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I came across your page and found it very interesting to read the different
stories that people share and their recommendations. I am always looking for
new vacation spots to go to. When choosing a location there are three things
that I look for - warmth, water and accessible inexpensive women. The last
one being of prime importance.

Over the past 5 to 6 years, I have found Thailand and Brazil to be the best
bets by far. I have been to a number of other foreign locations on business;
Japan, H.K., Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Amsterdam, London, Germany,
Italy,Puerto Rico, Mexico and have found the sex scene either far too
expensive or too difficult to track down. I was in the Philippines a few
times before Ermita was shut down and though the women were lovely and easy
to find, Manila is such a cess pool that it is not a place one wants to

So I keep going back to Thailand and Brazil (Rio specifically) and have
probably been to each 15 and 10 times respectively . I simply never tire of
either and find both wonderful places to visit even excluding the sex
element. I thought I would pass on as much information to your readers as I
can regarding what I have picked up over the years.

Lets start with Thailand. This is where I first came to appreciate the
allures of procured women. For most of us who have never been outside of the
U.S. , it is difficult to even imagine what a place like Thailand has to
offer.  You may have heard stories of Patpong and the sex shows, but until
faced with the quantity and quality of the available women you can never
truly understand what it is all about. I have met numerous westerners
(farangs to the locals)  who have gone to Thailand and never gone back home
or others who save their money up to come back year after year. I saw a story
in the paper the other day regarding one of the Crown Prince's of Japan. He
apparently skipped a ceremonial meeting with President Clinton to study
catfish in Thailand. The story hinted that he was after more than catfish in
Thailand as he has been there a number of times in the past few months.
Believe me I completely understand. Thai women are addictive.

Let me state that the sex industry in Thailand was not created by Western
demand. It is a long standing tradition in Thailand and the vast majority of
it, though not visible to us, is for the local men. It is common for most
Thai men to have their first sexual experience in a brothel. In these
brothels for the locals, many of the women are forced to have sex 10-15 times
a day and cannot insist on their customers wearing condoms. Many of these
women have been forced into this business often by their own family. When one
hears about the AIDS epidemic in Thailand, this is where most of it is taking
place. The women who cater to farangs are their own agents. Though they
obviously are doing it for economic reasons, no one is forcing them to do it,
they don't have pimps, they often quit or take months off when they have
saved enough money,most of them demand that their client wear a condom, if
they work in a bar they are tested for AIDS on a monthly basis and most of
them are lucky if they have 4-5 clients a week. Even so many of these women
earn much more money than the vast majority of the populace. A woman working
in a factory will earn about $30 dollars a week. One of the working "ladies"
can earn this amount in a few hours. So it is hardly surprising that there
are so many women willing to work in this profession.

So lets start with the Thai women. They have a physical gracefulness,
elegance and lovliness that I feel is unmatched anywhere in the world. Take a
walk down a crowded street and count the number of attractive women you see
or go into one of the Robinson department stores and you will see more beauty
per sq. ft. than anywhere in the world. Though they are obviously of Asian
origin, there is a large variety of looks from Malay to Chinese to Japanese
to Indian to Vietnamese. And they all seem to have smiles that can make your
heart flutter.

On top of this are their personalities, due perhaps to their Buddhist
upbringing, that are warm, sparkling, giggly, modest and shy that is
incredibly appealing. Chi-dee in Thai means "good heart" and it is something
that is very important to their culture. This is obviously a generalization.
There are plenty of women who don't have these qualities, but sooo many do.
These qualities are also found with the "ladies". You will no doubt,come
across  some "ladies" who have become jaded and will try to rip you off, but
its amazing how many even after years in the biz still retain "chi-dee".

In terms of the sex act itself, you will unfortunately find a very large
range of ability from totally inept and inexperienced to mind blowing . I
have yet to find a sure fire method to determine what I am getting
beforehand. A number of the "ladies" are extemely shy. Trying to get a look
at them nude can often be very difficult - sometimes this enhances the
experience, other times it can be very frustrating. They much prefer doing
the act with the lights out, but I like to see what I have and often I have
spent a lot of time convincing them to leave the lights on. In terms of
 hugging,kissing etc. they are usually very affectionate (though Thais don't
kiss like we do so this is a learned talent) and intercourse,of course,  can
be bad to good. They will make a real effort,though, to make sure that you
cum, because if you don't they are afraid one that you won't pay them, but
also because it hurts their pride. One thing that you should be forwarned of:
many of the women will refuse to give head. According to Buddhism the head is
holy and should not be fouled by oral sex. So even offering more money will
often not work( though sometimes it does!). If this is important to you, you
should ask the girl before you go with her if she "smokes". This is their
slang for a blow-job. Many will, but many won't.  The ones that are willing
to "smoke" will not make you wear a condom , but will for intercourse and you
should do so yourself even if the girl does not ask you to.

