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Thailand by Night

Subject: Thailand

	THAI BY NIGHT			C1993, 1998

So long as I dare to embrace the Buddha and have my hands and can
spread my legs, I need never beg nor be a burden to anyone.

Thailand has been my country of choice for the past eight years.  I'm
an old hippie with pussy fever and we all know it's impossible to get

Sex is, for me, the fountain of youth.  With variety, a man of any age
can enjoy many women every day.  This really isn't possible in many
places but Thailand.  Youth, grace, petiteness, sweetness,
friendliness, understanding, enthusiasm and pure fun are the norm.
That just isn't true in our drab, grey, boring, cold Western countries
where that Christian work ethic pervades our lives.  Very few of the
men I know patronize prostitutes in the West; we are usually not the
clients of street hookers, escort services, massage parlours or even
tele-sex lines.  If you've ever used one of the above, you know that
from the minute of contact the meter is running.  While these women
may be very good actresses, once you are paying them money they won't
give you a chance at the real thing.

Let's get one thing straight: sex is always an exchange for money.
The cost of a dinner, a bottle of wine, gas for the car, perhaps a
movie or a little smoke is what it takes to get there.  As with all
other amenities, the cost in Thailand is about half price.

That does not make women commodities, however, in Thailand or anywhere
else.  Thai culture demands modesty and you will see bodies displayed
by no one but children and those who are paid for it.  Consequently,
rudeness, crudeness, and lewdness just doesn't pay off, in Thailand as
elsewhere, and I have certainly seen some really crass actors out
there.  Many men feel that once they leave their shores they are free
to behave like complete animals.

Let me tell you that Thai women of all segments of society enjoy being
treated like ladies, with gentleness, dignity and respect.  You might
get that pussy if you pay for it but if you add respect to the
equation you'll get a whole lot more.  You might even end up with a
caring, intelligent and beautiful friend who will save your ass and
assets and bail you out of many difficult situations.

Only girls from poor, rural families in the North and Northeast
(Isaan) fuck for money.  Rarely will you find a demimondaine from a
middle-class family or from the South, where Muslim culture has
influence.  In the category of those girls who do are many strata of
society.  Chinese businessmen and their mama-sans travel the poor,
rural villages every year.  Particularly when there is a bad harvest
due to drought or pests, families will be dirt-poor, often without
enough to feed all their children. So a teenaged daughter, 12-16,
really wants to help her family, to make merit for this life and the
next.  A small sum of money is loaned to the family, perhaps
B10,000-20,000 ($400-800 USD) and the girl must pay it back twofold by
working.  Yes, in essence, this girl has been 'sold' to a brothel,
even though neither the family nor the girl wants this direction to
their lives and really can't imagine the kind of life she will be
forced to lead.  In other scenarios, many girls are tricked into
leaving their families by a cunning lover or promises of a job in the
city in a restaurant or hotel, often from neighbouring Burma, Cambodia
or Laos. Some of these teenagers are more tractable than others.  Some
girls' virginity is sold, at a premium.  If the buyer is a Taiwanese
or other foreigner, many of whom believe in virginity as a talisman of
virility or feel this is the best route to AIDS prevention so they
don't have to wear a condom, the price will be high, perhaps
B7500-10,000 ($300-500).  Just as often, that price will fetch a
bladder of chicken blood to stain the sheets. Others need to be
persuaded by beatings and rapes.  After all, once a girl is 'ruined',
it really can't matter how many men she fucks.  Every medium-sized
town in Thailand has its share of brothels and I firmly believe every
tourist with pussy on his mind should go and have a look at this side
of things.

In Bangkok, one can be taken to brothels that are often numbered
hotels by taxi- or samlor-drivers.  Most are short-time, though there
are some true 'lady-houses' where women will go home with you.
Bangkok brothels charge B500-700 ($20-30) for short-time, lady-houses
run B1000-1200 ($40-50). There is no doubt that this class is
miserable and abused, often by themselves--hard drugs, self-mutilation
and suicide are not uncommon.  Thai men prize Chiang Mai and Chiang
Rai girls for their white skin, though in general, foreigners don't
care.  In Chiang Mai, famous for its many brothels, a visit to the
brothels in the area of the Mai Ping Hotel is recommended as some
English is spoken.  These places charge B30-200 ($1.25-8) for
short-time; in general, the girls are not allowed out and fuck 30-40
men per day.  Brothels are often called tea-houses, coffee shops or
barbers in Thailand.  Brothel girls get to keep half of what they take
in, but of course the management holds it for them.  Most of the girls
are poor, rural and unschooled, often illiterate and not knowing how
to keep account books; most work months or even years beyond their
buy-back time when they can choose to remain or to go back to their
village.  Some girls get sick or old, too, and return to their
villages early.  (HIV-positive women are often shunned in their home
villages).  Many more choose to stay and work when their contracts are
upAs weird as this whole scene is (for the Thais as well as for us),
the girls respond to gentleness and generosity with caring and real
emotion.  You'll certainly make merit if you treat these women right.
Everybody wants a little bit of romance in their lives, bring them
flowers or something nice to wear.  I am not defending this life,
which is not at all pretty or normal, but I don't see any way to
relieve the situation either.

