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Turin, Italy

Date: Thu, 10 Aug 1995 13:04:13 UTC

Prostitution in Italy is legal. However, it is illegal to promote
it. The best is to look for private services in some "studios".
Streetworkers are a bit more of a problem, but I never saw
myself in any situation that could be named as dangerous.

I will describe the situation in the northern italian city of Turin.
However, most of what I'll say also applies to most other italian
cities. There is a lot of prostitution in the city, not just restricted
to a few bad neighborhood blocks but spread out in many parts of
town. This could came as a surprise if you've never been to Italy

The best way to obtain services from a girl is to buy a local newspaper
or, even better, the periodical "Secondamano" that contains ads
only. In the latter, there are about 6 pages of ads, grouped under
the section number 803 (comunicazioni-incontri) and 903 (Salute e
belezza-Massaggi). You'll find a brief description of the girl
and a phone number. In most cases, you'll hear an answering machine
when you call, with further info about the girl and the address, but
no info on the prices. Everything in italian, but you should only
care for the address at first.

The standard fare for a basic service (a bit of fellatio and
intercourse, say half-an-hour service) is about 100.000 lire (45 US
$). Condoms are used in all cases.  You can get a full service for
200.000 lire (cum twice, at least one hour service). Usually you get
to kiss her tits and even to lick her pussy - 69 is pretty common.

These places are nice, ample, with clean beds and natural light
in big rooms. Usually you can have a shower before and after
the service. You can find a range of OK to excellent girls.
Ages run between 18 and 45, and many types of services are
available (anal, s/m, pissing, etc). I could not find any pregnant
services though. Most of these girls are italian, but there are
a few brazilians, caribean and nord-african girls too. It's
a good idea to tip them and ask for a slow service, otherwise you
could risk being blown in 5 minutes. There also very nice girls
from southern Italy (mostly from Sardegna) which are my first
choice. In most of these "massages parlours" you'll find only
one girl. Working hours tend to be until 9 pm but you'll find
several possibilities. If you are planning a visit to Turin, please
let me know via e-mail and I would be happy to give you some
phone numbers for the best sex in town.

As for streetworkers, the situation is much more chaotic. There are
lots of illegal immigrants who decide, or are forced, to go into
the streets to make for a living. Besides standard italian whores,
you'll find here many african girls (mostly from Nigeria) and from
Eastern Europe. Some Latin-Americans too. You can find them
after 3 pm till 2 am, and the best places are corso Massimo D'Azeglio
(italians), corso Unita' d'Italia (africans), Via Nizza in front of
the train station (Porta Nuova) (here you have the largest concentration
of drug users) and all around the large Parco Carrara (africans and
eastern europeans). The park is safe at night, there is constantly
some police around but you should not be scared by them, in fact
the place is safe because of the police. It definitely hosts the
largest number of professionals in town.

The usual fare for a basic service (includes intercourse) is 50.000
lire. If you want to go a place (usually just a bed, not very clean)
you pay 30.000 more. Double service is about 100.000 lire. Always with
condoms. If you don't want to spend in a place, you can do it in your
car, but it's very uncomfortable. The girl tells you to drive to a
quiet place were the action takes place. I never heard of any robbery
related to this practice.  My impression is that you have more odds by
picking a girl from the street than using the standard "massage
parlours". In any case, I managed to find a lovely, sensitive, warm
girl from Morocco working as a streetworker.

Have a good time!

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