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Taipei, Taiwan

Date: Tue,  7 May 1996 05:00:39 UTC

Prior to leaving for Taipei (Taiwan), I was very disappointed to find
little on the services offered on the FAQ. I have just arrived back
from there and hope that this little snippet can start other readers
to provide any additional information.

Firstly, there are numerous "hairdressing" shops which I have been
told provide services above (or should I say below!) than a haircut
and shampoo. Depending on the establishments, they range from handjobs
to full services. My only experience on this trip to sample some local
talent was to visit a "hairdressing salon/massage" establishment. The
one I tried is directly behind the Lai Lai Sheraton (not sure of the
name). I asked for a massage and was escorted into a small room which
had a rather large armchair (similar to an airplane first class seat)
laid flat. I was asked to change into a I didn't know
wether I should take my underpants off or not so being new to this
place, I thought I would leave them on. Anyway, I laid on this chair
and the masseuse came in ( a pretty local girl in her 20s) and
darkened the room and proceeded to massage my shoulders and arms. She
then worked her way down to my legs and started to massage my inner
thighs and everynow and then skim over my crotch....this I thought was
a sign that I should have perhaps taken off my undies. It didn't take
too much encouragement before I did take them off with her helping
when I indicated it was better off than on. Oncethis came off, she
really started to massage my crotch and soon gave me a roaring
hard-on. Because of the language barrier, it wasn't too clear but she
indicated to me wether I wanted her to jack me off for extra cash.
Negotiations took place. The standard massage was NT$700/hr, for an
extra half an hour and to jack me off that came to NT$1400. I said OK,
she darkened the room right down and jacked me off below a towel she
had thrown over my wasn't long before I shot my load. In
summary, the massage was pretty average and the handjob reasonably
good-but all in all, it was fun for a reasonable amount. I later found
out that instead of coming to the shop, you can ring them and the
masseuse will come to your room for an hour for NT$1200 inclusive of
handjob. Next time, I will take this option.  I also found out that
the masseuse does not take her clothes off (I am sure that this can be
negotiated) and there is no sex. I did speak to friend of mine that
went to another "hairdressing salon" that offered full services and
this came to approximately NT$3500 for an unrushed massage service.

An alternative is to go down to a night market called "Snake
Alley". This is a nightmarket that sells tacky souvenirs and eating
shops (snakes and turtles a specialty). This market is divided into
two by a main road. On one side of the markets there are little
alleyways that run off it. Here there is a myriad of prostitutes
standing infront of shophouses all begging you to come in. From what I
saw they ranged from butt ugly to some quite cute young girls. Some
looked like hookers whilst others could've passed for
students. Anyway, I resisted in going in but if you are looking for
some cheap sex, then this is the place to come. Reminded me of a
smaller scaled version of Amsterdam. I am not sure of the prices but
it is negotiable. I felt safe down there and infact made quite a few
runs up and down the alleys, but I was later told that it may be
unsafe to be alone in that area.

The Taipei tourist magazine has ads that show karaoke places which I
am sure will be happy to accomodate girls for other reasons than

Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 20:01:54 +0800 Subject: Taipei, Taiwan In many ways, Taipei is a male paradise -- that is if you can speak and read some Chinese. Throughout the city there are several massage parlors, however they only have signs in Chinese and mainly serve locals. These run about US$60-80 for a shower, message, blow job and fuck. Not a bad option, but you usually must be able to speak basic Chinese to go. The Snake Alley area caters mainly to working class Taiwanese and will usually refuse foreigners. No loss, the girls range from cute to butt-ugly and it's just a quick suck (sometimes) and fuck. Though the new mayor has been cracking down on prostitution, many good places remain. The best bet for foreigners is to visit the saunas. An excellent one located in the Asiaworld Department Store building on the 12th (?) floor -- the corner of Tunhua North Road and Nanking East Road. It makes it easier on you, as you can tell the hotel front desk to write Asiaworld Department Store for you to give the taxi. You first go in, bathe, and enjoy the sauna facilities with a load of other men. Then you dry off, put on a robe and go to the restaurant area, where they serve food and have magazines and newspapers available. As you sit there, several mamasans circulate and ask if you would like a special massage. Of course, say yes. Being foreign, you may have to take the initiative on communication, but don't worry; if there are mamasans, there are definitely girls. You are then led to another room behind a fake wall. The girls are beautiful and will shower you (common in all of Asia), massage you, blow you and fuck you -- all of this is uniformly top-notch. All of this will cost you approximately US$150. Additionally, you can take a nap in the dorm-style tatami rooms or catch a Chinese movie in the movie rooms or even go back and enjoy the sauna -- not a bad deal. Many Chinese businessmen from other cities will use this option instead of a hotel for quick one day trips. If you opt out of the special message, they only chare about NT$30 for the sauna facilities and spending the night. Enjoy.
