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Vancouver, Canada

Date: 06-24-01    Subject: Link to Vancouver information site

I created this guide a couple of months ago and think you might be interested in linking to it. I assume the appropriate place in your guide would be under Washington state. The guide also covers the Vancouver strolls and legal situation, but is primarily written to help U.S. johns headed there rather than locals. Therefore, it may or may not be appropriate for placement under Vancouver as well.

JACKSON'S NOTES: I checkout this site before I posted the link. The guy's done a pretty good job of detailing the scene in both Washington State and Vancouver. Check it out!

Here are some places that I visited when I went to Vancouver this last Week.

First night I was looking for the Buy and Sell but since it was a Wed it was between deliveries. So as I was walking around Hornby st I saw a place called The Swedish Touch [539 Hornby st, Vancouver] I saw a sign that said they had been there since 1973, so I decided to try it out. I walked up the stairs and entered....and saw two INCREDIBLE looking women [Vanessa and Sui Li]. Vanessa is of Italian descent with curly black hair, a great figure and a sweet smile. Sui Li is from Hong Kong, long black hair, also a sweet smile and a absolutely gorgeous body. They had fantasy theme rooms, one was a arabian nights harem room where you could be massaged by two women, one was a burlesque room where the women you chose did a striptease, another was a room full of mirrors, and a Japanese room with a hot tub. I took the harem room [normally $200!! but half off because I came in before 5:00 p.m. They led me to the room [just a Large futon with six large pillows, not exactly 'arabian nights'] and came back later each wearing one piece black underwear [very nice!!!]. They both started to massage my back, and it felt very nice. After about 25 min they asked about 'any other services they could do' I asked about the price of a blow- job and they said it would be $120 per person! The fact is, I had forgotten this fact, as I just had $200 with me. They stepped back, conferred for a sec, and said O.K. Sui Li then proceeded to give me a topless breast massage while Vanessa gave me a GREAT bj. This lasted for about 25 min. For the remaining time they massaged my legs [felt great] and chatted with me. I then showered, got dressed and walked out to the lobby. They were both there and gave me their cards. I said that it felt great since I don't have a girlfriend that could do the same. They both said that now I had two girlfriends and that I had better come up from Seattle and visit, but to make sure to call so that both of them could be here. Overall, average rooms, very expensive [they told me that full service would be $300 per person!] but very sexy women. I might visit again, maybe if I win the lottery.

2nd night I decided to see how the streetwalkers where like, so around 9:00p.m I walked around Richards st. there were about 20 women milling about. I picked a stunning long haired brunette by the name of Sherry, she said $100 + $30 for a room. After we got the room I asked how much for a bj and she said $80 more. She would not take off her bra unless I paid $20 more. feeling a little cheap I let her keep her bra on, but she let me play with her breasts. She was very nice, and was very unhurried. Afterwards I offered to drive her back to Richards, and wished her good luck. She kissed me on the cheek and thanked me. Overall a great time.[She is always in front of the Bulldog Cafe, Monday through Friday] Last day I had decided to go to a place and get full services.

The new Buy and Sell was out and I was looking through the adds. One that caught my eye was one for Orientique, that was offering a half hour free. This was down in the Richmond suburb in the south end, just off of #3 highway at 8271 Westminster highway [2nd floor]. When I entered I was greeted by a beautiful women by the name of Brandy[for all you Playboy fans, she looked a lot like Tawni Cable, long black hair, dark tan, big black eyes]. With the special I took one of the VIP rooms, got undressed, and waited. She returned wearing a short tropical rope and proceeded to give a great massage. She was friendly and we talked all this while. She then asked if I wanted anything else. I asked how much was full service and she said $250. I had that much, but I decided to play poor and barter. We agreed on $190, she then proceeded to strip [no tan lines!] gave me a bj, got on top for about 5 min riding me, then told me it was time for me to do the work. I then balled her missionary style. Without a doubt it was the best lay I ever had. Afterwards we embraced and laid down on the bed for about 15 min. I then showered and dressed. As I was leaving I asked her about who else worked there. She said there were about 15 to 16 girls, half Chinese, the rest from Europe and Canada. She then hugged me and said she hoped that she would see me again. I said most certainly!! All in all, Vancouver is great, especially compared to Seattle. You don't have to worry about police busting you or having your name printed if you were busted.

