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Uherske-Hradiste, Czech Republic

Subject: Brothels in Moravia (Czech Republic)

I would like to add to another contributor's experience, that you can bay Sex
Guide for measly 90 crowns at (almost) any gas station in Bohemia and
Moravia, which are the historical lands Czech Republic consists of.
[I mention this because
a) one show his intelligence and education and appreciation to locals,
especially in Moravia, which is the more eastern part of Czech Rep. - with
Brno, Ostrava, and other cities
b) to call anything in Moravia  as being Czech is as offensive and lacking
sensitivity as calling Glasgow English city, or forget that Munich is great
Bavarian city (not that it is not German, too, but being in Bavaria for almost
3 years, I have almost never seen a German flag, but blue-and-white Bavarian
flags were at every Gemeinde (city hall))]

Well, regarding brothels.  Surprisingly, (or, not surprisingly at all),
"bordely" and "nevestince" as local Czechs and Moravians call brothels or
bordellos, are the best run industry in this country.  I have been in as a Sex
Club Joe in Uherske Hradiste, a small district city in eastern Moravia, about
50 miles east from Brno, about 30 miles west from the Slovakian border, on the
main route Brno - Uherske Hradiste - Trencin.

Right in the middle of residential area, with walking distance to a local pub,
school, and a big high rise public housing, there is a nice 2-story stucco
house.  Open 9 PM to 4 AM, it requires 2,000 Kc ($ 60) admission which is
reimbursable either in drinks
(ranging from 50 to 100 Kc to more) and/or in sex (2000 Kc for 30 min., 2600
Kc for 60 minutes).

Everybody is polite and willing to help you (with small-city familiar touch),
about 6 girls available were 6-9, all 19 to 35, all slender with right
proportions, dressed in sexy gymnastic attire.

Place was amazingly clean and accommodating - with neon signs, good music,
leather sofa, first class bar service where you can run tab.  Very safe
feeling, too, as this is run as a private club - you have to ring the door
bell downstairs, then a manager opens, and locks the gate behind you.

After one drink, I was very politely approached by a couple of ladies, and
chose one.  After couple of drinks she asked me if I want to go to the "room"
which I oc course wanted (she was pretty 19, light brown, natural, nice body,
pleasant and friendly).

After manager was paid off (Kc 2600 for 60, from which he deducted my
remaining "balance") off we went to the "room" (nice dark environment, round
bed, shower) and we had one of the best 60 minutes of my life with her being
helpful, submissive, cuddling, doing missionary and doggie, eating pussy,
anything I wished came true.

Well, to cut the story short, I returned back couple of times and always asked
the same girls (who told me that she studied at the university in Moscow, and
wanted to earn money to start her own business and/or career).

Yes - she was Russian - I don't know what some other guys can have against
Russian ladies, I have found this one fantastic.

I can recommend all guys looking for quality establishments, they are not only
in big cities, they can be found virutally in every small district town in
Bohemia and Moravia (and Czech Rep., i.e. Bohemia AND Moravia, has about 80

And, what is even more important (especially to guys like me who are scared by
Midwestern anti-prostitution crasades in Cicero and elsewhere as well as by
crime in America in general), the attitude of authorities and of the
population in general is generous, and the environment is unbelievingly
orderly and safe.  As a result, there are no rip-offs.

George, the Russian lover.

P.S. Sex clubs still do not advertise very much, except Erotic Guides, and
many (including Sec Club Joe in Uherske Hradiste - Maratice) are not listed,
and one has to be lucky, and asking fellow travellers, receptionists, taxi
drivers, etc.

P.P.S.  Despite the above mentioned generosity, do not ask aboaut
bordellos when visiting family and/or friends, unless you are in men
only situations, and even then it is not highly recommended.  There is
still little bit of petit bourgeois hypocrisy out there, and
especially (and understandably) wives do not like to admit the
existence of those establishments.  The right word is that they are
just tolerated.  Also, because of the level of average Czech salaries,
your male partners mey resent your going to those sex clubs (you can
spent about third of the average Czech salary while having a 60
minutes of joy).

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