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Terre Haute, Indiana

Subject: Terre haute, Indiana

Here's some news about the scene here at Terre Haute:

College town about 45 minutes from Indianapolis. Some consider it a
sister town to Bloomington, although some just call it "the town that
fought a war and lost."

I found only two good places to go to during my "expedition" here. Both
are run by the same person, and quite a distance from each other:

Majestic Bath Massage -
Prices start at US$30 for a generic massage, and can go up to well over
US$170. Some of the girls only do handjobs, some go full service, others
just only let you jack yourself off while you feel up their butts. I
recommend one girl, Libby. The others are dogs (as I say this, my pets
are insulted!) and not worth your money. The owner said she may have new
girls coming in soon, but don't get your hopes up...

His & Hers Body Massage -
Same starting price, same services, same shit with one exception. If you
play nice with one of the girls (I believe her name is Shawna), she just
might give you her phone number so you can arrange an incall. For
US$200++, she is well worth the cash! Don't tell her boss about this
side business, though, she might lose her job.

The escort service here died out for some reason or other, but you can
still call them at Discreet and Confidential Endeavours 238-1262.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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