Thai, Japanese, Taiwanese, German and Arab men usually refuse
to wear condoms, but all upcountry brothels now insist on rubbers.
The real danger, to my mind, is not dying of AIDS, though that
certainly is a steep price for pussy, but infecting some or many
others.  All other viruses in nature can be caught from a single
exposure, so why not HIV?  Open wounds occur from nail-biting, bad
sunburns on the nose (or dick!), biting one's cheek or tongue
accidentally while eating, or abrasions from buck teeth--too much for
a vivid imagination!  While it seems common sense that one is more at
risk where blood occurs (many girls don't take days off for their
periods), don't forget that your dick is stuffed in any snatch a long

It would seem that HIV is more easily passed to women from men
because they are the receptacles for cum, but who can rule out the
possibility of catching AIDS from a blowjob?  I personally draw the
line at raincoats for a round of head and dental dams for cunnilingus,
but anybody who pays money for sex who doesn't use a rubber might
deserve what they get but they don't deserve to pass it on.  Use your
common sense.

Despite the massive AIDS education efforts of former Cabinet Minister
Mechai Viridaiya whose name has become synonymous with condom in
Thailand, this country is still going to be nuked by this disease.
The pay-sex industry, the cultural acceptance of katoey or lady-boys,
the boys doing it for pay in the bars who are not gay at all but come
home to fuck bar-girls, will all take their toll.  No cure yet for
cancer or the common cold, so I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a

There is no way to be guaranteed that the girl you pick is HIV-free.
Even with the most-sophisticated tests (still unavailable in
Thailand), there is at least three-month window in which one may have
been exposed to the virus but will not test positive.  Even if you
plan to live with a girl for some months or even marry her, you're
playing three-month Russian roulette.  The most conclusive study in
Thailand, done on 21-year old Army recruits in Phrae province in the
North showed an HIV-positive infection rate of 21%; all Thai men
frequent brothels: this is higher than anywhere but Africa and
certainly beats San Francisco.

Remember it's in the interests of big government to keep us men at
home, working, consuming, paying taxes instead of having the freedom
and inspiration of many partners.  Perhaps AIDS is a CIA experiment
run amok but now we all have to live with it and make conscious
choices not to hurt others.

In any case, not to bring you down, you should eat at Khun Mechai's
elegant but moderately-priced Thai restaurant, Cabbages & Condoms, on
Sukhumvit Soi 12; the restaurant funds free vasectomies and the
family-planning clinic adjacent.

The next rung up on the ladder are massage-parlour girls.  Often these
women are recruited in the same way as brothel girls, but some come to
the job on their own.  One thing is certain: they sit behind a huge
one-way plate mirror watching television, knitting, doing their nails
or hair, or reading comic books, wearing numbers to be picked like
fish from a tank, sushi by number.  They cannot see the customers and
do not have the option to refuse their services.  Often one hundred or
more women wait for their number to be called in the larger
establishments which charge B2000 ($80) and up for their all-inclusive
short-time services.  Window shopping will give you an idea of the
variety available.

Any touts or taxi-drivers who bring you to a brothel or
massage-parlour get an end, so if you use them you will be charged the
top rate.  Once you expect to pay that price, even if you bring
yourself there, that's the rate.  But, remember, bargain for
everything in Thailand and, chances are, if you are firm and threaten
to leave, the price will come down.

There is some dispute about who is at the top of the list, but my
money is on the savvy bar-girls, so next come the women of the
constellation bars and coffee shops.  The excellent study by the
International Labour Office of Geneva, From peasant girls to Bangkok
masseuses, states that 82% of all Thai women between 15 and 30 are
getting some on the side for money or favours.  (Mostly all Western
women might fit that category, too!)  I think that's a pretty high
figure, but the women who work the constellations are only working for
themselves, their children and families.

