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Sydney, Australia

I live in Sydney, home of Australia's most famous "red light district"
Kings Cross.  Here a root (Oz speak for getting laid) will cost from
US$50 up for a half an hour of "Everyting you wan."  Brothels are
massively tolerated city wide.  In Kings Cross the strip joints are also
brothels so foreplay can be lengthy and full of variety (some quite
The sex industry is alive and well in Sydney.

Date: Tue, 26 Sep 1995 04:54:44 UTC A "private house" worth contacting:- Louise 02 746 **** in Homebush (advertises in Daily Telegraph Mirror) Used to work at Shaelenes and Claudias Penthouse now working on her own or with one other girl. I have been seeing her off and on since about 1990. Now late 20s. Blonde slim - shaves pussy enjoys work. One of the best currently working. - as at Sept 95 "Claudia's Penthouse" in Parramatta and West Ryde have improved the quality of their girls lately. Danielle at Parramatta 18 worth seeing. As at 9/95 All escort agencies and brothels which are listed in the Australian Yellow Pages may be found at:- Search for Escort Agencies by region (most major cities) or by name.
Subject: Sydney Report Date: Sun, 5 May 1996 06:35:58 UTC A quick report on Sydney, Australia. Looked at the info on this site and checked out the ads in the Daily Telegraph-Mirror. Found a place in No. Sydney right across from the Milsons Point subway station that advertised "Massage by European women." Called and made an appointment - got there and door was answered by good looking tall blonde (7/10) in a skimpy outfit. Rates were something like AU $85 for a 1/2 hour nude massage and a little less for a clothed version. Took the AU $85 option and got a good massage - the finish consisted of a great oily tit massage of my back and front and before I could ask about more services she grabbed my cock and gave me one intense hand job. Worth checking out . . .
Subject: Re- Louise in Homebush (Sydney Australia) Date: Mon, 26 Aug 1996 05:07:46 UTC I'v been seeing Louise regularly now for three years and she is always finding new ways to expand my horizons and encourage my sense of adventure. If anyone is interested in finding her ad in the Sydney Telegraph she normally advertises twice monthly as she is in high demand for her exclusive services. So be patient as she is worth the wait!!!!! SERVICE WITH A SMILE
Subject: [ASP] Sydney, Gold Coast Australia Report Date: 2 Dec 1996 00:56:47 GMT Sidney and Gold Coast Australia Report Somehow, the cab driver managed to take me to the wrong Hyatt. I didn't know there was a Park Hyatt here, but I was booked into the one at Kings Cross. Probably a good thing given my quest for love in foreign cities. The colorful street nearby presented street action, including the rather pathetic sight of what appeared to be a mother turning out her daughter. But back on Kellett Street, a quiet part-residential street, there were four or five brothels. The street looks fairly benign in the daytime. At night, the Red Lights are on. Clearly this is the red light district. I had perused the yellow pages ads, and the classfied. Naughty Sidney, a weekly $2 publication only had ads recruiting ladies for clubs of various types and no reviews. The ad recruiting for the house I chose struck a resonant chord in me. It said they respected the girls, there were no "fines" and they operated professionally. I had heard that the upscale, downtown clubs, like the Penthouse Club and places that might be called Platinum Club were also full service establishments, but with about 30 hours in the town, with some business to do, I had, literally one shot. Escort outcall was also an option. But since the trip had just started, economy was on my mind. I called Classique and was informed rates were $80/half, $120/hr, that the place was "full service" with no tipping expected, but that if I liked a girl, I could tip for good service, and that more ladies come on shift at 7 PM (two were on in the late Sunday afternoon). When I got there, after 7:30 I was still offered a choice of only two, and a "special" 40 minute rate of $100. I selected Bridgit, who seemed a bit cool, but was the better choice. Thin. Dark hair. 21. Very pretty. Nice. In fact, very nice. Turns out she had been in Sidney 2 weeks, having arrived from Poland. However, her Father spoke Russian and her Mother was from Israel. Phew. And she had a boyfriend who didn't know what she does. And her English was awful. But no matter. I didn't try the other shops. One offered spas and films. I supposed you could cruise through a few, evaluate the women and facilities and make your choice. But fate put me together with Bridgit. Although she spoke poor English as these things have a way of doing, we very soon became intimate lovers, with humor, appreciation of each other, consideration. Yes, it was over in an hour. But for that time, I felt love. Or whatever. And sex was very good. I gave her a $20 tip. Next, up to Brisbane, cab ride (expensive) to the Gold Coast (which does have its own airport). This is a mini-Miami beach with gambling. I wanted outcall, and called a place listed in the yellow pages. I don't remember which, but it doesn't matter. The lady came from the Club 96 (I think) where they have incall and outcall. It operates rather publically, it seems. The lady told me that at the club, you can select from 15 ladies. But I didn't need to select. Sandy was the PERFECT Australian fantasy girl. Young (21), blond, healthy, smiling, friendly, beautiful in a farm-girl sort of way. And she got high with me. I'll never forget her face below me smiling up, her face and breasts above me smiling down, her charm, her taste, and how she tasted me. $160 Australian, as I remember (I think I gave her $200) and I wanted to take her home with me! A wonderful experience. And she spoke English!
