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Toledo, Ohio

Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 04:39:31 UTC

     Unlike Cleveland and Columbus, Toledo is pretty wide open for massage
parlors.  There are several Asian places in the Yellow Pages and the one I
checked out (in 1989) was pretty good.  Entry fee was $40 and I got a good
blow job for $40.  Sex was available for $60, but not anal.

Subject: Toledo Massage Report Date: 4 Jun 1995 13:36:20 -0400 I recently visited two "All-American," full-service massage parlors in or around Toledo, Ohio. Results were rather disappointing, but others might have better luck. The first place I tried was Utopia Health Club, which is about 10 miles southwest of central Toledo on Woodville (?) Road (Hwy 52, I think). My main reason for checking out Utopia was a favorable review in the AMERICAN SEX SCENE guide. If you're familiar with this magazine, you know they're usually pretty accurate when they describe services available. (In one instance, on the other hand, they claimed that a well-known, family hair salon near me offered hand jobs!) Their review said that Utopia was popular for full service, and they definitely offer it. I've never been to an "All-American" spa that spelled it all out so freely. As the session was about to begin, I simply asked the girl, Theresa, whether it was time to discuss the tip. She responded, "Well, we charge eighty for oral, a hundred for straight sex, and a hundered twenty for half-and-half." No mention by me of anything remotely sexual. Pretty astonishing. Unfortunately, Theresa didn't quite meet my standards for a girl I'd like to fuck. In her early thirties, she was more than a little overweight and worn-looking, with an uninspiring, blase attitude. I offered her thirty for a hand job, and she agreed. The session proceeded routinely, largely because my interest turned more to checking out the place than to getting any hot love action from Theresa. When I wasn't asking her about the biz, I was listening to the moans and squeals of the girl in the next room, who I'm sure was giving full service. I'm not sure whether other Utopia girls would make their sexual menu seem more inviting, since Theresa was my only option, and I couldn't get a look at the one having fun nextdoor. But, if you're in the market for incall sex in the Toledo area, you can be sure of finding it at Utopia. Next stop was Tiffany's on the other side of town, on West Central Avenue near the freeway. I chose Tiffany's because they sounded promising over the phone: choice of girls, fully private rooms, and the girls work for tips. As it turned out there was only one girl out of three who I considered acceptable. A thirty-something blonde, Ashley was surely the oldest, but the only one with a decent shape and face, and signs of a personality. Having climaxed less than an hour earlier at Utopia, I wasn't planning to ask for a fuck unless I got a girl I just couldn't pass up. I asked J.J. anyway, just in the name of research. She quoted me a ridiculous price, like $200 - I forget exactly. Then she ran through the other various session options: lingerie, topless or nude, hand jobs, reversals, etc. Without haggling, I settled on a topless hand job with touching for a $50 tip. J.J.'s work was a lot more arousing than Theresa's, and her body offered more interesting territory to explore. Totally missing, however, was the kind of fun, sexy, imagination that my favorite girls bring to a session. J.J. was plenty friendly and good spirited, but kind of matter-of-fact. She complimented my erection, so I said she was welcome to kiss it. That prompted a tiresome lecture on how I would need to tip more, put on a condom, and should have asked for a blow job beforehand, etc. "Sorry, it was a lousy joke," wasn't enough to stop her. On the plus side, she was very accommodating when I found it hard to ejaculate as the timer neared the end. Tiffany's is much more friendly overall than Utopia, over the phone and at the entrance. At Utopia, you press a buzzer and pay through a tiny window. When I asked if I could see who was available, Theresa said, "Just me." If I had a choice, I would still have needed to pay first. At Tiffany's I got to see the girls before deciding. On the downside, Tiffany's rooms aren't truly private. A peephole in the door allows the room to be monitored, and J.J. said it sometimes is. Utopia is indeed private, and nobody but the girls was around. Theresa was answering the phone (she said she usually does), which she kept on the floor in our room. When a call came for the other girl, Theresa "paged" her by shouting through the wall. I got the impression that J.J. was Tiffany's star attraction, but I can only guess at whether Utopia can do better. It may be that Toledo's sex trade just doesn't have much to offer. Another night, I visited their sleazy, downtown strip clubs, vainly searching for anything more appealing than Klinger in drag. Mostly, I found fat, homely, druggy-looking chicks with slightly less body hair. I eventually got a topless hand job with finger fucking in the corner from a good-looking blonde, but it wasn't easy. If you care to try either place, they're hard to find. Utopia is about four miles past the I-475(?) exit, on the left, in a stretch of mostly rural road - their address is actually in Milbury. It's in the dimly-lit, left half of a small, one-story commercial building of unfinished wood with an unlighted sign on the front. Tiffany's is around the right side of a used car dealership, in an attached structure looking like the place you would enter to bargain over an '88 Taurus wagon. CMG
Subject: toledo scene Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 10:06:08 UTC It is true that Toledo has many massage parlors. However, I find that masseuses refuse to shave a man even though they may bathe him. I enjoy being shaved. I have tried to get a shave at several Toledo massage parlors. I have always been refused. However, some girls from outcall services are quite happy to oblige me.