The Procedure: This is for the most part very simple. If you are in a bar and
you see a girl that you like, you can either send for her (they wear
numbers), go to her when she is not dancing or just try and catch her eye. In
a crowded bar this last method often will be unsuccessful. Again many of the
girls are very shy and will not look you in the eye or they will not chance
coming over because if you turn them down they will lose face in front of
their friends. But once you are with them, buy them a cola - $3-4 - they get
part of the proceeds and this will put them in a good mood. Try and get a
feeling for their personality. Most of them will speak very little English
beyond "Where you from?","How long you stay in Thailand", "Where you stay?"
and of course they are quite good with amounts. A surprising amount though do
speak decent English as it is taught in a number of their schools and many
have had farang boyfriends. If you decide that this is the girl that you want
to spend some time with - the negotiations begin. Do you want "long time" (
all night) or "short time" (usually one cum). Do your best to come to an
agreement on price. This can avoid much aggravation later on. Many of the
girls won't give a price for fear that you will refuse, so they say "Up to
you". Depending on your generosity they will later on be satisfied or pissed
off. Unless you're a real cheap bastard the girls will usually be happy with
what you give them. O.K. you have agreed to leave together and now you find
out there is a "bar fine" - an amount charged by the bar for the girl to
leave - usually it ranges from $12-16 , but it keeps going up. Oh well,
you've come this far so you pay the bar fine.Now you can either go back to
your hotel or one of the short-time hotels that will be close by. This
decision might depend on how discreet you want to be in bringing a girl back
to your hotel. The short-time hotels are pretty cheap I think - $10 at most -
I've only used them twice a long time back. If you go back to your hotel you
either have to check her in with the front desk (and in the top hotels pay
another $20 extra) or in some hotels - my preference - just go up to your
room. Once there, you will both take showers seperately and then get down to
business. Only pay as the girl is getting ready to leave. Never pay first. No
girl actually has ever asked me for payment up front. This of course leaves
them open to farangs cheating them by not paying them or paying less than the
agreed upon price. Believe me, I have heard many farangs boast about this. I
think it is a lousy thing to do and these girls will spread the word as
quickly as possible about what you did and you may find it difficult to get
another girl. Also, many of these girls have very tough boyfriends who will
come looking for you. One night I was in the Thermae (more about this place
later) when a tiny little girl accussed an American of short changing her
because he had promised extra for a blow job and did not pay out. This went
on and on, until the police came and carted the American off to jail. Believe
me, you do not want to spend a minute in a Thai jail. So pay the girls. It is
usually less than a night at the movies with your girlfriend.

Where to find the "Ladies" - This is easy. They are everywhere. Bars,message
parlors, coffee shops,discos. Everywhere. If a Thai tout offers to take you
somewhere for a girl, do not do it. You do not need anyones help in locating
women and some of these guys will rob you once they have you alone.I usually
stick to a few areas. These are:

In Bangkok: There are 3 main bar/entertainment areas in which each has it's
own personality.

First is Soi Cowboy - located at about Sukhumit soi 20 - this place is
frequented primarily by farangs living in Bangkok. It is one street with
maybe 20 bars all full of girls. The atmosphere is laid back, not too much
hasselling by the locals, the girls tend to leave you alone unless you
indicate an interest in them. Beers are about $3, bar charge about $12 and
the girls about $20-30 for short time, maybe $40 for all night. The price of
the girl depends,as it does in all the places I will mention, on certain
factors: your looks,her looks,how good or bad business has been and how late
in the night it is getting. I have had girls offer to go with me all night
for $12 because rent was due and business had been bad.The more knowledgeable
you seem about the whole process, the less likely they will try to overcharge
you. The girls dance in bathing suits so do not expect to see a lot of
nudity. There are a couple of small bars that are a bit more racy than the
others and often a girl will come sit next to you and give you a partial hand
job through your clothes. For the most part Soi Cowboy is my least favorite
of the 3 bar areas. The girls are by far the least attractive, though very
friendly. It's a good place to start the evening off with a couple of beers,
but then move on.