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 02:04:15 +1000 Subject: Hi there. Hi there. I think your page on prostitution is great! You need some more Sydney stuff though! Here is some.... The Northside Executive retreat, 19 Nelson St Chatswood, ph 94134990 They do in-house service, and outcalls to Hotels etc. 1/2 = $80 1 hr =$120 Around 7 girls working at a time 18-30yrs This palce is real classy. You are guied to your own private waiting area, and offered a drink befor the girls come through. They are aged 18-30. I recomend Christy, (28 yrs) or another girl who's name I cannot remember, but she is a big girl, (not fat), 19 yrs and she is Polenesyan. I have seen some REAL nice young blonde girls here. I visit this place quite often. I have been with Christy twice. She is 28, aprox 5"4' and has long blonde hair. She is very slim and quite playful! The situation was similar to nearly all of the other places in go in, shower, the girl undresses, gives you a blow job, then sex. If you are into going down on girls, christy is a good choice. The second time I saw her she knew how much I loved it, and was quick to shove her pussy into my face. La Petite Aroma, 2/26 Railway St Chatswood ph 94195590 In-house, outcalls??? 1/2hr =$90 aprox 10 girls working at a time mostly 18yrs,19yrs...up to 30. This place has the youngest, and the most gorgeous girls of any place I have visited in Sydney. It has been a long time since I have been there, so I cannot recomend any girls :( The place is run by a soft speaking, middle aged woman, whom I am told, purchased the business 2 years ago as a straight massage place. Not much waiting room, I have been turned away twice because it was BUSY!.......even with 10 or so girls. The Golden Apple 91 Park Rd Homebush (Go during the Olympics in 2000!) Ph 97631900 in-house and outcalls 1/2hr =$80 1hr =$120 around 5 girls on at a time, age is from 18 to 30, youngest I've met is 19. This is the closest place to where I live. I recomend this place for daytime visits. I have never been on a week night, but there are very few girls on weekend nights, and they are not too good. I saw one girl from this place about 7 times in the space of 3 months. Anyway. There are only a few younger girls here. They have Spas in a couple of rooms. This place is affiliated with The North Side executive retreat, so some girls can bee seen there too and vice versa. Claudia's at Ryde has closed down...:( It was only 2 minutes drive from home. Do NOT go to Taylors at Lidcombe unless you are into fat and ugly girls. I went there and there was a truck driver waiting. When he saw the girls he said nothing to the woman, but said to me...."Know of any good places near here without a kennel out the back"? Go to Homebush! I will be trying out a few more places soon I think (Even though I have been very patriotic to The Golden Apple at Homebush and to the Nth Side executive retreat). I am looking for places with eurasian girls, 18 to 21. I will keep you informed....
Subject: [ASP] Australia - Sydney Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 15:37:51 +0000 Here is some info on Sydney Australia. I have been here for a while and thought others might be able to use my knowledge. First, the sex industry is not illegal here and there are plenty of brothels to prove it. The prices by US standards are cheap, and the service is great, totally unrushed and caters to your desires. Most women do not kiss or only kiss lightly I have found. An Australian dollar is worth .8 US Dollars, read on you will see how inexpensive Sydney is. The brothels will treat you like a king. When you get there they will offer you drinks and if you are not interested in the girls you have no obligation to stay. I have used two brothels and used one escort agency. The first was Classique on Keller (or Kellet) street. This is the red light district in Kings Cross. I was with a beutiful (10+) for forty minutes for $100 AUD ($80 US dollars). She was great. After sex, we laid in bed and talked for a spell. The experience was well worth twice the price. Then I read the world wide info, and found out about A Woman of Pleasure (the number is in the book). Although a little more expensive 100 AUD for 1/2 hour ($80 USD), 140 AUD for 3/4 hour and 175 AUD for an hour, the service has been great. I have seen two ladies there. They work on a appointment only basis, but if you are a first time visitor they will bring you in serve you drinks and let you see the three or so ladies working before you decide. After your first visit you can schedule an appointment with a girl, get there be escorted to your room and have a excellent affair with no strings attached. The payment process is very casual and tipping is not required although you will want to. The first lady was Brittany, she was a hardbody. Australian girl 5'6" probably 120 lbs, not as pretty as the girl al Classique but just as sexy. She gave a great deep tissue massage then gave me head and when I was rock hard jumped on top and rode me to town. When I finished she cleaned me and gave me a temple massage, very nice atmosphere. I have also been with Rhonda who is my favorite. She is a 21 year old polish girl, who is very slender with great breasts. Once she was comforable with me she started kissing and provided a great service. I will go back to see her soon. One afternoon I went into the Penthouse at 250 Pitt Street in downtown Sydney. The place was very nice. They served me a couple of drinks. I was there at 1 in the afternoon and only three girls were working and none of them interested me. Although they were all very sexy. I walked out and was thanked by the receptionist for coming in. It was great. I was impressed with their facility but the price was higher that others and I really did not think the service could be any better, but I will never know for sure. From what I have heard the service at all places is great and unrushed. You definatly get your money's worth down under. My experience with the agency was OK but overprice $190 AUD for an hour. The girl was OK and her service was nice. I just like going in with the option of choosing the girl you would like to see in person as opposed to over the phone. Hope this helps Good Luck to All
Subject: Australia - Sydney (Part 2) Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 00:49:21 +0000 Well I could not resist after my last writing paying another visit to A Woman of Pleasure in the Rocks. Tonight I met with a young Scotish lass with red hair, Kimberly. The visit held with the quality I have come to expect from this establishment. Kimberly was very passionate, and the session was wonderful. I would prefer not to state to much more. To end the session, we showered together. On my way out I met another young lady who goes by the name of Brooke. About an hour after I left I made an appointment to see her tomorrow night. She is the prettiest of all the girls thus far. She was very sweet and very sexy. Expect another posting about the services of Brooke. Good Luck to all.
Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 05:58:07 +1000 Sydney Prostitution is rampant here with effective decriminalisation with the Car government. As indicated the Telegraph has loads of listings - better still, track down the free local newspapers (e.g. northshore times, wentworth courier)- ask at a newsagent - tell them you are looking to buy a house. They are listed under personal services. The most popular option is nude massage. It costs A$40 - A$50 (US$ 30 - 40) for half an hour and always ends in hand relief. The extent to which you can touch varies. Most allow some touching, if you are lucky you may get to have a good frig while she is getting your end away. In my experience you usually can't get a bj or sex in these places. The best I found was a chinese massage place near the airport. The lady running the place (Julie) seems to absolutely love getting licked out - she tells me most chinese guys arn't into this. She also has an incredible touch - gently stroking and tickling around your inner thigh and balls until you just have to turn over for the main event. Once you are over she puts her foot up on the table and lets you have a good deep feel. When the gentle oily tugging of your prick is speeding up she will climb on board for a fantastic 69 climax. Not bad for A$50. Any adds that don't mention massage are full on pro's. As always it is a real crap shoot although invariably friendlier, better and cheaper than you will find in Europe of the States. Obviously first prize has to go to Thailand. I have only used these a few times in Sydney. They range from single operators to large brothels with 5 - 20 girls. My first experience was the best - an add under the name of Felicity French. I first tried them in 1994 and it us unforgetable. Felicity is an older ex pro from France. She was taught a technique there and brought it down here to Australia. Here's what happens. You get to choose from 4 - 6 girls - (back then) all 7 - 9's. You go up with your girl, undress, shower and lie on the bed ready for the first stage of your treatment. I was lying there nervous as hell as this was one of my first times in a brothel. The girl (can't remember her name) strips, rubs oil all over you. Then I felt an absolutely delicious feeling on my achilies heel. The girl began massaging my heel with her oiled pussy. I don't think I have ever got hard so quick. She went on to use herpussy, mouth and the rest of her body massage me all over and nearly drive me insain with excitement. She even did great, long french kisses and an unprotected blow job. You finish either with 69 (with condon in the end) or sex. It was brilliant. All for A$120. Needless to say I became a regular. They were originally in Paddington, moved to Woolomoloo, and then to Kings Cross. All the girls used exactly the same technique. I blew alot of dough at that place. Sad to say it went downhill from late 1995 when Felicity left. Not sure if they are still operating - last contact number I have is 9332 2930 - they were at 21 Craigend Street, Kings Cross. Bet they've moved on. Have tried a few others - none to specifically recommend. Anyone reading this with some thoughts I'd love to hear from you. Lets get the Australian part of TWSG humming. Happy hunting Bushtucker man
Subject: [ASP] Sydney & Melbourne brothel report Date: 20 May 1997 05:00:20 -0400 In Sydney, the clubs on Kings Cross are classic steal-your-money-and-don't-give-much-in-return places. One guy tried to charge me A$25 for entry to the bar. I did give him $5, plus $4 for a Coke, and watched the floor show. Lots of T&A jiggling, but not much real sex. The floor girls invite you upstairs--I was quoted $150 for sex, but didn't bother to stay. One block over on Kellet Street, however, were a whole string of cathouses, complete with red lights to let you know which doors to check out. Late in 1996, I went a couple of times. Best time was with "Taylor," a late 20s, slightly fleshy pro. Usually I like 'em leaner, but she was the best available and I was horny. She turned out to be great fun--encouraged me to try lots of positions, gave OK head, seemed to enjoy tit-fucking, let me eat her pussy for what seemed like hours, and took it doggy style happily and with nice bucking back against me. I paid A$100 for 40 minutes, plus another A$20 or A$30 for the pussy-eating.
