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Tampa, Florida

>activities, can anyone give me advice on places to find girls. I'm
>interested in what streets they hang out on, or numbers of escort services.
>I'd also like the names of some cool strip clubs to check out with dancers
>that are extra friendly.

S. Nebraska Ave. (close to downtown).  Mostly "dark."  Also Kennedy Blvd.
The Tanga Lounge & Mons Venus.  $$$ will buy you ANYTHING!

Subject: Re: TAMPA Date: 10 May 1995 19:16:25 -0400 Also check the Tribune sports section. Some of them even advertise "Full Service Sessions"!
From: (Tampa John) Subject: TAMPA Adult Services Review Date: Tue, 29 Aug 1995 01:07:35 UTC Tampa is clearly a wide open town. Various lists have been created with reviews and details of the Strip Clubs in town, and I have found them very informative. But, what I have been longing for is infomation on the other adult establishments in town,such as: - Body Scrub / Soft Touch Rub Parlors - Lingerie / Private Modeling Studios - Exercise Equipment Demonstrations - Hot Tub Demonstrations - Outcall Escort Services - Adult Catering / Home Cleaning Services - Independent Lingerie Models - Independent Outcall Escorts - Club Dancers Who Will Dance At Your Hotel Room / Place Being an engineer by training, I like numerical scales. So my idea is to build this list of Tampa Services with specific "Consumer Reports" type ratings and information. I plan on rating particular women within each establishment on looks, personality, and performance. Ofcourse, a little narrative is also in order. Contact information will also be provided, when the lady wishes it so. In order to do this I need your help! Consumers of Tampa Adult Services, please consider this a cooperative project. Send me your specific reviews and recommendations, and I will add you to the distribution list for updates. Let's make this the best consumers guide to all around adult services in Tampa! Tampa John
Date: 3 Feb 1996 23:59:37 GMT I found that Hillsbourough ave, supports better looking girls try the pleasure motel on the right just over the hill .
Subject: Fun in Tampa Date: Thu, 01 Feb 1996 20:25:30 GMT When in Tampa...go to Nebraska Ave. Never...I repeat never pay more than $10 for a blow job...maybe, if they get tough, offer them a half pack of tipping.....don't ruin it for the rest of us
Date: Tue, 05 Mar 1996 14:59:08 GMT In Tampa: Incall: Pick up the tampa tribune sports page and there are lots of ads for "lingerie modeling" or body scrubs....most are about the same. Body Image on N. Florida offers the fullest service. Avoid: American Geisha on Henderson Avenue...a Cumplete Ripoff!! Mons Venus is the best strip club in AMerica...full contact lap dances and the girls are open to offers to go home with you later...for a price. Street action? Try Nebraska avenue between Busch Blvd and Fletcher Ave.......puhleeeez, wear a raincoat. In most adult establishments pick up a free copy of Night Moves magazine or Vivid...both are fairly complete and will provide you with all you need to know.
Subject: TAMPA Date: Sun, 25 Feb 1996 16:33:18 UTC Here are my thoughts on three modeling places in Drew Park: 1. ETS - an old favorite....almost always satisfied here. LANA seems to be the hottest right now althought there have been many girls in this place. Note: I gave my first ever rim job here!! 2. Aquarius Video: WHOA!!!! This is among the wildest in town.. Each girl seems to work on her own with minimal supervision. Try GIA - she is willing to do anything for not too much money -- full service ++! Watch out in the private video booths - glory holes and jism stains abound! 3. Devil's Playground - pricey, very good looking girls. I get the feeling they offer full service, but the model I had ( a great looking conservative blond named Tiffany) indicated she'd never go that far. You can do better elsewhere!
Subject: TAMPA Lingerie reviews Date: Tue, 26 Mar 1996 17:58:39 UTC Here are some recent reviews of lingerie modeling (all personal experience) BODY IMAGE - Seems all of the regular gang here was sacked by management at once because they were doing too much for too little $$. That is probably why it was my favorite of all places in town. Tiffany there was a big titted blond who would provide vacuum action for about 70. The other girls were all wild as shit and at least one would fuck. Since they left I saw an ad in the tribune that said they were all at a place on Armenin Ave. (maybe the 8500 block). I haven't had a chance to check this out yet but the ad listed 'em all by name. I discovered this during a session with Amber - a new replacement girl (sounds like the baseball strike). Se was kind of stuck up and had no reason to be as she was of average looks. She did "satisfy" me but whined about my measly $60 tip and said she usually gets more. Not from me. I am going to avoid my old favorite now. ETS - Went today and saw Lana - a tallish dimwit with cute average to above average looks. I've seen here before and it was about the same. She did the necessary handywork while my hands roamed. No pussy eating and she said no way on the bj question. Not a lot but definately cheap. 15 door fee and 45 tip. 60 total. Probably could have just whacked off at Grady Adult book store and saved the cash....maybe next time.
Subject: PLACES NOT TO GO IN TAMPA Date: 24 Feb 1996 16:42:27 -0500 Making the rounds of local adult establishments, I came across two places you definitely want to avoid. American Gershia on Henderson. The place pushes the legal limits in their ad, promising full service for a $40 - no tipping fee. I checked the place out last week. The girl who appears in all the ads for the place greated me at the door with, "WHAT DA YA WANT!" Her constant jigging in place should have clued me in and sent me running, but BT Barnum was right. I agreed to a session and paid my money. In the room, this blond coke freak counding stop jigging about or sniffing. She demanded another $60 for any kind of service (lies, lies, lies, what do I expect). I paid and was treated to something rather painful that could only have been learned at a 4H fair speed milking contest. Total time on the half hour session, 10 minutes. Ambiance -10, Charm -10, Price -5, QUALITY? None. The other place to avoid is Lipstixx, at least on the day shift. Four "girls" were working the day I went in. One was a huge, 40+ year old woman with no personality and a los angeles freeway map of vericose veins covering her unappealing breasts. One looked like the fetus stomper girl from the movie Eraserhead; she had a huge growth distorting one side of her face, There was another 40's ish woman who looked good until she got into the light and her losing battle with gravity become apparent. This time a fishnet of veins covered an engorged abdomen. The only woman with a bit of youth and beauty still clinging to her frame, was staggering around in an haze. I'm not sure what intoxicant she was on, but I wasn't sure she wasn't going to keel over and require CPR at any given moment. She was also undercutting her competitor's prices, but I'm afraid of obvious junkies. With all the competition in town, you can do better than these places. Whispers is also not recommended, although all I can fault them for is price gouging. But then if they can get the hundreds of dollars they want for tips, more power to them.
