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Acknowledgments Introduction A few notes on terminology A few notes on etiquette A few notes on the legal status of services A few notes on the city of victoria Victoria - A few notes on sources of information Victoria - A few notes on street services Victoria - A few notes on massage and escort services Victoria - A few notes and reviews of massage workers and agencies Victoria - A few specific notes on escort services Victoria - A few notes and reviews of escort workers and agencies A few notes on the city of Vancouver Acknowledgments
The authors would like to thank those who contributed to the information in this FAQ. If you have information to may choose to be acknowledged here, or remain silent (a few of which have done so). Thank you all! We'd also like to indicate how much we appreciate the work of the other compilers of FAQs for other locations. While the structure of this document is rather informal at this point, we will likely start numbering the sections so that regular readers can immediately see where new information is contained rather than going through this whole long document. INTRODUCTION
The primary authors and keepers of this document will try to periodically update this FAQ and add items of interest on a regular basis. If you have something to contribute, please send it to us, and we'll be more than happy to add it. In particular we've received requests about what the best strip clubs are, etc....we're not into that scene and don't have much info to provide...but if you do and want it in this FAQ...then send it on and it'll be included. PLEASE don't send us e-mail asking for a copy of the FAQ. We'll post it periodically to the usenet group. If it hasn't appeared for a while, post a message to the group...we'll eventually see it and respond. In the subject line type REQ: Vic/Vanc FAQ. For newbies, REQ is an abbreviation for "REQUEST" or "REQUIRED", this helps us know the context of the message. Please don't type just Vic/Vanc FAQ as your subject line, because people will likely expect the FAQ to be contained in the message. Also....please indicate on the usenet group when you have received the FAQ from either the postings on the usenet group, or another helpful reader of the group. You may not want zillions of copies of such a long document cluttering your in-box. The authors are not computer wizards, so if there is a problem with formatting, etc....we are not likely to be able to help you..but if you have suggestions and instructions for us to follow which would make posting this more convenient for you, then please inform us accordingly. We will do our best in this regard, but this isn't our full time job...just an interest of ours, so please be patient. Some of the information under the Victoria section is general and nature, and as such, can also be applicable to Vancouver. Where it is not, we will do our best to indicate such. Don't take offense at any of the suggestions or editorial comments. If you want a flame war...take it elsewhere. If you have other perspectives on issues such as protocol and etiquette...then please share them with the whole usenet group as a new thread to our discussion. We can all benefit from seeing other perspectives Please feel free to share and distribute this FAQ, as long as it is for non- commercial purposes. We haven't received any permission from the agencies or the workers to review them in this forum. Then again, newspapers don't ask restaurants or movie producers permission to review their products or services either! If you want to mention the existence of this FAQ to an agency or worker here in Victoria and get some feedback, please do so and let the group know!...perhaps one of the authors will do this in the next little while. A FEW NOTES ON TERMINOLOGY
Half and Half - blow job and straight vaginal sex. Oral - blow job. Service Worker - provider of services. Street Worker - service worker located on the street. Escort - service worker not located on the street. You can expect that they offer "full service". Full Service - vaginal and/or oral sex available. In-call - where you go to where the service worker is located. Out-call - where the service worker comes to you (usually an extra charge of 10-20 dollars). Also, unless you're at a hotel there might be some reticence on the part of the service worker to do so unless you're a repeat client. Inquire when you call. Body rub - topless oil massage with hand release. Body rub plus - topless and bottomless oil massage with the service worker also rubbing herself down with oil and using her whole body to rub you (imagine yourself being the slip and slide!). A FEW NOTES ON ETIQUETTE
No matter what service you use, there is no point in getting angry or outraged at a real or perceived injustice. Be thankful in the knowledge that the establishment will never get your business again, and let others know so that they can avoid any similar circumstances. Unless you're willing to go to the police and risk making a public incident of your experience, or getting arrested....just walk away. If you want a good experience follow the advice and suggestions found in this FAQ and that found in other FAQs and on the group There's no guarantee that your experience will be a good one...but you'll avoid some traps. In some personal experiences that are relayed below you'll see how easy it is to fall into a false sense of security or be aware and be cautious at all times. We've learned from our mistakes, we hope to spare you from having to do the same. The usenet group is a good source of feedback and information. It is also where this FAQ will be posted periodically. From our experience, most of the women we meet through the different services are genuinely nice. Every now and again we are disappointed...but that's just part of life. While in many ways these activities are strictly business, it does have a personal element over and above just shopping for something like cars. Personality, personal comfort levels, and chemistry play an important part in these kind of activities. As we've read in other FAQ's and in usenet postings....try to establish prices and services prior to the actual exchange of money. Prices quoted in this FAQ are in Canadian Dollars. Don't bring every single piece of identification