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Tanzania Travel Report

Date: Fri, 20 Oct 1995 02:45:22 UTC

Railway Hotel in Kigoma

Kigoma is the last Tanzanian town on the Eastern side of Lake
Tanganyika. Girls come in from Zaire for business (no, fruits
and the like, not just prostitution). There's a kind of disco
twice a week in the railway hotel. Many Zarirean girls stick
around. One of them took me to the bar, a big mother with large
breasts that were completely free under her shirt. Being fat is
considered beautiful in Africa and the first thing married women
do after marriage is try to become as big as possible. My problem
was that I knew neither French nor Lingala and she spoke no
English. She then just took my hand and placed it under her shirt
on her breast. I found her big black nibbles to be very hard.
She kissed me deeply and intimate and my hand found that she was
not wearing any slip under that colorful cloth she was loosely
wrapped in. We had a few beers and then went to my room. There we
had a shower together and I laid on my bed and when she came on
top of me I slipped into her and she made me wet all over my
lower body. Then she kneeled over my face so that I could lick
her and she was sucking me and I just could not help exploding
right into her mouth. I think only now I know what sex really is !
She stayed with me a restless night and only asked 10 US$.

Lake Kigoma ferry

There is a ferry from Kigoma to Bujumbura that may now be out of
service due to the political unrest there. At that time,
Bujumbura was safe (apart from minor skirmishes at night). The
boat takes off late afternoon and gets to Bujumbura next morning.
First class cabins have air-con (that never works), second class
has the same plus large cockroaches and deck is third class and
the only place I could find where I did not sweat like hell.
There's a male third class in front and a female third in the
back of the boat just behind the cantin. After dinner I strolled
thru that female third class. Girls called me and said I was
beautiful. I tried to talk to some of them but no one spoke
English. One of them followed me after she obviously got her
mother's OK to go with me. She took me behind the cargo that is
stored in the back of the deck behind the passengers area. There
I sat down on a box and she stood closely in front of me and she
started to kiss me and my hands started to free her breats from
some bra that looked quite bullet proof. When I then started to
kiss her breasts I found that she was very shy. I must have been
the first foreigner in her life. All of the time we were still
visibly from the passenger area though in complete darkness. I
then got my dick out and when she sat on my lap I found that she
was very wet and we had a lot of fun. Later I discovered that we
have been watched quietly by several women. On arriving one of
them told me she had wished she could have had me that night.


Karagwe is the last province in the far NW of Tanzania that
borders Uganda in the N and Rwanda in the W. One time I got thru
there the Rwanda-Uganda border was closed so that I had to cross
into Tanzania at the Rusumu border station and then go ahead into
Uganda by road. Rusumu was the place where the Rwandan border
guard pointed the mortar that was meant to deter the Tanzanian
side on my head when he asked my papers (I still got thru
unharmed and the mortar was put into place against Tanzania again
when I left). Must be a lot worse there by now... Anyway, next
day I got stranded in a small place that I cannot name because
I have relatives there who obviously must not come accross this
report. I had trucked down from the border and then waited for
the next bus to come tomorrow, that is, some time same week. As
in many African villages there is a patch of sand where buses and
trucks stop with some shops and beer bars around. Sticking around
there and waiting for some transport to come accross I made
friendship with a shop keeper. Shops there are merely large
wooden boxes that can be opened on one side for business. She
invited me in and we got increasingly closer and she kissed me in
all public and there wasn't anything bad about it. Her problem
was that she was having several kids at home. She wasn't a
prostitute, she just enjoyed me but she couldn't come to my room.
She put my hand in some secret place from behind while she was
selling and enjoyed what I did to her and really managed to
conceal it all in a way I think no one noticed our activity.


Mwanza is a town on the eastern side of Lake Victoria and this i
where you start trucking accross Tanzania (there's also a plane,
but if you're a foreigner they charge you more than London-New
York). Before I got moving I had to stick around for a while to
find out about road conditions, buses that are about to go or
trucks that take passengers on top of the load (a common form of
transport in E. Africa). When I got back to my hotel I found
that the girls were cleaning my room. They were very friendly
and after we had talked a few minutes one of them gently kissed
me and I touched her breast and found she was not wearing any
bra and then I invited her into my room where I slowly undressed
her and when I put off her skirt I started to lick her and she
was obviosly feeling a lot of joy. There was nothing artificial
in it and despite they are obviously prostitutes they do enjoy
white men.

As I have family ties in that area I have been to Mwanza several
times and made similar experiences each time I got there.

Highway hotels in Tanzania

If you can't get a bus you need to truck accross the country.
Truck drivers usually take passengers but you travel on your own
risk. There are wrecks of trucks who did not make it all along
the road. They get looted within hours but no medical assistance
is available within hundreds of miles. The road has potholes
large enough to swallow up a bus and you only move until the
afternoon rain starts. Then the dust turns into mud and the
truck sinks in some times half a metre and doesn't move a
single inch until the next morning sun turn's the shit into
dust again. This is why you hardly make a hundred miles a day.
When you stop moving usually there's a kind of hostel that got
something like "airy, spacious rooms" written on it. This is
where you stay the night but check for bed bucks, lice, rats
and the rest before you pay. In years I haven't seen any such
place where not some girls stick around and wait for customers.
Despite the out of the way area, some of them could win beauty
contests in America. I mean it ! They are known as "good time
girls" and stay with you for something like $5. If you refuse
to have one of them for a night, you'll probably be in for a hot
time as most of such places have only wooden walls that make you
hear averything that is goin' on next door. And if you stay next
to your truck driver, you can be sure there's goin' on a lot !
Most of the time you'll wake up as tired as you were when you
came as the live show a few inches accross some plywood and the
girl that is with you never lets you sleep. In one case I got
stuck in a place like this for two nights as my truck had broken
down (a very frequent thing). The second evening the receptionist
asked me if she could stay with me that night. She had liked me
the night before but I had already gone with another girl so that
she had no chance to ask me...

Dar es Salaam

The commercial capital of Tanzania and a place no different from
what I described above. There's a huge open place in the center
of the town that is a bit like speakers corner in London. It's
also a good place to make friends. Dar es Salaam is basically a
muslim town and hotels have signs in the room that prostitution
is illegal but some times hotel owners even offered me girls.
Muslim places I stayed in tolerated prostitution going on very
open. There's also some child prostitution going on there. I
have been offered girls of certainly no more than 10 or 12 years
several times. While everything else I described I think is
perfectly OK as long as all partners enjoy (I don't believe that
prostitution in itself is a form of exploitation), you better
keep your hands of children. You're also running some risk of
police raids then and this could turn out to be quite dangerous.
Also remember that the one who tips off the cops will certainly
get bribed. Tanzanian police is among the most corrupt I have
come accross.


While Zanzibar is certainly well worth a visit it's the only
place in all of East Africa where a girl that I came to know in a
market was refused entry into my hotel. Virtually all hotels in
Africa double as brothels, but probably not in Zanzibar. Most
likely this is because Zanzibar is almost purely muslim. On the
other hand I have not come across anything like what I described
about Egypt.

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