Subject: Tampa Clubs Date: 27 Jun 1996 22:18:14 -0400 I still say Lipstixx is the place to be. Sometimes there is nothing but the fugly patrol in there, but if you're patient and keep checking there is a few 8 or 9's there. If you're as much into "full service" as I am, get a dance with a dancer named "X" and ask her about a private dance with her roommate "Mariah." X is pretty but Mariah is stunning (she used to work their). At 7 Seas about 3 months ago there was a girl who hung out there named "Beth" who would offer you private sessions at the Harbor something hotel up the road at Dale Mabry and Kennedy. Anything less than full service is just another hand job.....
Subject: TAMPA "Whispers" Date: 4 Jun 1996 23:49:07 -0400 Recently tried Whispers lingerie on Gandy Ave. Had Trisha and she was very nice, but she would not let me touch her privates and she would not even consider touching my unit. She was nice, though.
Subject: Tampa - Pull No Punches Review of Lingerie Shops and Other Tampa Services Date: Tue, 03 Sep 1996 23:32:10 -0700 I am really surprised that there is such few postings regarding Tampa! I travel on business there regularly and have found it to be The best outside of the Brothels of Reno and Carson City, Nevada (Sorry Chicken Ranch- but the Northern Brothels have you beat hands down!) My experiences have come from the fact that I travel and am away from home 99% of the time and that my wife of a little over 4 years was killed in a car accident a little over three and a half years ago. I was pretty screwed up for a long while and wanted no part of women. I am 32 now and still pretty good looking - I keep in shape and many women have commented on how they can't believe that I have not gone out with anyone since my wife died. I just couldn't deal with that whole scene again. My Introduction to Sex for Hire - I will give several specific accounts following this boring introduction. Enough of the pity shit. Nature finally got to me and forced me to do something. Luckily I was with a group of guys at a bachelor party in Tampa. We were partying at the world famous Mons Venus and we met a girl who said you guys need to take the bachelor party over to see a girl by the name of Jessie James at a Lingerie Shop called Bare Innocence (now closed). When we got there we paid for this guy to get a great hand job (I know I know - not a big deal) from this girl name Jessie who is a Local Porn star in Tampa. She is exceptionally hot I might add. While he was in the room getting his business taken care of we started talking to the other girl in the shop who was exceptionally gorgeous also. The guys then started telling the girl about my tragedy and she felt really really bad. I got real uncomfortable and left to go run down to the 7-11 for some coffee and said I would be back. When I returned the boys had worked out a deal for this girl to relieve me of my built up stress. I was not given much choice as my buddies threw me into the room with this girl who was butt naked!!!!! Anyways we didn't do much but talk for a while and she started talking softly in my ear and got me all worked up in a hurry. She then undid my pants and pulled out the unit that had been in storage and she quickly brought it to life! She proceeded and I quickly started exploring her body. The place was a handjob only place, but the girls would let you touch their pussy all you wanted as long as no insertion. Anyways she got me off and it surprised her when my cum shot right in her face. At first she was a little pissed but realized what the deal was and basically played it up as if she were a porn star getting the normal gizz in the face conclusion shot. I did not give any specifics on the above event as it happened so long ago and I know that she is no longer around. I will give you me details regarding Jessie James in the accounts described below. Like I said I have traveled the world over and have found Tampa to be unmatched in the U.S. It is unfair to compare to Bangkok, Manilla, Rio, Amsterdam or other Sex capitals of the world. Here are my detailed accounts - enjoy! I list these places in order of my preference! Erotic Toy Store - I like this place because of the title - Yes - they use toys. Darci - 20 Years old - 6/20/96 - It was late one evening and I was horny as hell so I swung by all the lingerie shops to see if anyone caught my eye. After reading a post in the newsgroups about ETS - I was anxious to try it out. I walked in and met Crystal and Darci. Crystal was large and ugly as hell. Darci was petite (I like petite women) and rated about a 7 in the looks department. I said I would like a session from Darci and we went in the room. It was only $20 fee up front plus tip. I asked her how much for the session and she said most people tip around $60. This really surprised me and would anyone else who frequents the Lingerie shops in Tampa as they usually do not quote any prices and if they do its around $200 way higher than anyone should pay. I paid got naked and wo did she and boy did she have a body to die for. Nice "real" tities - at least a C. Which I was kind of impressed with considering she is only about 5 feet tall. We layed on the bed and we started the feeling each other up and then we went through the "is there anywhere in particular that you need assistance". Meaning do you want me to grab your cock. I put her hand on my cock and she started doing a pretty good job on arousing my interest. I then asked her about the toy bit and she pulled out this dildo that was decent sized and we started shoving that thing in and out of her pussy. Yes, she let me do the holding and the pushing. All the while she continued to work on my tool. I got really horny and said I needed to screw her. I think she wanted to - cause when I suggested she got up and got the latex out. She put it on me and was about ready to mount me when she said she needed some more money. I asked how much and she said she would not quote prices. I said how bout $30. She said cool - and impaled herself on my cock. She rode me for a good long while and then asked me if I would do her doggie style (my favorite position). This girl knows her way to a guys heart. I fucked her from behind and came in a blaze of glory. We had far exceeded the 30 minute session time and thus, we got up and got dressed and I left. Wow, a great fuck for only $110 total. What a bargain!!!! The only knock I had on Darci is that she wouldn't talk very much. Not the most personable, I think this was partially because she was new!!!!! I have tried to see her many times since then, but she took a month off. But I called today and guess what boys she's back!!! Amber - Late Twenties - 07/22/96 - This girl is a petite blonde with no Tits. Probably about a 7 also. She has blonde hair and is really fairly nice. She has a specialty though - ANAL. She inserts dildo's in her ass and will