that you own with you when you seek out these services. If you're going to an in-call appointment and traveling by car....only take the money that you need and leave the rest of your credit cards, etc in the vehicle. We've never had someone steal anything from us on the occasions where we haven't done this, but if you're seeing someone for the first time...then we certainly suggest that you follow this procedure. Most escorts and agencies take a wide range of credit cards. We, however, always use cash. Expect that street workers will want cash, however. Be aware that call display is available. Call display allows the recipient of phone calls to determine the phone number of the one placing the call. Most services have this so that they can put a stop to annoying phone calls from high school kids. If you are bothered by the agency or worker knowing your phone number then use call block (if you have it) or use an alternate telephone that is not at your a pay phone. Call block is available wherever call display is available (call display requires the right hardware PLUS arrangements with the phone company). Call block is currently set up so that there is a 75 cent charge each time you activate it. It is activated by hitting the * key on the telephone followed by two numbers...then the normal phone number. Everyone has access to using call block...unless you have specified that you do not want it. If you're unsure whether or not call display affects your phone, dial the operator and inquire whether or not call display works on phones with the prefix from which you are calling from (eg. 385, 387, etc etc. your prefix is the first three numbers of the telephone from which you're calling). A FEW NOTES ON THE LEGAL STATUS OF SERVICES
We have read many postings which have claimed that prostitution is legal in Canada. IT IS NOT! REPEAT ------ IT IS NOT! Also, no legal brothels (such as those in Nevada) operate in Canada. Soliciting for the purposes of prostitution is illegal in Canada. Living off the avails of prostitution is illegal in Canada. Running a bawdy house is illegal in Canada. Public nuisance is also illegal in Canada. Simply put, the main focus of police interest is to get prostitution off the streets. This is not to say that Victoria and Vancouver don't have persons who solicit on the street, it just means that there are various legal instruments that allow the police to make it awkward and inconvenient for the seller and purchaser to conduct business. Massage Parlours and Escort Services require a normal business license. In the city of Victoria, individual escorts and agencies must have to pass through an additional hoop which means the city takes an extra 300 or so per escort and 3000 or so from the agency. This was enacted on the basis that these kind of businesses require more policing and other kind of city services. However, the city of Victoria itself is a small geographic when these new regulations were passed by city council, many workers set up shop in adjacent municipalities to avoid the charges. A FEW NOTES ON THE CITY OF VICTORIA
Victoria is a city that primarily relies on government, tourism, the university, and the military for its existence. Its a beautiful city to visit, and its easy to get around either by bike, by walking, or by car. VICTORIA - A FEW NOTES ON SOURCES OF INFORMATION
Firstly, there's this FAQ....but also.... If you are looking for resource materials the first (and best) place is to look for bright yellow street boxes which have a local newspaper called Monday Magazine. They are the only local paper which carries escort ads (where you will also find massage advertisements). The other source is the phone book (yellow pages). We would caution that some agencies which are in the phone book try to cater business primarily from tourists. Accordingly we have found that their quoted rates can be up to 50% higher than what we would consider to be normal. Additionally, the escort and massage business is rather fluid in this town, with a lot of reorganization and businesses going belly up. The Monday Magazine newspaper is by far your most accurate guide. By the way, Monday Magazine is distributed on Wednesday afternoon in the downtown area and outlying areas on Thursday. Don't ask why its called monday magazine...just accept that it is...and its a long story ....:-) The advertisements are in the back of the paper under "escorts". Massage services are also in this section. The section usually starts with the smaller individual ads (many of whom are working at agencies) followed by the agency advertisements. In Vancouver, some newspaper ads have phone numbers and addresses. This would allow you to show up in person to make introductory enquiries on services. In Victoria, only phone numbers are advertised. VICTORIA - A FEW NOTES ON STREET SERVICES
You can obtain free maps of Victoria at the tourist information centre. It is located at the junction of wharf and government streets. It is on the inner harbour and across the street from the Canada Customs Buildings and the Empress Hotel. The main area of street services can also be said to be at this junction. The southerly most street (running east and west) is Humboldt. The northerly most street (running east and west) is Johnson. The westerly most street (running north and south) is Government. The easterly most street (running north and south) is Douglas. This will is the main core area of activity. The level of activity resident on Government street itself depends upon the time of day. This is largely controlled by the time of year. In the summer time, activity doesn't get tooo busy till after 11:00pm. This is because Government street is filled with lots of tourists and tacky tourist shops. By the way,....the residents of Victoria have not overlooked the irony that Government street is a popular hangout for street workers....:-) Ok....the best corners for services are....Courtenay and Gordon Street, Broughton and Gordon Street, Johnson and Broad Street....and various points along Government between Courtenay and Johnson. You may want to look at your handy map before you venture out, since there are many one way streets. While driving aimlessly along city streets is not per se is awkward and not very private. Also, there has been stepped up enforcement, especially along