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Ventura, California

I recently met with a woman who advertises in the Ventura Star and Santa
Barbara News-press under the name Tammi - Beautiful Beach Bunny. She is in
fact very pretty, but a toatl rip-off. After paying her standard fee of
$100 for a nude strip & massage. She mentioned that she did do extra work
for tips. We agreed upon another $75 for what she called her "supreme
service" and said it was very sexual. Well we got going, she danced and
gave me a bogus massage, but after about 30 minutes her protector knocked
on the door (she had a room at a local motel). She then said we were done,
I was incredulous. When I started saying that at a minimum she still owed
me some more time, she said she did her whole show, by this time the guy at
the door had come back - this must be pretty standard for them, pissed off
customers. My recommendation is KEEP AWAY!

Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 17:23:46 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Ventura CA Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how great this guide is. I also wanted to mention that there is a lot of street activity in Ventura CA. Girls can be found on Thompson Blvd. Between Ventura Ave. and say Seaward. Most are druggies but some are 6 and 7s and pretty clean. I picked up one latina, can't remember her name, on a friday night. we nagociated a price of $40.00 for half and half. She guided me to a very dark parking lot below some houses. she gave O.k. head and let me fuck her from behind while leaning up against the car. I know this is risky but I have a couple of aces in the hole when it comes to not getting busted, or robbed. You can also get some action on Ventura Ave. although I can't reccomend it. ) "Ave" is full of criminals and cops. I have seen some cuties on the "ave." but I would reccomend you drive them out of the area for service. At least 5 to 10 blocks. I don't trust thier pimps. As regards Van Nuys area, watch out. Girls tell me P.D. is stepping up activities to bust us in the act. I have noticed that cops will find a reason to pull you over if they see you in one area too much. Usually you just get a lookover and a lecture, but I have seen some guys getting heavy duty search and cuffed until they are cleared. As regards Sunset Blvd. Again watch out. I picked up a decent looking lady last week. At first she seemed o.k. then I started to realize she might have been a guy. I used the excuse that I thought that the police were watching and she should hop out. This did not phase her one bit. She said, no your o.k. and wanted to get down to business. After about ten minutes of arguing and having to threaten to kick "it's" ass, I got her or him out of my car and took off. Latina about 30s to 40s slim build and very dark complection. Most hot looking ladies were very nervous and were very jumpy about approaching cars. I did see about 4 different busts during the time i was trolling. Heads up guys.
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 09:23:37 EDT Subject: Re: Oriental massage... I haven't tried any of the spas in the San Berdo/Redlands area but I have been to just about every one in the Ventura/Oxnard region. And there are quite a few. A string of about a dozen exist along Saviers Rd. in Oxnard between the downtown area and Port Hueneme Blvd. , (roughly a five-mile stretch). My favorite along this route is called "Oriental Spa". It's sandwiched in a narrow office space between a delicatessan and an office supply store, (try not to yell when you cum). The front is rather mundane looking with a mirrored glass front and black doors that lead into the main lobby. However, the girls in this place are something you have to see to believe. Korean, no doubt. Perfect legs on all the girls and figures that would put any Playboy centerfold to shame. There is Mona, Candy, and Lena, (at least that's what they call themselves). Candy is my favorite. After she gets to know you she'll do anything for you, (B&D ; S&M ; fuck, suck, torture, you name it, I've done it). You'll pay the usual $40 per half-hour and then whatever you arrange with the girls. Twosomes/threesomes are, of course, extra. Not far from there is "Sun Massage & Spa". Here, some of the girls will and some of them won't so it's best to know who does what & request a particular girl in advance. Prices are the usual plus a generous tip ( $40 to $50 is considered ok ). Those two are, in my opinion, the best on this route. Avoid "Jade Massage" at all costs!! They had one girl working there and I had a helluva time just getting her to tickle my balls. She couldn't give a damn about the client. Not that hot looking either. Didn't leave a tip and will never go there again. Over near the 101 freeway and El Rio is the "Golden Touch Massage". Very nice Korean girls that will coddle & pamper your every whim. In Ventura, I highly recommend "Okinawa Massage" on Telephone Rd. near the beach. Her name is Cindy, Korean, and as beautiful as any model. She will do anything but fuck. But don't let that stop you from going there. She loves to tease and is very much into S&M. One of my favorite pastimes with her is to have her put on a pair of high heels and a super short mini-skirt and then plant the spike of her heel squarely on my hand. She then bears down a little at a time until, eventually, her entire body weight is on one heel, squashing your hand to a pulp!! This is done whilst jerking myself off with the other hand. The floor herein is fully carpeted/padded so the risk of her actually breaking any bones in your hand are minimal if you avoid the fingers. I really get into this and have withstood this excrusciating torture with her for up to 20 minutes before I finally explode in one of the best orgasms possible. I can't imagine how painful this would be on a hardwood floor!! All the girls in most of these places around the area are Korean and are among the sexiest women on earth. I usually go during the afternoon on a weekday, as I stand a better chance of getting the girl of my choice. Weekends are usually jam-packed with guys in any joint you go to. Besides that, I generally don't care to listen to some other guy screaming through the walls (or him listening to me do the same) and/or getting stuck with some aging laundry woman for my $$$. If your up in Ventura County sometime, check it all out. Bon appetite' .....

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