Date: 11-22-1995

I'm new to Vancouver and anyone has any advice/suggestions/great > places to go please post

Pick up a copy of the WestEnder or the Buy & Sell. They've got all the ads for escorts, massage parlours and theatres.

If you're looking for street workers, the boys are on Homer between Drake and Davie; the transsexuals are on Seymour between Davie and Helmcken; the women are on Seymour between Helmcken and Nelson, then around the corner onto Nelson, with a few around *another* corner on Richards.

If you can find a back issues of ADAM anywhere, Tracy Quan wrote a column on hookers in Vancouver in the August 1995 issue.

Date: 01-16-1996    Subject: Warning From Vancouver

I had an unfortunate experience with a streetwalker recently. I was in what is known as the the "LOW TRACK" on skid road.

I was walking around checking the action, when an actractive youngish(20) female hooker sidled up to me. She asked if I wanted any company. I wasn't sure, but I asked if she wanted me to giver her a foot massage.

She leaped at the opportunity and said beaming that she loves it when people play with her feet. It was also her birthday, I wished her a happy birthday and we agreed to 40 dollars cdn (stupid, I should have started at 20).

I told her that I would have to withdraw money from a bank. We walked and talked for a few blocks and she seemed quite intelligent, compared to the drugged out strawberries who walk the streets in that area.

We got to the outside of the hotel that she was staying at and she tried to buzz in, but there was no answer. So she told me to give her the money, and she would go around the corner and down the alley to get in through the back door, and she would let me in.

I was too horny to think, and I gave her the money, she patted me on the shoulder and said she would be right back. I waited and waited, when the door opend and I went up the stairs only to get stopped by the manager.

I told him that I was meeting someone in room 14, he said disgustedly

"There is no room 14!"

I ran down the stares, walked around the block several times and waited for a half hour. No girl, no foot rub and no money.

I don't know if I will ever see her again, but I have to harden my heart. I'm a very trusting person, and that was my downfall.

All I wanted to do was give a nice girl a foot rub.

Date: 04-06-1996

HI, I'm the guy from Vancouver who wanted to give the streetwalker a foot rub. I was surprised to see my post on this page, but I'm glad that you printed it. I just had a good experience with a street worker, this was in the EastEnd of Vancouver, not in skid road but in a working class neighborhood. For 40 dollars she let me go down on her, and it was the first time I ever did that. She was slim, not overly attractive, but girl next door. She masturbated and I had full sex with her, and a handjob. You do have to be carefull in Vancouver, you can't go by looks alone, and then if she is pretty, her head might not be screwed on tight, but generally it's a buyers market. I know that sounds crass but so it goes. I used to go to The Den, it is a massage parlour, but it is too expensive, the rates are 50 dollars for an hour plus an 80 to 100 dollar "tip" for a full release.

Date: 04-01-1996

Suffice it to say, though, that if you pick up the Courier or the Province and just go to any of the places which advertise in the business personals of the classifieds, you're gonna get some action.....though at some places you'll get more places than at otehr places, depending on what the girls are willing to do (or what the management will let them do).

Date: 04-02-1996

I'm loathe to post about massage places because I can't do it without mentioning the names of establishments.....and I don't want to get >anyone arrested.

My experience is that most places which advertise body rubs provide full service in Vancouver. Downtown is more expensive while Richmond and Kingsway cheaper but still will run $250 all in. I have never found the experience to be good value.

Subject: Street-action in Vancouver, Canada

Does anyone know where all the girls have gone? I used to cruise for action around the Hastings and Victoria strip, but the past week the area has been crawling with cops. I think it's something to do with a crackdown on underage prostitution. The area has also lost the majority of its really hot girls. Does anyone know where they've all gone? Am I missing out somewhere else?