Date: Sat, 24 May 1997 09:21:11 +1000 Subject: Sydney scene as of may 97 Well I thought I'd better share some knowledge with the world. The Sydney scene is alive & well you can find Escorts, Private, Brothel & Massages in 90% of the local & national newspapers, look under adult services and/or personal. Remember that massage parlors do often offer extra services but to save you any hassles ask over the phone first & they'll usually give you an indication. Myself I usually only frequent Massage Parlors as I find the quality of women there more relaxed & even the most expensive & upmarket brothels do harbour the occasional junkie who covers her track marks with make-up foundation. The Southern Sydney area is host to a lot of Masage parlors & I've been to most of them, the following is a rundown on some of them. I will add some more later. -A place at Bexley in Sydney's south proved to be an economic adventure into a little kinky bondage. The place has only asian women of average apperance, the add was for full body nude massage but also said special lingerie & dominance, I rang for the price $50- for the 30 minutes, not bad ! & even better a double was only $80- (2 girls naked) I arrived at the premises 1/2 Harrow Rd. Bexley was pleasantly greeted by average looking Chinese lady in her 20's . I met the other two ladies who were less attractive than the first & decided for a double $80- with the better two girls the other ladie was a short Japanese in her mid 20's. These ladies are keen to please in any way you ask, they are very experienced at massage but very amateur at any bondage &/or discipline, they will perform the most kinky request with a giggle so don't expect the mistress type treatment but it's a great place to introduce your self to bondage with pleasure with out the bullshit or expense involved with seeing a real mistress, they will not do sex but give a great Blowjob (with condom) for an extra $20-. This place is well worth the visit no place in Sydney offers A great massage with a little bondage & Kink followed by a great hand job all for $50- Note unlike some places the girls here will not let you cum on them but touching & kissing is fine. Feel free to call them to find out more, their english is broken so be patient when communicating, lastly I highly recomend Linda she has nice tits & is very keen to please. They are open from 9.30am till 8.30pm 7 days aweek Ph. 9556 3818 -A place at Kogarah in Sydney's South is a massage parlour of great quality. Prices are $50- for a 30 min massage with releif, there are a small selection of women usually 3 - 5 on a shift & of exceptional quality some very attractive. Most of the girls do body to body for an extra fee of $10 - $20 & some do also french for a fee of $20 - $30 this blows the price through the roof I must agree but I find the massage with releif is well worth $50- in it self unless of course you get Sandy a blonde with a great figure & big firm tities she'll rub all over with oil for the $50- but she also offers part french (with condom) & tittie fuck for $30- or tittie fuck with oil for $20. I have never managed to get past her tittie fuck, it's awsome she can do it in various positions, she'll look you right in the eyes & talk dirty to you while she slides her oil covered titties up & down you cock until you blow all over them. She is fucking awsome at this stuff you'll feel like your in a porno, I have aways wanted to get french of her but have never been able to get past her great tittie fuck. All the girls I've seen there have been worth the money. They are open 10am -10pm 7days at suite 1/29 Regent st. Kogarah ph.9553 8176 I'll post more in the future, but one last tip for those on the cheap some of the asian run massage places can be approached for a quick blowjob or handjob for $20 - $30 Ring fisrt to make sure they do extra's then when you arrive tell them you are in a hurry & could you please just get a quick 5 - 10 minute Blowjob (always with a condom) LAST of all Could someone post some info on any African or Darkskinned girls working the Sydney area Massage &/or Escorts (current info only)
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 05:27:34 -0700 Subject: visit to Sydney, Australia I thought I'd give you my two bits worth on a visit to Sydney/Kings Cross. The red light district is as described; I first visited "Mama Rosa's" on Kellet Street. They seemed to be busy, there were no women available, and it was 10 pm on a Monday. I walked around for a while, and seeing nothing on the street that caught my eye, went back. After a short wait, a medium sized blonde came up, and we went to the back to negotiate. She went through a (high priced) menu of options; I told her I'd take the back rub/blow job option for $80AU. She wouldn't take off her top for $80, so she started on this lame backrub, and then announced that time was up. Hey! She started off on this explanation that there is only so much time, yada, yada, yada. I called bullshit and had her take her top off and give me head (45 seconds, maybe). She bailed out at that point. I did too. Don't go to Madam Rosa's. Tell them what goes around, comes around. I later met a decent looking brunette on the street next to the arcade; obvious streetwalker, hanging around in the doorway, etc. Not bad looking, 6-7; went upstairs, $10 to the guy in the hole, and $80 for nice attentive sex and head. Now that's more like it.
