about $180 Can for a full hour.  We have a weekly
paper that is published every week called Monday magazine. Its a grass
roots type of paper with liberal political views but in the rear of
the classifed ads are about 2 pages of escort ads.  The escorts make
no fuss about what they do, and everything is upfront. You might have
a unsatisfactory experience but you usually don't get ripped off. I've
been to all the various agencys at one time or another and have seen
numerous of the independants.  The Five big agencies in town are:
     1. English Rose               (
     2. Seduction Unlimited    (
     3. Secret Cravings
     4. Elegance
     5. Classy Ladies

they all usually have 3 - 8 girls working on any given night. Of
course the turn-over is quite high so the girls change all the time.
But I will review a girl that is quite famous  because her former
agency advertised her alot and now that she is with another agency she
bills herself as Victoria's most popular escort.

I booked an appointment with Seduction Unlimited Agency and was given
a choice of about 4 girls. I wanted to book with Savannah because she
was advertising herself quite aggressively. I got to the location,
which was just an ordinary 2 bedroom apt and Savannah opened the door.
Wow! If there ever was a Pam Anderson look alike this was her!  She
led me into the bedroom and closed the door. There I observed that she
was wearing a black low-cut bustier that pushed her big gazongas
together and showed a flat tanned midriff. The strechy black pants
revealed every curve and her shoes were the little ankle cut stilletto
boots. This blonde beauty was about 5'7  and about 130lbs with a
36DD-25-35 figure, she must have been in her mid to late 20's.   I
gave her $100 for a 30 min session. She left and returned shortly. She
then removed her clothes and then helped me remove mine. What a
gorgeous body! Guys, this is everybody's sex kitten...big tits and a
tight ass and model face! She had some very faint stretch marks but no
excess rolls or loose skin. Her pussy was neatly trimmed with a small
blond patch of hair crowning a shaved labia majora. I love it when
girls do that! Then you get to see there pussy lips!   I got her to
lie on her stomach where I bit her ass. It was so great I decided to
go for it and started to lick her asshole, she let me do that so I
then I ran my tongue all the way down her pussy. If you could have
only seen me running my tongue from her asshole to her clit, clit to
asshole! heh!heh! I then asked her if she could give me so head.  She
said: " Sure, you're the boss"  She the put a condom on me and put her
mouth on my cock, I brushed aside her hair so I could watch those lips
suck me. I then asked her to sit on top of me and we fucked liked that
for about 5min , it was there when I was fondling her boobs that I
realized her boobs were fake. But who gives a FUCK!!?  They still felt
nice and they werent the hard never-move type and I couldnt find any
scar tissue. I then asked her to fuck missionary style. When I entered
her i felt like I was gonna cum so I slowed my strokes  .....gotta get
your moneys worth :)  When it was time for me to cum I asked her to
look at me,  I watched her sexy face as I came and it made it all the
more intense. Shit, she then cleaned me up and give me her card. Total
time was just slightly over 30 min.