In case anyone is wondering, there is some really good street action in Vancouver, BC. Specifically that I know of, there are four streets in the downtown area where there're a lot of hot girls....especially the ones who claim that they are over the age of 18....hehehe, yeah right. The prices are pretty reasonable on the street. On the Hastings Street and Victoria Street strip (which actually runs for about 4 blocks) there used to be the most girls. The prices there are $60 for a blow, $80 for fuck, $100 for half-half. But there are too many cops there lately.

The second is about 5 blocks west down Hastings around Princess. There are less hot chicks around here, just mostly heroin addicts and stuff that you don't want to touch with a ten-foot pole...but occassionally you'll run into a runaway or something who's really hot. This is cheaper at about $40 for a blow, $60 for a fuck and $80 for half-half. The third area is around East Second Avenue and Main behind the Burger King and McDonald's. There aren't many girls there anymore....but there are two or three of the half-dozen girls who work there that are really hot. THey're around 22, maybe, and long-legged. It's more expensive at $100 minimum, and you have to really haggle to get fucked at that price. Also there's a police station down the street and a lot of bicycle police ride to and from their assignments down that street so be careful!!! The fourth area is downtown at Richards and Helmcken Streets. The girls there are REALLY hot, at least on a more consistent basis than anywhere else. I've never picked any of the girls up from there, but there seems to be a good selection of age groups and race. The minimum is $200 I think, and that's the full course meal. But you still have to get a room somewhere for $35-40 bucks.

Date: 06-03-1996    Subject: Vancouver BC, Canada

Well being rather impressed by all the legitimate information I've gotten here I though I better contibute. My experience is mostly with Vancouver so I'll stick to there. Thanks for the hard work that makes this site tick.

As previous writers have mentioned some good places to start looking I'll skip the geography lesson and tell of some the deals I've managed to make. The first time out, I headed down to the Hastings strip and had a look. After talking to a few girls I got a pretty good idea of prices etc..I found prices to be specifically looks dependant. An 8 type girl cost around $150.00 for half and half and they often have a place nearby, so no extra cost. After picking one out who went to great lengths to assure me she was 18 we went back to her place. All negotion was done in my car after a mutual grope to prove neither was a cop. I got exactly what I paid for, a great blow job after which she mounted me and fucked me. After a little coaxing she let me get off on her tits. We had a quick shower and I drove her back.

The second time out I specifically asked less good looking usually older types for their pricing. Most were willing to offer oral for $20 in the car a fuck for $50 half and half for $80. A few I asked were willing to do anal, prices ranged up to $200.00 for this. Feeling brave I got one older lady and bargained her down to $150.00 for an hour session at her place including anal. I assured her I'd tip her well if I was really happy. We drove to her run down appartment, I handed her the cash and she slipped out to put it away I guess. She disrobed and I was pleased to see she was actually in good shape with nice tits. She had me roll over and rubbed my back and legs working me up. At this point she asked me to roll over and she proceeded to lick my dick till I was hard and then put a condom on me proceeding with a full fledged blow job. We had straight sex in several positions for about ten minutes then she got out a tube of lube and let me grease her asshole with it. She then proceeded to mount me from the top not looking at all uncomfortable as she began sliding it into her asshole. Pretty soon she was pumping vigorously as I rubbed her clit. I popped my load and she slid off making sure the condom stayed in place. We went to the shower and she actaully started to wash me off. I returned the favour and started to masturbate her with the washcloth. She actually came there in the shower and seemed really pleased. I was really surprised when she knelt in the tub and blew me again without a condom letting me see the cum as it went into her mouth. Well this was great and I tipped her a 100.00 with a promise to visit again. She said she was not going out again that day.

Last friday saw me off of work so I called an add in the Buy and Sell. You'll find it if you look under escorts. She was an Asian and her add is the only one that says "speaks Cantoneese and English". She was Taiwaneese very small and very cute. I called a couple times and her rates were $200.00 for the hour, full service, no funny stuff. I got to her place and she started with head right away putting a condom on before she'd even touch me. After I was hard she got on her hands and knees wagged her ass leaving me no choice but to fuck her. She was tight maybe even too tight I had a hard time getting it into her and shot my load in less than five minutes. Not a great attitude and I felt pretty rushed through the whole thing. Time to finish was about 25 minutes and I was ushered out immediately no shower.