Subject: Modeling Studios Toledo, Ohio Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1996 22:41:36 UTC In Toledo, Ohio, there is no difference between some of the lingerie modeling studios and the massage parlors. Some are hands off, but there are a couple that are hands on. I have frequented a few Loraines, Excetuives, and others, but the one I like the best is the Jolly Trolly II at the intersection of Telegraph Rd and Detroit Ave. I have frequented the place on a regular basis. In my pursuits, I have learned from all of the places in town from the models that "feel" you out to see if you are OK or not. If you act like a cop, you will get nor be offered anything sexual. The key is to be "relaxed" she said. If the guy gets comfortable in the room (naked) and shows he is not a cop (touch yourself) or attempt to touch the model. Start tiping lightly. Ask what a big tip will get you (oral, straigt, half-and-half or hand release). Ask straight out. Alot of guys walk in, ask about touching or sex right out. These people are either real ignorant or cops.
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 1996 00:05:04 -0500 TOLEDO-OHIO There is a great Escort Service called Elegant Escort. Great girls! No playboy bunnies in overall looks, but the three times I used it, the girl had a great body and even better attitude. The sex was great! There are some other Escort Services but the above one is the best. Expect to pay between $180-$200 cash. It's worth it.
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 1997 23:47:02 -0500 Subject: toledo, ohio oriental massage parlors: if you've ever wondered where old worn out nasty oriental sex industry workers go when the top shelf parlors won't take them, it's toledo, ohio. all of them, Fuji, Rose Blossom, Tokyo and Rainbow and Airport have the nastiest, rotten-toothed, flabby legged old hags you've ever seen. to top it off, they're offended when you ask who else is available and will curse you as you leave. am i nuts or don't these operators know that if we're going to spend our hard earned dollars in their establishments we expect pretty young ladies? is that such a difficult concept to grasp? street scene: downtown toledo on Monroe, Jefferson and Adams (which run north and south) and the cross streets 10th thru 21st there are a few black girls. be very careful, there is a city campaign to clean up the street scene and you will see nightly busts taking place if you cruise thru a couple of times. during the daytime the better quality girls are out, but they're fewer and very cautious. you're playing with fire on the toledo streets. they will publish your name in the local newspaper if busted. escort services: beware. this whole scene is basically a ripoff. if you get a nice girl you're very lucky. lots of overweight and scuzzy women in the business. most notably, beware executive at 472-5888. a guy named frank will promise you playboy caliber girls and guarantee satisfaction. i got a young puerto rican girl who was tiny and cute with firm 36D. other than a couple of scars from knife slashes, she probably hadn't bathed in a week. removing her panties revealed stained underwear and cottage cheese. needless to say i told her to dress and called frank who promised to make it right. she slipped out of the room while i was on with frank. frank promised to call right back and either send another girl or return the money. the rest of the night the answering machine screened calls and i left town ripped off. do not use this service under any circumstances. also, there are a couple of services who send nasty women over and once in your room will not leave unless you pay in full. make sure you agree up front on a cancellation fee if she does not meet your expectations.