Government street because the city wants to keep up its image for the sake of tourism. But if this is your preferred way of acquiring services...then so be it. Talking prices will get you similar quotes as that for escort services, however street workers are usually willing to negotiate. For example...they are likely to start at 150 for a particular kind of service...but compromise at 100. When negotiating find out if the price includes a place that she provides. If not, you may have to dish out some extra money to cover the cost of the room. If you prefer, and depending on where you live in the city, you could reduce your cost by bringing her back to your own residence. Our own view is that street services are much lower quality than can be found at escort services and there is not much difference in terms of price. The main advantage of street services is that you can visually see the street worker and evaluate her appearance, at an escort service you normally take your chances on the description offered being accurate. We tend to prefer the privacy aspects of using escort services. NOTE: We have found that the police tend to be going out of their way to patrol the street service area described above. Some police cars in Victoria are blue, the newer ones are white....not that this will help you in the dark. The only active corner during the daytime is at Johnson and Broad Street...but it also has high traffic (both car and foot). VICTORIA - A FEW NOTES ON MASSAGE AND ESCORT SERVICES
In this section you'll find the nuts and bolts on how to go about obtaining services at a massage parlour or escort service. Do not make the mistake of assuming that all massage services offer full service. At the advertised establishments it is up to the individual service worker. Most, in fact, do not...that's why they work there and not at an escort agency. Most will offer oral sex...but that is as far as they are likely to go. Costs....usually 65 for a body rub...85 for bottomless body rub...110 for body rub plus. If you want oral sex to finish your body rub, expect to pay about 100 total. Since "extra" services are not part of the regular pay schedule and are largely dependent on the individual worker, feel free to negotiate. Ask how much a certain activity would cost and if that seems too steep ask counter offer with "would you be willing to take XXXX?". Escort Service....90-110 for half and hour (100 seems to be the standard)....140-160 for an hour (150 seems to be the standard)......and up depending..... The nice thing about the massage service is that they'll bring you to release without a condom! There is no penetration or exchange of a condom is not used during the body rub. How to go about obtaining the service you want. Telephone the service (or individual) before you visit. Have some paper and a pen/pencil to take down notes. Ask what the rates are and for what kind of service. (If you're looking for full service ASK if anyone there provides that...remember if you're calling a massage parlour ...they aren't escort agencies even though they advertise under that section in the paper!). If you are calling an agency, you may want to start by asking who is available and getting a description. Please don't call an agency trying to set up an appointment a day or two or three in advance. They might not know who's working then and most will be reticent to make such arrangements. An exception to this might be if you're quite financially well off and want some special arrangements (eg. wanting someone for a whole week, or specific kind of fantasy fulfilment, etc.). Also, if you're a known customer better agencies will be more than happy to accommodate a request (eg. someone who travels to the city on business and prefers the company of a particular woman and doesn't want to be disappointed that she isn't working that day or to find that she is busy with another customer). If you call, call with a serious intent to actually use the service that day or evening. As you may suspect, they get their fair share of "curious" people and perverts. Don't be one yourself. At this point you may be asked what kind of girl you are looking for or the agency may automatically list off who is available. They will usually provide you with a first name, hair colour, body measurements and whether or not the person is toned or rubenesque, etc etc. We have found that slender is a code word for slim and NOT busty. Full-figured usually means busty and not slender (sometimes can also mean that the worker is perhaps also a little overweight). If you want to know who's available but they have you stuck on the phone when they say what kind of girl you're looking for... you may want to indicate that you are unsure and want an idea of whom they might have available that night. If no one appeals to you, then describe what kind of girl you are interested in. Or inquire whether or not there might be other girls to choose from later on in the evening or on a different day. Not every service worker is always working and available. If you're calling from a hotel, be aware that your hotel may take certain security measures once 11:00pm or so rolls around. In the better hotels particularly, you have to show identification to enter, and the access to the elevators, etc. may be monitored closely. If this is the case...then plan your venture for early in the evening (or daytime). If not, the hotel bellman may call you saying that there is a visitor waiting for you, and you will have to go down and get your guest. Hotel workers aren't stupid...and you may find this be warned! Recently one of us had wondered how to go about finding out whether or not "greek" would be possible. We found that asking that on the phone was no problem. The answer was almost uniformly NO. (that's right...almost!) We found that kind of service is likely available where the woman advertised herself as being quiet/demure/submissive/open-minded. If you're looking for this kind of service, you may want to start with contacting people with those kind of code words first. Also, it is possible to negotiate on the phone. If the price seems a little steep ask whether or not it would be possible to get xxx amount of time for xxxx dollars. You'll have to weigh in your own mind whether or not you'll get quality service for a reduced price. Most