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Tempe, Arizona

Date: Tue, 03 Jun 1997 00:33:54 -0700

picked up a girl named "Cherokee" on the north side of Apache Highway
this evening, short mid ti late 30's white (some indian?) female, a bit
heavy and somewhat busty. Negotiated $25 for oral in the car, she asked
for $30 but accepted when I explained that I simply did not have any
more money (true), but that I would drop her off and come back later if
that was a problem with $25.  Selected a spot a few blocks to the north
and parked.  Talked with her in the car, she seemed quite pleasant and in
fact complemented me for my manners.  Things went OK until about 2
minutes into the act.  Asked her to take me out and rub me a bit while I
played with her breasts, she said "that's the last time I come back up".
Told her that we could finish up with her going down.  Was wearing a
condom and had just showered, very clean, and being my usual polite self
when she pulled me out and said "that's enough", proceeding to give me a
rough (somewhat abusive) handjob.  I apologized for anything that I might
have done; she then told me that she didn't like my attitude!  The
entire period of time we parked was less than 5 minutes, but after
leaving she proceeded to tell me that "her time was valuable", and that
"no other girl would take half as long for $25", and that she thought I
was getting weird and "too kinky", all because I mentioned that she could
pass for the sister of someone I knew, and that I occasionaly enjoyed
"mature, busty" women!  I then apologized for any problems that I may
have caused, kept my promise to drop her off anywhere she needed to go,
and told her that she wouldn't have to worry about me "wasting her time"
in the future because I would look for someone else next time.  She
directed me to stop on a side street, and asked me to stop about 30 feet
behind a parked 70's era chevy with a rather unsavory character sitting
on the rear hood.  I asked her to make sure she had everything before
opening the door, but she opened the door and began rummaging through the
front seet looking for anything that may have dropped out of her purse.
She then demanded that I turn on the dome light (which did not work) so
that she could look at the inside of my vehicle.  The slimy looking
character was watching us intently when I recognized the car as one that
had driven by the parking lot (but nowhere near us) about the time she
had a sudden change of attitude.  I sensed a stall tactic (and a possible
setup) so I gave her an ultimatum.  I told her that my cardinal rule was
never to pick up or drop off a girl anywhere either one of us was in any
risk of trouble, and that I would either drive up the street about 100
feet and let her off or she would grab her stuff and close the door NOW.
She left, while of course loudly talking to no one something to the
effect that I was such an asshole!!!  This occured at about 11:30 PM on a
weekday night, so traffic on the street was negligible.  Still, I wonder
why she chose to stop at this spot in particular, and wondered if he was
checking up on her or running some sort of scam...

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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