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The Hague, The Netherlands

The Hague : Here are three streets where you can see girls behind the
windows. All are in the neighbourhood of the railway station Holland
Spoor. First there is the Geleenstraat, here are mainly eastern europe
girls and dutch girls. Prices are from Hfl 50,- for simple fuck or suck,
girl keeps clothes on. For about Hfl 150 you get suck fuck and licking her
cunt for 30 minutes. The other streets are to the left of Holland spoor
and there are mainly african and south american girls; prices can be

Subject: The Netherlands-The Hague Date: Tue, 17 Oct 1995 20:00:24 UTC As I have lived here a long time I know my way around town. In The Hague you find three streets close to each other which have girls in the windows. The Geleenstraat is the best of the best with the most gorgeous women, but be prepared to pay and pay for a good result, the intake price is $35. The Doubletstraat offers more foreign girls and $35 gets you a suck and a fuck. The third street is close to the railroad station and is a meeting place for junks and robbers, so be careful. A lot of foreign girls and johns. The low end of the market. ALSO after 22.00 hr. the streetwalkers do their job behind the Hollands Spoor railroad station. 99% have aids or are HIV infected. This is really the pits and should be avoided. The Hague offers a vast array of clubs and girls working from their homes. They all start around $65-75 for a half hour. More for extra services. Anything goes as long as you pay the right price. The girls are from drop dead college students to fat old broads. You can come and have a look without any obligations. You can find the telephone numbers in the Haagsche Courant. Most speek english. Also lots of escort services they charge more as they start at $100-125 for one hour minimum. they come to your hotel and appartement. In general the girls are very nice and have no nasty habits of hassling you for money. They French kiss suck and fuck and basically love to have a good time themselves.
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 1996 04:55:39 UTC The Hague: There are 3 streets where the girls are sitting behind the windows. The Geleenstraat has some very good looking women where the price starts at 50 guilders and rapidly goes up. Mostly East European with a few Dutch. The Poeldijksestraat also near Centraal Station is more downmarket. Here you find African and South American women. You have to look hard but maybe you find a nice South American girl and for 35 guilders you can go in. Offer 50 and she will suck you without a condom and let you come on her chest. If that's not cheap enough there's Doubletstraat nearby which is similar to the last place. Here the prices start at 25 guilders.
Date: Sun, 19 May 1996 14:49:27 UTC This is an account of a visit to an OPEN SEX club in The Hague, The Netherlands. The "club" is located at van der Duynstraat number 109. The telephone number is +31 70 3893944. The club is in essence a bordello in which sex may be conducted in public or in private. It is perfectly legal to pay for sex in The Netherlands and you will enjoy the total candor, freedom and lack of hypocrisy, absence of come-ons, rip-offs etc. What you get: For 100 guilders (about $60): You can fuck twice (2x hoogtepunten -- climaxes -- as it says in the newspaper ads), if you wish, and stay as long as you like. In practice, most customers fuck once. What you pay for, over and above the 50 guilders you would pay in a local red light area, is - time (no rush) - a bar (regular price) - the chance to watch some action - an extra fuck "on the house" (if you're up to it) The action is not some feeble "lap dancing" or other nonsense, but honest to goodness sucking and fucking -- in public or in private. The club is open from noon to midnight and has about a dozen girls on duty during the day and, surprisingly, fewer at night (7-8). It seems that a lot of the clientele are people who can take a long lunch. 