people who are good at their jobs do a good job regardless...and we have found that is true. We have been rushed and not felt good about experiences paying full price and reduced price. Then again we have had good experiences both paying full price and reduced price. We have found that it depends on the woman. If you find someone you like and you'll be having an in-call service, expect for the appointment to be scheduled for 30 min. from the time at which you're placing the call. This will give you time to travel, and for the girl to get ready. Most places are apartments. In some in-call suites the buzzer number is different than the apartment number. Don't be put off if they tell you the buzzer number and that they'll give you the apartment number once you arrive. This is a perfectly normal way of doing business and it provides them (and you) with a little privacy and ensures that the only people buzzing them are serious in purchasing the service. If all of a sudden you have company at your doorstep on the verge of leaving for your appointment...(which happened to one of us)...please call and cancel indicating your circumstance and apologize. You don't want to get a negative reputation with that agency and they might recognize your voice, phone number, etc. and not be so civilized when you next try to arrange for services. Don't arrive early. If you happen to get to the place prior to the time, wait in your car, walk the block....whatever. Show up on time or a couple minutes after the time. Most agencies will start the "clock" once you arrive. If the girl is working alone, she may call in to the agency or to a friend indicating that you have arrived and the time will start from there. Also, if another girl is with a might end up bumping into that other customer if you arrive early. It could be embarrassing for you and for the other fellow. Most agencies try to arrange customer visits so that this doesn't happen. Also....don't expect that the escorts or agencies have change or that they will convert currencies. They are not bankers...and will expect to pocket any get this organized before hand. Privacy is an interesting issue. When we first obtained services we were paranoid about the set up on the other end. A first issue was....who the hell is going to be seeing me there?? The reality is that there is usually more than one girl at the in-call location, especially if you're using an escort service rather than an individual escort who works solo (note some personal ads under the escort section are also attached to an agency...see comments under specific escort agency). Be polite and a little friendly when you arrive. Don't cower or look ashamed. When you enter let her lead you to where you'll be going. If you're at a location to where there is more than one girl, they'll lead you straight to the bedroom. If its totally private with just the two of may get led to the living room for some quick chit chat. After some initial chit chat establish what it is you want, etc. If you got some prices on the phone and they don't match when you meet in person, then just apologize and leave. Don't be conned into thinking that certain activities are "extra". Spend a few moments with your pants on thinking with the head between your shoulders rather than between your legs....otherwise you may regret it!...:-) If you are disappointed with the escort or that she doesn't match your expectations, say so at this point but say it tactfully. If she is the only one there indicate that you had expected something different when you spoke on the phone. If there are others workers there you may be asked if you want to see the others, or if you feel comfortable ask to see whether there are others available. Either way...if you don't want to stay give her some money, we would suggest 20 dollars. She may have declined other appointments subsequent to you phoning and this shows a bit of class on your part. If she gets snarly or complains, etc...just get up, say sorry she feels that way, and leave....without giving her the money. We have found that the better service workers sit down with you and ask what it was that you were looking for. If you find it a bit weird to blurt out you want a suck and fuck...then use words like oral and straight sex. Or just say you like a little of everything. Remember "everything" does NOT include GREEK! If you like breasts and fondling may want to say so during the initial discussion. We have been sadly disappointed to find out after exchanging money that the particular girl "doesn't like guys doing that". Also, if you like giving oral then you might want to also say so. We personally have found it weird to say i like giving oral, so i just gravitate to that when the excitement begins and if she doesn't do that...she'll let you know. This is also true with kissing. The latitude of "allowance" of certain kind of activities of these sort is largely dependent on the personal assessment that the service worker makes. As with everything...if you think these activities are too risky in the world of AIDS and STDs...then don't do them! We personally like some of these additional sort of things, so we tend to re- visit those people who allow those kind of things. Also, we think the chances of success in this regard are helped by being a bit friendly and outgoing when you first arrive. Be cognizant of the fact that she is opening up the door to a total stranger. To a certain extent you have to prove that you aren't some psycho who is waiting to prey on her. Being non- responsive and not making any eye contact is not a good way to start off a good experience! VICTORIA - A FEW SPECIFIC NOTES ON ESCORT SERVICES