let you fuck her in the ass for the right price. I saw Amber late one evening also - she is fairly down to business but generally pretty nice. She is a no holds bar type of women if you are willing to pay. I have a weakness for anal sex and she is the women for the job. She charged me $190 plus the $20 house fee to fuck her in the ass. We had a really nice long unrushed session, the only problem was negotiating fees. She is kind of pricy initially. She doesn't look or act wild but if that is what your into don't be mislead by your initial impression. Heaven - 20 Years old - 06/21/96 - She is a kind of a gronola girl with an attitude. I am sure she can be really nice, but she wasn't the day I tried to see her. She was only willing to give me a blow job and would not use toys. She apparantly could not use the toys due to some surgery she had just recently. The thought really turned me off so I opted for Hand Job only. Which she charged more than either Amber or Darci and was not nearly as good looking. We chatted about her job as she was jacking me off, apparantly she will fuck, only if she is in need of money. Kind of loser - you can do much better for a lot cheaper - She wanted $90 tip just to jack me off with no touching. FACADE, LTD. - This place has outstanding quality in terms of girls. They include Jessie James who is the girl mentioned at the top of this add. However, I have found to get little more than an excellent hand job with my hands wandering and touching the ladies pussy. Monique - 22 Years old - 05/??/96 - Yes, Jessie James does not get top billing here. Unfortunately, I went back a couple of weeks later and Monique fell off the map. If you are out there Monique - I miss you!!! Monique was kind of spanish I think with nice chest D-cup at least. She would rate probably an 8. This woman was erotic to the core. I got a great body rub from her and then she climbed up on top of me and did some titty fucking - all the while talking really nasty (I love nasty talkers). Anyways, she started to talk nasty in my ear while rubbing her crotch on my dong. What a feeling. Anyways, she begged in her words,"put your fingers in my cunt and rub my clit". I kindly obliged. Anyways, it was so intense then she sat up like she was going to mount me, but she just grabbed by cock and started to jack me off while yelling are you going to shove this cock of yours up my cunt!!! Needless to say I came and the session of a lifetime was over - and yes without sex. The session cost me $100 plus $25 house. I am pretty sure that she would have done more, but not positive. I guess know one will ever know!!!!! I think she may have been a bit too wild at Facade and was likely asked to leave. Jessie James 24 years old - Last Visit 05/??/96 - This woman was built for sex!!!! Unfortunately she won't give you anymore than a hand job and let you rub her pussy. She does talk nasty and will talk about her experiences while making adult movies. I find her sessions good, but expensive for what you get. She expects a tip to be $150 minimum. I would rate her a 9 in the looks dept. Kianna - 25 years old - 03/??/96 - She is a big chested blonde with lots of curves. Probably rated a 8. The session was kind of short as I thought I had a lot more money than I did. I gave her $60 tip and I had to primarily take care of myself, with a little assistance from Kianna. She did let me rub her pussy all I wanted. She was really a nasty talker - I would love to see her again with more money. Adrianna - 20 years old - 07/23/96 - This woman is Latin and has a very nice body and a pierced tongue. She looks like she would be wild as hell in a session, but looks are decieving. I saw her and she wanted a $100 just to jack me off with very little touching of her crotch. She also wore rubber gloves (big turn-off). I would not waste my time with her. She is dumb as a board also - so in addition she is not fun to talk to. I am really interested in finding out others experiences with some of the other girls at Facade - like Cori, Rikki, Nicole, and Hunter. Salon Elite - This place is strictly a Hand Job place. The women are mostly decent looking. Taylor- 29 years old- 03/??/96 - She is a hard bodied blonde who gives a decent hand job but thats it. You can touch her pussy a little, but not too much. She is really nice and fun to talk to though. We had a good conversation about anal sex - (as I stated I am a true connosiuer). Good looking nice tits, but that's about it. Alyssa - 19 years old- 07/24/96 - She is a decent looking Latin girl but not overly great looking. She is in the business strictly for money. She was less than friendly and demanded a tip in excess of $100 for a hand job. Since the price was so high, I didn't find out what else she would do, but I doubt much more. If she is your only choice, keep moving down the road - there are better values out there. Illusions - This place will give you all you ever wanted and hoped for - at least from the right girl. Kori - 23 years old - 03/??/96 - This girl has huge tits and a pretty darn nice body - probably an 8 for looks. The best part is that she fucks. It cost me $180 for a decent screw. She is really nice, but in the business to make money. Wasn't really all that rushed, but one thing bugged me about her was that you could not touch her below the waist at all. I guess that is my only complaint, that the sex wasn't hot and passionate, it was very business like. Raven - 30 Years old -03/??/96 - This girl is not the greatest looking in the world but has a party attitude. I think this girl loves sex. The best part is that she does anal. For $200 I got to stick it in her ass. She is probably a 6 in looks but her attitude bumps her up a point and a half to a 7.5. Nice big tities that I believe are real. She is really nasty and gives a great session. If your in the mood for nasty, you can't go wrong with Raven. The Legend of Sunsual Secrets I will save this review for another day. All I can say is that the women are beautiful. If anyone has any information on models, I would really love to hear. I will add them to my posting. Others I have visited a couple of other shops around town, and will give an account on my next posting. However, if anyone wants more details on specific women or sessions above, please e-mail me. I am very interested in finding out more about the following places and girls: Celebrities - (Particularly about Chanel, Morgan, Vanessa, Nicole, - Chanel looks so damn hot in the nightmove articles, and any other hot girls there - I have stopped by and seen some real dogs at this place though) The New Scandals on Hillsborough - (Michelle who advertised in the August Vivid and Nightmoves) The Royale - Ashley Whispers - Taylor Body Images Pleasure Time Spas - Especially about sessions with Pinky. Do these places offer the same services as the Shops in Tampa? Happy Hunting Fellas.