2 PM on a weekday is said to be the best time to visit. Almost all Dutch girls speak English. However, not all of the girls are Dutch. If you telephone to enquire about the club you may or may not speak to someone who speaks English. If you do you may find the conversation a refreshing change if you've ever experienced "we couldn't possibly discuss that on the telephone" syndrome or "you can discuss anything else with the lady". You will hear up front that you can choose a girl to fuck, that you can fuck in a private room or, if you would like to fuck in public, that there is an "open sex" room. For f100 you can fuck twice; there are no extra costs except your bar expenses. The first open sex club I came across --ever-- was Scotty's in Delft, not far from The Hague. Scotty's was an ordinary little bar with two differences: you had to ring at the door to get in (the door was answered by a girl in lingerie) and there was a large bed in a room at the back (like a stage really) with a lot of chairs around it. When I first visited Scotty's I was the only customer -- it was early in the day -- and I didn't stay. Next time I looked for it, it was gone. A pity, as the ads had advertized "vrijen aan de bar" (fucking on the bar) and this sounded worth seeing. So, it was having failed to find Scotty's open still that I visited van der Duijnstraat nr 109 (note Duyn and Duijn are synonymous; pronouce it "downstraat" if you need to ask directions, it's close enough. Duin=dune by the way, as in sand dune). The street is a few minutes walk from the Hotel Mercuure in the center of The Hague in a dreary and slightly rundown area. From the outside there is nothing to see and little to distinguish nr 109, apart from an awning over the door and a conspicuously large nr 109. The outer door you will find open. It leads into a passage which is narrow and dark. Your pulse will go up as you walk along this! At the end you will find, to one side, a changing room with lockers. Strip off, take the key, and give the bartender yr f100. He's around the corner tending a small bar. He'll give you a towel which you may nonchalantly drape on your arm to cover your erection if you are shy about it or your non-erection if you are shy about that. Now you will see a very large room, with a large double bed in the middle of it, and love seats arranged around the room. The main problem immediately obvious here is that you are not going to get any close ups of any fucking on the bed from the vantage points around the room. It's just too big (whereas Scotty's little bedroom was hardly much bigger than the bed). You will be told to go and sit down and you can amuse yourself by watching two things happening 1. guys who are regular customers getting some treatment from their regular girls (little massage, oral, condom putting on, more cock sucking and then.. off to a private room in most cases) 2. guys who look as if they think they're invisible as long as they don't catch yr eye During this time available girls will introduce themselves and you can choose the one you want to fuck. I chose a girl called "Angela" who told me that she also works at a club in Amsterdam called Safe Sex. Angela was a big girl, black, and stunningly beautiful. She was positively popping out of a gorgeous white lacy bra and had lovely smile. Her breasts were incredibly firm and very inviting. She was literally like a model. The other girls, a mixture of Dutch, African and South American, were pleasant looking but Angela was gorgeous. We went to a private room (slightly tacky decor and a bit dark) and had a very nice unhurried fuck. I tried a number of positions and had quite an eyeful in a mirror, when fucking her from behind (with her kneeling, her melons in my hands). Finally, when we were ready to finish things we switched to the missionary position and she bucked her hips with a good rythm to empty my balls (I hate women who just lie there... I've fucked a few of those). Afterwards we went to the bar and had a beer and watched some people coming and going. There's a little couch beside the bar and here I saw some oral action from right close up, and also a large black guy pumping his cock into a little white pussy. In the first case the lady was tender and obviously dealing with a regular. In the second the guy didn't communicate much and, in turn, was rewarded with a lady who seemed (and probably was) a bit bored. His cock wasn't exactly rock hard (unlike the earlier guy's much smaller one). In both cases they eventually went to a private room to finish the fucking. I waited a while to see if a crowd would materialize, hoping to see a gangbang or lot of fucking going on in the open sex room. However, it was a slow day and I got bored and left fairly soon. While I was at the bar quite a few girls went to and fro, many naked or close to naked and all laughing and joking as if they were completely unselfconscious about and happy to be working in a bar in which the girls can and do have sex with the customers in public. They were! I will go back to The Hague and nr 109 sometime at a time when it's likely to be busy and there's a lot going on. If I'm lucky it should be like going to an orgy<g>.
