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Toronto, Canada

Legal Situation:

Prostitution Status: Legal.
The age of consent: unknown.

Finding Women:

Magazines with information: For information, check out the weeklies "Eye" and "NOW" with plenty of massage/private girls.
Newspaper/Phonebook Keywords: unknown

Travel Reports:

  • The Toronto City Council has recommended to create city operated brothels or to allow streetwalking in certain boundaries. For details, read the corresponding Eye article.
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  • Date: 06-28-2001

    I would like to provide you with some information on the scene in Toronto. Please do not use my name. All dollar amounts are in Canadian Dollars.

    Massage Parlors:
    They are the best places to go if you are horny and need some action. You can look them up in the back of any Now (or look through the adult classifieds in Eye, or free newspaper/magazine in the Toronto area . Also, any place that has a glowing "Massage" "Shiatsu" or "Health Center" sign is pretty much guaranteed to be a massage parlor. These places are usually open pretty late, up till 4-5 AM, although there is one 24 hour place that I know of on Finch & Dufferin. They are usually very clean and have seperate rooms for each client equipped with a massage table, a shower stall, and a sink. There is usually dim lighting and soft music playing. A massage costs $40 for 30 mins, and $60 for the hour. This is just for a basic massage, followed by a handjob, and you pay this to the madam at the front desk. You can choose whichever girl you want (they parade the available girls in front of you) and take her to the room. Then the chick asks you to take a shower and undress. After that she will go over the "extras". It's $20 extra for topless, $40 for nude, $60 for nude reverse, and $80 for body slide. Body slide is when both of you are totally naked, and she will put oil on you and titfuck you, give you a handjob, tease your cock with her pussy (no intercourse though), rub her body all over you, and stuff like that. You can touch her anywhere, and you can cum on her body. If you think you can manage to cum more than once in the session, you should tell her in the beginning. Sometimes they don't mind, other times they charge $20 extra. If the girl likes you, she will go a bit further. I have actually had sex with 2 girls in massage parlors (once with a condom, once without), received one blowjob, and gotten one phone number (she wanted to date me!!). In neither of these cases did I ask for anything special, I think they were just horny. These girls really know how to give good massages, and you can pretty much get any ethnicity you want. The girls are pretty good looking on average, and sometimes I see total knockouts. I recommend getting a body slide as it is definitely worth the money. I usually go to massage parlors when I have friends or colleagues in town visiting, and not once has anyone been disappointed. Some good massage parlors I have been to are on Steeles Ave (across from the Ferrari showroom), one downtown in the Yorkville area across from the Mr. Sub, and a couple near Highway 7 & Keele. There are probably hundreds of massage parlors, so check the newspapers for the locations. One last thing, the most accommodating chicks are the Asians. You get the most bang for the buck with them.

    I have called escorts a couple times, usually when I'm with some male friends and we're really drunk and horny. We look in the yellow pages under "escorts" and there are about a million listings. They run anywhere from $150-250 for the hour (meaning per fuck), and the agency gets most of the money. You should tip the girl on her performance accordingly. We have gotten escorts about 6 times but thery were very average looking girls, and don't seem to be too pleased doing what they do. I would advise getting either higher priced hookers or contacting them directly through ads placed in Now and Eye newspapers. This way they make all the money and they are generally much happier and enthusiastic.

    There is a place called The Sundowner and that is probably the best strip club in N. America. There are very, very hot girls there, and most of them offer extra services. I have been there 3 times and have gotten a lot of lap dances with different girls. Dances are $20, but the good part is that most girls offer extra services. I got a blowjob w/condom for $130, and a handjob for $40. They do these in the lap dance booth, but they are not allowed to, so whenever a bouncer comes by, they immediately stop. This can be quite vexing at times. Most of these girls will go back to your hotel with you for sex. One absolutely gorgeous stripper said she would come with me for $500, another told me she would give me a blowjob in my car for $100, and yet another offered to go to the motel conveniently located next door for $400. The girls here are definitely above stripper average (which is quite high to begin with), and you should check this place out. It is about 15 minutes away from the Casino, just ask a cab driver to take you there.

    Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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