Subject: Tampa - Pull No Punches Review, Part 2 Date: Tue, 10 Sep 1996 08:17:26 To start off with I would like to discuss the strip club Lipstixx - I went to this place around 10:00p.m. on a Saturday night expecting it to be hopping. Not at all - all the girls there were hideous - I mean hideous. I have heard that there is some decent looking girls there however. I heard that in the private room area anything goes - is this true???? I caught some grief over not having a relevant post last time to ASSC - so here is my tie in to ASSC. I am also an old time 7 Seas fan. The new girls have the same attitudes as Mons and 2001 have these days. All good things must come to an end I guess. I use to see an oriental girl there by the name of Nicki - she was very hot and anything was ok with her during the dance. It is nice to have a dance that you don't have to hold back - you can do whatever you want. If only there were more of those type of girls out there. As I left off with the last posting, I will review Legends of Sensual Secrets as well as some of my recent expeditions to various lingerie/body scrub/nude modeling establishments in Tampa. I have just returned to the states from Bangkok and wow!!! what a place - but that is a story for another day. In comparison Tampa is quite lame, but not compared to the rest of the United States. Legends of Sensual Secrets - This place is a rather upscale type of establishment with models ranging from medium to very attractive. The rooms are decked out and quite comfortable. Jasmine - 01/??/96 - This girl is pretty hot looking probably a 8.5-9 range in her late twenties. The word here is expensive!!! For $120 all I had to take care of myself with no roaming of my hands other than on her enhanced breasts - which were quite hard (too hard). She was very sexy and sensuous during the massage and she turned me on very much, but I can get other girls to do that too so overall, I was quite displeased. Onyx - 01/??/96 - I tried this girl out after my bad experience with Jasmine and got the same result. The only difference was that she milked me as opposed to me doing it myself. She is decent looking but not my type. I was really drunk at the time of this session and there are some other details, that I may or may not have missed, however the key details for which I know to be true is that $120 bucks is not going to get you anything more than a hj from either of these two girls. While they may be good looking - they also command a higher price and deliver a lot less in service. I really am curious if this is the overall attitude of the Legends or if it is two bad apples that I chose. I have heard of unconfirmed reports that other girls will do more, however, the jury is still out. Heidi is exceptionally good looking - I met her once and have heard of unconfirmed reports about her - but til I hear anything differently - I am not going to risk my money with this place. Angels in Paradise on Waters - This place is really kind of a dive. However, I was really horny and the girl - although not all that attractive kind of turned me on as well as the $10 session price as well as being 2:50 a.m. and all of the other places were closing shortly. Tori - 08/31/96 - I am not positive that this is her correct name - she had kinda crooked teeth and blonde hair and was slightly overweight. I don't think it is the same Tori that everyone has heard so much about. This girl seemed to be really cool and promised that she wasn't a hustler. BULLSHIT!!! This girl was the biggest hustler around. She kept sucking the $20's out of me and going through this long story about how she has to share her tip with the manager. Anyways, I got a decent hand job only and some really nice nasty talk. She would not let me touch her pussy unless I gave her more money. She was real uptight about whether I was a cop or not so she would not talk freely even when she had her hand on my Johnson and her mouth was 1 inch from my pecker. At the end of the session, she said that if the tips would have kept coming - she would have brought out the toys and the session could have gotten more intense. I would guess that she would give a decent bj, but don't know if much more could happen. I would not go back unless I was suffering from a major case of blueballs. The other girl there looked like she was 15 years old and had braces. Wonder what a bj from her would feel like. Another report of ETS Lana - 08/30/96 - Had not tried her before and the girl I really wanted to see (Tiffany - shes new) left early. So feeling really horny I agreed to a session with Lana. I gave her the $20 and then gave her a $60 tip. She went through the I routine that allowed her to determine that I was not someone who was going to get her in to trouble. She pulled out this rather large dildo and said "this looks like fun" and handed it too me. We got on the bed naked and without hesitation she started to milk me as I rammed that large dildo in and out of her snatch. This girl is so damned stupid it is almost annoying. Anyways, I have heard conflicting stories about how much this girl will do. When I was ready to ask, I heard a whole bunch of people outside of the room and decided that I would wait until they left to ask her for additional services. Before I could though it was too late and I was spewing all over her chest which she seemed to enjoy. I was kind of curious if she would have let me come on her face. As I said there were so many people in the lobby, I didn't dare ask - I just wanted to get cleaned up and out of there. If anyone has been to ETS the front lobby is very small and right next door to the rooms. Sorry - can't provide anymore vital information on Lana. The other girl that was working there was some kind of mexican looking girl - she was ugly as hell and had a bad body though. I also saw a picture of a girl who works there named Meranda in an ad in nightmoves that says she is pregnant and working at ETS. Forgive me for those of you with this type of fetish, but that is about the most disgusting thing I have heard of or seen. Facade Ltd. Nicole - 09/01/96 - This girl has a body to die for if you are into petite type of women. Not that she is overly petite - she is around 5'5" and is very busty, but she has a really tiny waist and a nice petite ass. In my opinion this women has a body to die for. I played golf with a cleint that day and he wanted to go grab a session after we had a couple of beers. We drove over there and he hooked up with Kori - who is a rather hot looking blonde. I was going to wander over to Mons and check out and see if they had any new talent. Then I saw that Nicole was working - this girl is hot looking in my opinion. Body 10 and looks 8.5. Her eyes are kind of strange thus the deduction. It was a usuall Facade type of session. Hand job only and at a relatively high price. My opinion on Facade Ltd. is that it is fairly high priced place, but it is a known commodity. My experience at Angels in Paradise with an ugly model got me an identical session with a far less attractive model. So it is a tuff call. However, I do know that anything more than a hj at Facade is not going to happen - that is I have found this to be the case so far. Nicole gave a great effort and climbed up on the table and grinded on me and gave me a great titty fuck for a total of $110 including the session price. I have to run, but will provide another review shortly. I also have another trip to Tampa on the 24th of September and plan to explore the services further. I am surprised by the lack of response to my last post. I only got a couple of responses back. Am I the only guy around keeping these places in business? I am still anxious to hear about the following places and girls: Celebrities - Nicole, Chanel, Vanessa, other attractive girls. Thee Royale - Ashley, she currently appears in either nightmoves or Vivid and looks pretty hot. They also have a website at Scandals Illusions - Amanda/Hailey Whispers - is this place a rip off???? That is all I have heard, but no specifics. ETS - other girls. Lipstixx - is there anyone there that is good looking.