Subject: [ASP] News: Taiwan Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 02:10:06 GMT Jan 24 10:53 Taipei mayor: City should learn to live with sex industry TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) - A crackdown on prostitution had little impact beyond sending angry sex-industry workers into the streets to protest - so Taipei's mayor says the city should learn to live with the world's oldest profession. "If we can't eliminate the sex industry, we have to admit it," Chen Shui-bian told reporters Thursday. "We can't ask our citizens or tourists not to have any nightlife in this city." Prostitution is not illegal in Taiwan, but police in September began to crack down on unlicensed brothels disguised as saunas and barbershops because of concerns over the spread of venereal disease. Men and women wearing only towels were caught in raids and fined up to $220 each for offending public morality. Bars featuring scantily clad waitresses also were targeted. Sex industry employees protested the crackdown as a threat to their livelihood. Chen said Taipei should consider adopting a system like that of Singapore, which requires prostitutes to undergo health checks and have certificates proving they are disease-free. Lawmakers said Chen's proposal will need legislation, and they suggested he set up a red-light district.
Date: 20 May 1997 14:00:06 -0400 There are hostess clubs on every street corner of Taipei or atleast it seems that way. I am familiar with two on Nanjing East Rd. One is on the 8th of 9th floor of the Asiaworld department store building on the corner of Nanjing and Tun Hwa. The other is about a block down Nanjing toward the Brother Hotel. A little Mandarin does help in these places but usually it is not essential. I'm sorry I do not have any further details. I have not frequented either place recently. I only know of them because they are located close to where I usually stay in Taipei. I used to be a regular at the Saunas in Taipei until the city government closed them all down
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997 01:29:02 -0400 (EDT) Taipei, Taiwan A friend (American) and I visited a very upscale sauna much like the one described in a previous posting, but made a big mistake. We opted for the less expensive "half service" (hand job) and got very ugly girls. My friend went back later and got full service and said he had a great girl and great service. I guess the good looking girls take the full service business so they can get paid more. My recommendation - go all the way or don't go at all.
Subject: Taipei, Taiwan Taipei Prostitutes Challenge Ban on Prostitution. Itar-Tass 02-SEP-97 BEIJING, September 2 (Itar-Tass) - Taipei prostitutes staged a demonstration in protest against a decision made by the local authorities to ban prostitution in the city and strip all officially registered local prostitutes of their licenses. In return, a crowd of indignant women with covered faces headed towards the building of the city municipality where they raised placards "Every healthy man needs sex", the Hong Kong Standard newspaper said today. " Do not push us to death, just give us a chance to feed our families", other slogans said. Meanwhile, in accordance with a resolution passed by the city authorities all officially registered brothels will have been shut down by September 6.
