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Tasmania, Australia

Hobart, Tasmania

Legal Situation

Prostitution in itself is not ilegal but living from the proceeds of
it is. I suppose that the girls are legal but not the Madams.

Age of consent in Tasmaia is 17

I have lived in Tasmania most of my life and here is some information on
the brothel and escourt scene here.

There are two kind of establishments in Tassie.  The first are small one
and two girl bands and then there are three or so "houses".

I have experienced most of these:

1). This brothel doesn't seem to have a name but advertises almost daily in
The Mercury newspaper's Adult services column with 15 or so line add with
girls name age and single adjective description (young, busty, slim etc).It
is located in the city fringe about 10 min from the GPO. The girl to see
here is Rachael.  Rachael is about 30, 5"10" and around 60Kg?  She is a
natural honey blonde and is really hot.  Full on toungue kissing etc.
Price is $100 half/Hr $150 Hr.  You won't regret it.

2).  Models Inc is located in the Northern suburbs of Hobart and advertises
as above.  There are usually 3-6 girls avai;able and you can meet them in a
lounge type atmosphere.  range from 5-9.  Prices are the same as previous
but I believe that light S&M is also on the menu (not my cup of tea).  Some
girls kiss others do not.  Couple of girls work here that dance at the Mens
Gallery a strip club in the centre of Hobart so If you have been there you
may find a familiar face.  The one to see here is Brittany.  19 Redhead
5"6" and an absolute knockout.  Seems to be quite eager and has a cute but
fading Irish acccent.  Usually my second choice when Rachael is not

3).  Madam Black is on the main north south highway about 2 min from the
city centre.  The building is very old an decreped.  Prices the same but I
would not recommend it.  Girls 2-7 and all they do is lie back and think of
England if you know what I mean.  Only as a last resort.

4).  I have not tried many of the one man bands as they are all quite
clandestine and want to play silly games like go to a phone box at X then
ring us etc.  why bother when there are at least two proper brothels witha
good selection.

I often travel to the North and North west of Tassie but I am yet to have a
good experience.  Just read the local newspapers and take pot luck I

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