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Ulanbaatar, Mongolia

Date: 11 Mar 1997

Though this by no means will inform you, I have dedicated this text to all of those who find themselves -- for whatever reason -- headed for the netherlands of Mongolia. Believe me, this country has a lot more to offer than memories of Gengis Khan, pony rides, and mare's milk!

I spent two weeks there last Fall on an unforgettable business trip and enjoyed the hospitality of several fun-loving, male United States Peace Corps volunteers who seemed to know where the action was -- and who loved revealing that action to me -- especially, it seemed, if I kept buying them drinks. For all of those whose destination calls for a 3rd-World country, hanging out with the Peace Corps may be a tactic to employ: if you're an American, just think of it as getting some of your hard-earned tax dollars back. As far as I could tell, the United States Peace Corps in Mongolia mostly consisted of a bunch of bar hounds, drunks, scumbags, and fornicators: the type of people I cherish the most!

My first adventure with a Mongolian prostitute occurred at a large, modern dance club called "The Hollywood Club." As I was hanging out with my Peace Corps friend, a beautiful woman wearing tight jeans, a black vest, and little else, came walking up to me and said something like, "You're a poor English teacher. I feel sorry for you." I was in heaven! She had mistaken me for a penniless Peace Corps member. This woman attached herself to me all night and even followed me down stairs into the -- rather dingy -- toilet to watch me urinate. Maybe she was trying to fend me off from all of the rest of the prostitutes dancing in their mini-skirts, tight T-shirts, and stockings.

After that, we took a taxi back to my PC friend's apartment (in Mongolia, every car on the road offers rides for a small price if it so chooses), and seriously got down to business. At this point, while I was taking off her clothes, I was a bit suspicious that she had not requested any money. But, once I got my clothes off and prepared to engage in intercourse, my fears were immediately realized. She began to struggle with me and then, right there, demanded money. Her price -- what she termed "taxi money" -- was 3,000 Tugriks, which, when I thought about it, only amounted to about five dollars. I obligingly gave her this amount and then received a blowjob and a nice, active, yet decidedly drunken screw.

Since Mongolian prostitutes definitely do not operate at hourly rates (the hotel scene is too sketchy for that), I had her for the entire next morning -- in which she proceeded to clean my friend's apartment out of the goodness of her heart -- and, after buying a lot more drinks -- had sex again with her in the afternoon. My Peace Corps friend, who, up to this point accepted his womanless position gallantly, got his turn at the plate after I was finished and she had woken up from her drunken stupor. After this, we then walked her to another hotel bar, where she would begin another night of quite exhausting labor.

Stories like this abound about Mongolian prostitutes: if you meet them on a right night, after they have made a lot of money off some wealthy Hong Kong, Korean, or Japanese businessman (sometimes these poor suckers will pay something like $500 for a night) and you can feed them enough drinks, they may go to bed withr you for free or next to nothing. It seems that many of these prostitutes are alchoholics and are addicted to the scene of cheap dance music, being wanted, looking sexy, and, most importantly, sex. They are also, for the most part, quite nice, and speak an incredibly sexy version of World Slut English (just hearing them say "sex business" or "Oh my God" was enough to drive me crazy).

Though I have many more tales that I could recount about those two weeks, I will merely list several of the clubs that I was lucky at, mention some of the prices, and tell you about some of things that you should look out for.

Beware: All stated prices are from the fall of 1996. The Tugrik, Mongolia's national currency, is undergoing intense inflation, so everything may be a lot more expensive even now. U.S. Currency is greatly appreciated everywhere.