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 1997 22:12:39 +0800 Seems like most of the sex places in Taipei have been shut down since January, and the government has been closing down new places almost as quickly as they open. As a result, I'm not going to put down names or addresses here. Please don't e-mail me to ask for further details, I won't answer. There will be enough info here that if you have a local friend, he should be able to figure it out for you. Incidentally, most of the massage parlors/escort services take small ads in one of the Chinese language newspapers -- there's a page there with nothing but phone numbers for these places. If you read Chinese, or have a friend that does, that can be a starting point for you. I'd like to mention that I really love Taipei. The city gets a bad rap I guess because it's not too exciting to look at, and if you only speak English and don't know any local people, it can be very hard to find your way around. But the people are incredibly friendly, the food is great, and the women are terrific. One night a local friend took me to a place that has got to be the best I've ever visited. It's a karaoke nightclub, located in the same building as a department store. It's very high class and horrendously expensive. Aside from what you'll pay for drinks and food, you pay NT$15,000 per girl just to have them sit with you in the room. This place has 250 girls working there, and they're all absolutely stunning. While you're there, they wait on you hand and foot. I never had to lean forward from the couch, they fed me, held up my glass for me, did everything. To take the girl out, you have to pay her an additional NT$10 or 15,000. So, NT$25,000 total, which is roughly US$1,000. Ever had a thousand dollar hooker before? I never did. Trust me, it was worth it. (Luckily, I wasn't paying.) She was Chinese, born in Hong Kong, spoke fluent English as well as Cantonese and Mandarin, absolutely beautiful (long hair, loooong legs and more of a chest than most Cantonese women) and serviced me in every way I could have desired. Went back there a second time, could have gone with the same one from the first time but for some reason I decided to try a different girl. Still good, but in retrospect, I might have had more fun going with the first girl again. Oh well. What was worse, this time we were a smaller group, no clients, and my friend asked me to pay for the room and that he'd get the rest. For the three of us, the bill came to NT$56,000 (and I was told that since my friend was a regular, we weren't charged for two of the bottles of brandy, which would have been around NT$6,000 each). So, no surprise that the next time I went out I was looking to go someplace else. The famous sauna, the one that had been in Asiaworld, had relocated out of the city, to Taichung, too big a trip. But a friend had heard of a sauna just outside of town and we went to check it out. Good move. This place was huge, with all of the things one expects from an Asian sauna (hot and cold jacuzzis, steam room, etc.) plus huge MTV rooms (darkened rooms with big recliner chairs and projection screens showing movies), etc. When we were ready for our massages, we were taken through a series of camouflaged doors to the back. For NT$4,000 -- full service. The woman was 30-ish, but very good at her job. She did this thing where she put the condom in her mouth and then putting it on me with her mouth while giving me a blow job, I had no idea it was on till I reached down there and felt it. Anyway, I come out and go back to the lounge to wait for my friends. One decides to go off for a facial massage, and after sitting there awhile, I'm getting horny again. The mamasans have changed shifts, and the new one is really cute. So my friend asks if I can get a discount if I go a second time, and she says no. But we're sitting there and sitting there waiting, and finally I say what the hell, but if I'm gonna pay full price, then I want something special. She says she'll let me pick the girl, and I say okay, I want her. She's flattered, but says she's gotta stay up front, she's not allowed to service customers herself. So I go back and the first girl they send back looks pretty good so I say okay. This one has the same condom trick as the first one (I guess it's a standard thing there) plus a few other tricks. Swallows a mouthful of hot water before going down on me (sounds painful but feels incredible). Pours hot water (or oil?) on my butt and licks it all off. Once we start fucking, I can't stop and she doesn't want to stop either. The phone in the room keeps ringing, they keep telling her time is up, she keeps hanging up the phone, we keep going. Eventually they ask my friends to go back and try to get me out of there. Eventually I finish and say "okay." Next trip, if I can't find someone to pay for the nightclub again, the sauna will do just fine. Outside of these places, the big area for westerners to hit is referred to as "The Zone." It's filled with pubs. Some of these are Wanchai-style hostess bars, where you buy the girls expensive drinks and are pressured to take them out. If you want to do that, the tab will come to around NT$8,000 including bar fine and tip. There are about half a dozen of these places, including Charlie Browns, Romeo, Mayflower, Shanghai. The rest of the bars all have lots of young cute women working in them, but they're just there to lure you in and keep you there. You keep your hands to yourself, they don't go out. They just try to keep you occupied by talking and drinking. As long as you know this upfront, if you're not looking for anything much, you can have a decent enough time. Many of Taipei's famous "barber shops" are gone, but there are still a few scattered around. The rule seems to be, if you can't see inside the shop from the street, it's probably a sex place. I did try one of these once, the whole deal costs you NT$3,000, but the women are older, the whole thing goes very fast, and it's not very good. Of course, if you're really desparate (and broke) you can wander the streets behind the famous Snake Alley tourist night market. You'll find lots of brothels down the alleys there, but these mostly cater to local workers. The women are often in their 40s and 50s, way out of shape and generally not very appealing. But I'm told it's cheap.
