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Tallahassee, Florida

Subject: Tallahassee update

I noticed that there is no usable information in the Sex Guide for
Tallahassee, Florida, so here is some info:

Although the city has taken measures to remove street walkers, they can
still be found.  The city has added street lighting in the "problem"
areas and has increased harassment.  Word of warning:  when street
cruising, watch out for TPD officers on bicycles! You may not see them
coming.  Good luck finding decent looking white girls because most of
the hookers are skanky blacks.

Check around the motels near where West Tennessee Street and West
Brevard Avenue merge together.  West Brevard Avenue between Tennessee
Street and Macomb is one place to look.  In addition, just north of the
bars known as the "Tennessee Street Strip" there is a small park with a
pond.  The park is surrounded by West Virginia Street, North Copeland,
West Georgia Avenue, and North Dewey; the ladies ply their trade around
the park.

Prices:  I have received in-car head for $12 - $20.  In car sex can be
had for $20 (they may ask for $30 or more; talk them down).  One good
looking white girl--a Florida State grad student--accompanied me to my
apartment on three separate occasions for $30 each and gave me
INCREDIBLE head (she expertly sucked dick "like a pro").

I no longer live in Tallahassee, but on my last visit in July 1996 I
found a decent looking brunette and laid her in my motel room for $40 (I
was a little inebriated and feeling generous; I'm sure she would have
taken less).

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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