In case your fantasies, hormones (and jeans!) are running amok, here
might be a good place to mention that you should let your new friend
know what's expected when you get her home.  Most Thai girls are into
plain vanilla fucking, providing nature's perfect receptacle with a
minimum of effort, just like all women everywhere. Perhaps half will
get down on that bone (though almost all like getting an enthusiastic
round of head, again j.l.a.w.e.).  Many will suggest that you bring
their friend(s), too, and try them all.  Believe me, this is easier
said than accomplished.  The girls will expect you to try them out
serially and, as this is an economic, rather than sexual, proposition,
they won't be into it too much.  Some girls will go home with more
than one man but expect to pay accordingly. Some girls will enjoy a
little lesbian action themselves (more fun for us!), some won't mind
getting it on with couples.  If you're in a bar, often the mamasan can
let you know which girls will do what and how much it should cost.  A
few will even get into anal sex.  Just like all women everywhere.  If
you make your proposition and the girl giggles or looks confused,
that's your answer.  When you get her home, forcing her is rape, and
there's not any nookie in Thai prisons.

Constellations are after-hours or 24-hour meeting places.  The coffee
shops at the Grace and Nana Hotels on Sukhumvit Soi 4, for instance,
cater to Arab tastes in women.  The Thermae Coffee Shop, (often known
as HQ among expats), was on the ground floor of the Thermae Massage
Parlour (which opens in daytime only) on Sukhumvit Road adjacent to
the Ambassador Hotel at Soi 13 since Vietnam War days.  I have many
fond memories of this place.  Now that the old building there has been
sold, Thermae's new digs are only a few doors to the east in the
downstairs part of Ruamchitt Plaza at 199 Sukhumvit.  HQ has had the
best selection in town of free-lancers, party girls and bar-girls who
missed getting chosen.  Let's hope this punter's paradise will
continue in the new location, open from about 11 pm till 6 am.

If you choose a hotel nearby (not a big, five- or four-star one,
please: they won't let you bring women up to your room after 7 pm or
will want to charge you for the privilege!), and there are many to
choose from, you can easily pull several women a night from this
place.  (Did I tell you about the twin sisters???)  Rumour has it this
place is owned by cops but so are a lot of the ultra-safe bars.
(You'll never have a complaint in a police bar that isn't resolved in
your favour!)  In any case, police in uniform come in regularly to
join the fun.  (Did I tell you prostitution is illegal in Thailand?)
There don't seem to be any big time kickbacks and the girls can hang
out all night without ordering anything.

Speaking of food, Thermae's is quite good and inexpensive.
There's no surer way to any woman's heart (and into her pants, even
though you're paying cash for that snatch) than to treat her like a
lady and buy her something to eat and drink.  Thai people love to eat
and joke and it will really make both of you feel good, no matter
where you've grabbed her.

Two other constellations worth mentioning are King's Lounge and
Peppermint, both on Patpong 1.  Peppermint usually closes at 2 with
the rest of the bars, but King's Lounge (upstairs at the corner above
King's Castle Bar) rocks till dawn.  Great dancing (and watching!) in
both these places, a little more rap in King's Lounge.  All these
girls are freelancers and get the usual rate.  All the hotel discos,
dance palaces and Nasa Spacedrome (on Ratchadapisek Road) will have
available women.  Often these women are students, nurses or office
girls.  The culture is different--if they put out, you're obliged to
pay them in the morning: these non-professionals should get B1000
before they leave.  Remember that a highly-paid secretary only makes
B10,000 a month.

Pussy is not nearly so much fun (in fact, often you can't remember
enough) when you've drunk too much.  Nor is it any fun for the girls
to go home with you.  Remember that freelancers don't have a bar to go
back and answer to, a job to keep, so if you invite them home, don't
leave valuables out in plain sight.  Most of these women aren't
hardened pros, they're young girls not thieves, but it's huMAN natURE,
so don't put temptation out in their way--you both could be sorry.

You'll immediately notice how clean Thai people are.  Most have two or
three showers every day.  All Thai women smell fresh, healthy and
delicious due to a diet without dairy products and scant body hair.
In contrast, we smell like barbarians to them.  Working girls have
mostly gotten used to farang smell, but every Thai girl you bring home
will immediately go and have a shower and modestly return in your
towel.  It's 90-100 degrees in Bangkok every day of the year so even
if you've already had your customary daily shower do her the same
favour: join your honey in the shower--it'll pay off later.

