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Tampico, Mexico

Subject: Report on Tampico, Mexico

Hello, I'm reporting on.....Tampico, Mexico

I spent three nights at a club called, "Breezers".  it is definitely some of
the best value I've gotten for my money in a long time.
Every taxi driver in the city knows where the club is, just ask.
It is only about five minutes from the airport. (30 pesos max - don't pay any

The cover charge at the club is $10 pesos ($1.25 US)

When you get inside, the bouncers will escort you to a table.  Every bouncer
that is wearing yellow sells tickets for the girls.  You don't give any money
directly to the women.  One ticket gets you a nice table dance in one of the
back rooms.  Five tickets gets you a blow job.  Fifteen tickets gets you three
songs worth of sex.

The girls will dance on stage.  Try to remember the names of the ones you
want.  It makes it easier when you try to tell the bouncer to get them for
you.  If you don't speak Spanish, then catch one of the girls on stage, get a
bouncer and point.

Each ticket costs $20 pesos ($3 US).

Be sure to bring pesos.  The bouncers will change your money over to pesos,
but they give you a shitty exchange rate.

Also be sure to bring your own condom.  The girls will not provide one.

The girls are all above average in quality (some better than others).  They
don't speak much English, but they know what to do.

I wouldn't necessarily make a special trip there, but if you are in the area;
it is worth stopping by.

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