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Prostitution Status: Prostitution is legal and regulated. Brothels and prostitutes have to be licensed. The licensing of new brothels has been stopped in 1974 and licenses cannot be transfered; the government hopes to phase out legal brothels (and also legalized prostitution as a whole, since only brothel owners can apply for licenses for prostitutes). Taipei has removed all brothel licenses as of Sept 6, 1997 and is trying to close down illegal brothels, but fails.
The age of consent: unknown.

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Licensed brothels in Taipei could be found near one end of Snake Alley in the district Wanhua when they still existed. These cater mostly to working class Taiwanese and prices are below US $20.

Throughout the city, there are clubs, barbershops, dance halls, bars and massage parlours all featuring prostitution. One center of these is the area of Chung Shan North Road.

Streetwalkers are rare. In Taipei, there's some going on adjacent to Lungshan Temple near Wanhua.

There has been a crackdown on barber shops and unlicensed brothels in Taipei in September 1996, which led to a huge demonstration of owners who complained of being forced out of business.

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