The industry in Victoria is quite active for such a small town. The escort industry has undergone quite a few business changes including bankruptcies, mergers and buy-outs, etc. Some agencies, even though they have separate names and phone numbers are owned by the same person(s). In the subsequent section we have tried to indicate where this is the case. If you're wondering how this can be....its the miracle of call forwarding! All the agencies we have used REQUIRE condoms. We have never found an agency which offers the "option". Then again...we have never asked either. Costs...usually 100 for half an hour....150 for an hour. This is usually for half and half. If you pay for an hour you can likely negotiate being able to come a second really depends...negotiate that up front. As indicated in the terminology section....the outcall services will add 10-20 dollars to your bill, if they provide that kind of service. One of us had the unfortunate experience of paying for an hour with a worker and coming quickly. She went into the bathroom and came back fully dressed! Needless to say there was a bit of embarrassment and puzzlement wasn't agreed to up't assume! If you're into mistresses and're also in luck. Several are resident here and have been long established. We have not been to any of i can't vouch on the range of services they offer. A number of agencies offer "doubles", if you want to double or triple your pleasure...its available...all at a cost, of course. VICTORIA - A FEW NOTES AND REVIEWS OF MASSAGE WORKERS AND AGENCIES
Ratings are from 1-5 Stars for Agencies. 1 Star = Poor 2 Stars = Somewhat Less than expected. 3 Stars = About what was expected. Ok, but not "good". 4 Stars = Good. Would recommend it to first timers and repeat users. 5 Stars = VERY GOOD. Well run operation and good workers. Ratings for workers Not recommended: poor experience...avoid. Average: okay experience, wouldn't go out of our way to book another appointment, but was somewhat satisfied. Recommended: would book another appointment, good service. Note: The rating for the agency reflects the condition of the premises, the truthfulness of the telephone information, and other factors as indicated. Some agencies there is a correlation between the quality of the workers and the agency in general, others it is not the case. Therefore agency ratings and worker ratings are independent of each other. Independents (Not affiliated with an agency). Diana/Cheryl - she uses two different names (on alternating basis) but it's the same woman. She advertises as 35 yrs. old, pretty and submissive. She looks younger than her advertised age...looks to be in her mid 20's. 5'6, C-Cup, Blonde. Lives a little bit out of town in Esquimalt, in a nice apartment. She acts a bit coquettish and uses wonderful smelling perfume. 100/150. Greek for 200...but she'll take 150. Pretty good one time experience. Recommended. Asia and Tawny - two different girls. Asia is oriental and has light skin, and Tawny is from the pacific and has dark skin. Standard 100/150 rates. Both are very attractive, petite, slender and B-C cup. They used to be affiliated with an agency, but now work together and are not affiliated with an agency. One of us saw and met them while visiting another agency, but did not use their services. No Recommendation, but they seemed very nice. If you're interested in an oriental woman, we'd take the chance. Franchesca's Playhouse and Dungeon This is a relatively new agency. It is an operator owned agency. This means that several of the workers are the actual owners of the agency. This agency (from what we have learned) has drawn many workers from other agencies because of its good environment. Many advertisements for the agency "triumph" that XXXX formerly of XXXXXX agency can now be reached at Franchesca's. In our estimation this is currently the hot agency in town. It has a wide variety of services for both heterosexual and homosexual interests. It also has a fully equipped dungeon, though the authors can not comment any further on this aspect since we are not interested in that kind of activity. The hours are 10:00am till 11:00pm. Most of the workers do a good deal of daytime business. Most escorts and agencies operate till 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. From what we have heard, this agency doesn't want to deal with the drunken and surly clientele of people who didn't meet someone at a night-club. Also, most of the workers have been in Victoria long enough to have enough "regulars" and not have to work such bizarre hours. The agency offers a wide range of workers from tall to petite, slender to busty. Doubles are offered as well as Dominatrixes. The agency is genuinely interested in treating its workers and customers as real human beings. Rating: ??? (will be visiting soon, but they must be doing something right to attract a LOT of workers from other agencies!) For now, we'll give it a 4! Allison. Recommended. A recent addition to the agency. She was with another agency till it went under...then freelanced a little. She is very nice. About 5'6, shoulder length straight hair sort of brown/reddish in colour, C-cup. Nice voice, pleasant personality, professional. Recommended. Escape and Relax The only AGENCY which is massage focused. Many of the escort agencies do offer massage as well, but this is the primary activity offered by this agency. Price: 65 for topless hand release/85 bottomless/110 full body rub. About half will offer other services. Half do not. The in-call location is an average kind of apartment. Usually there are 2-3 people when you arrive. The one who you requested by phone will answer the door. The only slightly annoying aspect is that the other workers usually crane their necks or observe you when you go from the front door to the bedroom. After the massage you could get a damp towel to wipe yourself or have a quick shower. For a someone considering doing these kind of activities for the first time, we'd really recommend this place. We keep going back because you can be satisfied and released for what we think is a reasonable 65 dollars. The person answering the telephone is very nice and personable. Rating: 3 Stars. Emmi. Recommended. About 5'4"-5'5", black hair tied back just past her shoulders. Young (about 20/21?) and very pleasant. Incredibly relaxing massage and good at hand releasing. Does not do full service. She's very nice. Willow. Average. About 5'9. Sort of "lanky". Has a tattoo. B-C Cup. Does full service. Anita. Not Recommended. Unclear whether she still works or not. Does offer full service. Blonde, nice body. Seemed strung out on drugs, very rushed experience, has some chipped front teeth. Seemed pretty young...and immature. Chantelle's This agency has one advantage: slightly lower prices...90/140. We have found the telephone answerer to be a little annoying and condescending. About half of the workers are in their 30's and are rather "plain". The other half are youngish but aren't