Subject: Tampa - The Prowler's Friend's Review Date: Tue, 10 Sep 1996 23:18:58 I can say that Tampa is a con/man/womans haven and there is a real raquet that goes on at some of the Lingerie places. I have had very limited experience in Tampa with these places personally. That is not to say that I do not read nightmoves and have not stopped by to see the girls, but can in no way say that I am an expert at the Lingerie shop scene. However, I do know this!!!!!!!!!! Fantasy in Lingerie on Kennedy is a SCAM!!!!!!!!!! This was my very first attempt at going to one of these places and if it were not for some of the posts to the newsgroups it probably would be my last. There was this really good looking girl with large breasts that seemed to always work there - when I stopped by on the night that I was ripped off, there was this really hot looking petitte blonde. Anyways, there was this coupon in Nightmoves, so I thought what the hell, I would give it a try. What a mistake. I got back in to the room, stripped down when she left and I sat there and froze my ass off!!!! It took her probably close to 10 minutes to return. I could here her bullshitting with the other girl and knew that she wasn't doing a damn thing. When she got to the room she asked for her tip. I gave her $80 and was excited to get the show on the road. Anyways, this girl just got the bitchiest attitudes, like I am so damn hot. Anyways, she kept dancing to this weird music clear on the other side of the room. I asked her to come a little closer and she said that she would eventually. I had no idea how long that was going to take though. After another 5 minutes of her dancing with her clothes on across the room, I asked her if she would please come closer. She started to move closer and when she turned around, I said hell if she is not going to get closer maybe she wants me to go to her. WRONG!!! She nearly kicked me in the exposed family jewels for stepping out of my seat. I asked her when the session was going to get moving. I said that I would like to see her nekked. She said that the session could get a little bit more interesting with more of a tip. I was pretty damn set on not giving her another cent the way she acted so I was blunt as hell and asked her how much to see her get naked. She said at least double what I had already paid including house. In other words she wanted $220 total. uhhhhhh yeahhhh right - how stupid am I????? I asked her if this would also get me a handjob and she said no way and started yelling and screaming at me that she wasn't a whore. She was a money whore!!!!! Needless to say that while she was yelling at me, I got dressed and left - as I was walking out the door these girls threw some trash out the door at me while yelling obscenities. Now, I know that I can be direct and blunt and sometimes this offends people, but I would say these girls have this little humiliation scheme worked out to a T!!! Anyways, avoid this place at all costs!!!!! All you do is get ripped off by rude women who think they are so damn high and mighty ripping of the sexually needy. I would really appreciate hearing anyones negative experiences!!! It seems that usually the responses consist of don't go there its a rip-off. A rip-off to one is an awesome session to another. This may be a little exagerated, but ya get the point. The more information the better. Please, let us know if there are other rip-off places out there. We have heard that places like Whispers and the new Scandals is this way. Can anyone confirm?????
Date: 18 Nov 1996 07:17:28 +0100 In Tampa, I found The Erotic Toy Store (not listed in the phone book) in the sports section of the newspaper after looking for a few days. I tried to get with Darci or Amber, both recommended just a month or two ago. I was told that Darci no longer works there. Unfortunately, I was nearvous and didn't notice the girl I chose was pregnant. Prices seem to be a bit higher than reported with a $20 entry fee and $100 for manual service.
Subject: [ASP] Warning - Tampa Outcall SCAM Date: 19 Feb 1997 01:44:55 +0100 Just a warning - Do NOT use an outcall service in Tampa called "Full Service Always". They should add a "NOT" after their name. You call and make an appointment after hearing the usual about the girl's looks. She arrives and agrees that there is a "one fee" for "total full service" (She wants $200, about normal for the full service at some of the in-house facilities in Tampa). She then calls in, after taking agency fee and service fee. She then proceeds to only strip down to panties, and refuses any touching whatever. Claims this is normal "full service". Leaves as soon as you object, warning you that her driver is waiting downstairs for her. Not only that, but she was using a very padded bra (what was 34B was more like 32A). Very dishonest. Actually, I would love to see any posts of guys who have had luck with in-call in Tampa. Have used multiple massage out-call places with great success, and will post some of those experiences for others. Until you see otherwise, suggest the massage scene in Tampa.
