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Toulouse, France

Date: Mon, 24 Jul 1995 13:29:06 UTC


Tel: +33 61 20 15 38

Three masseuses: Catia, Patricia, Sophie
300 francs in underwear
400 francs nude
from 2 to 6:30 pm
only one masseuse every day
Catia: short and thin, curly black hair
She will accept fingers in her cunt or to have her cunt licked for
free if she is horny -- but not always.
The three masseuses give good hand jobs; no blow job and no full service.

Street Sex

Around gare Matabiau (Matabiau railway station)
and Place de Belfort
Avoid Place de Belfort: most of the prostitutes are drug addicts
price: 200 f for a blow job
a lot of black prostitutes from Togo on boulevard Matabiau
male prostitutes on Cours Dillon
cross dressers neer compans-Caffarelli

Swingers club

hetero: Le Cercle 43 avenue de la Gloire Tel:  +33 61208070
hammam sauna, swimming pool, bubble bath, bar, labyrinth, video rooms
open every day, check the opening hours typically 14h-20h 21h-2h
(except monday-closed)

gay: Le Garage 8 rue du Pont Montaudran Tel: +33 61624222
they have a dance room with large video screen (techno clips,etc.)
plus a labyrinth with x-rated gay videos...
open 18:00 pm to 02:00 am (04:00 am on Saturdays), closed on

American Bars

In a French "American Bar" you can generally do French kisses with the
hostess and can get a hand- (if you are lucky blow-) job.
It is generally 1000francs for one hour with the hostess
There are eight to ten such bars in Toulouse.

Le Petit Trianon
70 quai Tounis
+33 62 26 72 70
If you fantasize about old women...

19 rue Caffarelli
+33 61 62 09 69

Le Byxou
11 rue Moulin Bayard
+33 61 62 26 28
The only one where some hostess DO NOT accept French Kiss. Generally
they are young and cute.

17 rue Maury
+33 61 62 28 52
Very elegant place

Le Mogambo
1 rue Andre Mercadier
+33 61 62 81 00
The cutest girl is the barmaid; but of course she is not an hostess...

11 rue de Thionville
+ 33 61 62 71 26

L'Angeles Club
15 rue de Thionville
+33 61 62 32 32

Le Rubis
28 rue Gabriel Peri
+33 61 62 91 97
One of the hostesses is REALLY cute!

Cat Club Victory
98 allees de Barcelone
+33 61 21 31 17
The oldest one in Toulouse. Very easy to find: it is a boat on Canal
de Brienne.

Le Curieux
7 rue des 3 Piliers
+33 61 23 10 71
The hostesses are rather ugly. Sex (penetration) is possible but no
French kissss.

Le Rio
16 rue Heliot
+33 61626282
My favourite bar in Toulouse; you can actually get everything
from the hostess:
hand job, blow job, cunt licking, full sex with penetration,
blow job can be performed without condom (at least for me- was I lucky?)
penetration is with condom
about 1000francs for one hour
if you come just before 8 o'clock you can take an hostess for a dinner in
a restaurant nearby the hostess must be back at 11pm
you have plenty of time to stop in an hotel for one or two hours after dinner

Bondage & Domination, Sado-Maso

Maitresses alexandra +33 61625906
fully equipped dungeon-many things possible
beginners to very hard
1000 francs - one hour

Maitresse Benedicte +33 09 51 29 06, about 40km from Toulouse by Motorway A68
Only interested in 'long duration' domination
typically 1800francs for half a day 4000francs for two days
very well equipped dungeon in former ballroom
she can welcome you for a few days and you will sleep in her private 'jail'
very realistic medieval gaol
she is in her mid-50's, not pretty, but ruthless
No sex possible
She can pierce you very efficiently if you want to
wear intimate jewels; you can be a male or female slave.

Maitresse Marika : +33 61 54 72 80

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