Date: Sun, 26 May 1996 09:13:23 UTC In The Hague there's a place called Club Doma which is a real SM joint and not somewhere I've been. There's a LOT of bordellos ranging from a few teenagers with a VCR to high class rip off joints to housewifes working on the side, quiet little private houses, you name it. But, if public fucking is what tickles your fancy the next stop I know is Amsterdam. Incidentally, I think a good time to visit nr 109 would be an evening with a football match (like Holland v Germany, say). They put in extra TVs and gangs of guys go there, so the girls told me. I can imagine that it could get pretty hot, but perhaps a bit wild too. Been to anywhere interesting in Holland? I can give you exact directions to a super blow job and wonderful fuck, for f25 apiece, if you ever go to the hague. take care
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 1996 18:22:11 UTC Atta, Yes, the brothels in The Hague advertise in the daily newspapers; the Haagse Courant, Algemeen Dagblad etc., also the free local papers. They vary immensely in quality from small and inexpensive to large, very glitzy and expensive (Paradise Club, Mayfair etc.). The latter also advertise in the tourist literature. I've tried most place and I figure that they're basically a waste of money, as, apart from the chance of watching some action at nr 109 you can get whatever you want elsewhere for a lot less money. I've been lucky to find two very nice girls who I have visited regularly. The first gives a super blow job without a condom (as I'm a regular, but she might do it for someone clean looking). She's small and not very much of a handful. The other is bigger, attractive, with big tits and loves sex and goes for it eagerly; by far the best fuck of dozens of others I've tried. I can give you precise directions to find these women in a street in the hague. The surroundings are not high class, sleazy in fact, but the fact is the girls are good, the sex is nice and the price is right (f25; and if you tip you'll be very welcome the next time). The street is Doubletstraat. Only drawback is that the girls don't speak English. However, in the case of these two I never found it a disadvantage at all.
Subject: The Haque, Netherlands Date: Mon, 3 Mar 1997 21:51:22 +0100 To update your registrations of the whorehouses around the world, I write to you about the mentioned van der Duynstraat 109 in The Hague. It's one of the few open sex clubs there are in Holland anymore. A few years ago "open sex" was fashionable in quite a number of clubs, but today a fan has to look out for them. The club opens at 12.00, but as this time there ar only a few girls present. It takes another hour when all hands are on deck. All (8) girls were of coloured skin from Dutch colonies. In principal it is an open sex club with a large bed placed in the middle of the barroom but the young, and pretty girls don't like or even refuse to fuck in the presence of spectators. The advantage of being early, when there are more girls then customers, they are likely to be pursuaded. There's a relaxing atmosphere and for f 100.- you can fuck twice, if you like with the same girl. As the only customer at 13.30 hours I had the pleasure of inviting a young girl to the barroom-bed. At first she was reluctant, but her older collegeas encouraged her to do so. They even told her not to undress completely, but to keep on her high boots. I could notice she was nervous and somewhat unexperienced. Nevertheless i had a wonderful time with her. Within a few minutes she forgot the people around us and she took the initiative to a blow-job. After an half an hour of french kissing and stroking I penetrated her in doggy-style and the girls in the room started with soft voices encouraging me. Coming became an joyful event to all.