Subject: [ASP] Tampa Massage Scene Date: 21 Feb 1997 14:26:27 +0100 The following is a short report on the Tampa massage scene. There a load of massage places in Tampa; more than most any other city its size. The following have been visited in the last 6 months. Facade This is a very high-class place, but super expensive. The best I've ever gotton or heard of was a hand-job. The girls are all first rate (none worse than an 8, and many 9s, 10s). Standard prices are about $60-$100 for a first rate show, and another $50 for a hand-job. Have gotten handjob for as little as $80, and as much as $150, depending on girl. If you want to see a super great looking girl, than this is the place. However, your money will buy you a lot more action elsewhere, but with a little less pretty girl. Celebrity This place is closed. Used to be pretty good with wide variety of girls. ETS (Electric Toy Store) For the money, you can't beat this place. Usually have 3 girls working (one blonde, one brunette, and usually a black girl). Fee is really low (maybe $25?). Rooms are pretty unsavory (matress on floor). Girls will either negotiate up front, or as you go. I find a starting tip of $50 gets them naked, and then another $50 buys a "toy" show. You can use the dildo on the girl, and touch everywhere. Then, for another $50-$80, you can get everything else. I even had one girl agree to anal for a full price of $160. Girls vary, but usually 5-7, with sometimes an 8. Did have a real cute blonde working, but left after about 2 weeks. If you have to pick just one place, this is a good place to go to. Sensations Just opened, and features girls from ETS. Pretty much the same, but a little more expensive, girls a little better, and rooms cleaner with the massage tables instead of mattresses. Girls very friendly, cute (about 7-8). Mistress Amber is really great for B&D sessions. She has limited equipment, but for the right price will also give full service. Also will be submissive (for rape fantasys). She is a lttle expensive (wants about $150-200), but is really worth it. Highly recommended -- best domination in Tampa. Mons Venus Strip Joint Not a massage parlor, but the girls (if late enough) will agree to meet you later. Girls vary, but pretty high quality. Do full nude lap dances (seen some guys have to leave immediately after one of these). Can touch girls anywhere but pussy. Best club in Tampa, and perhaps anywhere. However, expensive cover ($15), and girls will start with 1 dance for $25. Do not be fooled. You can get 3 dances for $30, unless they are just packed. Recommend going early (6-7 p.m.) for best selection of girls and when its not packed, or very late to find a "date" Hope this has been informative. happy hunting.
Subject: [ASP] TAMPA Modeling Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 19:19:44 GMT I recently was Hustled big time by "Demeter" at Divine Images on Hubert St. in Tampa. I paid my 20 at the door and in the room i tipped her 60 bucks to get started. Generally that is enought for the model to "start", and we can upgrade from there.....However, she immediately started hustling me and saidn she could not even touch me for that and that 40 of my tip was going to go to the house so all she will get is 20. She was so cold about it that I got up, got dressed, wrote off my 80 "investment" and left. I DO NOT reccommend Divine Images in Tampa.
Subject: [ASP] Tampa Massage Parlors Date: 28 Mar 97 04:56:35 GMT Recently went to the Tokoyo Spa on Kennedy. Spent $80 for massage and got nothing more than a massage!!!! The only place I have got more was at the Oriental Health Spa up by the CountrySide Mall in Clearwater. Can anybody else tell me if they have had better experiences?? If so, where?? Heared there might be a good place in St. Pete near Central & 1st. An older female.....does anybody know??? Do any of the other Oriental places offer better services??
Subject: [ASP] TAMPA REPORT - Great Referrals Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 22:06:05 GMT Great Referrals advertises in the St. Pete Time and the Tampa Tribune. They offer a massage/body rubs. The girls are actually independant but use the service for advertsing. You call the phone number and the service tells you what girls are available. Here is my experience..... Rachel - 30's un-natural blonde, nice fake boobs (36DD) gives by far the best massage of all. She (as all listed will) gives a topless handjob near the end or will titty-fuck you untill you cum on her tits. $90 half hour $120 full hour. Recommended Kendra - 30's , auburn hair, nice body (too bad she wont take at least her top off) very friendly and talkative. Will give HJ at end. Decent masaage. $100 hour no nude or topless Chelsea - 20's , blondish hair, nice small tits (her ad say C borderline D breasts ...not), very nice ass. Has tatoos on her arms but is attractive and friendly. Used to be a dancer at executive lounge. Gives topless handjob. Crappy massage! $90 halfhour Megan - this girl i have seen outcall a few years ago , she went by the name of shannon. She is 4'-9" (very small and petite), small breasts, great ass, dark hair. She gives a nude (check out the lips on this little minx and i dont mean her mouth) body rub with hand release. I suspect she may do more if asked since she used to do full service outcall. Recommended. $90 half hour $120 Full Victoria - auburn/red hair, 38 breasts, little heavy but has been losing ..probably the least attractive of all but the best session i have had (i have had 3 with her). She gives a decent massage and a terrfic titty fuck that will leave you panting. She is very friendly and makes you feel welcome. $90 half $120 full. Recommended ** not take a session with Taylor who works at victorias home...she is cute but will charge $100 half $150 full and rushes you thru. Settle for nothing less than victoria even if she isnt as good looking. I have yet to have a session with Lynn , Tori or Raven as they never seem to have time to return my calls for an appointment. All girls use a voicemail or pager. You get their number by calling great referrals and listing to the message of who is working that day. 872-4343 Have fun....Most sessions I have had were in the St Pete/Clearwater areas.
