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Szeged, Hungary

Subject: HUNGARY Update - March 1998

March 11, 1998

Subject:  HUNGARY Update - March 1998

Whatever you do, try to get out of the super-pricey capital, Budapest.
Prices for everything, especially services, are double or triple than in
the rest of the country. Normally, the more kilometers you put between
yourself and the capital, the cheaper it gets to have a meal, rent a
room or a flat, and have some sexual escapade. Hungary joins Austria in
the West, and prices in the western region are sky-high. As you move
eastward and cross into the "puszta" flatlands region, prices plummet.

The most varied sex center outside of Budapest is in the city of Szeged,
that hosts thousands of Yugoslavian and Ukrainian prostitutes. Compared
to Szeged, the city of Pecs has a considerably more meager selection.
It helps if you speak a few word of Hungarian. Prices for streetwalkers
can be as low as 2,000 Forints ($10), for which you can get a blow-job
("szopas" or "szopatas" in Hungarian) in your car or some other nearby
convenient place. The girls will be from age 15-16 and up, none likely
to be over 30. For better quality, expect to pay 3,000-6,000, for
exceptional quality up to 10,000 Forints. This should include in
addition to blow-job a full intercourse ("baszas"), if you so require.
That is still only $50, whereas in the capital you can pay anywhere from
$30 to $200 (if you are not careful).

Again, if you can get out of Budapest to any of the other larger cities,
you will see quality improvement and serious decline in all prices. Next
to the capital, Szeged has the largest selection of girls, not only
Hungarians but all neighboring nationalities, including hot-blooded
Rumanian gypsies. During summertime, hookers and semipro "amateurs"
abound around Lake Balaton. If you driver in from Vienna and take the
old two-lane highway, you can also find "highway girls" standing on the
roadside. Here again, you are near Austria and will pay a lot more than
for similar girls on the E5 highway leading to and from the eastern
Hungarian City of Szeged. Try a few words in Hungarian, but the "key
words" in English should be known by all the girls. Good hunting!

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