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Tel Aviv, Israel

The bars are filled with hookers in the plaza by the main marina in
Tel Aviv.  These women usually service the U.N. soldiers off duty from
Lebanon and the Golan. Another landmark for this plaza is the movie
theatre on hayarkon street.

Subject: Isreal Update Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 11:16:55 UTC During a recent trip to Israel I decided to check the local scene. I called the numbers in four ads from individuals (not escort services). The prices were all either 100 NIS or 200 NIS (a little over $30 and $60, respectively). The girls were fairly specific (and quite unanimous) as for what this buys you: a massage, tongue licking your entire body, and a straight fuck. You can try for a second time - if you think you can. They were a bit less detailed when I asked them to describe themselves. Two of the four sounded definitely Russian. The instructions were always the same - arrive at a certain location, and call from there to get the exact address of her private apartment. I passed on one that was S&M and another that was in Ramat Gan (a suburb which is actually an integral part of Tel Aviv, but out of my way). The first one was somewhat of a disappointment - there was no pay phone in the immediate area, and looking for one in the hot sun of Tel Aviv is no fun! The girl was OK, but certainly not as she described herself and below my expectations... The second address was right next to a pay phone. When I called she put me on hold for a couple of minutes - I think so she could check from her apartment's window. Onnce inside, she was a cute brunette, with a pretty face, a short haircut and a nice smile. The place was very clean. After paying her and taking a shower, she also undressed completely and started massaging me. She had a nice body, real nice ass, and medium tits with nice nipples. The massage was OK, but she did not wait much to get much practice. She started kissing me, my neck, my back, and soon turned me over and started giving me a blow job. She was good! After a while I asked her to turn around, so she was on top of me, 69 style. She let me suck her shaved pussy and finger-fuck her cunt and ass. And the more I did, the more enthusiastic working on me she got, moaning and groaning, and pushing her ass in my face. Since I did not want to cum just yet, we changed positions, and without me saying anything, she spread her legs and started masturbating, while letting me watch real close, then taking me in her mouth, etc. All the while she was moaning and quivering in what appeared to be a genuine orgasm. She could have been faking it, but I don't think so. I finally decided I had enough, and climaxed in her mouth and over her tits, while she was still masturbating. She then smeared my cum all over her tits. Definitely a good service for $60. Recommendations: Most of the ads are in Ma'arive, but are all in Hebrew. I think you can do OK with English with the girls themselves. Ads from escort services are easy to detect: they are slightly larger, usually boast the agency's name, and indicate a fee of 24 NIS (agency fee?). Take a cab - should be less than 20 NIS from a central location in Tel Aviv. Get a phone card - most telephones do not use coins - You'll be making multiple calls away from your hotel room.
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 20:31:45 -0800 Subject: Prostitution in Israel. The best brothels in TEL-AVIV are : 1) Bugrashov st' No-12 in the Basement, opened 12AM - 04AM, good selection of Russian girls, prices are 170 Shekels to 1/2 hour of excellent sex most girls will do oral w/q condom and they are very good at it. 2) Hamasger st' No-64 in the Top floor it is a streep bar in witch for 200 Shekel for 1/2 hour or 300 Shekel for 1 Hour you can take the girl (usually young russian) to a nice room with showers and big bed, most girls will give oral w/o condom, the 1 hour session is recommended , the girls are less professional here but the atmosphere is nice. 3) Haaliya 34 top floor this brothel has only brasilian girls for those who love them dark prices are 120 Shekel for 1/2 hour oral is usually with condom the girls are not really nice but very exotic . 4) The area of the Old Central Bus Station is filled with brothels of the cheap kind the girls vary from young russian girls to old russian woman beautyful woman are rare prices are 100 Shekel for 1/2 hour but the sex is usually not more than 15 minutes. If you want to try Israely girls you Shoulduse an escort agency and tell them that you want israely woman prices are around 300 Shekel for 1 hour . I will send more in the future.
