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Legal Situation:

Prostitution Status: Prostitution is technically illegal, but largely tolerated. It has been culturally accepted for a long time. Prostitutes are never arrested (underage prostitutes are sent to education camps); buying sex is legal. There seems to be a recent crack down on child prostitution though: buying sex from someone under 18 is illegal; every once in a while authorities like to catch a foreign paedophile and send him to a long prison sentence. Nude or even topless dancing is also illegal but is widespread. Pimping and operating brothels is illegal.
Pornography is illegal.
The age of consent: The age of consent is 16. Police discourage girls between 16 and 18 from the prostitution business.

Finding Women:

Magazines with information: unknown.
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Travel Reports:

Several comprehensive articles about the Thai scene

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  • Excerpts from a PhD thesis about prostitution in Thailand (seems like I chose the wrong field...) are here. There's even a map of the interesting area included. The author's home page contains a photo of a Pussy Razor blade Show in Patpong.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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