Subject: Information on Sydney, Australia Date: Mon, 08 Dec 1997 23:07:54 PST Here is some recent information about Sydney, Australia. I have been living here for several months now (from the USA). I won't list contact information, since everything is legal and easily found. All the establishments I will describe are advertised in the Daily Telegraph (under "Adult Services"). Here are my favorite places: 1. Gateway Club, Petersham I would rate this place the best of the best, although a bit pricier than most at A$225 for one hour. But the service has never disappointed. It is a *very* nice establishment. You enter into a large, comfortable room with a bar and the hostess seats you. The girls are sent through one by one to say hello, and after you have met them all the hostess comes by and asks who you would like to see (this is the common method here in Sydney). Most of the girls are wearing sexy lingerie or revealing dresses. I can make one recommendation (although *all* the girls I have seen at Gateway were awesome). Her name is Saxon and she is a SEX GODDESS...she does an incredible strip-tease, and seems to be really into her work. She's tall, great body, loves oral, and will blow your mind. 2. A Woman of Pleasure - The Rocks I can concur with the previous postings about this establishment. The girls are really something special here, and treat you like a boyfriend rather than a client. All the girls kiss (some love to stick their tongues down your throat!), cuddle, and are extremely sexy. This is a small establishment that prides itself on its exceptional service. Usually you must book ahead, since there are only usually 3 girls or so working. But for your first time, call them up and they will give you a (accurate) discription of the girls and you can come by and take a look. Never any obligation to stay. The price is right too - at $A170 for the hour, it's *excellent* value in my opinion. I won't make any specific recommendation, since EVERY girl I have seen here has been worth double the price. 3. Black Cat - Surrey Hills This is kind of a hit or miss kind of place. I have been here and had the time of my life, and other times was a bit disappointed. The girls here are generally of "B" quality, but you can still find some real stunners. Prices are around A$170/hour (standard) and they (as do most brothels in Sydney) have a 1/2 hour and 3/4 hour rate. If I'm so-so about the girl, I usually go for the 3/4 hour. One recommendation: Maria. One of the *best* fucks I ever had - and she shared her pizza with me afterwards! 4. Tiffany's - Surrey Hills Your classic "brothel" - looks like what you've seen in the movies. All done up in red velvet. The girls here are usually of good quality and are fun to be with. Of all the places I frequent, this one seems to have the most steady supply of YOUNG girls. So, if bonking an 18 or 19-year-old is your idea of fun, head over to Tiffany's. When you go in, you will be seated in a "viewing area" and all the girls are sent in AT ONCE in the old line-up formation and you choose one (or two). I personally don't like this method, preferring to say hi to the girls one at a time, but after a couple of times it's no big deal. I always feel bad for the girls that don't get picked for some reason. Anway, prices are standard (around $170/hour) and I would say this place is good value for the money. 5. Liasons Executive Retreat - Edgecliff Have only been there once, but was impressed. When I got there, there were only two girls available but one of them was *awesome*. So I went for the $200/hour which includes the hot-tub room and a bottle of Champagne. Had a really awesome fuck with a chick named "LeAnna" who rubbed her rad bod all over me in the hot-tub, gave me a golden shower, rinsed me off then fucked my brains out. Definitely a re-peat. 6. Salon Kitty's - Surrey Hills If you're into BD/SM, this is the place for you. I'm really not, but tried it a couple of times for the experience anyway. I would say that it is definitely good value, in that they deliver exactly what they promise. For details on Salon Kitty's, visit their website: 7. Places to Avoid No, you idiots, this is not the name of a brothel it is literally "places to avoid". Thought I would include a few bad experiences to save you boys some bucks. Generally, avoid the places in/around Kings Cross. As in many cities, this is the "tourist" red-light district, and rip-offs are common. Besides, it's not the safest place to be most of the time. Also stay away from the "Mens Gallery" - a strip club in the CBD. It's expensive, and the girls don't get fully nude. I've also had bad experiences at "Le Petite Aroma" in Chatswood. Not the best quality of girls, so save the trip. Oh, and another thing: the places that advertise as "Swingers" clubs in the Daily Telegraph are nothing more than dingy houses with a few hired hookers - and UGLY ones at that. The entry fee is usually lower than a girl in a brothel (around $50-$100), but the quality you will find is very low. Best to avoid these places. Hope this info has been helpful - see all you blokes at the Olympics in 2000.
Subject: [ASP]Sydney Update-Burwood Parlour Date: 1997/12/10 I went to a great brothel in Burwood @ 4 Burleigh Street, after a phone chat I was convinced Rosa, a busty Italian gal was for me for a daytime dalliance, but she was busy. The rest were 6-7s I guess, cept for Rachel, who sounded french, but was a Kiwi (NZ)and an 8.3 She was very friendly, and made me feel genuinely horny, as opposed to the hurry up and get it over with... For 45 mins (90 bucks) Rachel, a 5-5 with long brown hair, big soft 38" tits, narrow waist and good ass, teased me witless.... My real passion is tit-fucking, I don't know what it's like elsewhere, but she was very eager to accomodate, was very flattering in a genuine way, and I honestly came 3 times in the session...she was that happy to oblige... I think we went over time, she said after the second time that I was finished..she played with me..this involved cock licking, tit bouncing on my growing prick..I started to wank and when she saw I was hard again she said the girls would all talk if I went out with a hard-on..she had a great way of talking dirty.."Your cock belongs between my tits" "Fuck my big tits" etc etc... She kept saying "baby" with a french accent... Wihout a doubt, one of the most satisfying gals I've ever for a gal bout 9 years ago..can't recall her name..Maltese...did an outcall to my house..walked in the door and sucked my cock in the Kitchen before I even paid !! She let me wank my cock all over her tongue..the first and last time that pleasure has ever occured... Come on Sydney guys...let us know..esp if anyone still let's ya do a facial/tongue cum... [Anyone see Juicy she still around ?] As for Rachel..I'll fuck those beautiful tits soon..
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 23:58:51 +1000 Subject: Sydney. Hi. Here are a few sydney updates.... *****FORGET!!!!!!***** Don't go to Montanas at Hurstville in Sydney. The standard of the girls is pretty poor, and you have to wait for AGES to even see one girl! *****REMEMBR!!!!!***** Homebush.... The Golden Apple 91 Park Rd Homebush (Go during the Olympics in 2000!) Ph 97631900 in-house and outcalls 1/2hr =$80 1hr =$120 around 5 girls on at a time, age is from 18 to 30, youngest I've met is 18. saw a nice asian chick....I cannot remember her name Gorgeous body, 28 yrs old. She gave an AWESOME blow job without condom. (Not deep, just the tip, but it was great!)... Tonight! I saw a beautiful 18 yr old Blonde by the name of Chloe. She has a earing in her eyebrow, but if you're not into that kind of thing...don't worry, she is VERY nice! I had a long chat to her about the different places she has worked, (since the day she was old enough). She had worked in 2 places in Parramatta. 1 was midnight delight, and I cannot recall the name of the other. She told me to stay away from all places in Parramatta. Each time I visit Homebush, I leave wondering why I bother trying new places. The girls are all moderate to very good looking, BUT...they are all very friendly. I am told, this is because the management are all fery friendly and kind to the staff, unlike most other places. I highly reccoment Homebush, and Chatswood if you want a girl that will treat you like a person, and not like some dirty pervert.
