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Tidewater Area, Virginia

Date: Sat, 14 Oct 1995 17:04:08 UTC

   My last posting asking for information on the Norfolk-Virginia Beach area
produced several  replies along the lines of `I'm looking for good
information too' and one humorous one from poor, misguided Shiftless who is
of the opinion that I'm really from the Virginia Beach district attorney's
office (we call them Commonwealth's Attorneys, by the way).

  One of the massage places and phone numbers was for a place called A
Heavenly Hand. My experience is that while I got an excellent massage and got
the kinks worked out of this old bod, it was totally non-sexual. No hint
whatsoever of any ``extras.''

  So I headed out for Shore Drive. Cruised up and down from Little Creek to
Ocean View 2 or 3 times and saw nobody that looked promising. Anybody know
specific areas where they hang out or side streets?

  So I'm 0-for-2 now and I decided to drive over to Newport News. The
downtown area was once full of streetwalkers, but since I had last been
there, a block of buildings had been torn down and a combination bus
station/police station was built between 34th and 35th streets. I found
probably a half-dozen possibilities, 2 or 3 down around 30th St. on
Washington Ave., another at 34th and more up around 48th at the dingy, run
down Shipyard Apartments.

  I stopped and talked to a black girl with the shortest white miniskirt I've
ever seen on a side street around 30th or 31st. She offered a blow job for
$20, but didn't have a place to go, just wanted me to park behind a building.
That's not my style and I also had seen two pairs of police officers on
bicycles, so I didn't want to take the risk. She was a bit nervous because of
all the police presence and wanted me to show my dick to her. I did, and she
let me feel her pussy. Did that for 2 reasons, one that a lady copy likely
wouldn't let me and also I wanted to make sure she was really a girl. I read
a story in the paper there once that the cops did a hooker roundup one night
and found out that 8 of the 12 ``girls'' were really men.

  I drove around a bit more before I found a white girl on 36th or 37th who
had an apartment and gave me a blow job with condom for $20. Thin girl with
small tits, but she did a pretty good job and didn't rush me. Said she would
fuck for $40.

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