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 1997 18:24:14 +0100 Subject: 109 Club The Hague Hi guys, Here is a report on my recent visits to the 109 Club in The Hague, Holland. When I first arrived I was met by a women who explained it was 100 Guilders for a girl. The only problem was she would not let me see the girls first. Anyway I decided to pay the money and take my chances. I paid the 100 guilders and she showed me some lockers and told me to strip off and put on a bathrobe. I then went through to the main room. It was as described before except I didn't think the bed was too far away, it was about 12 feet from the couches. There were about 10 girls there and 5 guys. The guys were sitting on couches and being fondled and kissing their girl. Each girl came up and introduced themselves and went and sat down again with no pressure. One girl explained that for the 100 guilders you got to come twice with the same girl, first time fucking, second time a hand job. I chose a very pretty black girl who came over and sat with me and immediately started the action. Whilst this was going on a new guy arrived and chose two girls for 200 Guilders and I could hear him telling them he had read about the club on the Internet the same as me. It then dawned on me that the girl I was with was called Angela so I asked her if she also worked in a club called Safe Sex. It turned out that she was the same girl described in a previous article. I told her about this and she was thrilled about being on the Internet so I promised to call again and bring the article. Anyway we continued the foreplay and watching the action. She asked me if I wanted a blow job and when I said yes she got up to go to a private room but I said no I wanted to stay there. She then striped of all her clothes and tried to take of my bathrobe but I refused because my intention at that time was to stay in the public room for the blow job and then go into a private room to fuck her. So she went down on me to give me a blow job with all the girls and guys calling encouragement. The next thing I knew she was sitting on my lap pushing my dick into her tight pussy and fucking me right there in the public room. After a few minutes she turned round and sat on my dick again but this time she was facing everyone in the room and giving them a treat. After a few more minutes of this my resolve to go to a private room crumbled and I took her over to the bed and fucked her there. When we finished she took a bow and told the audience she would be taking a collection later. We then went and sat down chatting and fondling for about 30 minutes. Another girl came and sat next to me and started playing with my dick. I protested a first because I didnt want to pay another 100 Guilders for the second girl but they explained that I didnt have to pay any more, she was going to help Angela with my second orgasm that I was due. They then got out some oil and started on me. I am kissing and playing with Angela while the other girl is working on my dick. Angela spread her legs and encouraged me to play with her clit giving every one in the room a grandstand view. A third girl then came over and joined in the action. This was to much for me and I soon came a second time. Wow I have had two orgasms in a hour in full view of everyone. I then promised Angela I would call back in a few days and bring her the article from the Internet. My second visit proved to be even hotter than the first one. I called back as promised but Angela had a dentist appointment in 30 minutes, so I gave her the article and grabbed another beautiful black girl called Jacqueline. The club is fuller this time, its about 2 in the afternoon, with about 8 guys there. Me and Jacqueline retire to a couch where she takes her top off and starts to play with me whilst Angela reads the article about herself out to everyone. After a while Jacqueline asks me if I want a foursome with a guy and girl on the next couch. When I say yes she jumps up and pulls me off the couch saying party, party! The four of us then retire to a private room to party. These two girls really got into the swing of things and seemed to be really enjoying themselves sucking us both and having their pussies and tits sucked at the same time. The action was so hot that me and the other guy both came whilst having a blow job. Jacqueline then asks me if I want my second orgasm now or later, I opt for later so we retire back to the main room to chill out and watch the action. After a while the massage oil comes out again and Jacqueline proceeds to work on my dick while another girl plays with my balls. This seems to be the way it works with the girls helping each other out to bring the guy to his second orgasm and it certainly worked with me because in no time at all Im coming a second time again in full view of everyone. If you plan to visit this club download this article and show it to Angela and Jacqueline and tell them the guy who wrote it is coming to visit again real soon.
Date: July 10, 1997 Subject: Sex on my European Vacation Club at van der Duynstraat 109. This was a really nice club and well worth the time to visit there. I arrived about 1 p.m. and was met at the door by the woman in charge. She asked for 150 guilders, but when I told her I saw several posts on the internet saying the price was 100 guilders, she let me in for the 100 guilders price. She informed me that for the entry price, I could select one of the girls and go to a room with her, then come back and have a fuck, blow job, or hand job in the public room. She showed me to a locker and I was given a robe to wear. There were 9 girls sitting on couches when I arrived and 1 or 2 left during the time I was there and 2 came in during that time. There were only 3 or 4 men there, and no concern was made for keeping the robes closed. In fact, I got to watch several of the women fuck the men there on the couches. The girls were pretty nice looking, mostly 8's and 9's and a couple of 7's. I chose one of the 9's that spoke English, though I suspect they all speak English but didn't want to. I let her know I was American to avoid any confusion. We chatted on the couch while I drank a coke, provided for 5 guilders. Afterwards we went up to the room - it was a steep and narrow stairway with low overhead - so WATCH YOUR HEAD (I bumped mine on the way down). We stripped naked and then chatted some more and had fun caressing each other's body. She gave me a very nice long blowjob and I returned the favor by eating her pussy - these both lasted about 45 minutes and I was concerned for time as she had said 1 hour when we went upstairs. She told me I didn't need to worry about the time, it wasn't important and she didn't hold to the 1 hour - it was just a guide. She got really wet when I ate her and it appeared she had an orgasm during that time too. She sucked me a bit more so I was good and hard, then we had intercourse for about 15 or 20 minutes and it was really good too. All sucking and fucking was with condom of course. I finished and went downstairs and she joined me about 5 minutes later. She immediately grabbed my cock and some lotion for a hand job, but I hadn't had time to recover yet, and it wasn;'t getting hard enough fast enough for her satisfaction, so she left to converse with another man who came in and asked for her. I forgot her name, but it started with a T (Teeta or something like that). I watched the fucking and sucking in the public room and stroked myself hard again, but Teeta didn't return until an hour later and then she ignored me as did the rest of the girls. I waited another half hour, and when it appeared no one was going to come and give me my second time I got dressed, paid the 105 guilders and left.