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 1998 20:28:53 -0800 Sydney update - from one who lives there I agree with what has been expressed by others. The massage scene is generally a better field to play than full service. If you want full service, well that?s your call but there are too many dogs in that game and they seem to just want to get it over with. If an ad does not mention massage it is generally a full service place and priced accordingly. I always ring first and if its full service give it a miss. Recommended: Simply Healthy, 8 Railway Parade, Burwood. A short walk from Burwood station, on the south side of the line heading back towards Sydney. Recently remodelled with ensuite showers in most rooms. Also has ?erotic? massage tables, which have two holes, one for your head and the other for that special place. Sometimes you get to choose the girl, but generally you have to take the one on offer. $60 for 30 minutes, $90 for 45 minutes. Most recent experience (January 1998) was with Nicky. Bottle blonde in her 20s with large beautiful breasts and a good figure. Was really into body to body and sensual massage including use of the table feature. The finale was excellent with some titty fuck and then a nice pussy feel as she finished the job.
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 09:56:52 +1100 Hi Fuckers; Having rooted my way around Sydney, I felt it high time to give an update to whats going on here. There are various classes of service here. You can have the supposed up market classy gentlemans club style like Xanadu which appears to be the old Penthouse Club, but has moved from George St to Pitt St, I have guessed this because the setup is the same. Manager behind the cage, lets you in to somewhere that is very plushly decorated, and has at least 4 - 5 available women at any given time. I really think this is for losers, who need to feel they are in a bar and they can pick up women. Its about $200 usd for the hour and they have a spa etc. My piece of advice is stand your ground for as long as possible, whilst you havn't been with one of the girls, they are all over you, but once you have finished, you might as well leave. Two better places are A woman of Pleasure or a touch of class. For my money, A woman of pleasure is really good. All of the women if not exceptionally beautiful will have thaqt certain elegance about them. Prices really are from about $200- usd. The woman who runs the place seems to pride herself on providing ( in my opinion ) the most relaxing time you can have in the most discrete of surroundings. The decor is very pleasant, without being over the top. You can only go by appointment, but on your first time, you will be given directions and get to see all the girls. Always ask to have the loft. It is a room about as big as a large suite in a hotel and has excellant views. It has been a few years since I have been to a touch of calss. The women there are renowned for their beauty and elegance, and the prices also about $200 usd are in line. You can then go down-market. You can go for a bit of a cruise around Kings Cross. There are a number of places advertising at street level whet they offer, or just have some silly name on it like Nevada or the like. I feel whet you get in "the cross" is a bit over-rated. Also there are some table dancing clubs. The problem being look - don't touch. I like to stay away from them. Suburban and city Brothels advertise in the Daily Telegraph. There are a large number of the 75 - 100 usd establishments. It shouldn't take too long to find what you want nearby. The Brothels that advertise range widely in style and price, and can vary from day to day. Usually its 2 or 3 women with a receptionist who work the one establishment. Next on the list are the 'rub and tug' places. Their claim is the worlds most relaxing massage, etc. There are also numerous of these in the Daily Telegraph. A few I can recomend though are Galaga at Parramatta, although a bit dingy, the girls work really hard, if you play your cards right you can get a fuck. The Girls there seem to work certain days, like one may work Tues, through Sat etc. If you are really lucky you can score a date after they finish. This is really rare and you have to be really discrete. Another recomendation is the massage in Castelreagh St Just near King St in the City. Its a bit discrete, but there also you can have a great deal of pleasure. Lastly are the Girls on the Street. In Sydneythere are 3 differant places. William St Kings Cross/Darlinghurst, Great Western Highway, Minchinbury and Canterbury Rd. The range here varies dramatically. The Girls ( if you can call them that) on the Great Western Highway are on the side of the road near the entrance to the suburb Minchinbury. They start about 9:00pm and finish whnever business slacks off. The age is hard to tell and they usually have had a lot of drugs only an hour or so before. If they are really stoned you can convince them to do almost anything, especially if you can convince them you have been with them before. One of them offered me any type of sex I could think of without a condom. Yes its still nice to have a blow job like that. I also don't mind fucking them up the ass, but for hygene I like to have a Condom. Canterbury Rd girls are a bit different - they don't seem so drug reliant, but they are quite a bit younger. It is not unusual to find them there as young as 16, although they have claimed to be 18. They are near Fairford Rd and Canterbury Rd. William St is about the same except the Girls aren't as young. Enjoy
Date: 18 Feb 98 12:52:32 Sydney Felicity French lives! For those who have read my previous posting on Felicity French's awesome establishment(s) there is good news. One of her stars is back in business and has even improved on the service. You will find her under "Danish Melissa" advertising in the Daily Telegraph. Here's whats in store. Melissa has a sultry private apartment in the City. She is dammed hard to get an appointment with (and I guess it will get worse after this posting). However it is worth it. She is probably early 30's, tall, slim and blonde with an almost shaved pussy. Rates are the usual $120 1/2 hour, $150 3/4 hour, $180 hour. What you get is NOT usual. You lie down on your front and Melissa startles you by taking a drink from what looks like a mug of coffee and then dribbling a hot fluid up and down the back of your legs. Before I looked round I thought I was getting a golden shower!. This stuff feels like hot oil, but is some alternative (water soluble) stuff that does the same job. She then oils herself generously and begins by massaging your foot and heel with her pussy. Believe me it feels good. She then continues by licking up the back of your legs moving up to give your balls and arse a good tonguing. This is followed by a vacuum suck of your dick (all from behind remember). After this things get alittle blurry for me but the action comes thick and fast. Action includes Bangkok style massage of your neck back and legs from her lean, well oiled bum. Lots of frigging. Quick session with a vibrator and simulated cum. Lots of beautiful natural French - particularly memorable when she does it with her mouth full of the hot stuff. Alittle French kissing (more please!). Sucking off honey from her tits and pussy. 