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 12:51:44 -0500 Subject: Taipei, Taiwan I go to Taiwan several times a year for more than a few weeks at a time. I have found that there are three 'routes to pleasure' each with their own downfalls and risks. The first is at the night market, better known as Snake Street for the folks who kill the reptiles in front of you and then serve up the parts as delicacies. If you cross the street from the main entrance and follow the less glitzy side to the first left hand street, you will see quite a few 'red-light' (literally, they DO have red lights!) establishments with girls hanging around outside. The pretty ones hang outside to lure you in, once in the quality of the actual girl can get quite random. Usually at least one or two folks in the place will have some english, but misunderstandings in thier favor are expected as a matter of course. The price is negotiable and cheap - 1000-2000 NTD but the sservice is in and out. This is where the locals go for cheap, plentiful sex. The second are the 'barbershops'. These have poles in front of them with the traditional red, white and blue spirals, but with a green color also. You can find one usually by leaving you hotel and walking down the street a bit. The ones that give 'exceptional service' typically have a few girls sitting in the lobby chewing gum and dressed in short dresses and of course the inevitable guy who comes out to try to drum up business. The guy usually can speak at least 20 languages so don't be surprised if he can size up your nationality and give you a pitch in 2 seconds flat! The rate is a good barbershop is about 3500 NTD, and includes a private room. It usually lasts an hour or so. In at least one case, my shoes were shined and my clothes laundered for free while I was taken to paradise. You will be usually be given a choice of the girls sitting in the lounge. The girls will usually have no english at all, so make sure all arrangements are made before you go upstairs. NOTE: if there are lots of 'barber chairs' in the lounge, it is a dive - don't waste your time keep looking. There is a very nice place just a few blocks down from the Dynasty Hotel - about midway between it and The Brothers Hotel. The last and best method is to go to the 'Soho' district which is located in the streets in front of The Presidential Hotel. The best way to get there is to get the little magazine from your room with all the hotels listed - show the cabbie the entry labeled 'Presidential Hotel' and point to it and the next thing you know, you are there! Get out and cross the street to where you see all the signs and such - they may look like alleys, but in taiwan they are streets and they are VERY safe. This is the biggest tourist area of Taipei and those serious looking little police guys (and the people of the area whose livelyhood depends on it!) brook no shit from thugs. BTW - I HAVE NEVER been ripped off by a cabbie or anyone else in Taipei, nor have I ever heard of a westerner being ripped off. Be careful, don't go looking for trouble, but at the same time don't worry! Anyways, you will see a lot of caucasians and western restaurants! I kid you not! Real Food! And everyone speaks english! In addition to the restaurants, you will see a few establishments like the Romeo Club, and a few other lounges. These places are easy to spot - they will have very few customers and girls that pounce on you immediately. Usually you will get 2 or three - they will get you a drink (reasonable) and ask you for one. Pick the best two and go ahead buy a drink or two for them, but be firm as to how many you will buy for. DO NOT get sucked into buying drinks for three or four or mor than one or two! Drinks for the girls are absurdly high for colored water! They will see this as a weakness and that is not good. The girls will snuggle close, sit on your lap and in general be real suggestive. Pick the one you like and ask her if she'd like to spend the night with you, go for dinner and a few drinks too if you want - the girls really like that! and how much. There are two fees involved - the club gets thier cut and the girl gets hers. You can have the club pay the girl if you wish