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Topeka, Kansas


Date: Tue, 01 Apr 1997 12:48:55 -0800 Subject: Update for Topeka I need to tell you that something is wrong here. Maria is no longer working there and hasn't since about april of '96. I know the lady that runs this place and the rest of the write up is fine. I'd like you to update you write up so the place doesn't appear so bad. To help you I've writen one up here: Foxy Ladies Escort Service Topeka, KS. It's located 5 miles south of Topeka on old HWY 75. The number is 913-836-2350 call for directions. There hours are 11:00 am to 11:30 pm Monday through Fridays and some times on Saturday. The hours may change so it's good to call in advance. The prices range from $40.00 to $200.00. This goes from a handjob to what ever you want. The girls are usually very good as the bad ones get weeded out. If you don't like the girl you get go back again and try another girl. Debbie runs the place and is very good at what she does and also have large breasts. I'd try her first and then experiment around with other girls or tell her what you'd like and she'll tell you who to see and when they work. In all it's a very friendly place and they treat you well.
Subject: [ASP] Topeka Review-Foxy Ladies-Kiley Date: 21 Jun 1997 20:23:41 GMT I have been reading the newsgroup for the past several months and decided it was about my turn to contribute, so here goes. Many thanks to all those who regularly contribute their experiences. I moved to the KC area recently and have been looking for a regular spot to go for adult entertainment ever since. Topeka is relatively close and I had read the reports in the WSG about a place called Foxy Ladies (913) 836-2350. One review wasn't so good, and the other review said they were ok; so I decided to give them a chance. They are about 5 miles out of town on Hwy 75 South, and their hours are about 11:00 am to 11:00 pm Monday-Friday. I was surprised they weren't open for the weekend. Apparently noone in Topeka wants to get laid on Saturday or Sunday. I called a few times and inquired about who was available. They said they had several girls who worked there, but the only ones who have ever been available when I called were Brandi and Kiley. I suspect they are the only two employees at this time. I expressed a preference for slender girls and was told I should ask for Kiley, and to call before I came to make sure she was working that day. I decided to go up on a Friday after work for some stress relief, and called ahead to make sure Kiley was available. Kiley answered the phone and said she would be there. I left work a little early and got there about 5:00. I had no trouble finding the place, and when I pulled in, there appeared to be one other customer already there. As I got out of the car, the main door opened and a large, rather homely girl looked out. I said I was there to see Kiley and she told me to go to the other door to the right, and Kiley would let me in. If that was Brandy, I'm glad I asked for Kiley. I knocked on the door on the right, and a few moments later I was met by an attractive girl in a robe who introduced herself as Kiley. I thought she was probably nude underneath the robe, and the thought of it got me excited about the session. She led me through a dimly lit corridor into a dimly lit room. She told me it would be about ten minutes, and she would return. She probably had to finish up with the other customer. The room had a couple of chairs and a bed. There was a very dim light and a couple of candles burning. Overall it was ok, but I prefer more light. They played country music that filtered through the room. As I lay on the bed and looked at the ceiling, there was a clear panel among the suspended ceiling tiles. I wondered if there might be a camera up there trying to catch some Kansas lawmaker in the capital city doing something politically incorrect. Kiley returned in about ten minutes as promised. We made a little small talk and she asked if I had been there before. I told her I hadn't and she asked to see some ID. After she was satisfied I wasn't a cop, she told me their prices ranged from $40 to $200, and asked me what I had in mind. I told her I wanted to spend an hour with her for about $150. She said that for $150 I would get 25-30 minutes and could have my choice of either oral or regular intercourse. I told her I knew I could get an hour for $150 in Witchita or Columbia (see WSG), and I probably wouldn't be a repeat customer if that was all I could get for $150. She said that was all she could offer and asked what I wanted to do. I chose a regular session and gave her the money. She said I should get comfortable (naked) and she would return in a few minutes. I have a bad back from a prior disagreement between a car and the motorcycle I was riding, so real athletic sex is not something I am into. I prefer to spend a relaxing time with a pretty female and talk and carress in an unrushed atmosphere. I also like to find one place and one girl I am comfortable with and be a regular. Since I was having incall and they only have two girls working, I should have realized that they were primarily interested in getting their customers "in and out", so to speak. I wondered what the $200 would have gotten, and decided it probably would have been the same 30 minutes in time, but half and half. Kiley returned and revealed the nude body that I had originally suspected was under the robe. She was cute with short blonde hair and a slender figure with small breasts. She lay down on the bed, told me she didn't allow kissing on the lips, and immediately started yanking on my tool. I told her that even though I only had a half hour, I would like to just talk and cuddle for a while first, and we proceeded. She was actually very nice and I enjoyed the conversation. I wish we had been able to spend more time together. She told me she was 30 years old and the mother of 4 children. I was amazed. Her body showed very few signs of having 4 children, but I thought I detected some stretch marks in the dim light. She said she also did some barbering as a regular job, and in looking back on the experience, it was about as close to getting a haircut as sex can be. Not that it was bad, but I suspect she treats her barbershop and her sex customers with a similar frame of mind. In both cases, it's a job to be finished in a friendly and courteous manner in a short time frame so you can get on to the next customer and more $. That might be ok for a haircut, but for a sexual encounter it just isn't totally satisfying to me and doesn't earn my repeat business. Anyway, after protected sex, we cuddled for a couple minutes, she cleaned me off, put on her robe, and said she would see me at the door to let me out. After I dressed, I left the room and she showed me out, with a smile and a hug. As I walked to my car, I couldn't help but notice it was the only one in the parking area. I certainly understand the need of a mother with 4 children to make $, but since there weren't any other customers waiting; I'm not sure what harm would have been done by giving me an unrushed session and trying to get my repeat business. I called back a couple weeks later, and said I would like to give them some repeat business if I could negotiate an hour for $150, and talked to Brandi. Again, she and Kiley were the only two working. She said their pricing policy was firm and since I had been there before I was aware of what it was. To satisfy my curiosity, I asked what I would have to pay to get an hour. She said they didn't negotiate prices or talk about them on the phone and I could come up and talk to them in person if I wanted. I didn't want to drive all the way from KC and pay $150 for a rushed session, so I thanked her and hung up. Overall, it was an ok experience, but there are better values. Will I go there again? Probably not. I liked Kiley well enough to see her again, but I will keep looking until I find someone I am comfortable with who is satisfied with $150 an hour. Happy hunting. I will try to post more experiences in the future.

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