Best buy in my opinion was the older lady. I had a great time and felt very welcomed, was allowed to touch her wherever I want no holds barred. This wan't true for the other experiences so make up your own mind when out buying these services.

A final word about picking up off the street. If they look like they're on drugs, they probably are so stay away and stay safe.

Date: 06-24-1996    Subject: Vancouver Canada street update

My favorite place for street action is the block surrounded by Seymore, Nelson, Richards, and Helmecken streets. There are usually around 10 girls, most are 20's, very hot, and out between 10PM - 3AM. There are also a few in the coffee shop at the corner of Richards/Helmecken (when they get tired of walking/standing on those high heels). If you don't find anyone you like, come back an hour later you should see some new faces.

The prices are standard among all girls on the block, so they say. And, I've got the same story and prices from 4 different girls. $100 = BJ, $150 = topless BJ, $200 = nude BJ, $300 = fuck, $400 = suck/fuck. (in CDN$).

Can anybody else confirm these prices? Maybe I look too rich or something (too dumb?). Anyway, its definitely worth the trip.

Date; 11-06-1996    Subject: The Whistler Report

Vancouver Area experiences:

Vancouver seems to have some of the best action around! I will limit my posts to my own actual experiences and leave the other resources on the net to provide the background about the city.

Lately, most of my experiences have been limited to the low track area of Vancouver. I have found that the pace just seems to be too rushed in the high track area and I guess I just like the excitement of this area. Recently I spent the evening cruising around and found that the rates varied from as low as $15 for a blow in the car to $60/80/120 with a room about 10 dollars extra. The first person I picked up quoted 20-60, but was completely open to negotiation. She finally settled on $40 at her place; she wanted "body warmth" so could go lower than usual. She was fairly haggard and was in her mid thirties-I passed.

Some of the other ladies out were very attractive, but seemed to be lacking in the warmth and personality department. I should mention that in this strip, the people out vary from obvious drug addicts to very attractive, but youngish-not very friendly girls. I am very reluctant to do anything in a car; I had a very close shave a while back-more on that later. I saw some evidence of police-it really seems to vary in this area. I know that the traffic regulations have changed so that unwitting cruisers can be picked up for minor traffic violations.

One final note-all prices are in Canadian dollars.

Date: 11-14-1996

More Vancouver Experiences-Whistler Report pt III

As I mentioned in my previous posts, I find the high track area of Vancouver to be pretty slim pickings. While the girls are plentiful and extremely beautiful, I have found that the prices are high and the service doesn't really match the price. The rates go $100-$200-$300 but I think that they are a little flexible-depending on the night. However, this gets you some time in a pretty dingy hotel and the time is rushed and very cold. These girls are just in too high demand to think of customer satisfaction. I guess what I am looking for is some kind of connection (as well as a great body and some hot sex) and the wimmen in high track just don't deliver. Instead, I have had a few good experiences in low track. Low track seems to span about 10-15 sqare blocks in the skid row area and the girls run the extreme from Transvestites, Teens, Heroin Addicts and the occasional woman who seems to want to pick up a few dollars (non-pro).

Recently I was in the area and found a girl that seemed attractive and pretty cool. She stated simply (when I pulled up) that she was working and seemed pretty coy and friendly (unlike the overly blatant approach of many of the women). I got her rates $60-80-120, and continued on, not wanting to stop immediately-I like to compare rates and attitudes before I settle. I drove off and came back about 15 minutes later-my mind made up, cash in hand. My dream girl (for the moment) was still there, but was talking to someone else. I patiently decided to drive around the block a few times, but by the time the other car was gone-so was she! I went up to her friend and asked about her-she was probably gone for the night; it was extremely wet and fairly cold. She also told me that she usually came back to the same spot at a certain time. Oh well-the first rule of the street-if a date is really tempting, chances are others will find her so too! I decided to call it a night and left (after waiting a while for my dream to come back).