Patpong: This is the mecca of the sex trade for tourists. Most of the local
farangs avoid it like the plague. It is again primarily one long street with
a large number of bars on the street level and on a second level. The
atmosphere is frenetic - a bazaar is in the middle of the street selling tons
of touristy things - and touts are constantly pulling at you to come into
their bar. It can be too much . The reason to go is that most of the girls in
these places are just stunning. It is great to go have a beer or two and
simply take them all in. Some of the bars have 40-50 girls each. The main
problem is trying to make up your mind which one you want to be with. I
should make clear that there is a huge difference between the bars on the
street level and the upstairs. On the street level - you get dancing girls in
swimsuits - though occassionally the tops will come off. These are all
legit,friendly places. When you go upstairs you can run into difficulties,
literally. These are the places that have all the sexshows - banana this,
razor that, pop the balloons,take the bottle cap off - I honestly find these
shows boring beyond belief. When you enter, you will be surrounded by a swarm
of girls pestering you for colas. If you say no, they will disappear like
smoke waiting to pounce on the next guy to walk through the door. When the
girls do dance, they do dance nude which is a plus and if you do buy a girl a
cola- they can be very friendly! Many of these upstairs places are total
ripoffs. When entering they will say no cover charge, but when you get your
bill there will be an entertainment charge for $30-40 and they will try to
intimidate you into paying it by surrounding you with 4 or 5 guys. This
happened to me once and I just said screw this, tossed down 100 baht for my
beer and left and they did not stop me. I have heard stories where others
were not so lucky and were beaten. If you want to go upstairs to see a show,
my advice is go to one that is associated with Kings Castle ( You will be
able to tell which these are). This group owns a number of downstairs and a
few upstairs bars and the customer is always treated fairly. The other
upstairs bar, I've had good experiences in was Firehouse (I think that's the
name - it's next to Pussy Galore). Prices in Patpong are more expensive - $4
a beer,$14-16 bar fine and $40 short time, $60 all night. Again, I find
Patpong a fun place for a beer or two, dinner at Mcdonalds or Col. Sanders
and then move on to my favorite place. It opens at about 8 and goes to 2AM.
(same with Soi Cowboy)

Nana Plaza - located at about Sukhumit soi 1 right across from the Nana
Hotel- is the smallest of the three places, but combines the best of both the
other two. All the bars are within a courtyard on two levels. The atmosphere
is festive, lots of attractive friendly girls, all the bars have outside
sitting if you just want to relax or talk with another farang. Sometimes I
will just sit there beer in hand and watch the comings and goings of the
girls. Their antics can be very entertaining. A couple of the bars are very
flashy - you can not miss them - where the girls dance nude, while a number
of the upstairs bars are very small and cosy with only 10-15 girls (not
usually as attractive as the ones in the flashy bars - but very sweet) If you
buy them a cola, they will snuggle up with you or give your back a nice
message. This is great place. My only concerns are that some of the owners
are trying to upgrade the image by imitating Patpong, this would be a shame
and secondly I have heard that there are plans to tear the place down and put
up yet one more high rise - just what Bnagkok needs. Prices here have been
going up, but are still less than Patpong, but more than Soi Cowboys. Some of
the bars stay open till 5am.

I will mention a couple of other places - primarily after hour places when
the bars have shut down.

A few words of warning first. When you take a girl from a bar, you can feel
pretty safe that nothing bad will happen to you such as your things being
stolen. Also that she at least has a monthly check-up. When you take a girl
from an after hour place, you have none of these assurances. These girls are
total independents -  they come and go as they please and if they steal from
you the chance of finding them is slim. I know of one not too bright guy who
twice got everything he had stolen because he passed out drunk. These girls
know you are not in town for too long so what the heck. But the vast majority
of Thais and the "ladies" are incredibly honest. You could leave money out on
your bureau for your whole trip and not a baht would be taken. But their are
exceptions. Another caution to note is that in the bars even though most of
the girls wear bathing suits, you get a pretty good look at them, in the
after hour places most of the women are dressed in unrevealing clothes and a
number you will discover upon getting back to your hotel have major stretch
marks. Having said this, I must admit to having availed myself many, many
times of these independents. For one thing when the bars close at 2am, I am
often not ready to turn in and, also, being very cheap I like to avoid the
bar fine. A lot of the girls who show up are ones that did not get lucky in
the bar, but many others just don't like working in the bars and much prefer
working in this environment. Many of them have daytime jobs and do this a few
times a month to make rent. My one precaution is that I only do short time
with these girls. As soon as we are done, they are gone. They much prefer
this anyways.

There are 2 discos in Patpong that get going around 12am. One is Kings Lounge
- on a side street between Patpong I and Patpong II and the other is or is
near the Peppermint Lounge. These places can get extremely crowded and very
loud, but they are filled with young lovely Thais who want to dance for a
while and then go home with you. The price should range from $20-40 depending
on before mentioned factors.