Subject: [ASP] Toledo Ohio has good times Date: Tue, 31 Dec 1996 12:59:33 -0800 This is only my second posting. If you have advice about how to improve, tell me. I travel I-94 between Detroit and Chicago often. I was very disappointed when the places in Michigan City, Indiana closed down, and like Jackson Michigan, they advertised on billboards, but unlike Sun Spa in Jackson Michigan, Michigan City, Indiana offered excellent service. Toledo Ohio also has some excellent places with lovely women who can make you feel good, at least in the Asian massage houses. I haven't been to all of them, because I have favorites, but I've never been disappointed by the Asians. I also visited a couple caucasian places in Toledo a few years ago, and I got ripped off. Some recent reports indicate caucasian places in Toledo can deliver, but I'm still hesitant. I'm still looking for a good incall place, perhaps an independent lady, in Toledo or Ann Arbor. I'm clean, neat, gentle, a gentleman, I respect women, and I do what I can to be welcomed back. As for the Asian massage houses in Toledo, a couple excellent ones have gone out of business, but let me refer you to three that are great. Fuji on Reynolds Road, Airport on Airport Highway, and Tokyo on Airport Highway. Airport spa is more expensive, by about $20.00, but the service is excellent. The attendants make you feel like a king. Tokyo is also excellent, but the ladies change often, and I like to develop a conversational relationship. The place is neat, clean, comfy, and the ladies really know how to take care of a man. Don't be fooled. Tokyo is in a old house, out in the country, well lit, and the neighborhood makes it look like a dump. The inside is ok. Last time I was at Tokyo, a month ago, I was met at the door by Mimi, a Korean waif with big curly hair. She is really cute. I told her I'd been there before, a prerequisite if you expect full service, and she showed me in. In Korean tradition, you used to be required to remove your shoes, but not anymore. I miss the Asian tradition. I gave Mimi (obviously not her real name) $60.00 for the hour. I always take the hour because the shower is a must. If you respect women, you need to be clean. She led me to the room with a full size massage table. (I'll give some details, even though familiar to me from previous visits.) I got "comfortable" and received the shower. Only drawback here - the shower is standing up - no table shower. Mimi gave a good shower and asked if I or she should wash the privates. I told her to go ahead, and she used the chance to tease me a bit. I moaned and told her it felt good. It did feel good, plus Mimi and I were now on the same page. Back at the room, we stood and hugged. I took off her bathing suit top and caressed her breasts. She said she would not do anything else without more money. I gave her $100, and she left for a few minutes. She came back, and we were off to the races. I love slow gentle caressing with lots of foreplay, for both of us. She immediately responded in kind, and there was no rush. It was excellent. We had manual sex, oral sex, and intercourse (always with a condom), and she was slow, gentle, and unrushed. After an hour, or whatever, we were done. She helped me clean off, and we talked for awhile. I left feeling fully satisfied and relaxed. On another trip I visited the Airport Spa. This is an old business, small office, on the south side of the road, closer to Toledo than Tokyo. It is a Korean establishment. At the door, I was asked for $60.00, but I was told that for $80, it would be better, and for $100.00 the best. I said I couldn't afford $100.00, and she asked me how much I had. I simply opted to pay 80.00. The massage rooms only had massage tables. The table shower was very erotic and suggestive. I could have cum right there. In the room, I offered $100.00 for everything, which I soon received. The lady was excellent. A bit older, about 40, but OK for me. Experience is better than youth. She was an excellent performer, and she wanted me to think that she was enjoying it. But she did it in a loving way, not loud or wild movements, just gentle and unrushed. I know I'm buying a service and she's providing a service, but her response to my desire to be gentle is wonderful. The last time I was there she was gone, but the new person was also excellent. They now want $150.00 for full service on a bed. Airport is operated by an older, short and plump woman, who has cliental who come just to visit her. She must be good. She frequently answers the door, but she always gives me to one of the other women. I've never seen a very young attendant there, but they are good. The last spot I've been (that is still open) is Fuji, on Reynolds road, south of Airport Highway. Fuji is in a small strip mall. Over the years, businesses have come and gone from the strip mall, but Fuji is always there. Now, Fuji is the only business in the strip. I think the owner of Fuji owns the whole building, because I've seen her coming outdoors from some of the other doors, and she maintains all the landscaping for the whole place. I'm comfortable at Fuji, but it might put some others