to use plastic, but they will charge 20% service fee for this and that gets expensive. Typically the club gets 3000 or so depending on the time of night and the girl - the better looking and the earlier, the higher, the max being about 5000, and the girl about 5000. Again, this may vary, it depends on whether you let her go at 3AM or not, whether you are going to dinner or not too , etc. You settle up the bill and the girl leaves with you. I have never had one leave or treat me badly; some even have offered to 'free lance' and spend the days with me for very nominal fees. They like westerners and view each one as a possible mate if they treat him right. My advice is to go back to the western restaurants (The Malibu Club is a real good one!) and have a few drinks, dinner, and then go back to your hotel with her. Treat them like ladies - these are not 'dumb girls' - many are quite wealthy from stock tips and such they pick up from loose lips. I was shocked to find that at one club at least 4 of the girls had MBA's..... - but treat them well and they will perform again, and again, and agian, and again.... and they will remember your name even two years later if they run into you! The clubs 20 yards or so off of the main drags are your best bet, both in price and quality. One last word to the wise: when going into Taiwan clubs, be sure to WATCH AND REMEMBER the layouts, and the exits. Building codes do not exist - in the event of a fire YOUR LIFE WILL DEPEND ON IT! As a westerner you will find that the stairways are too low, the corridors are too small, etc - in the dark, with smoke, the failure to consider these things could be fatal. Overall, I rate Taiwan an a #1 in girls and fun if you go with option 3.
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 21:40:13 -0800 First of all, this is a great website.........(you're welcome) now, I've checked out the stuff on prostitution in Taiwan at WSG and I think the reader would be under the impression that prostitution is pretty discreet over there. I beg to differ, having been there. Sex for sale is say the least! Just check into any hotel, well, not any hotel, not the posh, 5 star types, but any middle class hotel, and many of them don't even look like seedy places. By the way, I'm talking about the major cities here, Taizhong, Taipei, Gaoxiong. Almost immediately after you enter your room and sit down on the bed, before you can decide what you wanna do, someone (usually a middle aged or older woman) would come in and offer to get someone to polish your knob, in a tone that sounded like she was selling popcorn or something. It would cost about 2500NT (about US$75) a night but you don't get to pick who you wanna fuck right away. The slut would come to your room and if you're lucky, it'll be a hot college student who needs to pay tuition. If the first slut doesn't look good to you, you can tell her to fuck off and get someone else to come up, but you would probably piss them off if you do this 3 or 4 times, in which case you could either have a great time with the palm of your hand that night or screw a used-up has-been coz you're shit outta luck. Of course, you can always check out the back alleys in the downtown areas, near the "night markets"- (all night shopping spots). Just hail a cab and say you wanna go to the night market. The brothels all have these red green and blue florescent tube light and the hookers would be hanging around waving to every passing guy going "hey handsome....come in handsome", although what you'll hear is "shuai ge, shuai ge, jin lai ya", which means the same thing. Most of the sluts are nothing spectecular, coz the good looking ones would be working in high class night clubs(which is a good choice if you've got the money) and paid much more, but you can more or less find a young bitch with a fairly nice body. Taiwanese are not known for their good manners, so don't take it personnally if the bitch's starts showing an attitude after you've paid ($20) for a fuck. They wouldn't bother to pamper your ego by faking anything. They'll just lie there like a dead fish watching TV while you're at it, in a stinkin tiny room so just try to imagine you're with Pam Anderson or whoever.