I believe it's impolite to discuss money when you invite a girl home,
and Thais are a very polite people.  It also lacks class, romance and
mystery.  The girl may or may not ask what you intend to give her in
the bar, and you should by all means tell her if she asks.  But the
price is always the same, a purple, B500-1000 ($20-40).  Any less and
you really are cheating her out of that quim, even for short-time; any
more and you're being taken for a ride.  I never mention money, even
back in my room, and always slip her B500-1000 in the morning.  It
somehow lets both of you keep your dignity and have a really good
time, to really be 'lovers' for the night.  If you find a really fine
girl who treats you just right, give her some extra for a tip.  In any
case, treat her to breakfast if she'll stay and always pay her
taxi-fare home.

If you are a cheap Charlie, though, and fight with a girl about money,
don't bother to stay in town long because the grapevine is fast here
and a secret is harder to find than a pussy-hair; this is a sure-fire
way to get ignored and turned down cold by the most fun girls.

The high-class girls are the bar-girls of Patpong (off Silom Road),
Nana Entertainment Plaza (on Soi 4 or Soi Nana off Sukhumvit Road) and
Soi Cowboy (between Soi 21 or Soi Asoke and Soi 23 off Sukhumvit).
These women are paid a small salary and the customer pays a bar-fine
for loss of her services when he goes home with a girl, usually
B200-400 ($8-16), plus the usual nightly fee directly to the girl.

Although these girls are free agents, they often borrow money from the
bar and become bonded to the owners.  Remember that bar-fines are over
usually an hour before closing time, so midnight or 1 am.  Bar-fines
get expensive, so you might want to arrive at closing time hoping for
that perfect tightie.  Be aware, though--often the best women have
been pulled closer to opening time for some nookie, dinner, some
nookie, some dancing or a movie, more nookie, a little sleep and some
good-morning nookie to start the day off right.  If you treat her
right, you might even get some more after breakfast.

Some popular bars with spectacular women (many of the Patpong bars of
the [rather expensive!  ] King's Group come to mind) will ask more;
their girls may even ask for double the going rate.  Whether or not
they should get it depends on several factors.  First and most
important is chemistry: if the chemistry is right between you, are you
really going to argue over $20?  It's possible (though unlikely) for a
bar-girl to make $1500 a month--does that sound like a lot of money to
you?  (Think about how short a bar-girl's working life is.)  Secondly,
are you there in high tourist season, is the place packed or is it the
rainy season and almost closing time?  Don't just be an asshole: use
your leverage.

I'd be happy to take my sainted grandmother to most any of the go-go
bars in Bangkok.  One-piece bathing suits are the norm.  A few bars at
Soi Cowboy or Nana Plaza offer topless and even bottomless (with an
eye out for the law).  These bars are less regulated than the Patpong
bars. There's also less noise and confusion and less traffic here than
Patpong, less competition but also fewer choices.  I've found many of
the girls here to be gentler, less experienced.

How to pick the perfect girl out of all this variety?  My rule of
thumb is to pick the best dancer even if she isn't necessarily the
youngest or most beautiful girl in the place.  She'll have that spark
of fun you want and she'll dance on your dick till you think you've
died and gone to heaven. Smile: it's the second best thing you can do
with your lips -- Bangkok T shirt slogan.

Most Thai women think it's weird to give head.  They like to get it,
for sure, and I've never heard a rational explanation for this.  It's
called 'smoke' as in cigarettes and most girls you take home from bars
or constellations won't get down on that bone.  In massage parlours,
smoking is often offered as a girl's specialty.  But in Patpong
there's a solution--get that blowjob before you take a girl home!
(Only in Thailand!)  Two upstairs bars offer au go-go and a round of
head by three girls of your choice, rubber or not.  If you're shy,
there's a private room overlooking the street which you share with
some friends getting some--it's a pretty upfront amazing scene; in the
back room the girls will take off their clothes, too.  If you prefer,
you can get off right in the bar while watching the dancers with three
beauties under the table.  B500-700 for one to three girls.  I've
always been hoping to get a girl with no teeth at all, but it hasn't
happened yet!