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 97 22:48:49 UT Subject: World Sex Guide: Tampa, FL Update. Thanks for sending me to the right spot! Moving to a new area I missed my usual Friday night nookie cruise. Once I found your site it was back in gear. I cruised the strip of Tampa off Hillsborough Ave like your site said to and was rewarded with Vicky. She was around 24-28, a brunette with looks around a 7-8. Jumping in my car the first thing she said was "Your not affiliated with any law enforcement agencies, are you?" I had to laugh at her frankness and terminology. Once we both determined neither of us was a cop we got down to idle chit-chat. She's a student at USF and works to make ends meet. We negotiated a fair price $20.00 to jump into the back of the van for some oral stress relief. Once she took off her top I licked and twisted the nicest pair of tits I've felt in a long time. Natural and with hard nipples. She started to unbuckle my pants and grabbed my now rock hard cock. She went down on me like the pro she was. Expertly flicking her tongue across my helmet. Now I'm not a long lasting man but this was too good to be true. I had my hand down her pants and fingering her juicy hole when she asked if I wanted to upgrade. How could I refuse, for another $30.00 she was unwrapping a cover for my unit and practically impaled herself on me. Sex in my van has always held a bit of intrigue for me. I guess it's the chance of discovery that turns me on. Any-way, I was humping her, she was moaning and grinding. It had to be one of the best times I've had. Once I finished, she even helped clean up. Vicky told me she liked the taste of her box and would I mind? Then she sucked the rubber off me without using her hands! Goodness. I dropped her off at the corner where we met, I meant to get her phone or someway to reach her but she jumped out and before I could, then a car stopped to pick her up. I can only hope that I get to meet up with her again sometime. Hope that you can use this in your site. Keep up the great work and thanks again.
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 01:06:30 -0700 Subject: Tampa Florida I'm glad to see the page about Tampa, and actually it is pretty accurate. I'm writing this on the assumption that it will be 100 percent confidential as to my identity, so I'll give a little run-down of my favorite places. I've been all over the country, but except for the time I saw 42nd St. in New York, I've not seen as many adult businesses as Tampa has. Too bad so many of them are rip-offs. Dance clubs - Tanga Lounge - on route 60 nearly at the causeway going to Clearwater. I keep reading great reviews of Mons Venus, but I could never park there. Both Mons Venus and Tanga are owned by Joe Redner. The difference is that you can find a parking space at the Tanga. $10 to get in. Three stages with nude dancers and a not-really private room on the side for private dances, which cost $20. The girls will constantly be asking you if you want a dance. If you stand along one of the side walls to the club or sit on a barstool, instead of sitting by the stage the girls will come up to you constantly and give you big hugs and do nasty things to try to get you to dance with them. Once you pick a girl she will take you in the back and you will sit in a chair while she will rub her naked body all over you. You can pretty much touch her everywhere. Most of the girls are great looking, and come from all over Florida to work at the Tanga. The Playhouse on Hubert - A dance club, girls aren't that great looking. I'm told anything goes in the private dance room. Also that there is no cover on Wednesdays. I've got to check it out soon. Lingerie modeling - ETS (Erotic Toy Store) on Alva. A "grungy" place compared to most, but you can get some action here at a reasonable price. At least now they have beds in the rooms. Figure on $20 for a half hour and about $100 for the girl for most sessions. Some girls will go the distance, some won't. Most of the girls are good looking. Ultimate Fantasy on Ulmerton in Largo - it's a fantasy all right. Really good looking girls, and very expensive and you cannot touch the girls in any way, not even a hug when you leave after spending too much money. The Gentlemans Club on Clark St in Tampa - RIPOFF!!!!! Guys, if I'm treated right I come back for more. I won't be back there. Nice looking girl, but way too much bullshit. "You need to tip more to make your session more fun" then you tip and it doesn't make any difference. The girl did play with my weenie and let me play with her goodies, but no sucking. Legend of Sensual Secrets on Grady. Pretty much the same as the Gentlemans Club. Too much money, no suck. Poor hand job, play with pussy. Celebrities on Hillsboro Avenue - too much money, hardly any body contact. I got a body rub and she wouldn't touch my dick, wouldn't undress completely and I didn't get to touch her very much. Fantasy in Lingerie at any of several shitty locations - avoid this dump and save your money. Pleasures of Largo on 66th St. - no body contact allowed. A rip off for the price. Great referrals (at the various ladies houses) - I got a great massage from Victoria. Her roomie (taylor?) is 100 percent cute, I was sorry to hear a negative review of her here. Here's a new one - Tampa is considering a law that would require nude dancers to have a business license on thier person at all times, and to undergo background checks and drug checks. Stricter rules than for school teachers.
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 15:36:17 -0500 (EST) Subject: tampa sex scene First of all, as a lifetime resident to the Tampa area (I am 29 years old), I thought I would let people know of my finds. Lets start in Pinellas County (St Pete/Clearwater area). As far as hookers go, 4th street north is by far the safest place to hunt. The supply is limited, but the street-walkers are usually clean, have a place to go, and are cheap ($20 for head). if you're into black transexuals, go to central avenue late at night. 34th street is another good place to hunt between central avenue and 62nd avenue north. Supply is better here, but look out for cops, they are everywhere! Now lingerie shops and tittie bars, they are pretty much a waste of time here, drive over the bridge to Tampa for this. Everyplace in Pinellas County has this rule about "no contact". Now Tampa is another story. Decent street walkers on Kennedy, Nebraska, and Hillsborough, although on Nebraska and Kennedy, there is a lot of dark meat. As far as strip clubs go, everyone knows Mons Venus is the best. Just about every stripper in there is available to meet you later, but they can be very pricey. 