There is a coffee shop downstairs in the Grace Hotel - off Sukhummit soi 2.
This use to be a prime location. When I first went to Bangkok, I stayed there
and when I went down my mouth was agape. It was wall to wall beauty. Maybe a
100 girls in all. And you just had to take them upstairs. If you got horny
later, you would go down for seconds. Then the Arabs decided to make this
their home base in Bangkok and many of the girls left. I still go by
sometimes and am able to spot a nice one. Price should be $20-30.

Then there is the most famous after hour place - Thermae. It is located on
Sukhummit 13 and can be recognized by the Greek columns outside. There are
lots of people outside eating and drinking, but you can only get in by going
down a driveway and coming in the back way. It is not a pretty picture.
Smelly urinals, an old recroom look with a jukebox and tables to sit down to
eat or drink. But this place can be great. The farangs who show up tend to be
much more interesting than those you meet in the bars. Many of them have been
all over, so just talking with them can be interesting. The place is open
from about 11pm to 6am, but does not get going till about 1am. There is a
continuous stream of women coming and going. The range is amazing - from the
most young and beautiful to ones who got started in the biz during the
Vietnam war. Many of the girls in the Thermae seem to be willing to "smoke"
and in general seem more sexually aggressive than the ones in the bars. I
don't know why this is. It is easy to make contact with the girls and take
them back to your hotel. I have often hung out till closing time and chosen a
girl then.

These then are a few of my favorite places. I prefer having a girl in my
hotel room so I have never availed myself of the massage parlors. Many people
have told me that they can be fabulous. There are also many Escort services,
but I have never used one of these as I like to pick my own girl. Finding a
girl during the daytime can be tough. Some of the bars in the Nana Plaza were
open in the day the last time I was there and some of the coffee shops open
at noon, but the pickings are slim. The message parlors are open during the
day. There just does not seem to be much demand for afternoon sex. Most
farangs are recovering from their bar hopping from the night before.

Where to stay: I always stay at the Nana Hotel. It is about $40 a night, has
decent rooms, satellite TV, a nice swimming pool, a restaurant, a barbershop,
a tailor, a travel agency and a disco where you can find girls (but I don't
recommend the disco - overpriced and the girls are not so hot.). If the Nana
is too pricey, I still recommend something near Sukhummit between soi 1 and
soi 20. Lots of places to shop and eat and it is near Soi Cowboy, Nana
Plaza,the Grace and the Thermae and it is only a $4 taxi trip to Patpong.

If Bangkok gets to be too much after seeing all the wonderful sights - don't
miss the Temple of Dawn or the Kings Palace they are magnificent - and it can
because Bangkok has become a city with little visible charm. The traffic jams
are the worst in the world - never go anywhere during the rush hours unless
you have hours to spare - and high rises are going up everywhere. The heat
and humidity can be overwhelming to us westerners. So if you need to get out,
but still want women - there are two prime destinations.

Pattaya -  a beach resort about 2-3 hour drive from Bangkok. This is one
wanton place. Its main purpose is to sexually service farangs. One guidebook
estimates about 4,000 women in this very small beach town. It is basically
nothing but hotels, restaurants, bars, massage parlors, and discos and lots of
single farangs. You do not see a lot of female farangs there. There are many
open air bars where 10 or so girls will hang out waiting for business, 10 or
so bars where the girls dance and one disco that almost everyone ends up at
by 1am - the Marine Disco. Its quite large and filled with hundreds of women.
Prices in Pattaya tend to be cheaper than Bangkok - the hotels, the women
everything. The beaches outside of the town are great. I find this place a
bit boring after more than 3 or 4 days, but it is a needed respite from
Bangkok. I know of many farangs who spend weeks there every year and never go
near Bangkok, so it depends on what you like.

Phuket - this is a wonderful, beautiful island in south Thailand. It is not
primarily about sex, but is about great beaches, clear water and sea sports.
But there are certainly women available primarily in open air bars. Most of
the women are concentrated along Patong Beach. Prices are usually in the
$20-30 range.

Koh Samui - have never been, but heard that it has great beaches and plenty
of women.

Well, thats about it. Pack your bags and go. There have been those who have
not liked the Thai experience, but they are the few. If you like Asian women
and an interesting country this is the place to go. It is rapidly changing
and in a few years will probably be as expensive as Singapore or H.K.