Remember that nowhere in Patpong do you need a tout to show you the
ropes; usually they'll only show you to the places that overcharge
anyway.  Kangaroo Pub (upstairs) has all women from Udon Thani and
Rose Bar from Khon Kaen, both in Isaan, so there must be great
grapevine recruitment!  Canadian author Christopher G. Moore calls
these places 'skull bars' (from your perspective on the girls) and
finds them degrading, demeaning and impersonal.  And these women
certainly swallow quarts of jism.  But they all love having a toke in
the back room with you and going out after closing for dancing or a
bite.  Gentlemen: this is unbelievable head.  You certainly can't go
wrong inviting one home and it's the same price in the morning.

Supergirls (upstairs) in Patpong deserves special mention:
these girls are especially young, delicious and nekkid.  (This place
also has a back room, but no aircon and full of mosquitoes!)  The show
here, too, is full of imagination.  I usually don't have much jam for
live sex shows but I keep going trying to recapture the magic of my
first where a lovely pulled fresh orchids on a string out from between
her petals, handing the string to the first row and passing it back
for twenty feet!  Quite spectacular!  The women who can shoot darts,
make baskets with pingpong balls, open bottles and smoke cigarettes
have always been a little scary for me--want one to go home with

The owners of Supergirls are planning a new bar, so we can look
forward to more of a good thing!

In all bars the girls get half the profit from each cola you buy them
(how much Coke can you drink?).  I often give a girl the price of a
drink as a tip; it's better for her.  However, the girl is expected to
bring in money for the bar, so she simply can't cuddle, kiss and
fondle all night without a drink in front of her.  Talk it over with
her and work out her own needs with those of her boss.  Also note, I
said cuddle, kiss and fondle--this has wide latitude.  But it
definitely does not include grabbing and groping, pulling, squeezing
and pinching the cuties--to my mind, that's just assault.  While we're
at it, some men want a bar-girl to have a real drink with them, beer,
Mekhong, tequila.  Imagine doing this every night for eight hours!
You'll find that many of the sweetest girls with that real Thai nature
don't drink or smoke and taste like heaven!

In any case, the reason the bar-girls are at the top of the list is
that they are all free agents and if they don't like you (or aren't
that desperate for the money), they'll simply turn you down.

Child prostitution and any sort of pornography are illegal
here.  The legal minimum age for sexual consent is 15, but if you are
paying for playing, the minimum is 18.  What constitutes a child may
not be the same to Thai police as seems quite clear to you and your
delicious "child"-woman.  There are some wonderful 13-year olds on the
game out there but stings and set-ups are not unknown.  Sometimes this
is just a shake-down for money but it will definitely be expensive for
you. The sensational cases in the Thai news sound like set-up jobs
from here, but Thailand is under a lot of pressure from Western
governments under the direction of the customary thought police, the
USA.  Some reciprocal laws have been enacted to brand known
"paedophiles", notably in Australia and Germany, and prosecute them on
return to their own countries.

I think I've offered you years of experience for free here.  I've
visited 63 of Thailand's 75 provinces with one thing in mind; I've
lived in brothels in many provinces.  Bernard Trink's 'Nite Owl'
column in Saturday's Bangkok Post cannot, of course, afford to be as
direct as this article, but you'll find great info on the local scene
and where the ripoffs are--highly recommended.

If you come to Thailand with an open mind, try to be as gentle and
generous and understanding as all Thai people and show respect for
Thai culture and customs (especially Buddhism and the King) you'll
learn a lot and you'll certainly get laid.  If you treat your visit
with the proper attitude I guarantee you'll make lifelong friends and
expand your consciousness.  Personally, I would never even consider a
white woman again.  If you're not prepared to give this much, you
should stay at home with Mama Fist and her five daughters--all poor
countries have seen enough exploitation by the rich.  Thailand is a
wonderful place that does not deserve to be infected by colonialism
and racism.

In May of 1992, I saw hundreds of unarmed, ordinary people gunned down
by soldiers whose orders came only from too much pride, too much ego,
too much power.  General Suchinda's first mandate as prime minister
was to eliminate all AIDS education in Thailand.  To me, this meant
that he cared more for the tourist dollar than for Thai people.  Don't
fall into the same trap.  My nom de plume is a noble from Thai
mythology who has two wives.