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 21:33:09 -0800 Subject: prostitution in ISRAEL - continue Recently I visited a brothel in TEL_AVIV in SHONTZINO St' no 4 the top floor in the elevator they have very nice young russian girls, and the price is 170 NS for 1/2 hour with the girl. I entered first time with Azia a beautiful blonde with big breast she was very warm and allowed me after some fondling to french kiss herand gave me a non condom blow-job , she allowed me to eat her pussy and her climax was very convincing. A few days later I entered with Yana a silver blond short hair she gave an exellent non condom blow job and after several minutes I climaxed in her face, she cleaned her face and asked me if I want a massage, I said yes and she asked me to turn on my back and for five minutes she gave me a very erotic massage, then she suddenly asked me if I'm capable to more sex I said yes of course, she verified I have a good hard-on put a condom on me and we fucked. I had very good experiences in the past in this brothel and it is very recommended.
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 15:49:29 +0300 Subject: Update about prostitutes in Israel. Recently my car broke down and I had to use the bus so I happened to spend some time in TEL-AVIV's old central bus station, something I didn't do for a long time, so I decided to check what is new in the prostitution situation in this area. The brothels in this area are not recommended althougt they are the cheapest between 100-120 shekel for a 15-20 minutes of not really exciting sex. To my surprise half of the brothels were closed and were replaced by "PEEP SHOW" places, so I decided to check it out, I cruised some of the places and asked for details most places offered a striptease show + hand job for around 80 shekel and some of the places offered the same but with two girls. I tried the "PEEP SHOW" in "ERLINGER" st' No 10 I payed 40 shekel in the entrance and entered into a small room with two nice young russian girls and gave each one of them 50 shekel, one of the girls arranged some music and the other one started to undress me she removed my pants and underware and unbottuned my shirt and started to pet me and to gently strok my erection the other girl joined her rubbing her breast on me sitting on my leg and rubbing her ass on me replacing hands with the other girls and adding some baby oil to my erection and for several minutes I was in heaven (during this time the girls undressed till comleet nudity), suddenly they left me and gave me some streap show that lasted 3 minutes tops and then they both came back to me ad started to pet me again giving more and more atantion to my erection I realized that soon I will come so I asked for sex but I was told that only a blow-job is available so I ask for a blow job one of the girls put a condom on me and started to blow my hard-on while the other one sat on me and soon the orgasm followed, for conclusion it was a very hot and I enjoyed it very much it is highly recommended. happy and satisfied I finished my buisiness in the area and was left with some time till the next bus so I decided to try some more "PEEP SHOW" so I went to "BNEI BRAK" st' No 15 I payed 40 shekel in the entrance and entered with a blond russian around 30 with a very attractive body she wanted 50 for a hand job and a 100 for a blow job I gave her a 100 shekel and the party was excellent and she also let me eat her pussy and gave an excellent blow-job with the mandatory condom. I will certanly try some more "PEEP SHOW" in this area but mind you this area is not stable and things can change overnight, also going to a regular brothel and getting exellent sex is not very expensive (for instance half an hour in "SHONZINO st' no 4 is 170 shekel for excellent sex).
Subject: prostitution in Israel Date: Sat, 25 Oct 1997 02:37:41 -0700 This past summer i was in israel going to school in Tel-Aviv. Just tell the cab driver BURSA. you will be dropped off in an area with many brothels. At one a russian girl was working. It costed 20 NIS to get up for a peep show with nothing between you and the girl. at 3.5 NIS to $1 my friends paid anothor 50NIS for blowjobs. None of them used condoms and she swallowed the first and spit the other. I did not get one because i had just seen 5 men go up with her (not the safest thing) the largest group of customers are the extremely religious. Judaism says seeing another women besides your wife is alright as long as they are from a different city.
Subject: israel Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 06:35:09 +0900 tel aviv has changed quite a bit since i was last there 4 years ago. there are whorehouses and strip clubs everywhere. on allenby street there are full blown whorehouses (Clab38 and house on 26 - 160 shekels) and one place where you can get a blowjob for 50 skekels. there is one whorehouse on borgrashov (150 shekels) and there are at least two out in the bursa (ramat gan) near the diamond exchange. one of the ones in the bursa is the tropicana (160 shekels) with beautiful young girls and the paradise (160 shekels) with beautiful more mature girls. there are 2 or 3 strip clubs in the bursa (paradise - blowjob in a private room for 50 shekels with your choice of the dancers) and the lido (didn't get to make it there). there is a street on the way back to downtown that is just lined with hookers (many are very pretty). the tropicana also provides an escort service.

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