as pretty as at other agencies. The workers are pleasant enough, but...that's about it. It seems to us that a few of the women we've met are just using the agency as a referral point rather than advertising their own number. These same women seem to be doing this temporarily to raise a few dollars. We haven't used this agency lately. No current reviews available. Rating: 2.5 Stars Exposure/??? they also go under a different name...forget which. This is a somewhat new agency. It seems to have been around the past 3 or 4 months. Its hard to tell whether it is totally new or just a renamed and repackaged old agency. Perhaps a little of both. The agency may also be a re-badged from an old agency called "Pretty and Petites", but we're not sure. The agency has two different phone numbers. Some of the girls mentioned in the agency advertisement also advertise individually in the "column adverts" prior to the agency ads. They've added some new workers who sound very attractive by their description...but we need to try it again to get a solid assessment. Rating: ??? a tentative 2.5. Kelly - very disappointing. We were told she was busty and slim. She was busty and chubby. She also had a cast on, from recent leg surgery. Spent 10 minutes complaining about her condition. Her location was incredibly messy. No kissing, no oral on her. Not recommended. Amanda - A transplant from another agency. She is quite a beautiful girl. Incredibly pretty face. About 5'6", C - cup, and fairly slender (not anorexic). She's a brunette and looks incredible in lingerie. A little unenthusiastic and a little expressionless. Would like to meet her again. No kissing, no oral on her. Recommended. Bree - we believe she is now working at this agency. She is petite and very slender. She has short dark hair. Not well endowed. No kissing, no oral on her. Average. Marisa - we believe she is connected with this agency somehow, but she also advertises independently under a different phone number. She is in her mid 30's 5'4, C-cup, short red hair. She's incredibly thin and is experienced. Allows oral on her, no kissing.Recommended. Would be a good person to see for your first time at full service. English Rose This agency has lost a lot of its workers and seems on a continual search for new ones. The in-call locations beat a cheap room in a no-tell motel, but they can't be characterized as pleasant. One in-call was actually at a house...but it was run-down and dumpy inside. Our experience has been that the person handling the phone has "oversold" the attractiveness and appearance of the workers and as such, you could expect to be a little disappointed when you actually meet the person. Costs are the same 100/150 as most other agencies. No reviews of workers at this agency...we haven't used it for some time...and some have left for better situations. Rating: 2 Stars Classy Ladies/Paradise Escorts The prices are 110/160. The in-call suite is a two bedroom apartment in a modern building. 2-3 people are usually there when you arrive for an appointment. Some of the most attractive escorts work here...but all of them seem to be on drugs or want to rush you out the door. One or two of the nicer girls left this agency for a better situation with another agency. The agency has a lot of workers to choose from, including one asian worker and one who is part asian. Rating: 1.5 Stars Victoria - incredibly attractive blonde. 5'7", incredibly slender and a 36C. Wow! She seems like she has a drug problem. Rushes you along. No oral on her, no kissing. May take up part of your time at the beginning and end of the session with wanting to smoke a cigarette. NOT Recommended. ???? - The telephone operator lied about the appearance of the girl. She was not slender. She had a bit of a tummy. She is somewhat flat chested. Poor experience. She was part asian. NOT Recommended. Executive Relaxation Started in Victoria about 7 or 8 months ago. Owned by an older woman, whom one of us met by accident at an in-call when they first started working. We haven't used the agency for a long time because they seemed somewhat disorganized and unreliable. They also offer male to male services. If you call....we consider it a "spin of the wheel"..let us know how it works out! Rating: ???1.5 Stars Robyn - woman in her 30's, thin, busty (implants). She used to advertise in the columns as well as in the agency, but haven't seen her personal advertisement for a few months. Unclear if she still works there or not. Recommended. Fiona's Its hard to tell whether or not this agency is really in business or not. Sometimes they advertise for several weeks in a row..then its like they have fallen off the face of the earth. Their prices are a little higher: 110/160. We have found that their workers are incredibly stunning...but don't have pleasant personalities. One incredible "Pam Anderson type" blonde seemed like she was on drugs. Another part black girl (but who was quite dark skinned) was incredibly slender and busty...but didn't seem like she was even paying was like she was just waiting to be told when it was over while she counted the ceiling tiles. Rating: 1 Star Diamonds and Pearls The agency is sometimes in business...sometimes not. It might be affiliated with Fiona's, but we're unclear on that point. The telephone answerer is not very pleasant. They run a sloppy business. We can't remember the two workers we saw...we won't go back if we can help it. Rating: 0 Stars A FEW NOTES ON THE CITY OF VANCOUVER
Vancouver, is for a city with a population of 1 million plus quite livable and nice. Unlike Victoria, the two daily newspapers carry advertisements for massage parlours and escort agencies. Getting information over the telephone for "additional" services at massage parlours can be difficult. Most massage parlours have rate cards in the reception area...and the girls available are usually sitting in the area, but do inquire whether or not there are others as well. Additionally with particular respect to escort agencies we have found that most agencies prefer to "call you back" so that you can communicate directly with a worker of your choice. The yellow pages are a fairly good source of information, however, some of the services may have gone out of business and some have multiple ads with different "themes" but the same phone number.