I was back in the area two days later around the time that my dream girl comes out. She was talking to someone, so I patiently waited. As soon as she was free, I drove up again-she recognised me. I decided to take her out. I knew her rates and assumed that these were for the obvious--one thing that I often like to do is to cuddle and talk to get to know a girl beforehand. Her rates for these were essentially the same. We drove off in the car to a private spot and ended up pawing each other in the back seat for a while. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have had a close call in the car-I was nervously checking my rearview the entire time. She was a total sweetie, sensing my nervousness and telling me that we could go anywhere else that I wanted. We drove around for a bit-then I took her back. She was great-easy to talk to, sweet and cute & cool.

When I finally dropped her off, I got her cell phone number and gave her an extra tip, planning to have a longer, more intimate-safer session some time in the future.

Date: 03-30-1997    Subject: Vancouver BC

Steet action is spread through a wide area, the econo whores are near main and hastings, working housewives anywhere u find them. The expensive class stuff is at west end on seymor street near around

Date: 04-06-1997    Subject: Update on Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada: April 1997 All prices are Canadian dollars.

I made a brief visit last week to Vancouver to check out the lady action for the first time. Following on an earlier report, I went first to Orientique, a classy bodyrub place in Richmond, just south of Vancouver on the main road from the U.S. border. It's pretty easy to find, at 8271 Westminster Highway, on the 2nd floor.

The earlier post mentioned a girl named Brandy. My hostess had never heard of her, so she's probably long gone. But I can recommend without qualification a woman named Mika, 24 years old and from Malaysia. Very pretty, in fact extremely pretty and a fine young body. Warm personality and a wonderful touch with the hands.

Mika introduced me to one other girl, but Mika was my clear choice. She was the one who greeted me. She said 20 girls work there, the place is open 7 days a week and has some of the finest lookers in Vancouver. I can't argue with that, and Vancouver has some VERY good lookers.

The drawback to Orientique is serious, and it applies to everything that I sampled in Vancouver (which wasn't much, but it gives you an idea). That drawback is price. Orientique charges you $40 to get in the door and get a tour and a look at the girls. For a session you are told that tipping "starts at $100 and is mandatory." After a very nice 20-minute rubdown with your girl in a loose robe, you are invited to find out about the rest of the tipping policy. For an extra $150 you get a nude hand release. For $50 more than that you get a BJ. For $300 (in addition to the "mandatory" $140) you get full service, and Mika said everything is available from all the girls. I took the first option, $150, and left a very happy and fulfilled man. And considerably lighter in the wallet! However, I would go back to this place if I could afford it.

The only other "club" I went into was Madame Cleo's on Richards Street in downtown Vancouver. A very busty blonde greeted me, told me the routine (everything is negotiable in tips after an initial charge of $45 to $150 depending on what room you choose and how long you want to stay); basic fee can go on your Visa or Master Card with some discreet identification. Everything above that is cash only. She made it clear that everything is available, then introduced me to three other ladies on duty from whom I could choose if I didn't want her.

All the ladies were quite resistable, and I left. This place has quite a provocative page on the web at

Two blocks away was what I had been told is one of the best strip clubs in Vancouver, where ladies are often available sitting at tables. It's Penthouse, at 1019 Seymour Street. No cover charge, absolutely no pressure to buy a drink. Watched a strip show for a few minutes while scoping out the ladies who might be available. Looked to me like four or five of them were in that category and not with guys, though it was not instantly apparent. But several of them made eye contact with me enough to indicate that they could be interested (and I am neither rich, handsome or young, so they weren't looking at me for my raw sex appeal, I assure you).