June 16, 1997 Re: HOT TEA BLOW JOB in Taiwan (Chung Li) - a Sleazy Report Hi Guys! I noticed that there was not a whole lot of information on Taiwan on the WSG so here's my contribution. It involves my first time experience with the HOT TEA BLOW JOB. I'll explain what that is later in this account. First of all some personal notes. I'm a thirty-something engineer working for a supplier to the electronics industry. My position has allowed me to travel to many points across the globe (at the company's expense of course) and has allowed me to sample pussy from a plethora of countries. Recently I was in Taiwan. Although I found that it is no longer the sex Mecca it may have been during the sixties and seventies, especially for US Navy personnel, it still offers something interesting for the casual pussy browser. Incidentally, for those of you who are geo-politically challenged, Taiwan is an island off the coast of China that severed ties with the communist mainland in the late 1940's. The society is mainly Mandarin Chinese, is democratic, is a hugely successful manufacturer and exporter of consumer goods, and has many legally licensed brothels across the country! I stayed in Chung Li which is a satellite city of Taipei (the capital) and is a 40 minute drive by hotel shuttle from Chiang Kai Shek Airport in Taipei. The hotel I stayed in was the main hotel in Chung Li, The China Trust. The hotel is fairly upscale but is directly facing a large whore house! Or is it a barber shop? Let me explain. The first thing you may notice in the capital city Taipei as well as the smaller cities surrounding it are the over abundance of barber shops. Now either the entire population is on hair steroids or there is something else going on. It doesn't take long to figure out. Legitimate barber shops have see through windows and one can see perfectly legal hair cutting going on. Whore houses (with those barber shop striped cylindrical signs) have frosted or painted over windows so that you can't see the goings on (even though these activities are as legal as hair cutting in Taiwan). Armed with my barber shop knowledge, I decided to check out the large establishment opposite my hotel on my first night in Taiwan. Upon entering I was not surprised at the lack of hair cutting equipment and hair styling professionals. I was surprised, however at the lack of professional semen extractors. I have been in many a whore house in my time and one common trade mark is that the merchandise is always on display. All I saw here was a small bar with a sleepy looking (male) bartender and some young, horny Chinese males lounging about. After conversing with the bartender in a combination of pigeon English, hand gestures and crude pictograms, I came to understand that all the pussy is housed in rooms on the second floor. When I asked to preview some of the meat I was politely refused. When I bargained for an hourly price for the unseen goods the best I was offered was the equivalent of $200 USD per hour. At that point I politely left with my stiff dart still unsatisfied behind my trouser zipper. What about the HOT TEA BLOW JOB you ask? Don't worry it's literally around the corner. After leaving the first whore house I walked down the main street about 1 block east of the China Trust and took a right down a small alley way. There were three more whore houses/barber shops on this street. I walked into the first one and was met with a similar scene to the one I just left. However the price I negotiated was better, $120 USD and after some prodding the bartender called down one of the 'girls' for me to preview. I put the word 'girls' in quotes because what I saw was not so much a girl but a middle-aged woman. I would place her age at 35-40. She looked like she may have been a whore all her life. The sexual mileage showed in her facial expression as well as her slightly droopy tits that may have been sucked one time too often. At once I found the sight to be a turn off while simultaneously being titillated at her sleazy 'been there, done that' demeanor. Remember the male trouser snake has a logic all his own. I reluctantly agreed to go upstairs with her. To my pleasant surprise the bartender insisted that I pay AFTER the act! For those of you who have been in other parts of Asia or even America you know how unusual that is. In most countries you are aggressively hustled to fork over the cash immediately and usually the service you get afterwards is much less than you had agreed upon. So I thought that this was a nice touch. The overworked whore (let's call her Wham Bam) led me upstairs to the second floor. We passed several simple bedrooms and whirlpool rooms all bathed in the requisite dim red light. She led me to one small room which had what looked like a reclined dentist's chair, without arm rests and covered with a blanket, in the middle of the room. She silently motioned for me take off my clothes and I complied. When I got down to my underwear, she pulled down my briefs and out popped my beloved trouser snake, all pumped up and ready to go. Wham Bam then silently motioned for me to lie down on the reclined chair. Again I complied. I wondered why she didn't speak. Maybe