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Tulsa, Oklahoma

Date: 22 Sep 1996 08:39:05 GMT

Try action escorts.  they're in the phone book.  Friends say
they have some nice ladies.  There are several others in the book
in Tulsa, but I'm not sure about any of them now since I live out
of state these days.

I also used to live in the main "red light" zone, so if you're
wanting to know where the street action is, it's mainly on 11th
Street from Peoria to Utica (and sometimes up to a block into the
adjacent neighborhoods), 11th from Yale to Sheridan esp. around
the Desert Hills Motel, and in the neighborhood bordered by 5th
Street, Lewis Avenue, 11th Street and Columbia Avenue.  The women
are HIGHLY variable in quality, and usually most frequent on
weekends.  Some get to be looking mighty nasty to me at least,
but I suppose appearances are relative to some out there....

Also be warned:  Tulsa PD is quite aggressive in prostitution
stings and such!  They definitely dislike prostitutes, but they
go after the "johns" pretty hard.  I don't know if they do escort
services stings.... Happy hunting!
local paper isn't interested in doing that), but the local TV
stations love to tag along, etc.  I've never heard of the TPD
doing stings through escort services, but that's not to say they
haven't or won't.

Happy hunting!

Date: Fri, 17 Jan 1997 10:51:59 -0500 (EST) Subject: Tulsa OK Prostution If you can make this anonymous, please do so Tulsa is home to a growing number of jerk joints: Body and Sole Alternative Therapy Professional Therapy Massage by Adonna Personal Touch DeBeautique The Centre At Ease. Body and Sole, Massage by Adonna, Professional Therapy are probably the best. Full service is most easily available at DeBeautique but the quality is suspect, and the facilities are terrible. Personal Touch is also in the suspect category. Prices are $30 for 1/2 hour, $40 for full hour. Tips for handjob are $40 typical.. most will include topless for that. Some girls want more for the topless thing, especially those well endowed. Some times unknowns have to go 2-3 times before the towell comes off. Ask "Didnt Brandy work here?" Shes worked at all of em one time or another... kinda a tipoff youre cool.. Always say youve been there before... but its beeen awhile....
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 1997 08:19:49 -0700 Subject: Red Light Dist. In addition to the previous mentioned places in Tulsa Oklahoma. there are usually some working girls on Main street just north of town. These girls tend to be older and hard drug addicts.Extreme Caution is advised! You should be cautious of where these girls suggest you park. I have heard of a few setups and you CAN'T call the police if it happens. Every now and then I see some of the regular girls working Admiral between Memorial and Mingo. There are a few cheep motels around there where you don't have to show ID to rent a room. I usually let the girl get the room, even if I have to give them the money. I haven't had a problem yet.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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