From one contributor comes the following: I've been to a bunch of clubs. By far the best is the Penthouse downtown. Great ladies and real high class and turn-on shows. Other good shows are at the Cecil, Austin, #5 Orange, Drake and Flash One. These are all stage shows, no contact dances downtown. I've never been there but I've seen good comments regarding lap dances at the Paramount in New Westminster. Lot's of beer flows at Canadian joints. Guys get wild and the showgirls respond with great shows. I don't know much about outcall services. I saw a good recommendation for Personal Touch at $150; 972-7924. I've "accompanied" a few ladies on the street. They've got to be the most gorgeous street walkers I've ever seen. Some will discuss business before being paid. Some are quite wholesome and promise a good massage and talk without hard sex; I don't know if this means a hand job or not. They are all good lookers; those lower on the scale offer some good prices for one or two girls. Prices range from $100 to $250 Canadian. If you're from the states, you'd better have Canadian money. They will make up some excuse about not being able to change US$; you'll end up paying full fare in US$. BTW; they may look stunning; but the classiest girls are the least friendly. A job is a job and they know they are in demand. There are girls in some of the strip clubs sitting alone at tables. They are there to offer their services. They are less gorgeous than those on the street and offer better services for a lower price.
The end!
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 19:10:16 UTC Reply-To: I recently checked out Allison (formerly of Franchesca's). She is now at Elegance which she tells me has merged with CLassy Ladies. I'd concur totally with the posting about her Allison. Recommended. A recent addition to the agency. She was nice. I'd place her hair more like it was black, she's well tanned and I'd guess she's more a B cup, but I could be wrong. She knows about her Internet posting and we got into a long discussion about the Internet! Anyway: nice voice, pleasant personality, professional. Definitely recommended - I'll alternate between her and Suzi at English Rose! I can't remember if I posted something about Freeman Street. Basically, avoid! I ended up with that address several times through various different small ads in the Monday paper. The girl I saw there, sorry forgotten name, was nowhere near her positive description. She was overweight, unaccomodating, wouldn't give or receive oral sex and waited impatiently for me to leave as soon as I had come. Not recommended.
Subject: Vancouver and Victoria Update Date: Wed, 28 Aug 1996 11:01:58 UTC As a resident of the area I get to visit Vancouver and Victoria half a dozen times each a year. I've come to the following conclusion after much sampling of the wares of both cities and one other smaller city in British Columbia, Nanaimo. Having sex with a Vancouver prostitute is like fucking a lawyer - you will get fucked, you will get charged lawyers fees for it and you won't generally feel happy about it ($300 for reasonable quality). Fucking a Victoria prostitute is like fucking your girlfriend - fun, you'll feel good about it and it won't cost the earth ($170 - $200 for an hour of ... with a good quality lady). Fucking something from Nanaimo is like fucking your dog - cheaper than Victoria, but you better be desperate. So if you're on the west coast, visit Victoria and enjoy yourself. My recommendation is English Rose in Victoria, they have their act together now, but I've had good experiences at various other places as well in Victoria.
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 23:12:09 -0500 (EST) Subject: Victoria, British Columbia Go downtown to Courtney and Gordon. Also one to two blocks either way will work too. Lots of street action. Prostitutes everywere. Prices range from $60-100. The $60 hooker was ten times better than the $100 one. Cindy - 34 yrs -small, cute, native american, short, petite, $70. Friendly and willing to please. Tanya -24 yrs - tall and pretty, long legs, nice hair, very attractive - $100. Bad attitude. Conceded about looks. No enthusiasm. Wants to hurry. Don't recommend. Wendy -28yrs- average looks, a bit pudgy. Great personality. Was fun to hang out with. No hurry and willing to please. Only $60 and well worth it. All girls use the same government issue condoms. All are very open and not afraid of you being a cop. Seems like the Victoria police don't enforce the laws very strict. Some of the Escorts that advertise in Monday Magazine have their own Web page. Overall, I have to say that Victoria has the best street action in North America and the safest.