One last warning.  Make sure the girl's a girl. There are lots of
transvestites and transexuals. Sometimes they work in the same bars as the
regular girls and there are many stories of guys drinking too much and ending
up with one. One true story. One night a Brit came back to a bar and started
telling his buddy about the incredible woman he had been with the night
before. The best blow job, the tightest vagina - all night long they went at
it. He was now back looking to take her out again. At this point a number of
the bar girls started laughing like crazy and after much prodding they told
him that the girl was of course a former guy. I understand it was quite a
while before he could get back into the swing of things.

Also, don't be surprised at anything you see. You will see old men with girls
that look to be and maybe are 13 yrs old, or old men with young boys. Pretty
much everything goes or is available. Which reminds me of one pleasure that
very few of us can afford to indulge in anywhere else. Two girls at once.
This is easily arranged in the bars. I have done it 4 times myself. Twice it
was great, the other two times it was not. You have to make sure that the
girls are really comfortable with the idea. The two times it was great for me
was with 2 sisters and then with one of these sisters and yet another sister.
It was great. An unforgettable experience.

Lastly a reading list. I don't think these books are available outside of
Thailand, but if you are there and have time on your hands sitting by the
pool I recommend these. They are all fictional works, but get to the heart of
the Thai woman and the farangs who never go home.

Faces of the Night - by John Hinds - a collection of short stories about the
women who work in the bars. Some very sad, some funny.

Two books by Collin Piprell - Bangkok Knights and Kicking Dogs .  Again
stories of the the bar women and the farangs who frequent them. Kicking Dogs
is hilarious.

Finally,  anything by Christopher Moore - he has 6-7 books that take place in
Thailand. Some detective novels, other adventure stories, but my favorite is
 "A Killing Smile", much of which takes place in the Thermae - though it is
not named - and he gets deep into the psyche of the Thai bar girl. His
understanding of them is amazing. It is a great story.

Date: Tue, 15 Jul 97 04:07:02 EDT Subject: THAILAND UPDATE Hello again! STRYKER here. I've lived and worked in SE Asia for about 15 years now . About six of thos years were spent managing whore bars in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket (Goldfingers, Supergirls, F1, among others) Although I now work in a more 'respectable' (and better paying!) profession. I still like to keep up to date on my favorite past time, fucking ripe, hot pussy!. If you've never been to Thailand, or haven't been for a while, NOW is a great time to go there! The Thai economy is in the shitter, the baht has been devalued, and best of all, the bars are neraly empty of fahrang. What does that mean? It means, now hear this, "HOT PUSSY FOR SALE(RENT) AT BARGAIN BASEMENT PRICES!" Yessiree folks, you can come to Thailand, get a great discount on your hotel in Bangkok or Pattaya, and not have to compete with other guys. It's a buyers market! So, cum to Thailand, and fuck your brains out with some of the finest ladies in the world, and save money doing it! CAVEAT EMPTOR, the slack economy has also brought a rise in crimes against fahrang in the Kingdom. Look out for the rip offs. 1) Don't carry too much cash on you, and get a room with a safe in it, and use it! 2) A few girls in Pattay put a narcotic substance on their nipples, lips and even pussys that, when ingested by an unknowing fahrang, knocked him out cold so he could be robbed. This is by no means a rare event in Pattay, merely an interestng new twist on slipping the fahrang a mickey. DON"T DRINK ANY DRINK FROM A BAR GIRL THAT YOU ARE NOT 100% SURE IS SAFE! In 1990, I sat on a plane back to the USA next to a guy who's best friend, in his twenties, just died in Pattay after a bar girl slipped him a mickey. Watch your ass! Best bets- go to pattayaland massage parlor to fuck a beautiful girl, then go to the beer bars to joke and have fun with the bar girls. After your cock is drained, and before your wallet is! 3) Don't fuck with the touts outside of the bars in Patpong, Soi Cowboy, Nana Entertainment Plaza or in Pattaya. They may be annoying and persistant but just smile and move on. I've seen a few "tough guys" who were pretty damned big mouth off to one of these guys, and suddenly he was surrounded by a wolf pack and has his ass kicked. SMILE! 4) Don't bother with tuk-tuks anymore. The drivers will often try to rip you off because they are hard up, and the Taxi-Meters are cheaper these days. 5) The Police have been raiding a few bars in NEP, Soi Cowboy and Patpong looking for drugs, and underage girls. DON'T BRING DRUGS! I've been in a Thai prison once, as a visitor, and believe me, you do not want to go there. If the police come in checking IDs, smile and cooperate. They really aren't after you. 6) There is now a B2,000 fine for littering in Bangkok. Sadly, it is only enforced when a fahrang litters You must pay on the spot, and it is hgly doubtful that the money goes any farther than the cop's pocket. You've been warned, now, HAPPY FUCKING! STRYKER

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