off. When you enter, you are shown the least appealing girl. If you say "OK" you get her. Although she's experienced, you'll later see others that are much prettier. If you say "No," another girl immediately appears. The second is prettier, but not up to snuff, so again I say "No," and I start to leave. The Mama-san immediately grabs my arm and drags me further into the lobby while she hollers for the pretty one. The Mama-san knows me, she cooks for me, and always we go through this game. Some of the attendants don't like this game (They've complained to me about it.), but we do it every time. Mama-san always knows I'll stay, and she know's I'll hold out to see the last lady. There is always one good looking attendant, so be persistent, and threaten to leave. This game is unnerving, and if you don't like it, go to the Tokyo. Also at Fuji, take your own condoms. Usually the attendants have condoms, and Angie can put one on with her mouth, while she'd chewing gum. Unbelievable. On other trips, however, I've been asked to supply my own condom. For me, no condom means no sex, so I always bring one. Over the years, I've been with many attendants at Fuji. Even though the name of the place is Japanese, the staff is always Korean. The Koreans frequently use Japanese names for their establishments. I've never been treated poorly at Fuji, although on one visit the attendant was having an argument with the owner. The owner followed us into the shower room and kept up the argument, even during the intimate parts of the shower. Lilly, the attendant, was upset, and the session was a bit off, but OK. It was my second visit with Lilly, so I knew what a really good session could be, otherwise I'd still be happy. Recent attendants include Angie. WOW, what beauty, and what an excellent time. $160.00 for the time of my life. Too bad she wears so much make-up and has implants, otherwise she'd be an 11. Another excellent lady was Coco. One less than best is Tina. Tina is old, and she's flaky. For awhile you think all is OK, and then Tina starts ragging on you - just like someone turned off her "be nice" switch. Of course all these ladies never tell you their Korean names. Korean names are very private, and as all women in the business keep something private, with the Koreans it is their name. Even if they give you an Asian sounding name, it is not their own. There was one exception. I love to have oral sex with the ladies. Sometimes they fake cumming, sometimes maybe they actually cum, but I'm like Clinton - I like to please women. One of the women, Moon, seemed to like what I did. The sex was the best I've ever had, and she went way out of her way to make me happy. When the session was over, she gave me her home phone number, in Akron, and invited me to her house when she wasn't working. I went for a weekend visit, and it was great. I did learn her Korean name, highly unusual, and we had a great weekend. Boy, making love with her was terrific. She cooked for me, and we went dancing. Very nice. We corresponded for a while, but when I tried to go back for another weekend, she lost interest. She kept working at Fuji, where she welcomed me with lots of hugs, kisses, and great sex, but I couldn't visit her at work because Mama-san didn't like our friendship, so I found other places in Toledo, long since closed, until Moon moved on. This was several years ago, and I've lost track of her, but I'll never forget her. What a lady - to be much respected and loved. Back in time, there used to be an excellent place in Lorain, OH. I got to know one of the women (working name Laura) very well, and I spent many nights with her in one of the massage rooms with a mattress on the floor. (I'm still now sure why the owner allowed this). Eventually, Laura invited me to her apartment. She fed me, and we went out together, but as soon as she invited me to her apartment, the relationship went to hell. She allowed her professional life to spread over to her personal life, and she/we couldn't handle it. She hollered at me, scolded me, and loved me. Too much emotional up and down for me, so I quit visiting her. Too bad. As for the place in Lorain, it was closed for prostitution about 10 years ago, and the owner, Pak Song (her real Korean name) was sent to prison for 25 years for running a house of prostitution. Well, back to Toledo. There are some modeling places and other Asian spas. I haven't been to them all. One recent report to ASP favored the Jolly Trolley on Toledo's north side. When I was there, the attendant was laying down on a sofa and looked so bored, I didn't want to disturb her. The three places I described above keep me busy enough, and there is plenty of variety, what with the constantly changing women. I find, that as I get older, I prefer to see the same lady over and over. The constantly changing faces, a situation that was very appealing a few years ago, is no longer to my liking. One hour just isn't long enough to establish a rapport. In closing, I like Toledo and you will too. And if you can help me find a good independent's incall place, I'd love it. Next report, one short visit to Philadelphia. Responses are welcome.