2001 is right across the street from Mons, and though there a lot of hot women here too, nothing compares to the Mons. The Tanga Lounge is another good one. And dont forget about 7-Seas. As far as the lingerie/body scrub joints go, Facade and Variety's have the best looking women by far. Also, The Legend of Sensual Secrets is good too. The last time i was there i met up with Heidi (june 1997). What a body this girl has, 36DD fake tits that were lactating. We started in the hot tub where she stood about 6 feet away spraying me with her milk from her breasts! Wow! She proceded to fill my mouth with her milk, tit fuck me, then finish me off with a decent hand job. This place can be a little pricey, so look at spending at least $100-$150. Another girl that worked there was named Savannah, she has a set of gigantic fake DDD tits. She has since moved on, if anyone knows where, please let me know. But, the best session I've had to date is from a girl named Camille at Scandals on Columbus. She had a great body with all natural 36DD breasts, the only drawback being a large tattoo on one side of her body. We started with a nice tit fucking session and she proceded to give me head until i filled her mouth with my goo, all for about $120 including tip. The places to avoid are the oriental massage joints on Kennedy, Whispers, The Royale, and Fantasy in Lingerie, these are all rip off joints with ugly women who want too much money for nothing. Outcall services are another item of expertise for me. By far, the best service is Lexus-n-Company. ask for a girl named Mason, I think she goes by Macy now. She is a petite beautiful blonde (looks like Jenny McCarthy) with nice fake 34C breasts. A beautiful tight little butt too. This girl is an animal. She will suck and fuck you until you tell her to stop. Gives great head too! All of this is included for $200 and they NEVER ask for tips! Another good one to call is a woman named FiFi (813-XXX-7412). Although she is not as hot as a lot of these women, she is in her late 30's, petite, tan, and sucks and fucks and swallows! All for $75!!!! You just cant beat that price. And unless you just want to get jacked off, avoid Great Referrals........The Mad Jooker
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 20:00:50 -0500 Subject: Tampa Update Let me update you alittle on Tampa 1 Illusions 1010 E Busch Still does everything for a resonable price but they changed there name to Sydneys 2. Fantashah also on busch street has beautiful ladies but won't go all the way.Well at least the ladie I was with she looked as though she was in her late 30's but had a gentle touch for what she did do to relieve me 3.The Body Shop has closed on Waters Ave. 4. Gentle Touch on Armenia Ave also has closed 5. There's a new spot in Drew Park The Gentlemens Club very big and usually busy not very clean and the girls are hustlers. Watch your wallet because for what your gonna pay in there with a cute little chickie you could go across town and get get it all and have change for lunch! &. Both the Angels In Paradise on Waters and Busch are still open but still have the ugliest women in town. 7. Golden Fingers is the newest body/rub scrub place open but they only have 3 girls total 2 dogs!!! woof woof and one beauty if you go there make sure you ask for Tori if shes not there come back later when she is!
Subject: Tampa Lingerie Shops Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 08:30:42 -0000 I am finding that many of the clubs mentioned in your reviews are either closed or practicing very strict new rules. Sydney's (formerly Illusions) is now closed. ETC now will not take off clothes. Only slight flashing and manual service now. Is it possible that your reviews are revealing where five-0 should concentrate their busts? Concerned john.
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 10:40:09 -0500 Subject: Tampa Florida Update! I recently visited a place on Waters Ave. In Tampa Golden Fingers, Well What a Dive The place when you walked in smelled like Body Odor There were 2 girls to choose from One totaly Dog and alittle to Hefty for me the other cute Taylor but MONEY hungry she let me lick her breasts must couldn't touch her pussy, I think for 100 dollars I should be able to Touch it al least, then for another 50 she said shed suck my extremly hard cock. Well I've had better blow jobs by Crack Hors. GOLDEN FINGERS just wants your Cash you down the road and get something better for Cheeper!!! Take my advise! I'll never go again and I Visit these place alot!
Subject: tampa update Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 21:46:27 -0700 Read your report on Florida before my first business trip, and thought you might like an update on the Tampa/St. Petersburg area. I got into town before dark on Sunday, so I checked out the areas mentioned in the reports ( Tampa: Nebraska Ave, Hillsbourough Ave, & Kennedy Ave) and 4th st N in St Petersburg so I'd be familiar later. I cruised the areas in St Pete, up and down 4th n and Central and didn't see even one possible prospect. Also the night scene in general seemd dead. Then I went to Tampa and checked out the various basrs and "clubs around the Nebraska Ave, between Hillsbouroug and Fletcher. No action, no interest, but there were a few opportunities on the street. A motel near Busch, had some interesting and fairly good looking girls hanging out of one of the room waving at cars, but since a county sherrif's car was close by, and because I was alone I passed on that chance. I also saw a couple of rather attractive black women who were available but I wanted a white one this time so I kept going. There was no interference from police, nor did I feel theatened by the area, but the opportunities seemed limited. Now for my "fish story." I was heade north on Nebraska, with the wind blowing and a rain coming up when I made eye contact with a very nice looking young lady on the other side of the street. But, by the time I turned around and got back to where she was, it was pouring rain and I couldn't find her. I drove the area for 2 hours but I had missed my chance! Oh well, maybe I'll be back again!
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 22:57:45 -0400 Subject: Tampa Love your site! I had a recent (4-8-98) experience in Tamp, FL. I thumbed through the local Yellow Pages and found the 'Escort' section. I called a few agencies looking for a redhead. To my delight, I found one on the second try!I was quoted over the phone a 'flat rate' of $160.00 / hr. Cash or Charge! Great! The agency was 'A Night to Remember'. I'll say! They ripped me off! When my 'date' arrived, she demanded the cash first (of course), then left the room briefly to give the money to her driver. THEN she explained the rules: Lingerie modeling ONLY. A body rub would cost extra. Tips range from 50-200. That will get you a hand-job up to a blow-job. I was PISSED! In a very polite tone, I suggested that she keep $80 for her trouble and let's part friends. She said that that would be fine, but she needed to get the cash from her driver. Well, guess what? I never saw or heard from her again! I called the agency back (Night to Remember) and was basically told 'Tough Shit' and to 'take it up with the cops!' Night to Remember can be reached at: 813.854.4482 - If you're in Tampa, call them up, ask for their rates, then say 'Oh, yeah! You're the guys that rip people off! I read about you on the internet!" Then hang up! Why can't a guy get some decent relaxation anymore? I am 6'4", 260lbs and very NON-VIOLENT. Shit like this makes me want to rip someone's fucking head off!
Date: Wed, 06 May 1998 20:40:22 -0400 Subject: Tampa I am familiar with Tampa having lived here 13 years. Recently the police have began a major crack down along Nebraska Avenue. The will confiscate your vehicle so beware, the entrap a large number of men each week. They are also using anti trespassing statutes to harass the prostitutes. Be extremely careful.

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