I never bought a drink, just used the john and then stood at the back of the club near a table where three attractive women sat. Within 30 seconds the most attractive of the three turned to look and smile at me, invited me over to talk and within another 90 seconds she and I had decided to have some fun at a $30 short-time hotel room that was a $5 cab ride away. Her name was Jasmine, she's a very good looking, tall blonde, 29 years old and could easily pass for 25. From Toronto, likes Vancouver, works exclusively in the Penthouse, which she said screens the ladies very carefully. She has no financial arrangement with the club, just is allowed to go there and talk with the customers. The club is very selective, she said, because the ladies become part of the reputation.

The hotel was very basic but functional and clean. I would not want to stay overnight there unless I was very short on money and needed a place to crash and nothing else mattered. But it served our purpose. Like everything else in Vancouver, Jasmine is pricey. She wanted $100 just to go to the hotel, then told me that if I could spend $300 total there would be a blow job and for $400 total, her preference (no surprise, eh?) we could do everything. It's legal in Vancouver for her to do this work, but illegal to negotiate a price or talk about it in public. A street girl told me the same thing. Go figure.

I opted for full service, since I had already drained my bank accounts at a cash machine and had a wad of Canadian money. Jasmine was all business, though very friendly, very competent, full of smiles. She put the condom on immediately and started the oral. After five minutes she moved to the vaginal, after telling me her rules were NO touching her on the mouth or the pussy. We did it in three positions and I didnt' last very long. She was very organized, very well dressed, carried two pairs of shoes with her at all times and a cellfone. Also she kept her purse with her at all times, including every time she went into the washroom. She obviously doesn't trust her customers as far as she could throw them. This was a little annoying, though of course I had no designs on her possesions or her purse.

Our whole encounter was over in 30 minutes, and I had reduced my retirement fund by $400 and increased hers by the same amount. In retrospect, it was not worth it, though I liked her. I could have gotten most of the pleasure of our encounter just by talking to her for 10-20 minutes at the Penthouse, all for the price of a few drinks.

There is ample street action nearby, along Richards Street and Nelson. The ladies are very pretty, almost too made up for my taste. I talked briefly with one of them, but didn't do a thing. I think there are other hooker corners in downtown Vancouver, but didn't check them out.

To find out where the massage places (they call them body rub or shiatsu or relaxation services) are, stop at any Seven-11 or other convenience store and pick up a copy of the Vancouve Province. On the back page of their classified ad section, you'll see enough ads to keep you busy for weeks. For a larger selection, if you want to be busy for months instead of weeks, get the latest Buy and Sell classifieds at the same store. You'll find a few pages of personal ads there as well as club ads.

Overall impression in a nutshell: Girls are very good looking. Action is easy to find. Bring LOTS of money, because you'll go through it quickly.

Date: 07-31-1997    Subject: Massage palour in Vancouver

I went to the Massage palour in Richmond ( one block east of New Westminister Highway ) . It's name call Orientique. I got a good looking blondy with big breast. The massage only take one minute. And she start to negeoiate the price. She charge me Cad$200 for blow job only. $250 for nake( breast ) blow job. and $300 for all naked blow job. Her skill is not so good. I'm not satified but only for exprience. It's seem the price a little bit higer for me.

Date: 11-14-1997    Subject: Vancouver Buy and Sell Personals and Escorts

This a report about the Vancouver Buy and Sell Personals ans Escorts section and also a report on a very negative experience with one of the women in the incall section.The ad read "Hard Body",19 yrs,5' 3",pretty,discreet and friendly call Vanessa 515-9301.I called and was told it would be 150 for an hour of full service and 120 for 1/2 hr of full service.I opted for the 1/2 hr full service.

Vanessa was probabaly 26,she thinks she is a 10 but id give her a 6.After i paid my money she asked me if i would like a description of her services.I replied,"you said full service on the phone"......she replied"i never say full service on the phone".Just in case you doubt the validity of this experience,all escorts and incall sex workers will give a description of what they offer on the phone so that customers have an idea of what they offer,how could she maintain a business by never mentioning full service. What she then said was that for my 120 she would give me a short massage and a handjob.For 120 dollars?!!!!.