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 00:13:09 -0700 Subject: Update on two services in Victoria, BC, Canada I recently went had the chance to cheeck out two services here in Victoria, BC Canada. They were both great, and I am sure you will get lots of enjoyment at them. The first one is called Escape and Relax ph# 384-2556. Its is devoted to giving full body rubs, and let me tell you the girls there are generally great. There are two girls that stand out in particular. The first girl I havent seen in a while, but her name is Emmie. She is an athletic build with almond shaped eyes. Her hair is dark, and silky, and her skin is really soft and creamy. I paid the standard price of $110 for an hour long bodyrub plus. That is where after the girl massuages your aching body with hot baby oil, she will then cover her body with hot oil, and use her own body to massuge your body. Belive me it is very erotic, and after feeling some nices girls cunt rubbing uo and down your legs, and your hard cock between their firm breasts, you will think you have died and gone to heaven. For another $50 bucks I got the "extra" service. Not all girls do this but I found with Emmie she will, so long as you are clean, and polite. The extra service inculded a blow-job, that was average, but more importantly, I got to fuck her tight pussy! She also let me go down on her, and she also kisses with her tounge quite nicely. The second girl is called Nadine. Now Nadine is a peach, shy, and slighty submissive she is fantasy girl most men would die for. She stands about five feet one inch, and I swear to god, weighs only about 100 lbs! YOu may think she is too skinny, but that is not so, while her build is very slender, she has nice peach size tities, and small firm ass. Personally I like small women, with Nadine I could grip her entire wrists with my thumb and middle finger if that makes any sense. She is a very nice girl, bubbly, and innocent, she gives a great massuage, and lets you do anything you want if you pay the $110 dollars. Unfortunatly she will not go all the way, for extra money. But she will give a nice hand job, and if you press her poliety she might just let you blow your load all over her face! I don't know, as I did'nt ask, but I got the impression that she would cause she felt bad not going all the way, and she wants repeat customers. I will be going back to her, and I will find out. The next service is called Seductions Unlimited. Ph# 382-1525. It used to be part of Franshica's Playhouse, but it is no longer affliated with that service. If you are into the kinky, and unusal then this is the place to go. There is a girl there named Christina. She has full bondage equipment, straps, restrainst, handcuffs, collars, hoods, gags, whips, chains, etc. The other good thing is she will be both dominate,amd submissive, what ever your fantasy. The bad news is is doesnt come cheap. I paid $250 for one hour of her being a submissive secretary. It was money will spent. She dressed up like a secretary, papers and all, and her acting was awsome, she really threw herself into the part, and she let me tie her up! Spank her! and after she gets to know you, she will let you gag, and blindfold her! She has short, blond hair, her tits are very soft unfortunatly, but she is slime, and quite passable as an innocnet secretary. She also has some tatoos so if they bother you, don't see her.
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 21:51:46 -0800 Subject: Update: Canada - Guide to Services in Vancouver & Victoria General update to Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo and addition of Kelowna. Basically I stand by the earlier comparison of escorts in Vancouver, Victoria & Nanaimo (i.e. making out with a lawyer, girlfriend and dog respectively), but I will be a bit more charitable to Nanaimo. I can't recommend anything consistently good in Nanaimo, definitely hit and miss, but a good session in Nanaimo is like a bad session in Victoria, can't say fairer than that. I've tried Kelowna a couple times within the last 6 months. Rang round a bunch of places in the local paper. Didn't like the phone attitude of most but the Garden of Eden (advertise in the local paper, multiple girls all with same phone number, but don't mention the agency name. You'll figure it out) sounded OK so I tested it out. My last time 6 months ago I met Brooke, friendly and accomodating, $170 or there abouts. Full service, 1 hour, got to come twice. Like a very good day in Nanaimo, but nothing to write home about. This time, not recalling who I'd met last time and I had a feeling it wasn't the same name last time, but I could be wrong, I ended up with Brooke again. Now when I rang I was told their were multiple girls available and was given descriptions of all. Like last time and typical for this business the descriptions were flatttering to the reality. Anyway, fair enough. However I was told I coundn't just see when I got there and must decide over the phone. Again, reasonably typical in this business. When I got there, however, and was led through the lounge where five or so ladies were sitting, telling me I coudn't choose sounded stupid. So I chose another, Alexis. Anyway same price, $175, and I told Brooke it was nothing personal, but I just liked choice and gave her something for her trouble. Alexis, strawberry blond, shoulder length hair, probably 5'10" or so, I'm guessing 130-140 pounds, large build was accommodating enough. However after the first time and about 45mins into the hour when I was getting ready to go a second time I was told policy was now that 1 hour full service meant only once. She couldn't explain my better experience with Brooke and belatedly and none too keenly offered a hand job, providing I could come... and she clicked her fingers! I lost interest and wandered off! Needless to say Garden of Eden has lost my recommendation and any future business. I've tried various other interior BC cities, none more than once, with results similar to Kelowna and Nanaimo. Vancouver and Victoria I've tried multiple times with Vancouver being pretty consistently poor and Victoria pretty consistently good. English Rose is on the web still ( with descriptions, reasonably revealing photos and prices. I've emailed the boss/ owner,, for suggestions among her girls and she's been straight enough with me and I've never been disappointed with her recommendations. Haven't tried anything else in Victoria recently, but I notice the Seductions Unlimited web site is dead, so hard to glean any info their. I'll try to test out some other interior BC cities over the next 6 months and report back to the site.
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 17:17:46 -0800 Subject: your web page, BC guide to escort agencies I am new to the internet, and I just read your review on Victoria and Vancouver escorts. There is a description of a lady named Anita, blonde, nice body, very young. etc. The review is very bad, she is supposed to rush people and be on drugs, chipped teeth, etc. Although I am not very young, but my working name is Anita, am Blonde with a nice body. I work in Vancouver, but I can imagine that after having read your article, people won't remember the city, all they will remember, that an escort named Anita is not recommended. In this business people come and go, especially the ones on drugs, so would you mind taking out that unflattering description of this girl? You might hurt other peoples business writing in such manner about ladies. Thank you Anita

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