    Enjoy, learn and respect!  Khun Chang


To gain insight into a culture as complex as Thailand's, even the
casual tourist should read a few books on the country.  I don't mean
guidebooks, either.  As you can see from this list, there aren't too
many available, but my personal favourites are often fiction giving an
insight into Thai thinking and written by expatriates. On my first
visit an expat told me that bringing your wife or girlfriend to
Thailand is like bringing sand to the beach; this was prophecy for me:
I have a very hard time looking at Western women as sex objects
anymore.  My favourite quote, however, sums it up: 'If you're on the
train to heaven and it stops at Bangkok, GET OFF!' If you really fall
in love with the place, you'll have to learn at least basic Thai.  The
first thing you'll notice is how little English people speak.  Don't
learn Thai in the bar--it will be all too obvious how you learned it.
Pick a course or find an educated tutor (those university student
uniforms sure look good to me!).

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Since I wrote the article above in 1993, not a great deal has changed
but my attitude has softened somewhat and become more compassionate.

And there are a few things I forgot to say on the first go
round. Patience, sensitivity and sympathy go a long way toward
building relationships in any country.  This is even more true in
Thailand than in the West because Thais themselves are such patient
people.  You should make your girl feel special by being sensitive to
her moods (gold chains always seem to improve them!) and show sympathy
for her needs, too.  In all likelihood her biggest concern will be for
her family's material wants, though certainly you will encounter
greedy girls, too.

Obviously, don't let yourself be conned, bilked or milked for money
but it is not unreasonable for a girl to ask for money for her family
if you develop a longer-term relationship.  Most girls do this work
out of poverty.

'Good' Thai girls don't ever allow
touching, hugging or kissing in public, let alone more serious
pawings.  To do so immediately labels a girl as a prostitute.
Although prostitution is by and large accepted and tolerated in
Thailand, it is not admired, and any girl who walks with you will be
so labelled anyway.  So try to put yourself in her shoes and think
about how difficult this must be. Treating your girl with public
respect especially if you meet her family will make her much more
loving to you.  'Good' girls will also expect appropriate dress in the
city to walk with you; tank tops, beach shorts and thongs in town just
show you have no manners.

I can't stress strongly enough that you must pay attention to these
details.  All these give your girl great face in the Asian way and
will lead to opportunities to give her a lot more face in your room,
too.  Most girls will put up with you anyway but she won't like you
for it.

In Thailand, you will alway lose any argument in which you show anger.
Thai people prefer cool hearts and, really, it's not so pretty
anywhere else in the world either.  If temper tantrums are common to
you, stay at home.

Although prices have stayed much the same since I wrote this article
(just after the introduction of the B1000 bill), many girls will no
longer stay overnight.  They want to maximise their earnings by being
offed several times every night for short-time.  If you behave
yourself properly, you will improve your chances of satisfaction for
your money.  After all, we don't want Thailand to become like the
West.  Consumerism promoted by the West has already changed Thai
values greatly.

I don't see anything amiss in paying for sex but I do see trafficking
in women as heinous and reprehensible.  While fewer Thai girls are
being duped by recruiters in upcountry villages and far fewer are sold
as bonded or indentured sex-slaves, trafficking has moved to those
with less education: hilltribe girls, Burmese and Yunnanese girls to
Thailand Vietnamese peasant girls to Cambodia, Nepalese village girls
to India.  The incidence of foreigners marrying Thai girls only to
turn them out for sex in their own cold, grey countries has also
become very common.  I hope these people die an ugly death.  Don't
support this heartless scene with your money--your karma couldn't
stand the extra weight--and rescue someone if you ever see the chance.

While there has not been the AIDS explosion among bar-girls that most
expected, some of this is due to condoms and some to camouflage.  When
a bar-girl tests HIV-positive, she may well be forced to move on to
freelance or brothel w!  ork where there are fewer questions
asked. The HIV+ numbers are dropping in Thailand, however, we have
seen the rise of a new HIV subtype E which is supposed to be far more
transmissible heterosexually.  There has been some discussion
surrounding its transmission by unprotected head but, personally, I
think if we have to go to this extent, life would be far less worth

1998 meltdown addendum: The value of the baht is now half its
previous.  Prices in January have not yet gone up, though they will,
particularly imported goodies.  I live here because I don't like to
sleep with imported girls, so in fact, the local price for domestic
pussy has gone down if you're spending foreign currency.  Some Patpong
girls will ask and get B3000 (now USD$60) for all night, still cheap
at the price.  More freelance, moonlight students and office girls are
available at the constellations, discos and after-hours venues,
typically B1000-1500 ($20-30).  It's a great time to be here!  Amazing

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