Ulaanbaatar Hotel Night Bar (ask any cab driver for "Ulaanbaatar Zowchid Buudal") 1$ cover Drinks: 3-4$ Every woman sitting at the bar is more than likely a prostitute. Just sit down and they'll come up to you and ask you to buy a drink for them. For the most part, they're all real sexy, dressed nice, and extremely open about sex. Since most of them know some version of English, don't sweat the language barrier. Remember: Filling them with drinks will be to your best advantage. Watch out for a couple of the women -- usually the hottest and most seductive -- whom you will observe furtively giving directions and advice to the other girls. They are definitely in charge and experienced: true pros, not just girls trying to make a quick buck to purchase a new dress or pay for college tuition. Have fun, dance, and act like a complete dope: they love stuff like that. Prices: FREE (If you work it right at the end of the night!) -- $50. There might also be a taxi fare of around $10-20 thrown in: more and more of the girls are hiring huge dudes to escort them around the city. The police can be extremely hostile at times and may rape or beat them. Nevertheless, though the taxi and the muscle-bound driver are there for her protection and convenience, I would myself be a bit wary of getting into a situation like this. They have way too much control over where they can take you.

Bayangol Bar Drinks:2-3$ This place is similar to the Ulaanbaatar Hotel Night Bar, except for the fact that the staff seems a hell of a lot nicer. An older gentleman will meet you at the door, shake your hand, and mutter the word "girls" a few times. Take your seat, buy a couple of drinks, and have a good time.=20

Hollywood Club (close to the American Embassy: ask any taxi driver for "Gollywood Cloob") 5$ Cover A large, dance-orientated nightclub. Women of all types come here and the prostitutes are less likely to simply walk up to you and introduce themselves. You might even get lucky and go home with a straight woman free of charge since there is a fine line that delineates a prostitute from a mere slut.=20

There are about four other places similar to the Hollywood Club that all cater to the young, wealthy class of Mongolians. They all contain a smattering of prostitutes and many snotty eighteen-year-olds who speak flawless English and whose daddies are worth some bucks. Don't waste your time with them, even though you will want to and despite the fact that they are dressed just like the prostitutes. All of these dance clubs are easy to spot in the central area of town. Since they all looked the same, their names do escape me at this point. I wasn't successful at any of them and got a bit bored listening to all the drumming bass beats and watching all that nubile, leggy fleshy jumping around.

There is a strip of street-hookers who hang out in a park right next to the parking lot of the Ulaanbaatar Hotel. These women stand around and wait for Mongolian guys to pick them up in their cars. Though I heard that a lot of them are real cheap (sometimes they just accept vodka), they didn't seem all that attractive.

For homosexuals, in this park there is a large statue of a turtle where much of Ulaanbaatar's gay community hangs out.

Now, since I always crashed with my "dates" at the apartments of Peace Corps volunteers and other members of the Ex-Pat community, I'm not too sure where you actually take a lot of these girls once you have met them and negotiated a cheap price. I heard of one place behind the "New Capital Hotel" (off of Peace Avenue) that was popular until it was raided a few months back, much to the embarrasment of a group of Japanese businessmen. Many of the prostitutes, though, have their own places; though, since their children are usually sleeping soundly in them, they are a bit reluctant to use that as an option. It is difficult to secret a prostitute up to your room if you are staying at one of the larger hotels. =20

Any more advice? Watch out for the police. Prostitution, though the laws are not enforced, is illegal. The police, if they catch you, may simply go through the hassle of busting you in order to net a small bribe (they only make something like $50/month themselves). Watch out for drunk men while walking around with your "date." Many of them are extremely xenophobic and become outraged at the sight of one of their cuties walking around with a tall, dorky-looking foreigner. Mongolian men are the largest of all the Asians and are nurtured on a twisted ethic of masculinity, hauling sacks of flour and coal, vodka, and wrestling. I wouldn't mess with them. Many of the prostitutes didn't seem to have condoms on their possession. Though Mongolia, officially, only has one case of AIDS so far, only an idiot would fuck without a condom. Many of these women take sex trips down to Bejing (they all work at the Holiday Inn "Lido" down there) and who knows what they could catch. Cheap, Malaysian condoms can be found at the small kiosks that litter the sides of all the major thoroughfares. You should probably bring your own, or, better yet, borrow some from a PC volunteer.

Hope this was of some interest to all of you out there!

Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 Subject: Small rectifications

An important fact about prostitution in Mongolia is missing: There ARE prostitutes, but they are not fuckable (literally!), because they don't wash, and thus stink, just like the rest of the population. Sorry if this observation sounds "racist." It's not racist, it's simply accurate.

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