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 1997 23:46:57 +0200 In Den Haag the scene differs from Rotterdam in a way that you have 'windows' here. There are three streets with windows. Because they are already discussed in the guide I will put up some experiences here. Most of the times I go to the 'Poeldijksestraat' which is close to the HS railwaystation ( three minutes walk). Here you find South American and East European women. Prices are 30 or 35 guilders for fuck/suck. The best girl I ever had was an Argentinian girl named Sholly. She sucked me without condom and made me scream, real scream! Because this was so intense I went back there many times. One time she went back home one month and when she returned she said she would give me 'special treatment' because I was such a good customer. I think she was nymphomaniac because she started to suck me and did this appr. 45 minutes! I screamed like hell and had to beg her to stop. Within two minutes she finished me and asked me if I was in for a fuck because she got horny. What a question! I could not walk for a week! A pity for me but she left home early 1996. Another great girl who is still working here is Lucy, a small but buxom blonde from Cali, Colombia. She used to work together with Sholly. Very fine lady! Just give her some extra and you will have a great time. I once asked her to sit on my face and jerked myself off. Her big butt was covered with goo. I still go to this street regularly and it's always exciting to take your pick. Sometimes it is disappointing but when I score a nice girl it's really a kick in the pants. From the other two streets the Dobletstraat is similar to the Poeldijksestraat, on the Geleenstraat more dutch girls work. Prices here are higher and although very pretty they have the same 'shortcomings' I mentioned in the Rotterdam section. The girls tend to be arrogant if you have what they call a 'foreign', read turkish/arabic/african look. As in Rotterdam you have prive houses, clubs and a street scene but I don't have experiences here. Don't go to the street scene! Greetingz
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 18:03:50 +0100 Subject: addresses in the Netherlands Hi a new good adress to put on the list!!! Name of the house: ELEGANCE Adress: Altingstraat 16 The Hague The Netherlands telephone : 070-3470063 (Dial this when you're in the Netherlands) 1 Dutch girl called Wendy Sucks very good no condom!!! She licks your ass if you ask for it When you want a fuck: with condom price 110 dutch guilders about 50$
Date: Sun, 01 Mar 1998 22:31:49 +0000 Subject: Club Doma - The Hague Holland I note that the Club Doma BDSM is mentioned but the writer had not been there. I have been three times. It is situated on a private housing estate a tram ride from the City centre. Inside it becomes immediately obvious that this is a very professional and well run establishment. On the ground floor there is a very intimate bar with tables and low lighting facing a stage. The stage is furnished with every conceivable BDSM devise. If you attend club night which is on a Friday, it starts at around nine pm and there are three acts with buffet style food between each. The acts are usually mistress and slave, the latter being either a girl or man. On the occasion that I went there, the man was a volunteer from the audience. Mistresses and Slave Girls mingle with the audience and appear to know many of the clients. It is an extremely friendly atmosphere and there is no pressure to buy drinks or to do anything other than watch the show. However, there are a number of very well equipped dungeons and you can make an appointment at any time. I waited until after the last show and booked Mistress Mirna. She was everything you could fantasise about. I had the most fantastic hour I have ever spent in my life. At the end, being bound to a leather covered table, with my legs hoisted to pulleys on the ceiling in a v formation, she used a dildo at first then hot wax on my penis then both together. Whether it was the fact that I was totally out of control of the situation or not I do not know but I had the most shattering climax of my life. It nearly blew my brains out. Many people are probably afraid to try something like this but at the Club Doma, somehow you just know that nothing really sinister is going to happen and for me it is a fun diversion from the usual treats. I have been there three time now and have never been disappointed. The cost? I cannot remember exactly but I think the whole evening from around 2100 to 0300 in the morning with three or four whiskies came to about G400. Well worth it.