all the jizz she swallowed in her career made her more used to swallowing than talking. As I settled onto my back in the recliner, Wham Bam left the room and I was left alone with my thoughts for about ten minutes. Of course all my thoughts were trouser snake's thoughts: Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. At the ten minute mark someone turned on an overhead intercom and the room was filled with the musical sounds of 'Here Comes the Bride!' What kind of a wacko DJ would play such a song in a whore house? I then decided that the DJ was not just wacko he had to be completely insane because the song was overlayed with sound effects of police sirens and gun fire! What the fuck? Was this supposed to relax me or turn me on? All it was doing was annoying me. Fortunately Wham Bam returned and trouser snake was wide awake once again. She put a tray of tea on the small table beside me but then quickly left the room once again. Damn! I was horny and did not appreciate these delays. Since I was also a bit dehydrated I decided to drink the hot tea. Little did I know at the time, but I almost drank away my encounter with the legendary HOT TEA BLOWJOB. Yes I will describe this encounter as promised. Just be patient! Wham Bam finally returns five minutes later with some wet towels and proceeds to wash my anus (not that it needed washing. I am very proud of my exceptionally clean asshole). The washing was not unpleasant and I was then a bit surprised at what came next (although since she just washed it I should have figured it out). She puts her head between my legs, drapes the underside of my knees onto her shoulders and proceeds to give my asshole a good licking without a tongue condom or protection of any kind! Now I don't know about you guys but I am at least a bit concerned about AIDS and other STDs and so I was somewhat uneasy with this turn of events. For a moment I felt like swatting her head away like a big mosquito with my open palm. Stupid bitch! How dare you lick my asshole without warning me. But then, trouser snake, with his twisted logic took over. In fact he was throbbing and engorged so I decided to lie there, take my chances and enjoy the wet anal tickling. When Wham Bam saw that I was sufficiently excited she reached for the tea cup and (silently) expressed her disapproval, with a down turned mouth, that I had drank the tea. Of course I was thinking: you stupid, greasy, sleazy, slimy overworked two dime whore! If you didn't want me to drink the tea why did you put it there? No sooner did I think these thoughts that Wham Bam gets up, grabs the tea tray and leaves the room. Great. More delays. A few minutes pass before Wham Bam returns with more tea. This time she puts the tray on the floor, out of my reach. Once again she performs analingus on me. Once again my trouser snake rises from the ashes of his sleep. Then out of the blue Wham Bam takes the tea cup and fills her mouth with hot tea. Yes all you horny Internet masturbators: this is the moment! This is the legendary HOT TEA BLOW JOB! So unzip. Pull out your own trouser snakes and start wacking off (if that's the sort of thing you use the net for - filthy pevert!). With the hot tea in her mouth, Wham Bam starts to suck my snake and man does he love it! The tea is not hot enough to burn or feel uncomfortable. It seems to reach a perfect temperature in her mouth that simulates the feel of the juiciest, wettest, warmest pussy that he ever slithered his way into! When the tea started to get to cold, she spat it out (onto the floor the sleazy whore!) and filled her mouth with fresh hot tea. I'm telling you man, I've had at least 120 blow jobs in my life and this one ranked number one. It didn't take me long to cum with her technique. Before I knew it my beloved trouser snake trembled and shuddered and then went off like the fourth of July, spewing his precious jizz into Wham Bam's mouth. In one remarkable feat of oral acrobatics, Wham Bam swallows the tea but manages to hold the jizz in her mouth! When my snake gives up all his life giving juice, she expertly spits it all out in one giant glob (onto the floor the sleazy fucking whore!). I'd hate to be the janitor in that place. Although my hour is only half complete, Wham Bam proceeds to dress me up in my underwear indicating that she is finished. Normally I would protest at such a short cutting of the paid for time. But I was completely satisfied. Wham Bam had gone beyond the call of normal whore duty and had gone the distance with ass licking and hot tea. I even started to look at her differently. She was no longer some sleazy overworked whore. She was a Semen Extracting Professional, a SEP of the highest order doing her part for horny males in her part of the world. I said 'thank you mam' to Wham Bam in English and she smiled and grunted, yes she actually grunted which I thought was appropriate given the situation. So that was my experience in Taiwan. Has anybody else been there recently? How are the 'Barber Shops' in Taipei or down south in Kiao Shiang? I Look forward to reading the experiences of my fellow travelers. Bye for now! / Speedy Jim.

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