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Szczecin, Poland

Subject: [ASP] Information on Szczecin, Poland

I was briefly in Szczcin (Stettin) Poland last year.  On one of the main
boulevards there was a sign advertising "Topless Masaz" on the fist floor
(above ground floor) of a small building.  I went up there and at the end
of a long hall was a small establishment with one old lady and one young
woman in black bikini lingerie.  She had dark hair,fair skin, and nice tits.

Unfortunately, neither could understand a word of german or even Russian
(or at least pretended not to). It seemed that I could get a massage
(including what I could not figure out) for PLZ 40.  I did not have
enough Polish money, and was frustrated with the communication problem,
so I left.

Szczecin had some very beautiful women and I would like to return to Poland,
maybe with a phrase book!  If anyone has information on Poland, please share
it with us.

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