Date: Sat, 07 Mar 98 16:22:58 PST Den Hague (Oct 1997): Gleenstrasse is worth going out of the way for. Prices under NGL 100. Some of these girls really know how to fuck and more!
Date: Nov.10, 1997 What about the red-light district in Den Haag? It is a lot nicer than Amsterdam's red-light district. Once you see it you will believe it. It is located between Central station and H.S. station. The best time to go is about 6:00 pm during shift change. For 1/2 hour it is about 200 guilders and 1 hour is 400 guilders. You can also get a whirlpool hot tub with a girl. The rooms are nice and clean. There is a HOT LOOKING PHILIPPINO WOMEN NAMED MONIKA, if you see her tell her NOEL sent you.
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 23:05:59 +0200 Subject: The scene in The Hague (the Netherlands) Hi Atta. I already wrote you about the situation in Den Haag (The Hague) in the Netherlands about half a year ago. I have some new contributions about the Poeldijksestraat which I visit regularly. Basically there are three girls I want to tell something about. When you get there from the railwaystation 'Hollands Spoor' or HS and walk into the street there is a small entrance on the left to a corridor after appr. 50 m. Walk in. You can go right and upstairs where they made a whole lot of new rooms with girls. You can walk further as well and go right into another corridor with girls both left and right behind the windows. About halfway this corridor on your left is a pretty blond girl named Catalina. For 50 guilders (25$) she will suck you without condom and you can have a great fuck. When you walk further and get out of the corridor on the other side go back in the direction of the station. Eight windows from the corner on your right is a girl named Angela. She often wears a denim dress. Let her ride you. She will kill you with her belly muscles! When you walk to the other end of the street there is a girl named Monica on the right. She is short, has long dark hair and a voloptuous body with a wide pelvis and big thighs. They are there just to crush you! For 35 guilders she will give you a very nice time slamming those big, big boobs into your face. Great! Greetingz
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 17:00:14 PDT Club 109, Den Hague, The Netherlands Visited March 1998 Still going strong in much the same fashion as referred to in postings by previous visitors. On my visit on a Tuesday evening there were 8 girls of varying sizes, complexions and personalities present, and only me !!! So, having paid just 100 Dfl (what a bargain) and bought a beer for 5DFl, each girl introduced themselves to me. Took some very enjoyable time to make a choice, and went to sit by a very pretty girl (dark hair, lovely eyes). We spent a relaxed time detting to know each other - petting, french kissing etc (ok, a lot of groping too). We went through to a room and played around in several positions (blow job, etc) for about 20 minutes - finally coming taking her from behind. Then back to the comunal room, where one other guy was now there. Had another beer, sharing with the girl. After about 5 mins she started hand job - then another girl joined in. For some reason (probably because I wanted to prolong the experience) the second coming did not appear on the horizon for quite a while (hell, I was enjoying myself!). So, after quite a while of less frenzied activity (their arms where aching), went back to the private room with the girl where spent a nice relaxed time exporing her body - pussy, anus, etc (with her and my hands) until she finally broght me off again. All very relaxed and extremely good humoured. At the end of about 80 minutes got dressed again and left for a well deserved sleep in my hotel ! Strongly recommended - hopefully they get a better stream of customers than on that night, so long may it continue - will certainly be back, as there were at least 4 of the 8 original girls there with whom I can imagine a very enjoyable time.

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