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Tallin, Estonia

Update info on prostitution in Estonia

Currency: 1 EEK = $ 0.07

The following are my experiences from 3 visits in Tallinn, the last
one in autumn 1997.

It is correct as written earlier in this place that you can find ads
in different newspapers/magazines. But I will not recommend the places
you find there. They are cheap, but so are the girls and the
sanitarian conditions are absolutely nothing to brag about.
Instead ask a taxi driver to take you to a brothel. Most taxi drivers
speak a little English, and they will all understand it if you just
say "prostitute" or "hoor" (Estonian for prostitute).
Normally the driver will suggest different places - normally the
following: Hotell Max - Kadaka - Morgan Club.
Most of the drivers suggest that they wait for you while you visit a
girl. In the meantime they take a cup of coffee in the bar, and it
costs nothing extra to have them wait for you - but ask to be sure of
The prices are 900 EEK for 1 hour and 600 for half an hour.
I had a girl in Kadaka a couple of years ago, and she was fine. But
later I heard about a shooting accident (mafia related) there so I
don't go there anymore.
But Hotel Max and Morgan Club are ok, and they seem to be safe.

For an extra pay you can have sauna and bubble bath in Morgan Club,
and the place is nice and pretty with a small bar where you meet the
girls - normally 4-5 to choose among, some Russian some Estonian, most
of them reasonably pretty.
There is no entrance fee and the drinks are quite cheap (20 EEK or so
for a beer). But you have to pay 50 EEK for a strip-tease, which is
normally absolutely boring.
Last time I was there I had a girl named Ilona, Russian but speaking a
little English. She was really pretty and kind. We made mutual French,
intercourse, blow job etc., and she even gave me a golden shower. All
of that for 600 EEK for half an hour.
The address of Morgan Club is Virmalise 28/30, the entrance is in a
backyard, no sign at the door, but a peep-hole in it.
It's 5-10 minutes taxi-drive from the center of city.

Personally, I prefer Hotell Max. The prices are the same as in Morgan
Club, but there are normally more guests there, and every time a new
guest arrives, he will pay for a new strip-tease, which you can also
enjoy. And it's more relaxed there, sometimes I have been sitting
there for an hour or so before I decided to leave, which seems to be
quite accepted.
The address is Varese street, a small street right at Sopruse pst,
5-10 minutes drive from the city center.

There are also a number of strip-bars in Tallinn, and in 2 of them you
can "go private" with one of the strippers for 15 minutes.
These 2 are "Borsi" and "Valge Lowi" in Lai street, 3 minutes walk
from the City Hall Square (Raekoja Plats). The entrance fee in "Borsi"
is 35 EEK and 55 in "Valge Lowi" and a beer costs about 30 EEK.
Going private means that you go to a separate room with the stripper
and you sit watching her while she strips all naked, and you can
masturbate as she does so.
The price for that is 150 EEK in "Borsi" and 250 EEK in "Valge Lowi".
I will not recommend "Valge Lowi". The girls are nothing special, the
prices too high, and you cannot trust them.

But I can absolutely recommend "Borsi". The owner is a nice guy,
although he is Russian he speaks almost fluent English, the girls are
much more service minded here. Most, if not all of them are Ukrainian,
some of them really beautiful - especially Svetlana and Marion, who
have wonderful bodies.
I have a foot fetish, and I have enjoyed licking both Svetlanas and
Marions feet after the strip-tease. There was no additional payment
for that, but I normally tip them 50 EEK afterwards.
But be sure to cum within the 15 minutes. They play music during the
happening, and after piece number 3 it's closed!

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