69 - again - simulated cum. Simulated sex between her legs. Finally she wips on a condom (un-noticed) and sits on your aching dick for the finale. Maybe this isn't as good as it gets, but its pretty damn close. Enjoy Bushtucker Man (BM) _________________ North Sydney A couple of mentions for those in search of lunch hour action North of the bridge. There is a relatively new massage place on McClaren St. They advertise using things like "Penthouse Pets" etc in the usual papers. This is a hand relief place with a difference. The difference is Quality. No crap shoot here. All the girls are up market and gorgeous. The apartment is flash. They charge alittle more (e.g. $65 for half an hour vs the usual $45-55) but it is worth it. Your first fifteen minutes is a nice sensual massage with your lady in lingerie. The second period (depending on how long you book) involves sexy removal of aforesaid attire. Lovely back & body rub with breasts etc followed by excellent release. Very nice if you have a moment or two between meetings. I've only seen three of the girls but let me recommend Loren & Danni. Loren is tall, dark and beautifully slim. Her pussy is to die for. She is an expert in giving you excellent views of the goodies as she proceeds. I have never been disappointed (although touching is kept very much under control). Danni is a master of the teasing - tickle/scratch type of massage that in my case drives me absolutely nuts. Marvellous. All in all a very welcome move towards reliable quality and service that is so missing from most of the 'me too' joints in town. While on the subject of North Sydney - a short stroll up Pacific Highway gets you to "297" another new brothel. Tried it a couple of times. Not particularly different from most of the places you find all over. Have seen two of the girls there. I recommend "Jess". Tall - blond - slim. No kissing, no licking (outrage!) but man does Jess like to be frigged. She also does a marvellous job of giving the impression that she is really horney and wants to get off ASAP. She does this part time between studies so isn't there all the time. Saw Natasha a in January. She is new to this stuff and I'm afraid showed very little aptitude. If anyone comes across any gems in this place then please post. BM ___________ Country NSW Another part of this big and beautiful continent that is seriously lacking information. To get the ball rolling I had two very good experience with Girls from "Girls on the Avenue" in Port MacQuarie (check under escorts in the local yellow pages). The good news with this place is that they seem to have alot of very part time ladies who are only doing this occasionally. The first lady was Reanna - an intriguing mix of Indian & Aborinal. Only a 6 looks wise, but this was only her second week and she went at it with real gusto. Frantic - extensive natural french was the highlight. Since I wasn't expecting much from Hicksville I was pleasantly surprised. Next up was Misty. I must say that when she walked into my motel I really hesitated. She was billed as 32. She said she was 38. I reckon she was in her 40's. I'm only a young slip of a thing, but old enough to have grown out of my "older women" fetishes. Never-the-less, taking heed of that much quoted wisdom that attitude counts more than looks we got into it. She (like Reanna) was only doing this to earn a bit of dosh. Also like Reanna she really went for it and showed every sign of really enjoying herself. Great kisser. Lots of good natural BJ action. Had a hard job escaping from the clutches of her thighs as I licked her out. Slept like a baby that night. All in all - very nice. If this stuff is happing in Port MacQuarie who knows what joys can be found in Armadale, Tamworth, Broken Hill and all those other out of the way country towns. Lurkers who know - post now to Atta (
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 22:47:08 +1000 Subject: Sydney, Australia - Northern Beaches I thought I'd drop you a line about a "rub-n-tug" I frequent - Bodycare 2000 at Dee Why on Sydney's Northern Beaches. They're in the phone book, plus they adverise in the local paper with a brief description of who's currently working there. Usually of those employed there'll be about half Australian, a third Asian and the rest from elsewhere. They're open from 10am-10pm and have between 2 and 5 girls on depending on the time and the day, usually a good variety of nationalities. Most of the Australian girls tend towards average in looks, though there are exceptions. The Asian women are usually better looking (though I am partial to them anyway). The costs are $60 for half hour, $80 for 45 minutes and $100 for an hour. These prices are reduced by $10 before 1pm. Whilst you can find cheaper places in other parts of Sydney, these prices are pretty standard for the places I've been on the Northern Beaches. The rooms are pretty spartan, carpeted with a materess on the floor and large mirrored panels on the walls. There is a shared shower for all rooms which may be of concern to some. If you haven't booked someone ahead then you can ask to see whoever is on and then take your pick. In my experience, most of the Australian girls give a good massage, but are reluctant to really do much more than give you a handjob at the end, avoiding body to body contact. In contrast, most of the Asian girls give a fairly average massage but more than make up for it in the finale. My current favourite is a Thai girl named Malin. She's about 20, incredibly cute with brown skin, smallish breasts and a good body. She gives a full body to body both back and front, rubbing herself along your full length. When it comes time for the final hand job she sits with her pussy against the base of your penis, using her juices in addition to the oil and lets you cum all over her then finishes it off with a big kiss. If you prefer larger breasted girls, one I can recommend is Anna, a Thai girl in her early 20's with more of a Chinese appearance, her figure's pretty good and she has a magnificent set of breasts. Again she gives a great body to body and has a great technique of reaching under you and fondiling your balls and cock then putting your cock in her cleavage to bring you to the edge of orgasm. She's also highly recommended. To sum it up, if you like Asian girls and are in the Northern Beaches area I'd recommend it, but the Aussie girls in comparison have been a bit of a disapointment unless you just want a massage.