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 22:19:17 -0700 Subject: Toledo,OH Report Utopia Health Spa has been busted as of about 5-97 and authorities are trying to permantly close it. I think because of this the girls at Tiffany's are being very paranoid. I have never been refused service at Tiffany's before but today the girl would offer nothing but a massage. By the way this was the best looking girl I have ever seen at Tiffany's, her name is Sierra. The street action is pretty lame lately too. I think because it's an election year and the police are trying to clean up the streets. The places you can still find girls are on Broadway between South and the High-Level Bridge. These girls are mostly crack and/or heroin addicts so don't expect much.
Subject: Toledo Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 22:16:15 -0500 As of The first week of May 1997, Utopia Health Club has been closed. An injunction issued by the courts has been posted on the door by the local police. Utopia has been closed due to an undercover investigation by local police that resulted in the arrest of three of the women on soliciting prostitution charges. "Theresa", mentioned in the 1995 review of Utopia, was one of the women charged. Readers of this list should also be advised that the TOLEDO POLICE assisted and advised in this investigation. I am not sure if this means that Toledo itself is cracking down or what. The girls at the oriental places I frequent (Rainbox, Fuji) seem a little more cautious, but that is all. It should also be noted that the owner of Utopia also owns "Relaxation Station" in Fostoria, Ohio about 30 miles South, mentioned elsewhere in the Ohio information. The speculation in the local papers has been that the unemployed women from Utopia will be shifted to Relaxation Station. This seems to be the case since Relaxation Station has exteneded their normal closing hours from 10 PM to 2 AM, and is advertising "all new girls" in their ads (they never do this... really). Utopia has been raided, and closed before. And it has always re-opened. This time does seem more severe, and I think this may be the end of Utopia! I have never been to this place so I cannot comment at all about it...can't say if it is any great loss. Just wanted to keep this guide up to date on the situation!
Subject: [ASP] toledo, oh. info and req Date: 1998/03/26 i've had a few expieriences at the oriental spas in the area, most good, some so-so. most info in the WSG is still mostly correct. here's my .02 on a couple (i didn't give the gory details because all of my sessions, wherever i go, are basically the same as all the others posted in this ng) rose blossom health spa: way out w. central (rt 20) about 15 mins. past the last traffic light in town. only been there once, since it wasn't fs. if i'm wrong, or was just there on a bad day, please let me know ($40 .5 hr, $60 hr, $20 hj) fuji health spa: on ryan rd. off reynolds, across from southwyck mall, behind superamerica gas station my only dislikes are the curtains instead of doors in the rooms and the small tables that creak and wobble when it's time to 'roll over'. they usually have good looking young stuff that rotates fairly regularly ($40 .5 hr, $60 hr. $70-80 bj, $100 fs) yoko spa: on airport hwy between chrissy and eber about 3 miles east (before) the airport, used to be a house a personal favorite of mine, large tables, doors that lock, only problem is the stand up shower, but the shower is still my favorite part (o.k. maybe 2nd favorite part). they generaly have a very good looking staff but they seem to tend to stay for a long time. ($40 .5 hr, $60 hr, $70-80 bj, $100 fs) chang mi health spa: byrne rd near airport, in the same plaza as 'deja vu' and 'the field house', a very good club, 18 and over so there's usually many young drunk women, but also many young drunk punk bastards, but i digress. the description is more or less the same, haven't been there very often because with a strip club and a huge bar next door it's kinda hard to enter or exit without a large audience. (see above for pricing) anyone have any info on on 'executives' on alexis in the north end? american staff? do they provide pay-per-screw? standard pricing? any info on the new place on telegraph and detroit. 'oriental spa' is the name i think.
Subject: [ASP] Models Inc. , Toledo Date: 1998/03/29 Avoid Models Inc. They promise beautiful models, and send ugly skags who demand $60 if you want to cancel. Better off to go to Detroit.

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