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Tarapoto, Peru

Date: Sat,  6 Jul 1996 00:29:57 UTC

My compliments on your service. I think it provides a valuable, much
needed bit of insight into the world of sin. Since you didn't have a
listing about Peru, I wanted to share some of my own experiences.

Tarapoto, Peru is a city of about 50,000 in the Amazon basin. During a
business trip, I asked my taxi driver to take me to the local bar scene.
We ended up in a disco/bar on the river in Tarapoto. A stage was evident
where some of the local talent were performing "the bare assed jungle
dance", which I'll leave to your imigination. I asked my waiter about
the girls and was informed that they were all available and to let him
know who I liked. The decision was tough - these were all young,
attractive ladies. I finally choose a 15 year old who was just stunning!
She wasted no time in joining me for a drink. The price was 160 Sole
(about $70 USD).

She came to my hotel and proceeded to perform a private dance - just for
me. The service was first rate - anything that I wanted. Then a shower,
a nice massage and we fell asleep. I had such a nice time with Rosina
that I asked her to go sightseeing with me the next day, which was fine
with her. After a cartrip into the jungle, we ended up having sex under
a beautiful waterfall. The entire experience was fantastic and I was
sorry to leave. They don't see a lot of foreigners in Tarapoto, but
expect to be treated well while you are there.

While in Lima, Peru I decided to check out the local action there as
well. In Miraflores, one of the richer areas of Lima, there are several
bars with girls dancing on stage. These ladies ranged from scraggly to
exceptional and I had no trouble picking one. The price was negotiated
at 250 Sole ($100 USD) and we were headed back to my room at the
Sheradon. After the trip to the jungle, I was a bit disappointed. It was
just business for her - but it was still worthwhile! Ask you Taxi
driver for some advice - he'll undoubtedly know about the perfect place!

A couple comments - Spanish will be very helpful in your dealings as
very few of the  Peruvians speak English. Also be wary of common street
crime as you are a tourist.

Good luck and have a blast in Peru!

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