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 21:18:52 +1000 Subject: WSG Update for Sydney Atta, Great site, been a spectator so far, so I thought it was time to put something back into it. Please add this to the Sydney, Australia section: I will send you some more data on some other countries soon. For those guys who like very young, beautiful Asian girls then I would highly recommend the following place I visited on a few occasions.. It is called No 1 and from what I can gather it is mainly aimed at high spending Asian clients, however the few times I have been there they have no problems with Westerners, although some of the girls may refuse to serve you.. They do not advertise in The Telegraph anymore. They are in a small lane (I think it is Blackburn St) Eastern side behind Central railway, very close to the famous Sharpies golf shop. You will see big black glass doors with a flag showing No 1. They open from around 4pm until very late (I guess 3am)... Be early for a good choice. The price is pretty expensive, starting at A$100 for 30mins and last weekend I had an absolutely gorgeous 18yr girl for A$120. These girls are not your typical girl you find in many of the Asian brothels in Sydney. They are generally of Chinese / Japanese / Korean origin and all wear evening dress or black skirts. The girls do French without condom, and of course great full service.. Save up your money and give it a try.. Another place I discovered is in the suburb of Fairfield.. 5 Alan St.. Once again mainly aimed at Asian men, but the price is $90-$100 / 30mins. and they have quite a few Asian cuties but probably not quite as nice as the place mentioned above. Enjoy Sydney !!
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 00:52:57 EDT Just an update on Sydney since it has been at least eight months since the last posting. Based on the advice of a guy who posted on "A Woman of Pleasure" in The Rocks in March '97, I decided that was where I wanted to go. I eventually found the telephone number in the "Sydney Visitor's Guide," which you can find at the airport, tourist office, or your hotel. The only bad thing about "A Woman" is that you can't make an actual appointment if you are a first timer. You tell them when you will be there and you must choose from whoever is available, or wait for a more desirable girl to become available. The girl that was described to me on the phone wasn't available when I showed, and I was going to wait for her until I met Lauren when she came down to meet me. Coming from the southern US, I was amazed at the non-chalant attitude these people have about their "business," but also thrilled. After Lauren left the room, I asked the hostesses for her, just as if I was ordering foie gras and a bottle of '72 Bordeaux! The hostess escorted me up to the well-appointed room on the top floor of their townhouse to wait for Lauren, and in the meantime, she set me up with a Coke, snacks, and some good sex videos. She warned me not to climax from watching the videos, then she joked about how another guy did the same thing, and was unable to have an orgasm again when the girl finally arrived. Needless to say, I agreed I didn't want to go too far before Lauren appeared; all I wanted to do was get aroused and ready. Unfortunately, though, I didn't excercise control, and came just 2 minutes before Lauren appeared. She was looking so sexy that I decided I would give it my best shot to regroup again and have the full experience. I decided on two hours, which worked out to about US$180-200, and the first hour or more we spent kissing, showering, giving oral pleasure, and all manner of foreplay. Ultimately though, I rose to the challenge of getting off again because Lauren was so hot (in a cute but extremely sexy way), and I was actually surprised because not only had I come an hour before while awaiting her, but also just that morning in my hotel room! Lauren stayed in the bed and shower with me the entire time, and we talked about what she does/how we like sex/the possibility of having another girl next time/where I'm from and what I do etc., and I ultimately told her of my foibile just before she arrived, and she laughed and said she would tell the hostess. Then when I was ready, she walked me downstairs, kissing me the whole time. A Woman of Pleasure is a 1st class operation, and if the other girls are anything like Lauren (and I've heard they are), any man is bound to have a great time. After my hotel, it will be the first place I visit the next time I go to Sydney. If you're in Sydney, don't miss it!!!

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