Subject: [asp] report: victoria BC Date: 1998/01/05 Alright, campers. Pencils ready? Spent a few days in Victoria BC and have the following to add. All 3 services are in the yellow pages and in Monday Mag. (usually). If someone knows someone who can add this to the WSG, it might help update the sections on BC. 1) "Best of Show" award to Classy Ladies service and, specifically, the lady they call Chardonnay. Around 20, short blonde hair, extremely pretty face, tight-toned-tanned dancers body, fantastic attitude, great kisser, shaved down below, cute nipple and other piercings. Yeah, team! One of the best ladies I've encountered in the last 6 mo. of encounters. 2) English Rose: Savanna looks even better in person than in her photos on their website and has a bubbly, friendly attitude -- no kissing, though (bummer). Very nice encounter. "Bailey" on the other hand looks a lot older and has lots of tattoos, including one across her back, and is not nearly as in shape. Not my cuppa tea. 3) Seductions Unlimited. OK encounter with Mandy (I think?) - mid-20's blonde, OK figure (though not as good as Savannah or, particularly, Chardonnay as mentioned above), nice attitude and goodly enthusiasm. Pricing ran around $160 canadian ($115 US at current exchange rates! I love America!) with toy play at Seductions Unlimited costing an additional $40 Can. These were incall prices. Incall without a car would have been a decent taxi ride to all places.
Subject: Seductions Unlimited and Ashley's Flowers Date: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 14:09:09 PST SEDUCTIONS UNLIMITED They have since moved from their location on Mckenzie St, and are now located in the Gorge area. Their new location is very nice I have to say, modern building, and nice clean rooms. The prices are $120 for a half hour, and $160 for the full hour. Expensive, but well worth it. I have used allot of agencies in the Victoria area and have concluded that this agency is by far the most superior. If you go hear see a girl named Candice. She is a tall, leggy blond that is advertised as an ex-model. While I do not know if she is a real model or not, she does have the "look." She is very slim, and has a very nice figure. Her hair is short and blond and she has a very nice personally. The only real detraction from her is she does have a tattoo of a rose on her right thigh. Not being a lover of tattoos on women I found this a disappointment. However Candace sure made that up to me! She kissed allot, and I found that I could really kiss her quite deep, though she did complain once that I was kissing too deep. I also got away with licking her cheeks, and slobbering on her neck for awhile, until that got just a little too messy. The head she gave me was very nice, and even though she did it with a condemn on, I could not really tell the difference. I found that her pussy was a little loose, but seeings how she has had a kid, what can you expect? Overall I would say she was about a seven out of ten, and well worth your time and money. She also does fantasies. Will do a submissive fantasy if that is your pleasure. Ashley's FLowers or Seductions Unlimited This place is strictly a bodyrub place. However some of the girls for extra money will do more that just give you a hand release. Two girls here come to mind, one of them is called Susie. She is Polish, and is VERY nice! Blond hair, and nice pink skin, what else can you ask for? She wore a very sexy white cotton G-string to our little meeting, and her body rub was very nice. I paid for the Bodyrub plus. That is after she finishes rubbing you down with hot oil, she lets you rub her down with the same oil, and then rubs her body, against yours, and give you a hand release. Price $110, and last about 45 mins too one hour. Instead of a hand release however this girl expertly caught my very erect penise between her legs, and used her wiry pubic hair to stimulate my cock, moving like we were having intercourse. After I blew my load she spread if all over her body. Very erotic. She will kiss as well, and will also do the extra, though we did not disscuse prices as I could not afford it. The next girl you should see is called Emmie. She is an old worker, not old in age, but has been with that agency for several years now. She gives a great massuage, and really knows how to get every last drop of cum from your balls. She is a heavier build, but not fat. She shaved her head awhile back, which acually made her look a litte sexier in my humble opinine. See her, she is worth it.
Subject: [asp] Victoria BC report Date: 1998/04/20 March '98 Victoria deserves an enthusiastic two thumbs (and ykw) up. While a few US cities offer comparable selection and quality, Victoria has some distinct advantages. The lower service rate discounted another 30% is an excellent value by US standards. An hour of FS at $160CDN translates into $115USD, unheard of south of the border. Probably due to the semi-legal status (can be wrong here), there is a sense of openness and competitiveness. The services are professionally run, from the people answering the phones to the providers themselves. As a result, the paranoia about busts and scams diminishes. The ASP and H&H reviews are quite accurate and helpful. Here are a few notes to fill in the gaps. The Monday Magazine published each Wednesday has two pages of ads, which are also available online. The numerous listed phone numbers actually boil down to three or four agencies, and a handful of indes. The agencies answer the calls courteously in person, reading from "cards" descriptions of available providers. Rates are quoted without hidden extras. FS is implied rather than explicitly stated. Preferences and special interests are open for discussion. No identification or telephone number verification is asked for. Curiously, three agencies are located within blocks of each other on the same residential street, ten minutes north of downtown. Two are in houses. Seduction Unlimited's rooms are furnished in a B&B fashion, while Classy Ladies' are more Motel 6 like. The indes are less reliable in answering the calls in person. There were a few Stepanie ads in the paper. *The* Stepanie at Sweet Dreams (reviewed here) was unavailable, but another Stepanie at Classy Ladies was. A petite blonde in her mid 20s with a natural slender figure. Though not the same pretty face as pictured in the paper, Stepanie was genuinely personable, enthusiastic and skilled. A memorable encounter. Very little to add about Chardonay. Also personable, but in a "part of my job" kind of way. A touch of baby fat around the hips and thighs. Getting very picky here. An inde Kelly met on a previous trip is now listed as Sherry under the same number xxx-2943. From recollection, she was an olive skinned exotic beauty (Asian Indian?) operating out of a tastefully decorated upscale apartment. Petite, hard body, FS, and professionally personable. Victoria can be a great alternative for the US traveling hobbyists. There are no long flights and jet lags, no foreign tongues, no meat racks in the bars, and no mugging while crossing the streets. Then again, some may cherish these hurdles as the thrills of their hunt.
Subject: (ASP) Madison in Victoria BC Date: 1998/04/21 April 98 - A new agency has opened up in Victoria. They call themselves " French Kiss Escorts" and they are owned or affiliated with another large agency from the Vancouver area of the same name. Someone earlier had posted a negative review of their experience in Vancouver, calling them a " ripoff". Well curiosity killed the cat and this reporter was no different. French Kiss is being quite aggressive in their pricing structure, quoting $80 for a 1/2 hr visit to $130 for 1 hr. The average scale here is $100 for 1/2 and $160 for 1 hr. But if my first encounter was typical than its not the bargain it would seem. I called late in evening, there were 2 girls on that evening. Madison was described as 23 yrs blonde, busty 130lbs 36D-27-36. Sounded nice so I booked her. Their studio is in downtown Victoria, located near the YMCA and BC Courthouse complex in a nice area of town. I met Madison at the door, she seemed a little older and heavier than described but nothing grotesque. I would guestimate that she was 30 something and maybe 145 lbs. Okay, I am used to being oversold on appearance ,that's the part of the business. We go into nice clean bedroom where she informs me of the fee. I hand over the $80. She comes back after making me wait for 10 min and informs me that $80 gets me full service but for $120 she could do a little strip tease and talk dirty. I smell a con right away. I'm immediately put on alert but I'm willing to give this girl an extra $20. Of course she accepted and then goes into her lacklustre striptease. After about 2 min of her shaking her ass at me, she askes that I massage HER back. Yea, its a ploy to eat up your time and everything she did seemed like it was a stall tactic. We did have sex, but at that point I knew that it would be mechanical and rushed. It was. At the point of insertion, she imediately asked me to cum. What a turn off! It WAS very quick because at this point ther was only like 10 min left and all I wanted was to cum and get outathere. In conclusion, French Kiss escorts rates a thumbs down. Their first mistake was to ask for more money. The second mistake was to stall for time..other agencies don't do that. I'm not sure if this is the way they conduct business in the big city, but I as sure don't like it. There are too many excelllent reputable agencies in this town for French Kiss to give them any serious competition. I do have to mention that this was my first time there. I do not know if mine was a typical call. I will probably give them a 2nd try later on.

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