There seem to be alot of girls in the New West and Burnaby area that are using this trick so BEWARE.There are also a tremendous amount of lying bullshitting cunts in the Buy and Sell.I have walked away from more than a few. Just trying to set the record straight and hopefully get better service from the ladies.

Date: 11-19-1997    Subject: Vancouver escorts

I just finished reading the stuff you have for Victoria and Vancouver, and was impressed by the amount of info you have. I am in Vancouver and have visited a few escorts in my few years here, but one in particular stands out. Her name is Rhia, (it used to be Jade) she is oriental, 5'6", very pretty, shoulder length hair, small breasts, great ass, shaved, and extreamly nice. She says she's 19 but I weedled it out of her that she is really 22. The first time I called her agency, (Playfull Pussycats, now B.C.'s Naughtiest College and Campus Girls, advertised in the Province and the Buy&Sell.) she was very nice and patient as this was my first time calling an agency, (or for that matter paying for sex) she told me a few of the girls available that night. I asked her if she would be available, but for some reason she is not allowed to mention which one she is, she did however say that when I called back to say that Samantha had mentioned Jade (now Rhia). So I phoned a few other places and none of them seemed to be as nice as her, so I called back and made an appointment. She met me at the door and I was pleased with what I saw, as I said she is very pretty. She took me aside into a room and asked if I was a cop, I'm not, then I asked her if she was, which made her laugh. She has a nice laugh too. The price was $200 for full service, which is now down to $170. (this seems to be the average price amongst escorts for an hour) She gave me a BJ then straight sex in different positions. Since my first meeting with her I have seen her about 6 or 7 times in the past two years. I have explored almost every part of her body (I don't think she does Greek) and she seems to enjoy the attention. She doesn't kiss however. Afterwards she is really nice to talk to and if you can get it up again she'll go at it some more. I don't think to expect to be able to eat her out the first time you see her. She is well worth becoming a regular customer for. Enjoy!

Date: 04-20-1998    Subject: sex guide

I was in Vancouver few days ago, the streetwalker are still on Hasting Street near chinatown, some are good looking, and some are not. I didin't have time to check them out.

Date: 05-04-1998    Subject: Latest on Vancouver B.C.

It seems that your info on Vancouver prositution is somewhat out of date, so here is what I can tell you as of May 1998.

There are basically two tracks here now; the Seymor St. track and the skid row Hastings St. track, with satellites strung out (in both senses) on Kinsway between Fraser and Victoria Drive.

For the discerning businessman Seymor is the only way to go with prices starting at $130.00 Canadian for services ranging from very good to boderline ripoffs. Most of the girls here are under the tutelage of negro pimps doing the Vancouver-Seattle-Calgary-Hawaii circuit and their treatment often leaves these young ladies very bitter against men in general; not a good recipe for a fun time.

The Hastings track varies from the very bad (near Main St.) to some excellent deals out by Franklin and Clark Dr. In between there are numerous drag queens and transexuals with a very demented appearance. The area nearest to Main is to be avoided as this is the highest crime area in Canada and also our capital of heroin and cocaine injecting accompanied by the highest rate of HIV infection outside of Africa. When you scope these specimens you will either shudder with revulsion or derive a warped amusement depending on your own level of world-weary cynicsm. Sex in your car in a dark street is definitely a no-go as the police are now closely monitoring the area in the wake of much puritainical indignation from local do-gooders and journalists starved for controversy. Also, many of the girls will give you a nasty Winston Smith/1984 experience as many seem to be able to look presentable under the street lights only to reveal themselves to be premature wrecks with very bad teeth up close.

To avoid this stay away from Powell St. Shopping is much easier if you don't let them into your car until you have decided you really want that doggy in the window. My best recent experience was with Miranda, a Spanish beauty with really nice figure, excellent haircut and nice clothes. She's set up a nice little love nest for doing her business and she is smart enough to know how to do it without being in the least bit unpleasant. The only criticism I had was for her tatoos, but her beautiful face, big heathy tits, and excellent teeth made her a real bargain for a $60.00 blowjob and $100.00 lay. She can be found on Franklin St. just east of Clark, especially in the afternoons.

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